In the Light of Truth

Grail Message by Abdrushin

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Truth. Simple and clear. Liberating and enlightening. But also severe and just. Eternal, immovable Truth.

Truth, in its natural simplicity, can be understood by everyone. It can be found in the laws of the nature, the laws of physics or also in everyday life if one only wants to see it. Truth is showing the way to spiritual awakening, to retrieving lost harmony and to the way of living in accordance with God’s Will, which is independent of human wishes. He acts wisely who strives to know the Truth and to live in accordance with it.

Books by Abdrushin

The book In the Light of Truth is a pure source of knowledge for those, who truly seek for the Truth. Reading the book requires not only concentration in the effort of comprehending what is written with the spirit, but it also requires relentless examination. You can learn more about the book by reading the introductory text for guidance.

An English translation of the original edition contained in the books In the Light of Truth, The Grail Message by Abdrushin and Resonances to the Grail Message , altogether 201 lectures. If you would like to download the work In the Light of Truth in electronic format, click on the book image on the content page.

The lectures of Resonances to the Grail Message are an extension of the Message. If you want to understand them aright you must first know the Message. It's a whole which must be read in the presented order to become a true knowledge. Therefore, access to the Resonances is conditioned on a registration process. To register successfully, you must correctly answer certain questions, thereby demonstrating your knowledge of the book In the Light of Truth, The Grail Message. By registering you will also gain a search capability of all of the lectures.

Citations from the book

Man must never forget that he personally must take full and complete responsibility for everything he perceives, thinks and does, even if he has accepted it from others without question!

He who does not know the words of Jesus personally, but who seriously strives for the Truth and for ennoblement, often lives completely in harmony with the sense of these words, and will surely attain to pure faith and the forgiveness of his sins.

Grail Message by Abdrushin: The Redeemer

Only he who bestirs himself can advance spiritually. The fool who avails himself of foreign means for this purpose, in the form of the readily available opinions of others, goes along his path as if only on crutches, while his own healthy limbs remain unused.

Grail Message by Abdrushin: For guidance!

Through Eternal Law, you are laden with an irrevocable enforced atonement, which you can never transfer to others. What you burden yourselves with through your thoughts, words or deeds, no one can redeem except you yourselves! Consider, otherwise Divine Justice would only be an empty sound, with which everything else would also fall into ruin.

Grail Message by Abdrushin: Ascent

Man's worst enemy in purely earthly matters is indolence! Indolence in matters of faith, however, will result in his spiritual death!

Grail Message by Abdrushin: The resurrection of Christ's physical body

Try never to disregard the fact that all consequences of your thinking always fall back upon you depending upon the power, the magnitude and the extent of the effect of the thoughts, in the good as well as the evil.

Grail Message by Abdrushin: Silence

Power of the volition! A mighty force unsuspected by so many, which like a never-failing magnet attracts similar powers to itself in order thereby to gather like an avalanche and, together with spiritually similar forces, works backwards, again reaching the starting point, therefore striking the origin, or rather the producer, uplifting him towards The Light or pressing him deeper into the mud and filth! According to its nature, only as the author himself willed.

Grail Message by Abdrushin: Awake!

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