In the Light of Truth

Grail Message by Abdrushin

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Truth. Simple and clear. Liberating and enlightening. But also severe and just. Eternal, immovable Truth.

Truth, in its natural simplicity, can be understood by everyone. It can be found in the laws of the nature, the laws of physics or also in everyday life if one only wants to see it. Truth is showing the way to spiritual awakening, to retrieving lost harmony and to the way of living in accordance with God’s Will, which is independent of human wishes. He acts wisely who strives to know the Truth and to live in accordance with it.

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The book In the Light of Truth is a pure source of knowledge for those, who truly seek for the Truth. Reading the book requires not only concentration in the effort of comprehending what is written with the spirit, but it also requires relentless examination. You can learn more about the book by reading the introductory text for guidance.

An English translation of the original edition contained in the books In the Light of Truth, The Grail Message by Abdrushin and Resonances to the Grail Message , altogether 201 lectures. If you would like to download the work In the Light of Truth in electronic format, click on the book image on the content page.

The lectures of Resonances to the Grail Message are an extension of the Message. If you want to understand them aright you must first know the Message. It's a whole which must be read in the presented order to become a true knowledge.

Citations from the book

As the inexorable and adamantine Laws in Creation operate vitally and automatically, with a power against which human spirits are entirely helpless, it stands to reason that the most urgent need of every human being must be the thorough recognition of these laws, to the effects of which he remains absolutely defenceless in every respect.

Grail Message by Abdrushin: The worship of God

There are but few people who try to realise what they actually want when they say the Lord's Prayer. Still fewer are those who really know the meaning of the sentences which they "rattle off". To rattle off is about the only right expression for what in this instance men call praying.

Grail Message by Abdrushin: The Lord's Prayer

Through her more valuable spiritual characteristics, woman should and could in reality be more perfect than man, if she had only endeavoured to ever more harmoniously clarify the intuitions given to her, whereby she would have become a force that was bound to work in the entire coarse-material Creation, transforming and greatly furthering it. But unfortunately, it was just she who failed in the first instance, since she gave herself up as a plaything of the strong powers of intuition granted her which, in addition, she even darkened and contaminated through feeling and fantasy.

Grail Message by Abdrushin: The creation of man

The radiations of the stars only form the paths and channels through which all the living ethereal substance can penetrate in a more concentrated form to the human soul in order to become effective there.

Grail Message by Abdrushin: Astrology

You turned every Divine Message into a religion! For your own convenience! And that was wrong! You placed religion upon a special pedestal, removed from everyday life! That was the greatest mistake you could have made; for in so doing you also removed God's Will from your daily life or, what amounts to the same thing, you separated yourselves from God's Will, instead of uniting with It and making It the centre of your daily life and activity, thus becoming one with It!

Grail Message by Abdrushin: The worship of God

You should give to your neighbour with your being, your nature. Not perhaps exclusively with money and kind. For then those without the means would be excluded from the possibility of giving. And in this being, in the "giving of self" in the association with your neighbour, in the consideration and respect that you voluntarily offer him, lies the "love" that Jesus speaks to us about, lies also the help which you afford your neighbour, because he himself then becomes able to change or further ascend to his height, because he can grow strong in it.

Grail Message by Abdrushin: Ascent

When you have finally grasped Creation as one whole, as it is, if you make no separation between this side and the Beyond, then you have the precise way, the real goal draws nearer, and the ascent gives you joy and grants you satisfaction. Then, you can also better feel and understand the reciprocal effects that warmly pulsate with life through the entirety, the uniform whole, because all activity is driven and sustained by the one Power. The Light of Truth thereby dawns upon you!

Grail Message by Abdrushin: Awake!

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