Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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3. Resurrection Morn!

Resurrection Morn! These words cast a magic spell that strangely moves every soul. The spirit intuitively perceives sunlit meadows full of flowers, gurgling brooks, the sound of distant bells, peace everywhere! A happy, free sigh of relief in Nature! — —

And resurrection morn it shall be for those human souls found worthy to experience the Kingdom of God here on earth. The others will remain behind in the Darkness that today still surrounds the earth, and along with the Darkness they will be hurled forth onto the course leading to inescapable disintegration, to spiritual death!

Already the rosy dawn glows in the ethereal sky as a sign that the day now approaches!

Awake, you souls who are waiting for redemption, waiting in the right way! There is but a short time now to the hour that must find you fully prepared. Do not let yourselves be found asleep at the last moment!

Dreadful is the Darkness that envelops the earth ethereally. It would be impossible now for any human soul to break through it. — — —

Unless from the rising to the setting in the Universe a dazzling flash of Divine Truth forcibly pierces the sultry night of the spiritual, the human spirit, falling asleep as it is, will be lost in this Subsequent Creation.

For all the wisdom brought by Called Ones, which was meant to prepare the way that would make it possible for earthmen to ascend spiritually towards the Luminous Heights, has always been exploited by the followers of these Called Ones, mainly for earthly purposes! It did not remain as it was, free and natural, intended for the benefit of all men; but trained human cleverness polished it over and over again until there was nothing left of the original form in all its simplicity.

Thus the self-complacent reformers had achieved something futile and disastrous, in which millions of human souls have become entangled.

It all became a business out of which the craving for power gradually developed. Under the guidance of the intellect, which as Lucifer’s fruit proved itself to be excellent, there arose only caricatures of what true wisdom was intended to call forth. And the Darkness made shrewd use of this, so that the unsuspecting victims had to fall blindly into its arms, while their indolent spirits were deluded into thinking that they were striving towards the Light.

Nor was it otherwise later on with the Luminous Truth which the Son of God brought to earth, in order thereby at last to clear the path for the necessary ascent of men to the Kingdom of God, and finally to sever them from the toils of the Darkness, which arose from the distortions of the hitherto existing wisdom.

In the knowledge that He gave them Christ demanded spiritual activity by every single one, and therewith worship of the Most High through the deed!

Man should know everything that is contained in Creation, so as to recognize the fundamental laws working therein which bear the Will of God; for only through this knowledge can man so adapt himself as God demands. Then, living accordingly, he can gladden and further everything around him, which in turn will bring him ascent and that maturity which, as a human being, he can and should find in accordance with God’s Will, if he wishes to “pass.” To “pass” before God means not having to fall into disintegration.

All the Laws of God are adjusted to the sole purpose of promoting up-building and progress! Through Christ the whole of humanity was given the opportunity to become free in spirit at last. — —

But churches arose which went to much trouble to dissect the Word of the Lord behind monastery walls, even to conceal part of It, and only to issue that which they had expounded according to their own interpretations, in such a way as suited their own designs and purposes.

Thus once more the greater part of the gift sent by God to the individual human being was withheld from him in order to prevent men from becoming too spiritually active, too free. And so contrary to what Christ had wanted!

The churches sought adherents, riches and power. To this end no one was allowed to realize that he could find his way quite by himself into the Kingdom of God without assistance from the church! The thought must not occur to him that God does not need a church between Himself and His creatures, whom indeed He had created without a church.

And this succeeded. Slowly but surely the church thrust itself and its demands divisively between men’s longing for the Light and their God! To increase the number of adherents, the church offered ease and comfort as an enticement to the indolent human spirit! It even went so far that for one purpose or another people could have prayers said in the churches for money. For payment the church relieved the individual of taking the trouble of doing it himself, and therewith also debased prayer, the only means by which the human spirit should approach his God. But nobody noticed the senseless and degrading nature of such outrageous practices. It was comfortable, and thereby the number of “believers” grew.

As the church grew larger it became more ruthless, in the end even to some extent discarding its mask. Acting against all the Laws of God, it undermined everything that refused to acknowledge it, agitated and slandered, even murdered if it could not otherwise attain its goal. At first this was done secretly but later on, as its earthly power increased, quite openly. It did not shrink from using the Name of God as a shield.

Here no man can speak of an error; as such a deed bears all too plainly the stamp of the basest Darkness! It is in the sharpest contrast to what Christ Jesus taught! Hostile blows were thus directed against every word that He had uttered. There is nothing on the entire earth that has dared to oppose Christ and His Word more than the church has done from the very beginning!

Nothing could be more dangerous! Through the very pretense of wanting to serve God, the effect for mankind was dreadful! Lucifer could not have had a better helper in his hostile work against God. Here his subtle prompting of the earthly intellect had achieved its greatest triumph! It had produced a misleading falsification of all that should actually have come into existence as willed by God! The pretense at genuineness was successful. What was most valuable and should have led to God, he had turned in the opposite direction through those who represented themselves as, and very often considered themselves to be, God’s servants; he let it become an obstacle that was bound to hinder mankind from advancing joyfully towards the longed-for Light! a move unequalled in its audacity. —

And thus the Darkness enveloped the earth, and became the deepest night of the soul! — —

Now, however, the evil is being checked! All mankind will be rudely aroused from their delusion! A few to redemption, many to destruction! The final settlement for Golgotha is at hand! But in a sense different from what men have hitherto imagined! —

Just as mushrooms spring up from the earth during a sultry summer night so, as has been foretold, will false prophets arise from the masses so that through themselves they may fulfill the Word and be judged; for the earth is to be cleansed of them!

And you little flock, let it rage, let it storm! Before a spring morning violent gales must blow! Let millions of people be torn away; it is good and in accordance with the inflexible Will of the most High! Each will receive what he deserves! Hypocrisy, corruption and the pseudo-knowledge of man must come to an end.

Soon the momentous words: “It is finished!” will once again ring out loudly and jubilantly throughout the worlds!

Then resurrection morn will dawn, and a resplendent sun will usher in a new day for you! The Lord and God will grant a new era to those of His creatures who humbly submit to His Will!

Then will each soul breathe a great free sigh of relief, which as a thanksgiving, as a prayer, will ascend to the Throne of the Highest, as a vow to serve HIM as HE wills! May God grant it!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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