Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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6. Servants of God

Without any reason to justify it many people have hitherto assumed that servants of churches, temples and religious movements in general must also be regarded as the equivalent of servants of God.

This idea was disseminated at the time of the founding and development of all sorts of cults by the servants of these cults, who thereby sought to gain respect for themselves, which they would hardly have been able to generate personally. And it has been retained ever since without anybody attempting to realize the fact that this is harmful instead of beneficial to mankind and, most important of all, that it leads to a wrong conception of God!

A man standing in Creation with an alert spirit, one who does not remain closed to the delicate intuitive vibrations of his soul, will never be able to accept as true that the Great and Living God can really be served through the practices of cults, through the begging that men call “praying” or through mortification of the flesh! With these practices you do not give anything to your God! You do not offer Him anything! What then is your real aim? You yourselves do not know how to answer this question when you stand before the Judgment Seat of God. You will have to remain silent, for you have done all this only for yourselves! For your inner composure and exaltation, or in despair and affliction.

But I say unto you: Only that man who stands aright in the Creation of his God, who recognizes himself as a part of Creation and lives accordingly, only he is the true servant of God, no matter in what way he earns his necessary living on earth. As a part of Creation he will always strive to adjust himself to those laws that have a furthering effect therein. Thus he himself furthers Creation, and serves his God in the only right way, since through the right adjustment only happiness, joy and further progress can arise!

For this reason he must naturally become familiar with Creation.

And this is the one thing you need! To recognize the Will of God resting in Creation and its constant self-acting effects therein. But so far you have never troubled yourselves to do just this in the correct manner. And yet it is the same for all of you, namely, that you stand and must move in the midst of a mighty mechanism, so to speak, without ever being able to alter or improve upon it.

Unless you stand and move in it aright, however, danger threatens you from all sides, you are sure to stub yourselves, you may even fall and be torn to pieces. Exactly as in a gigantic machine-shop, with numerous driving belts constantly moving in all directions, confusing the eye and seriously threatening at every step all those not acquainted with it, but only of real service and use to the expert. It is no different for man in Creation!

At last learn to understand its mechanism aright, then you may and shall use it for your own happiness! But to do this you must first become an apprentice, as in everything! The greatest of all works, this Creation, is no exception; the same applies here as with all men’s productions. Even an automobile gives pleasure only to the expert. It brings death, however, to him who does not know how to control it!

There are thousands of such minor examples available to you! Why have you never learned anything from them as yet?

All this may be recognized in such a simple and natural way! But just in this matter you stand as if before a wall! apathetic, indifferent and with an inexplicable stubbornness. After all it is your life, your entire existence, which is at stake here!

Only the constructor himself can explain the working of a machine to you, or a man whom he has trained for the task! It is the same in Creation as here on earth! But it is just in regard to Creation that men, who are themselves only a part of it, imagine that they of themselves know everything better than their Master, and refuse to be instructed in the use of the mechanism, wanting themselves to teach the basic laws, which they try to establish through superficial observation of the very faint, last ramifications of what is great and true, to the perception of which they always kept themselves closed; thus there can never be any question of knowledge.

And yet the possibility of recognition was already lovingly offered to you initially in clear outline through the laws which Moses was able to transmit, then even by the Son of God, who tried to teach you through parables and pictures.

However, their meaning was not grasped, but instead by insisting that they knew better men badly distorted, darkened and perverted it.

Now for the third and final time you are again granted the opportunity through the Grail Message clearly to see the Laws of God in Creation, so that men may become true servants of God, fully conscious and in joyous and cheerful activity, as the true worship of God requires!

Joy and happiness can exist in all Creation. You men alone bring about distress and sorrow, disease and crime, for right up to the present day you did not want to recognize the source of the vast power which was given to you for your journey through all the worlds, in which by your own desire you must all wander for your development.

If only you adjust yourselves aright, this power will forcibly bring sunshine and happiness into your lives. Unless you do this you stand small and helpless in the all-embracing mechanism, yet still boasting with big words of yourselves and your knowledge, until finally you must fall through these faults, which arose only out of your ignorance and unwillingness to learn anything!

Wake up at last! First start learning in order to acquire the knowledge, otherwise you will never make any progress.

In the eyes of the Creator you are now far less than an insect. An insect faithfully fulfills its allotted task, while you as human spirits fail! You fail through your vain pseudo-knowledge that is no knowledge. Your schools founded on this sham knowledge are fetters that hold you firmly bound, even choking every attempt at spiritual ascent, because the teachers in these schools cannot set about this spiritual ascent themselves!

Thank the Lord that the possibility of continuing to live on such an empty and thoroughly harmful basis will now be forcibly taken from you; otherwise you would never recognize the contemptibleness surrounding you everywhere today, which must bring ridicule upon you throughout Creation for being empty, grotesquely dressed-up dolls, whose spirits are asleep within them!

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