Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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8. The kiss of friendship

There has been much discussion on this subject all over the world. Both in poetry and prose the kiss of friendship has been beautified and exalted to a high position in the world of thoughts. However, all this is only a fantasy far removed from what is natural.

It is a pretty little cloak which, as with so many things, earth-man has manufactured in order to admire himself or others in it. Yet admiration is absolutely out of place, for in reality it is nothing but hypocrisy. A shameful attempt to disarrange and distort the Laws of Creation, and thus divest them of their glorious and simple naturalness!

It is true that the intention behind a kiss often varies, but this does not alter the fact that each kiss as such remains a kiss, i.e., a physical contact which, according to the Natural Laws, causes a feeling that can never be other than merely physical! He who knows my Message is aware of this already. Man must not always behave in such a cowardly manner in his efforts to deny the true nature of his deeds; but must remain clearly conscious of them at all times! A hypocrite is even worse than an evil-doer!

The term “kiss of friendship” definitely presupposes the age of maturity.

The kiss between a man and a woman who have reached a mature age, however, is subject to the vibrations of the Primordial Laws in Creation, no matter how pure their intentions! It is ridiculous to make excuses. Man knows very well that the Laws of Nature do not ask for his opinion. The kiss given by a friend, a brother, or a father to a mature girl or woman always remains a kiss between the different sexes, despite the strongest self-delusion, and it is no different with the kiss given by a mother to her son as soon as he has reached a mature age. The Laws of Nature neither know of nor grant any distinction in these matters. Every person must therefore practice much greater self-restraint!

Only man’s mania for wishing to adapt the Natural Laws to his own desires creates ideas so opposed to those laws, such as kisses of friendship, embracing among relatives, and the many other trespasses existing in these matters. Under the most hypocritical cloaks man often tries to sin, even deliberately!

Because many people believe they are acting quite harmlessly with such transgressions, and imagine their intentions to be absolutely pure, this does not alter the fact that such behavior is contrary to the Laws of Nature! It is and remains a distortion of the purest Laws of Nature when they are robbed of their beautiful simplicity by false interpretation! Only what is unhealthy arises from this, because every abuse and distortion only devalues, defiles and debases the original soundness of the law!

Therefore away with such hypocrisy! At last honor the Laws of Nature as they really are in their simple and thus sublime greatness! Adjust yourselves to them and live accordingly, and also adjust all your thinking, your actions and your habits to them, both within your families and outside; therefore become natural in the purest sense and you will then also be happy and thus pleasing to God! Every unhealthy aspect of life will then fall away from you. Honesty will be the rule among you, and you will be spared many unnecessary inner conflicts, which only result from such foolish illusions, and often molest and torment you all through your earthly lives!

The un-healthiness of this injurious toying, this wrongful caressing, which invariably indicates a purely physical basis, can be most clearly observed in immature and guileless children of a tender age. Children who are continually showered with or, to put it quite frankly, “molested” by these family caresses always have an unhealthy appearance. Besides nearly every child shows an intuitive repulsion against such obtrusive fondling and never any desire for it, because in reality a child is “naturally innocent!” To start with it must first always be trained to tolerate and return caresses! Such training, however, is only desired by the grown-ups, who through the maturity of their physical bodies instinctively feel the need for it! But it is not the wish of the child! All this shows clearly enough the dangerous coercion which is being insidiously brought to bear upon the child! Gradually, however, it gets accustomed to this fondling and finally comes to desire it out of sheer habit, until the maturing body itself awakens in the instinct!

Shame on mankind for continually trying to hide their base desires and personal weaknesses under a cloak of hypocrisy! Or for acting thoughtlessly in such matters.

Man must know that genuine love is of the soul only! Everything else is merely instinct! Psychic love, however, has nothing to do with the physical body, nor has it any physical desires, for the separation between all the species in Creation always remains complete. Spiritual is spiritual, psychic is psychic, and physical is and always remains only physical!

When the physical body dies not a single particle of the soul dies with it. This proves in all simplicity that everything stands on its own, that no intermingling occurs.

A soulful kiss, for example, exists only in the imagination, because every kiss is and always remains merely a gross material act. What a man experiences in his soul thereby is an entirely separate matter. Psychic love goes beside the physical instinct, not with it or even in it.

Any other conception is a gross self-deception because it does not correspond with the Laws of Nature. It was only the intellect which invented differences therein to serve as an excuse, and in order to create a new caricature in order to mutilate the Truth, which in its pure form would bring mankind to an awakening and recognition, thus to purity and truthfulness of character, and finally to ascent towards the Light.

Now at last, man, have the courage to be true in all you do! Also in regard to the kiss. Break through the deceptive images your vanity and sensual lust have created! Wake up!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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