Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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10. The distorted tool

The greatest burden with which the human soul has encumbered itself, and which will hinder every possibility of ascent, is vanity! It has spread ruin throughout the entire Creation. Vanity has become the most powerful poison for the soul, because man has cherished it as a shield and mask for all his shortcomings.

Like a narcotic it always helps to overcome psychic shocks easily. It is of no consideration to earthmen that this is merely an illusion, so long as it affords them satisfaction and therewith the possibility to attain some earthly goal, if only a few minutes of ridiculous self-complacency. It does not need to be genuine, a mere semblance will suffice.

People speak of this vanity, of conceit, spiritual arrogance, malicious joy and so many characteristics of all earthmen in a benevolent and glossing-over way as being snares of the Lucifer principle. All this, however, is nothing but feeble self-excuse. Lucifer had no need whatever to exert himself so very much. It sufficed for him to tempt man to enjoy the fruit of the “tree of knowledge” and thus to indulge in the knowledge, thereby inducing him to over-develop his intellect. All that followed was brought about by man himself.

Vanity must be seen as the worst outgrowth of the intellect, which is earthbound and gaining the upper hand, and which entails so many evils, such as envy, hatred, slander, and the craving for all kinds of earthly pleasures and possessions. Everything that is ugly in this world is really anchored in vanity, which expresses itself in a great variety of ways.

It was the urge towards outward sham which produced the “caricature of man” so predominant today! The sham being who does not deserve to be called “man” because in his vanity he undermined the possibility of the necessary spiritual ascent for the sake of sham, stubbornly blocking all the natural connecting lines given to him for his activity and spiritual maturing, and wantonly burying them entirely against the Creator’s Will.

The effect of raising the earthbound intellect to the position of an idol was in itself sufficient to change the entire course which the Creator had designed for man in His Creation.

Lucifer claimed it as a triumph for himself that the human soul had ventured to interfere with its physical body in such a manner as to make it utterly impossible for the soul to fulfill its willed activity in Creation. In order to sharpen the intellect man feverishly promoted the one-sided cultivation of that part of the brain which is exclusively devoted to working in the World of Gross Matter: namely the frontal brain. This resulted in the automatic repression and curtailment of the activity of the spiritually receiving part of the human brain. Consequently, the ability to comprehend spiritual things was rendered more difficult, and in the course of thousands of years earth-man even entirely lost spiritual understanding. Thus he now stands forsaken and useless in Creation. Cut off from the possibility of spiritual recognition and ascent, and consequently also cut off from God!

That is the work of Lucifer. He had no need to do anything more. He could then leave earth-man to himself, watching him sink from one step to another and thus remove himself further and further from God, all as a consequence of this single act.

For those men who make the genuine effort to think objectively just for once it is not at all difficult to observe this. It is easily understandable that intellectual activity also bears within itself the conceit which comes of an insistence on knowing better, the obstinate perseverance in everything which such activity considers right, for man has “thought” as far as he was able to think in these matters. He has reached his limit in thinking.

That this limitation of the earthbound frontal brain is a low one, and that therefore man cannot penetrate any further with his intellect, is impossible for him to know, and for this reason he will always believe and insist that with his limit he had also achieved what is right. If he hears something different he will always give greater credence to and consider right what he has thought out. This remains the peculiarity of every intellect, and thus of all intellectuals.

As I have already pointed out once it is the task of one portion of the brain substance to receive what is spiritual like an antenna, while the other portion, which produces the intellect, transforms what has been received for use in the Gross Material World. Conversely the frontal brain which produces the intellect is likewise supposed to take in all the impressions from the World of Matter, and so transform them that the back brain can receive them and use them for the further development and maturing of the spirit. Both parts, however, are intended to work together. That is how it has been decreed by the Creator.

Due to the intervention caused by the one-sided cultivation of the frontal brain, the latter became over-dominating in its activity, thus disturbing the necessary harmonious co-operation between the two brains, and consequently all healthy activity in Creation. The development of the portion meant to receive spiritual impressions lagged behind, while the frontal brain, which became more and more active through training, had long since ceased to receive through the back brain the pure vibrations from Luminous Heights necessary for its work, and for transmission into the World of Gross Matter; instead, it absorbs its working substance for the most part from its material environment and from thought-forms only, which it sends out again re-modeled as its own production.

There are only a few people today whose receptive portion of the brain co-operates harmoniously at least to some extent with the frontal brain. These people rise above the ordinary level and distinguish themselves through great inventions or through an amazing reliability in their capacity to perceive intuitively, which enables them quickly to grasp many things that can only be attained by others through laborious study.

These are the people of whom it is enviously said that they “receive it in their sleep,” confirming the saying that: “The Lord gives it to His own in their sleep!”

By “His own” are meant those who still use their implements in accordance with the Creator’s decree, i.e., those who are what He wills them to be and who, like the wise virgins, continually replenished the oil in their lamps; for these alone can “recognize” the Bridegroom when He comes. Only these are really “awake.” All the others are “asleep” in their self-imposed limitations. They rendered themselves incapable of “recognizing” because they did not keep the requisite “tools” in proper order. Without the harmonious co-operation of that portion of the brain meant to receive spiritual impressions, the frontal brain is like a lamp without oil.

Persons of mediumistic ability cannot so easily be included in the above category. While it is true that the receptive part of their brain necessarily functions more or less well, during this receptive activity the frontal brain of such mediums, which is meant for the earthly transmission of what is received, becomes fatigued. Due to the determined volition of some dweller in the beyond, the proceedings bring exceptional pressure to bear upon the receptive portion of the medium’s brain, and this consequently calls for a more powerful counter-pressure, which in turn automatically draws blood from the frontal brain, i.e., the warmth which is engendered by movement, with the result that the frontal brain comes to a partial or complete standstill. It co-operates only sluggishly or not at all. This withdrawal of blood would not be necessary if the receptive brain had not been seriously weakened by the suppression.

This gives the cause why the transmission of a medium, either verbally or in writing, does not appear to be so well re-modeled for earthly comprehension as it must necessarily be if it is to be correctly understood by earthly conceptions, such as computation of space and time.

This also gives the cause why mediums who often foresee earthly events, catastrophes or the like, can rarely in their utterances or writings forecast the earthly time accurately.

A medium receives the ethereal impression and passes it on verbally or in writing with little or no alteration at all for the Gross Material World. This naturally results in misunderstanding on the part of those who view things from a purely gross material standpoint. The ethereal impression differs from the gross material effect which manifests later on. For in the World of Ethereal Matter the contrasts are sharper and richer, with corresponding effects. Now it frequently happens that mediums depict nothing but ethereal things without alteration, because the frontal brain cannot follow up with its work of re-modeling and is quiescent. Then the picture of an event and the times given differ, for ethereal conceptions of time also differ from earthly conceptions.

Consequently, predictions and descriptions of the same happening will sound different from almost every mediumistic person, depending on the degree of co-operation possible by their frontal brain, which can only in very rare cases achieve the complete transformation necessary for earthly conceptions.

If those dwelling in the beyond, however, are striving to re-establish connection between the World of Ethereal Matter and the World of Gross Matter, which had been severed by earthmen, then no exactions or ridiculously presumptuous judgments on the part of ignoramuses and intellectuals shall be further tolerated, for such efforts must be taken with absolute seriousness, so that what has been spoiled by conceited vanity can again be restored.

All dreamers, zealots and mystics must also be excluded from participating, for in reality they are even more detrimental than the intellectuals.

If both parts of the brain of earthmen could co-operate harmoniously, as the Creator ordained they should, then the transmissions of the mediums would be given in conceptions of time suitable to the World of Gross Matter. As it is, however, the more or less extensive withdrawal of blood from the frontal brain causes derangements and distortions. To correct them requires diligent study through observation, and deserves neither the ridicule nor the aspersion of fraudulent intentions, such as the spiritually indolent love to suggest.

As in all fields so also in this there will naturally always be people with a pretense to knowledge who bask in their proficiency in these things, and who make themselves completely ridiculous, not to mention others with sordid aims. But such can be found everywhere, and it affords no justification for besmirching the work itself or those seriously engaged upon it in such a flagrant manner.

This kind of conduct which disparages everything that cannot yet be understood is again nothing but an expression of ridiculous vanity, a sign of irresponsible stupidity which has become habitual among these people. But there is nothing that is great or sublime which has not in the beginning incurred the enmity of mankind. Not excluding the utterances of Christ Jesus, Who fared no differently Himself!

Such scoffers show only too clearly that they go through life blindfolded, or at least with obvious narrow-mindedness.

Let us take a glance around us: he who goes on his way scoffing at the previsions and forecasts of terrible happenings which accumulate from all sides, and who refuses to see that many of them are already being fulfilled, that natural catastrophes are increasing from one week to the next, is either narrow-minded or does not yet want to recognize anything because of a certain fear!

These are the narrow-minded or cowardly who dare not face the facts! In any case they are harmful creatures.

He who does not yet wish to recognize the great economic distress which steadily increases in every country on earth, nor see in the consequent confusion and helplessness a disastrous blow of fate, just because he himself still happens to have enough to eat and drink, such a person no longer deserves to be called man, for he must be inwardly corrupt and blunted to the suffering of others.

“All this has already happened before!” that is what they thoughtlessly reply. And indeed, they have taken place before, however, as single events! and not under different conditions from today, not with all the knowledge men boast of and with all the precautionary measures which can be taken today! That is as different as day is from night!

Above all there was never such an accumulation of events. In past times a gap of years occurred between natural catastrophes, such happenings were talked and written about for months, causing a sensation amongst all civilized nations, while today they are dismissed from the mind within a few hours while dancing or chit chatting. This is a difference which people do not want to see on account of a fear which manifests itself in frivolity! In a wanton refusal to understand.

“The people must not be disturbed!” That is the order which has gone forth. Not out of love for humanity, however, but only for fear that mankind might make demands with which no one could cope any longer!

The attempts made to calm the public are often so crude that none but the indifferent humanity, with that obtuseness that prevails today, can listen to them in silence. Nobody bothers to recognize and remonstrate against these efforts as being antagonistic to the Sublime Will of God.

God wills that men should recognize these warnings which speak so plainly to them in the march of events! They are meant to awaken out of their irresponsible spiritual lethargy in order to reflect and retrace their steps in time, before it becomes necessary that they themselves must experience all the afflictions they can still see their fellow-men suffering. It is rebellion against God on the part of those who try to prevent this with comforting words!

Unfortunately, however, mankind are only too susceptible to every word which tends to absolve them from personal spiritual activity, hence they like to listen to the most peculiar utterances, accept them faithfully, and in fact desire to have them; even spread and advocate them rather than be disturbed from their peace and comfort.

And beloved vanity beats time to this, proving the best support of all those weeds which, like vanity itself, grow as the fruit of the intellectual domination which is hostile to God.

Vanity will never permit the recognition of the Truth, no matter where it is to be found. What it achieves in this respect is proved by the attitude of this mankind to the life on earth of the Son of God which, in its true and great simplicity, does not satisfy the vain minds of men. The believer wants “his” Savior only in accordance with his own ideas. Therefore, he embellishes the earthly mission of the Son of God, Christ Jesus, with events of his own fabrication!

According to man’s opinion and solely because of his “humility” towards all that is Divine, this Savior, being the Son of God, must also be absolutely “supernatural.” But in so thinking they do not realize that God Himself is the Perfection of all that is natural, and that Creation developed out of this His perfect Naturalness through His Will. Perfection, however, also bears the unchangeable within itself. If there could possibly be an exception in the Laws of Creation, which correspond with the Will of God, they would be bound to contain a gap and thus lack perfection.

Man’s humility, however, sets itself above all this; for as regards the life of the Son of God on earth, it expects, indeed demands, an alteration in the existing Laws in Creation, thus a trespass against them. And just from Him Who had come to fulfill all the Laws of His Father, as He Himself said! They expect from Him things which must simply be impossible according to the laws of natural development. And just by that is His Divinity to manifest Itself, the Divine Which carries the Living Source of the Natural Laws within Itself!

Yes, man’s humility can achieve a great deal. But its true face bears the stamp of exaction, and not of genuine humility. The greatest presumption and the worst form of spiritual arrogance! Sweet vanity just covers this with a thin cloak which bears a semblance of humility.

It is indeed sad that so often even those who have a really good volition allow themselves, in their initial and quite genuine humility, unwittingly to be carried away by their enthusiasm to commit the most incredible things, as Lorber richly experienced for himself and so many others with him.

They gave play to their imagination, and the subsequent transmissions did great harm.

Thus, Jesus, already as a child, was supposed to have performed the greatest miracles. Even when He played the most innocent games as played by every child who is healthy and spiritually alert. The small birds which he modeled from ordinary clay came to life and flew into the air singing merrily, and many other such things. Such happenings are simply impossible, because they are contrary to all the Divine Laws in Creation!

Otherwise God the Father might just as well have placed His Son upon the earth as a fully mature man! What was the need of a human mother! Why the inconvenience of a birth! Are men unable to think in simple terms for once? It is their personal vanity which deters them. In their opinion the life of the Son of God on earth must be different. They want it this way so that “their” Savior and “their” Redeemer should not be subject to the Laws of God in Creation. Actually in their view this would not have been too small for Him, the Son of God, but it surely would have been for all those who wish to recognize their Redeemer in Him! Human vanity and nothing else!

They fail to realize how even greater it was for Jesus voluntarily to subject Himself to these Laws by becoming man in order to bring the Truth in the Word to those who, through the distortion of their earthly tool, had wantonly rendered themselves incapable of receiving and recognizing the Truth of their own accord. They were much too conceited to see Christ’s Mission fulfilled in the Word Itself. For them, vain men that they are, greater things had to come to pass!

And when the Son of God suffered physical death upon the cross, dying just as any man must die when crucified because it corresponds with the Divine Laws in Creation, when His human body could not simply descend unharmed from the cross, then vanity had no other choice but to assert that the Son of God had to die in this way, that in order to bear the sins of the poor little men He did not wish to step down from the cross, so that they can now be joyfully received into the Kingdom of Heaven!

And thus the foundation was laid for the later belief in the necessity of the death on the cross, that great and tragic error prevalent among Christians today, which is entirely due to the vanity of men.

If there is no longer any man who wishes to recognize that such thinking can only arise out of shameless conceit, to the joy of Lucifer who presented man with vanity in order to ruin him, then there is no longer any help for humanity and all is in vain; even the greatest and strongest warnings in Nature cannot arouse them from their spiritual sleep. Why does not man think any further!

If it would have been possible for Christ to have risen from the dead in the flesh, then it follows that one could just as logically expect it to be possible for Him to descend to the earth already matured in the flesh, from that sphere to which He was supposed to have ascended physically at His resurrection. That this did not happen, however, that on the contrary from the very beginning He had to live through the phases that every human body is subject to from birth on-wards, with all their great and minor troubles, and also face the many other needs of His earthly life, clearly enough speaks against this conception, quite apart from the fact that it could not be otherwise because the Son of God also had to submit Himself to the Perfect Laws of His Father in Creation.

He who wishes to enter Creation and live upon the earth is subject to the Immutable Laws of Creation.

All assertions to the contrary are inventions, created in their enthusiasm by men themselves, and then bequeathed as the truth. The same happened with all traditions, regardless of whether they were passed on verbally or in writing. Human vanity plays a great role in this. Very seldom indeed do they issue from the human hand, voice or even brain without something being added. Second-hand records never constitute a proof on which posterity should rely. Man only needs to observe current events closely. Let us take just one example which received world-wide publicity.

Newspapers in all countries published reports of the mysterious “castle” on Vomperberg, of which I was supposed to be the owner! I was described as “the Messiah of the Tyrol” or “the Prophet of Vomperberg!” with great and prominent headlines, even in the leading newspapers which wish to be taken seriously. There were weird and mysterious accounts of numerous underground tunnels, of temples, of knights both in black and silver armor, of an unheard-of cult, also of great parks, automobiles, stables, and whatever else could be invented by the diseased brains that can report such things. Details were quoted, some based on beautiful fantasy and others so disgustingly filthy that anyone giving a little thought to the matter could not fail immediately to recognize the lies and malevolence behind it. —

And there was not one word of truth in any of these reports!

If, however, after centuries or, better still, in thousands of years to come, some person reads one of these evil and scurrilous articles... who can blame him for wanting to believe it and saying: “Here it is, reported and published! the same in nearly every newspaper and language!”

And all this was nothing but a reflection of the decadent brains of this time! With their own works they stamped themselves with the proof of their depravity. Already for the coming Judgment!

This happened even today in spite of every facility for speedily obtaining accurate information before publication! What must it have been like in former times, in the days of Jesus, when everything could only be passed on by word of mouth! How greatly subject to alteration are such verbal transmissions. This applies equally to written records and letters. It takes on the characteristics of an avalanche. Already partially misunderstood at the start, in this way there always arises something different to the original facts. How much of what has been heard has been written down at second, third or even tenth hand only, but which has now come to be regarded as the original basis. Surely men should know their fellow-men!

As soon as they can no longer make use of the scaffolding of their intellect, which is the case with all truth on account of its great simplicity, they are not satisfied. They either reject or change it in a manner that suits their beloved vanity.

For this reason “mysticism” is preferred to the simple truth. The great craving for “mysticism,” for everything mysterious, which is en-grained within every person is vanity, and not the urge for truth as is so often depicted. Self-complacency constructed the unhealthy way upon which hosts of idle enthusiasts can sun themselves, and upon which many who are spiritually indolent allow themselves leisurely to drift.

In all these matters the vanity of man plays a devastating and dismal role, dragging him tenaciously and irretrievably down to destruction, because he has come to love it!

He would be seized with consternation if he could but once master himself sufficiently to reflect about it objectively and without self-complacency. But again that is just the difficulty: he cannot do anything without being self-complacent! Thus many will probably have to remain in this state until they perish from it!

This fact in all its tragedy is the result which, consequent upon the Fall of Man, was forcibly brought about by the prevention of the harmonious development of the brain in the earthly body entrusted to him. The distortion of the tool indispensable to man in this Gross Material World through its one-sided development has thereby exacted its revenge. Now man stands inharmoniously in Creation with his gross material tool, his physical body, incapable of performing the task he has to fulfill therein, rendered useless by himself!

To eradicate the root of all this evil the intervention of God is necessary! Every other power and authority, however great, is inadequate to achieve this. It constitutes the greatest and most devastating contamination in man’s false volition that ever found its way into Creation. Everything on this earth will have to collapse before any improvement can come about, because there is nothing in existence which is not already irretrievably pervaded by it!

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