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by Abdrushin

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14. The Kingdom of the Millennium

Like a legend it floats in the minds of many people who know of the prophecy, but it is vague, without form, because no one knows how to come to the right conception of it!

The Millennium! Wiseacres have tried again and again to put forward an explanation of how this great period of peace and joy that is implied in it is going to be realized. But it has never yet been possible to come any nearer the truth! They have all gone wrong because they have assigned far too great a role to earthmen, as always happens with everything men think. Moreover, they approved of and built upon existing concepts, and thus every one of these theories had to be regarded as wrong from the start, no matter what its nature.

And then man forgot the principal thing! He did not take into account the condition that was also foretold, that before the thousand-year Reign of Peace everything has to become new in the Judgment! That is the essential foundation for the New Kingdom. It cannot be built up on the existing soil! Everything that is old has first to become new!

This does not mean, however, that the old is to be revitalized in its existing form, but the expression “new” implies a change, a transformation of the old!

In his pondering man failed to take this into consideration, and therefore never made any progress towards a right conception.

Follow me in your spirit so that you learn to understand; for the fulfillment of the prophecy is beginning!

What must first change most drastically in the Judgment is man himself; for he alone has brought the confusion into Subsequent Creation. From him, from his wrong volition, the evil went forth into the world.

The original beauty, purity and health that always result from a swinging in the Primordial Laws of Creation were gradually distorted and perverted through the wrong volition of this humanity. Instead of a healthy maturing towards perfection, nothing but caricatures could still form in the unceasing process of development!

Just picture to yourselves a potter sitting at his wheel, before him the clay, pliable enough to be molded to any shape. The wheel, however, is not turned by the potter himself but by a driving-belt, which in turn is kept in motion by the power of an engine.

By a pressure of his fingers the clay is now shaped in continual rotation, carried out by the wheel on which the clay was placed. Now as the finger presses so the shape develops, either beautiful, plain or ugly.

The spirit of man also works in the same way in this world, in Subsequent Creation. Through his volition he exercises leadership, thus as spirit he exerts pressure upon certain animistic substance, which shapes both ethereal and gross matter. For a spirit, animistic substance is the finger that exercises the pressure according to the spirit’s volition. The clay is ethereal and gross matter; but the movement, which is independent of the human spirit, comprises the automatic movements of the Primordial Laws of Creation, which like currents ceaselessly drive towards the development of everything man forms in his volition.

Thus the volition of the human spirit is answerable for much that develops in Subsequent Creation; for man as spirit exercises the pressure that determines the nature of the form. He cannot exercise his will without simultaneously forming! No matter what it is! Thus he can likewise never evade this responsibility for all the forms created by him; for his volition is the cause for everything existing in this Subsequent Creation! His volition, his thinking and his actions! Everything takes on form in the mechanism of this world. That man has neither known it, nor wanted to know it, is his concern, is his fault. His ignorance does not alter the effect.

Thus through his wrong volition, his obstinacy and self-conceit, he has not only held back any true blossoming, but has ruined Subsequent Creation and brought about only harm instead of blessing!

Admonitions through prophets, then through the Son of God Himself, were not enough to change man and induce him to take the right course! He did not want to, and increasingly nourished his conceited idea of being a world-ruler, in which already lay hidden the germ for his inevitable downfall, which germ grew with his conceit, and prepared the catastrophes that must now be unleashed according to the Eternal Law in Creation, which man failed to recognize because his conceited idea of being the master prevented him from doing so.

The sole cause of the coming horrors lies in the distortion of the Divine Primordial Laws through the false volition of these human spirits in Subsequent Creation! For this wrong volition threw into confusion all the power-currents that take effect automatically. The diversion of their course, however, cannot go unpunished since, knotted and entangled as they are, they will then forcibly detach themselves at a certain time. The detaching and disentangling shows itself in the manifestations, that we call catastrophes. It makes no difference whether this occurs in public affairs, in families, with individuals or entire peoples, or with the forces of nature.

Thereby all that is false will collapse, judging itself through the power that is in these currents, which have been wrongly directed by humanity’s conceit, contrary to what God willed; for these currents can only bring about blessing when they follow those courses which are intended for them by Primordial Law, thus ordained for them by the Creator. Never otherwise.

That is also why the end could be foreseen already thousands of years ago, because owing to the wrongly-willed attitude of men it could not possibly come about any differently, since the final result of anything that happens always remains strictly bound to the Primordial Laws.

Mankind has never listened to warnings and now they stand in the collapse that proceeds according to natural law. Today we are standing at this point in the natural development.

Now since the human spirits have proved their utter inability to recognize their task in this Creation, since they proved their unwillingness to fulfill it by repudiating and misinterpreting all the warnings given by called ones and prophets, even those by the Son of God Himself, sealing their enmity by the crucifixion, God now forcibly intervenes.

Hence the Kingdom of the Millennium!

Only by force can Subsequent Creation still be helped, as well as mankind, who have proved that they would never voluntarily be persuaded to take the right path which they must follow in Creation in order to live in it according to God’s Will, and also to work and bring blessing as the beings that they really are by virtue of their spiritual nature.

For this reason mankind now, in the Judgment, are being deprived of their rights, they are for a time disinherited of the right they have possessed up till now, the right that the human will rules over this Subsequent Creation, guiding and forming it! Disinherited for a thousand years, so that at last there may be peace, and a striving towards the Light in accordance with the Primordial Laws in Creation, to which man has hitherto been hostile.

Disinheriting humanity of all the rights hitherto held in Subsequent Creation therefore makes possible and safeguards the establishment of the long-wished-for Kingdom of Peace! Thus does man stand before his God! For that he must now render account. That is the meaning of and the necessity for the thousand-year Kingdom of God here on earth. A sad truth, which cannot be more shaming for this mankind!

Instead, they are proud of the prophecies, in their unrestrained delusion of grandeur! The disinheritance will happen in the simplest way, in that a Will which stands above all human volition places Itself into this Subsequent Creation, a Will sent by God for this purpose! This fact alone suffices to bind all humanity’s rights in Creation quite naturally! Thus God’s Will Itself was sent in flesh and blood which all of mankind’s volition cannot effectively oppose and which, through the very fact of Its being, will remain sole ruler and leader in Creation, because according to the Primordial Laws of Creation, everything must adjust to It, because everything originated from It, and is and remains dependent on It.

Therefore, the Will of God Itself is present among earth men during the Judgment, and automatically releases the Judgment for a quick resolution and will also personally lead the new up-building the way it should be for the benefit of all creatures, of the entire Creation, so that mankind may learn from this through experiencing it!

Thus the Millennium will become a school for mankind, in which they must learn how they have to stand in this Subsequent Creation, how to think and to act in order to fulfill their appointed task correctly, and thereby to achieve happiness themselves!

To this end the will of mankind as ruler in Subsequent Creation is now suspended for a thousand years, after whatever he has wrongly sown and wrongly guided has been destroyed in the Judgment!

During the thousand years the Will of God alone will reign supreme, to Which every human spirit must submit as soon as he has been able to pass through the Judgment!

However, the Will of God will not remain on earth in flesh and blood for a thousand years; but after the completion of the up-building, He will go up to the Grail Castle. During these thousand years, in His stead, it will always be a bearer of His Will who is directly connected to Him, who will rule on earth. It is always a Primordial, Pure-spiritual being who simply through his nature will be far superior in wisdom and power to the human spirits of this Subsequent Creation all of whom are only developed ones. In each case he will be a knight of the Holy Grail from the Castle where he will be prepared beforehand as a sword carrier of Imanuel, the Will of God.

He will always be called sword carrier because his task is to fulfill the Word of Imanuel, the Word, which spiritually is referred to as the sword. He will then rule on earth in the name of his Lord. And every new ruler on earth during the thousand year Kingdom will always be a Primordial being sent by the Grail. No exception. This provides the guarantee that this time, as predetermined by God, will remain exactly as willed by God.

Following these thousand years no new Primordial being will be sent, and the legacy of leadership in Subsequent Creation will thus be returned to men. During that time men must have learned to adjust themselves exactly according to the Primordial Laws of Creation, so that they can finally work beneficially in Subsequent Creation, of which they are, and will remain, a part and where they are to find their own true happiness.

But should there be another failure as in the past, then mankind must count on complete annihilation!

Such is the Millennium and its purpose! In their self-conceit and the delusion of their own importance, mankind have imagined it to be quite different. But they will have to learn and experience it as it actually is!

Therein also lies only a Grace of God, to help those who are really of a pure volition! Otherwise they would be lost together with the damned! For after the Judgment, no one can exist any longer who does not vibrate rightly in the Primordial Laws of Creation, in other words, who does not live according to the Will of God!

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