Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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15. The necessary balance

The time has finally come for the Primordial Creation Law of Balance to be strictly fulfilled in the right way here on earth for the salvation of mankind, something that has not only been ignored until now but, in smug delusion, it has even been called unchristian and ignoble.

Once again mankind, with merely earthly concepts, sought to improve upon the Will of its Creator, and soon found a shiny cloak for this presumption. They called it compassion! Compassion which has nothing to do with the mercifulness of the Samaritan which Jesus taught in the parable.

Mercifulness is generosity of the spirit, compassion is pharisaic!

Compassion was created by the intellect as a caricature of mercifulness. The man who has compassion pleases and admires himself or else is guided by his intellect.

The recipient on the other hand demands or expects it, in many cases taking it for granted, or he demands it out of indolence and envy which may escalate into hatred.

All of that, however, is against God’s iron law which permits receiving only as a result of giving! Constant balance is required here which alone produces movement, thereby maintaining good health and vitality, which is the condition for progress in continuous development, bringing true ascent and full harmony! Only where giving and receiving are in perfect balance will there be peace and happiness! This is God’s law that upholds and promotes the whole Creation.

Any discord arising out of alterations to this law must cause sluggishness in the necessary movement, paralysis, decline, standstill in all that is in this Creation. It leads to discontent, sickness, and death! From this in turn arise envy, hate, theft, murder and all evil which manifests today and will accelerate to the point of collapse of all hope, of all aspiration.

The Will of God demands uncompromising change in this! Giving alone is the condition for receiving! Whoever is not willing to give must not be permitted to take either; this means that he is not to receive anything for free! Not even the Word, which needs to be earned! Anything else is unhealthy and brings no blessing even though it may have the earthly appearance of doing so; for it is against God’s Primordial Creation Law!

This appears severe and harsh to you at first glance. It is however, the greatest help available to the human spirit because it forces him into that kind of active alertness which is required of him as it is of every creature in Creation. It is through alert activity alone that he develops in accordance with the laws, that he furthers his environment and becomes strong. Instead, however, in so many instances he has only nurtured indolence which paralyses the spirit.

In the future, therefore, nothing may be given for which no equivalent value is offered in return, even if it be simply in the form of pure joy! Therein alone lies the awakening of all human spirits here on earth who require proper movement in order to be restored to health and vitality, just as their gross material bodies do and as does everything in Creation! Without continuous movement within the Creative pressure of Divine energy there is no true progress, no joyous ascent and no blissful affirmation of all life!

“The beauty of Creation is spread out before you, man, but bestir yourself within it, earn what you wish to own of it!”

This sounds as a thunderous warning from the Light, as a driving law with great pressure. This pressure is now being increased in the Judgment. Whoever is not completely willing to use it to his own benefit and that of others in tireless activity, whoever does not want to move with this strong pressure will be broken down and crushed by it as an impediment and a useless troublemaker!

This law of the necessity for ceaseless movement was anchored in this world from the beginning. Man however, in his arrogance, introduced compassion, so that he can be admired as benefactor and be able to use the duty of gratitude for the degradation of human beings into slaves.

Many became slack in ever increasing indolence, became spiritual cripples only capable of envy and hatred of everything that others acquired for themselves. Man, mobilize your spirit and yourself on this earth at last, in order to acquire what you need, what you want to possess. Any easing in this is poison for you! It makes you weary and paralyses you, leads to indolence, with unhealthy desires, and finally to physical sickness and spiritual decay!

Movement in the balance of giving and taking will become immutable Law of the future according to the Will of God! It applies to all situations in life!

Balance does not exist where laws or regulations require taking from those who possess in order to give to others! This is too one-sided and unhealthy; there is no life in it because there is no swinging in harmony with Creation law. Governments must never interfere with private property but must support and protect it. They must not forcibly reach into the pockets of their citizens and dispose of the property of others in order to help themselves in difficult predicaments and just to make their jobs easier. The major purpose of a government is to first of all safeguard to its citizens the free and undisturbed enjoyment of property.

On their own and with their own skills they must find ways out of their difficulties. Governments and citizens must never be blended into one but they are two separate entities each one of which must remain healthy within itself; both, however, must always stand next to each other in full harmony, supporting each other.

They must be like husband and wife in a completely healthy marriage, or like the activity of the animistic and the spiritual in the household of Creation!

The citizens of a nation must ensure peace, wellbeing and prosperity of the internal household by the way they live, while the governments must, through outwardly directed activity, support prosperity within and preservation of the peace through alliances with other peoples and nations.

They each on their own must completely fulfill their part, only then will they not hinder, but support each other.

If governments apply their skills primarily outwardly, and with real competence, then as a result peace will come within the country automatically.

A prerequisite for this however is a spiritual transformation of the inner man. In the present state, the state in which man has been up to now, a healthy balance will never be achieved in accordance with Primordial Creation Laws, in which alone lie peace and prosperity; for all of humanity, with very few exceptions, is still ignorant of these immutable Laws, which is the reason why these laws cannot work for men, and why the entire Creation works against them. Humanity is the weaker and inevitably the inferior part until it finally will submit because it must. Until that point is reached however, there will be no real success.

It is of course to be expected then that for everything that is given, something of value must be rendered in return in one form or another. No one may take for granted a kindness received by a fellowman without having to give at least a kind word in return. No one may take it as a given that one of his fellowmen should, out of kindness, do something for him, without the necessity that he should at least respond with a good word! A word that has value for the other, and is not just a matter of form.

Put this matter in order, men; only then will you have the sound condition of the soil that will support a solid construction.

Even the so-called honorary posts are harmful. With few exceptions, these are mere covers and bridges for base ambition, for lust for power, for all desire to attract attention and gain recognition. No, this is not the right way, nor is it the intended way for social life on earth, since it creates and promotes only unhealthy forms. It is wrong to continue such practices which attract so much that is harmful merely for the sake a few exceptions.

The foundation for this matter, too, must be God’s Law, unaltered and without being shaped to conform to human desires, vanities or weaknesses, as it has always been done up until now.

Help given in the way seen fit on earth until now is not Love; for Love seeks to do only that which truly helps others.

Let cool breezes blow, harsh and clear, to blow away all that is lax and sultry, paying no heed to many a badly spoiled individual catching severe cold in the beginning.

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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