Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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16. Jesus and Imanuel

Both, the Son of God Jesus as well as the Son of Man Imanuel, have their origin in God! The Son of God, who is to be called the inborn one, stands again with God the Father or in God the Father upon His return from Creation, thus He is “inborn” into the Godhead Itself; while the Son of Man can be called the “out born” one coming out of God, who, for the benefit of the existence of all human spirits, was born out into Primordial Creation with a part of Himself remaining separate from God.

However, the designation Son of God and Son of Man has never been rightly understood by men. It has not been completely understood even today by those who know my Message. Man has become accustomed to think only from his own perspective and therefore believes that everything has to be considered from his perspective. That is the mistake. In this case he has to attempt to gain an understanding only starting from above; because the designation Son of God and Son of Man originates in God, not in man, to whom it was only proclaimed in this way. For that reason the concept also has to be intuitively perceived from above, not from the human perspective.

In reality then there are: Jesus, the in-born Son, and Imanuel the out- born Son. Both are Sons of God and, in human terms, brothers.

In the Divine, the designations Son of God and Son of Man are thought of in the sense of looking downward, toward Creation, whereby a different concept emerges immediately, and whereby indeed a proper conception even begins. The Son of God is the Son of God with God; the Son of Man is the Son of God sent to mankind from God.

The Son of God Jesus was not given to mankind so that, as many of the faithful still think, they could make a sacrifice of Him to God the Father for their sins! Jesus was never given to them at all! He only wanted to bring the Word, and, after man had murdered Him, He gradually returned to God the Father again, as He Himself explained often enough. Even if he had not been murdered he would have returned to God, for he was never really connected to the world.

But Imanuel the Son of Man was given to men by God, so that through Him they could exist and have in Him an eternal mediator through whose Being the human spirits with the right attitude could also remain eternally conscious!

For this purpose God gave a Son without demanding His complete return to Him! This is the great sacrifice which He made, this is His gift. This is the promised son-sacrifice for mankind! He does not demand Him or draw Him back into the Godhead.

The great sacrifice by God has nothing to do with the crucifixion and the Son of God Jesus. The crucifixion was not a sacrifice, neither a sacrifice made by God nor one made by mankind! However, because mankind gave false interpretations to this deliberate act committed against the Son of God in order to exculpate themselves, they also could never comprehend the actual concept of the word Son of Man, were never able to recognize the true sacrifice by God for what it was, i.e., the intentional separation of God from the Son born out into Creation, necessary for mankind, unimaginable greatness of which can never and will never be grasped by mankind!

It will not be difficult for you to understand that the Son of Man, in accordance with the Law of the Light, could be nothing other than King in Creation, and representative of the Triune God. Placed by God the Father into Creation for the human spirits, He is the only one in all of Creation who comes out of God.

Kingship is the simple and natural consequence of the effect of the Light-Law, which, as a consequence of the being of the Son of Man, can only have this effect and no other. —

This happening, in its perfection, brings to all of mankind so much help which they will only be able to understand decades from now.

Starting with the hour when the Son of Man will fully commence His work, which is the Hour of Proclamation, the human spirits in all the parts of Creation will have far greater, stronger help than they have had since the beginning of Creation. — For this reason peace shall and must come to be everywhere; ascent is much easier, while punishment is effected more quickly than before for those who will oppose the Light.

There will be a transformation in every kind of happening; and with the Son of Man comes the Cosmic Turning Point! This is the reason why everything, which, in order to continue to exist, must become new and why none of the old can remain unless its striving is already attuned to the Law of the Light! In this case it will be able to remain and only has to be purified so that it will shine like all that is new! However, mankind does not know how grateful they should be for everything which is being fulfilled at this time! — —

God alone made the great sacrifice in the Son of Man for all of mankind and for Creation! I, as Imanuel, deserve no gratitude for this for I am filled with the greatest joy to be permitted to serve God in His exalted Will! Because I alone am able to joyfully perceive His greatness, His splendor and wisdom, His purity, His power! What is all of Creation compared to this high knowledge, this perception! Nothing! Neither do I perceive myself as being here because of mankind’s wishes, no, with upward gaze, I live blissfully only for the fulfillment of the Holy Will of my Eternal Father, the one and only God and Lord!

Therefore do not delude yourselves; it will be altogether different from what you humans think! You will stand before many things only in amazement, and some things you will come to fully understand only years from now. Only in the future will you grasp the high, pure meaning of all that you have until now experienced only as distortions! The curse, which inevitably lay on the display of splendor until now because of mankind’s wrong mindset will have been lifted and splendor in its pure form becomes beauty; and all the treasures of this world will shine in purity for the glory of God and will help serve in the joyful adoration of the great goodness which allowed all of this to arise, and which gave it to mankind for their use! — — —

On earth the Son of God often said: “My Kingdom is not of this world!” By this He was not only referring to this earthly kingdom but to the entire cosmos, to Creation! He returned to God! And surrounding Him is the Kingdom of the Divine Realm in which He reigns in the name of His Father. Thus His Kingdom was not of this world, but it was and is the Kingdom of God. This means the Kingdom in the Divine Realm which has always been with God, and will remain with Him in eternity.

The Kingdom of the Son of Man however is the Cosmos, Creation! God called the inborn Son the Son of God; for He is active in the Divine Kingdom which is much greater than all of Creation. He placed the out-born Son into Creation, thereby placing Him over the human spirits, and proclaimed Him to mankind as the Son of Man. This is the son whom He separated from Himself for mankind so that He may rule over them. Therefore, those who are so blessed as to be permitted to see images from the Divine will soon and often be shown the Divine Trigon, in which the eye of God stands at the top, Jesus, the Son of God, stands to the right, and then, since the completion, Imanuel, the Son of Man stands to the left. To those who can see, the image shows the activity as it is contained in the Holy Will of God. Two rays issuing from God form the Trigon downwards. One leads to the Son of God in His activity, the other to the Son of Man. Now the completed connection of the Son of God with the Son of Man produces between them the connective ray which simultaneously forms the lower connective line now closing the Trigon.

Thus I explain for you already today the image of the Divine Trigon which many of the blessed ones will be permitted to behold as soon as God Himself allows the earthly presence of the Son of Man to be proclaimed to the world. Of course, it will only be images shown by spiritual leaders, because human spirits will never be able to see things Divine.

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