Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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17. Christmas!

Christmas! The Festival of the Radiant Star! Both Festivals are in reality only one! It is the Day of the Radiant star, the star which was once sent by God into this part of the cosmos and which sent His luminous greetings to the Son of God as He awoke here on Earth; and which will now shine for the Son of Man from the day of His earthly awakening on, from the hour in which the Power of the Light is anchored in the world of gross matter! —

“Peace on Earth for the joy of mankind!” was the greeting of the Light at the earthly birth of the Son of God which is celebrated still today with the Christmas festival. After only a few years, though, the scornful return-greeting of humanity: “Crucify, Crucify him!” rose defiantly upwards to the throne of God!

In the same moment, however, and upon the same paths as rose the jeering cries, there descended... the Judgment! By no means did it wait until now. Since the day of the murder, you men have already been standing in the reciprocal action. What happens now is only the end of the Judgment, that is, the Final Judgment!

You have been separated from God since the day on which the sacred curtain before the Holy of Holies was torn! From that hour on you were no longer to possess the Holy of Holies here on Earth. From that same moment forward you became confused, alone. You no longer had a connection to God! The connection was severed by humanity by this crucifixion, and the Old Covenant was destroyed. The Messenger of God, who had the curtain torn, thereby exposed the Ark of the Covenant as it had lost its original meaning and value. After the murder, the covenant between God and mankind could no longer continue to exist.

The Word alone remained behind as a rescue rope leading to salvation for those individuals who wished to make use of it for their laborious climb upwards in order to reach more luminous heights. Only few succeeded, and only with great effort. Yet they had to wait there until the day of the Final Judgment! And this is brought by the Son of Man who also has to make the New Covenant for which the earnestly seeking ones have already been sealed at this time.

Without a new Covenant, men on earth no longer had a connection with God, the connection having been broken through the crucifixion.

Since that time, the strongest link in this necessary connection has been missing, causing a rift which could not be bridged except by God Himself. Humanity in its blindness however, has widened this rift ever more.

For this reason, the greeting of the Star now declares: “War and Judgment to humanity, to the point of complete subjugation, which is equivalent to purification and peace!” —

For once take the trouble to look clearly into all of the activities of humanity around Christmastime! Not, however, from that standpoint which has been instilled in you, but rather from the perspective of the Light!

The Son of God came to humanity on earth in order to show through His Word the way that must lead humanity upward to the blissful realms. He wanted to bring Peace, Happiness and Joy. He wanted to open a door to Paradise for the human spirits gone astray. Humanity was amazed, harkened! Sensed something great!

Yet promptly and simultaneously there arose in the forefront their earthly wishes, which in their habitual manner they immediately sought to mix in, so that they could see them fulfilled on this occasion. It never even occurred to them to thankfully accept a great gift of God for what it was; rather they first of all wanted their earthly wishes to be fulfilled through the Son of God. Thereafter they might be willing to make the effort to work on themselves. However, had their earthly desires been satisfied first, they would have remained much too indolent afterwards to do anything else!

Through this wrong mindset they sought to make Christ their servant instead of welcoming Him as the Lord!

Humanity’s attitude toward God is no different today! All they only know is how to plead that He might fulfill their wishes according to them! Only through pleading, which they call praying but which is really begging, do they seek to approach their God. In no other way! You hypocrites, you fools, you useless servants! Your pleading is in reality nothing but selfish demanding! Only you and ever again you. You are interested only in your own welfare.

But what do you offer up in gratitude to God who gave you His Creation for your development?

You poisoned and desecrated His Creation because you never bothered to pay attention to it; you soiled it by seeking to use it only for the fulfillment of your basest desires! Even at Christmas your highest goals lie merely in mutual gift giving!

Through you this Earth has thus been made into a sty instead of a Temple of God!

You never recognized the words of Christ in their lofty value, standing high above all earthly treasures! In spiritual indolence, earthmen already passed it by at the time of Christ’s life on earth, dim-witted, ignorant and narrow, exactly as they do still today. Finally, when all their earthly desires were not fulfilled, they actually even felt cheated and persecuted Him who wanted to give them much more, wanted to give them everything the human spirit needs to attain to true happiness, true life. They persecuted Him with their hatred until they succeeded in having Him crucified so that they would no longer need to be annoyed by Him!

Try to understand how the Son of God felt. How unworthy and deeply pathetic must people have appeared to Him. He who did not shy away from such a great sacrifice as coming from the Light down to this Earth; He who knew what values He gave to men with His Word! Values which alone would be able to save men, who were so burdened with sin before God, from the wrong paths they themselves had made through their wrongdoings, their fragmentary thinking.

With His parables and sermons He showed in a clearly recognizable way the exact direction in Creation which would be easy to take and very easy to maintain for anyone who regarded them in the right way.

He offered them salvation, offered them Life! He already saw at that time that they must be lost forever if they did not change the way.

While He, leniently and with great love and patience, confronted the base ignorance of these earthlings with His knowledge, only in order to help them, they only approached Him demanding fulfillment of their earthly wishes! Presumptuously they demanded of Him the very thing that for all of them had spelled disaster before, because fulfillment of their earthly wishes had always wearied their spirits, and made them useless for true ascent. Daily and hourly He had to realize that He was throwing pearls before the swine! And it was for men that He had come down from the Light!

You will understand, then, why during his interrogation and sentencing he spoke not another word. Humanity on Earth disgusted Him! Disgust made Him fall silent! Men were unworthy of another word. Imagine in earnest how ignorant every single word of the accusers and judges must have seemed to the Son of God who drew from Wisdom, who Himself was a part of Wisdom! What must He have felt when men called Him blasphemer only because He could not provide this dull witted humanity with the kinds of proof of His Divine Mission they would have understood. He had given them enough proof, but men were unable to recognize His evidence as such in all its greatness!

Finally, they blamed their own inability on the Son of God! They condemned Him because they could not understand! Just Him, who alone knew God the Father! You shudder at the anguish of the soul which men inflicted upon the Son of God in the most hopeless frightfulness. —

This time it was no different for the Son of Man except that today’s laws did not allow for His being led to death. Instead, they accused Him on several occasions of fraud for failure to produce earthly evidence of being the Son of Man, sent by God!

This time, too, they did not regard the greatness of His Message, did not seek a single value therein, but put it aside carelessly, and with boundless hatred clung obstinately to one point only: “His assertion can be made only to gain earthly advantages for himself!” In the opinion of the earthmen, whatever He did could be done only with the intention of gaining advantages for Himself. Everything was viewed from this perspective alone!

The reason for this evil perception, however, does not lie in His deeds but again, just as it did with the Son of God in His time, in the boundless ignorance and spiritual stupidity of these earthlings who are no longer even capable of thinking in a way that is different from their own nature! Man judges and condemns according to his own nature! In their evil volition and having turned away from God, higher perceptions are no longer possible for men.

Thus He was hounded and harassed in the same way and was able only under constant aggravation to prepare the Word for the time which is now to come! For if He were to start this work only now it would be much too late for all of humanity!

It would not have been to His disadvantage if He had, tired and repulsed, abandoned all preparations; for He Himself was sent to this Earth by God the Father only at His own request!

When Christ once spoke of His coming it was in reference for His coming for the Judgment! For the Judgment, however, it was not necessary for Him to descend into this earthly body. He could have fulfilled His mission coming in the clouds, staying above this earth! This would have spared Him all earthly suffering and the hatred of man. His coming to Earth was only announced by the Light through John, after His request had been granted shortly after the murder of the Son of God.

As a consequence the Earth will not burst asunder under the curse weighing on it! This had been its actual fate! Now, however, it will only be purified but it will survive! —

Now take a look at the Christmas celebrations from this perspective and see what impression they make on you in their existing form!

How much human arrogance is evidenced in this. In every word of every song and carol. True humility is lacking. There is only self-aggrandizement in the delusion of their own worth! It is vermin trying to fly toward the Light, but it will have to be burnt by it!

Men have always celebrated Christmas only for themselves! For their worldly enjoyment, not for the joy of their spirit! It is to be different now, however. The Festival of the Star will bring to those who earnestly and with humility long for the Light, liberation from the errors of arrogant human brains; for Imanuel, the Sword of God, lays to ruin all that is false! — —

His incarnation on Earth, then, had not been planned in the beginning. Only upon His pleading was He permitted to descend to the Earth for the Judgment. With the granting of this request the fate of this Earth changed; it will be saved from complete destruction! After a terrible purification process it will be allowed to be lifted up to the region where destruction finds no access. — —

So when the Son of Man was once granted His request this news traveled jubilantly down into the spheres of Creation and many human spirits of the various planes sent fervent pleas upward to God that He may mercifully permit them to help with all their being in the fulfillment of the mission of the Son of Man here on Earth.

Many were granted their requests, and sacred vows thus bound them to the fulfillment of this task. For this purpose alone they were then incarnated on earth at the right time. But many of them lost themselves in this earth life through the pursuit of earthly happiness, worldly fame, or other such vanities.

Among them are human spirits encumbered with a heavy guilt who asked in despair and fear to be allowed to help in the work since this was their only possibility of salvation. Otherwise they would face certain doom.

However, the time is near when for all who are thus obligated, the veil is lifted from their hitherto hidden knowledge. Then some will recognize with joy and gratitude that they are permitted to fulfill what they once longed for, after having been guided lovingly and painstakingly by the Light. There will be those, however, who will recognize with horror that they missed even this last opportunity to redeem their guilt, and that their failure amassed an even more disastrous burden of guilt, which renders their salvation completely impossible. They recognize that they even slandered and sought to obstruct the way of the One whose path they once vowed to help ease. Their number is very great! Their awakening occurs only while they are being flung down into the regions of destruction so that no time remains for another request. —

From the day of the crucifixion to the day of the Judgment the cosmos stood still in its great higher development, as a waiting period during which human spirits had to witness the growing of their own seeds as they matured in the vibration of this Creation, until they reached the state of over-ripeness and the then inevitable disintegration in accordance with Creation Law, unless they are held and maintained by God’s Will.

Man’s work born of the intellect is always subject to disintegration as long as it does not bear the Will of God within it, therefore is not in accordance with it. This is the sword which hangs over all of man’s activity! Which forces him to obey the laws of God. For this reason everything now collapses within itself; and then... the Judgment of God comes! The sifting of all spirits! After having been forced to experience the collapse of all of their false works!

And in this great chaos many of you are now incarnated on Earth at your own request, so that you might help to build a strong bridge in the entire Creation, a bridge which will support this Earth.

Bear in mind then that you have a part in holding the Earth so that it will not perish! Through your purest volition, millions of people will still have the opportunity to mature for a while longer, and still to enter into the Kingdom of God, which had already been lost to them. Therefore, do not take this too lightly.

You chosen and called ones! The time for fulfilling your vow has begun. For this I call you to action!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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