Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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18. Omnipresence!

God is omnipresent! Children are taught this even at school! To those who still believe in God at all this is so familiar and so self-evident that they do not consider it necessary to ponder seriously as to whether they really know what they are saying with these words.

But if an explanation is demanded as to how they picture this, then their wisdom immediately fails them and they themselves recognize that, after all, the word “omnipresent” as such does not hold the knowledge as to its real significance.

Men indeed have the word, but not the understanding of it. And that, after all, is the main point in everything. Even knowledge is of no avail where understanding is lacking! Man knows the meaning of the term “omnipresent”. But to know the meaning is not the same as understanding or grasping its sense.

I must therefore refer you to my lecture: “Life.” God is Life! He alone! All else is but a consequence of the motion which as such only comes into being through the pressure of the radiation of Life.

The man who in a really fervent prayer seeks help for something, obtains connection through his attitude with that sphere from which help can be proffered. This I have mentioned once before in my explanations about the effect of prayer. Do not think of prayer as pleading, but as worship, worship and veneration! Every plunge into such deep meditation by the human spirit, however, is nothing but an effort to establish a connection! A seeking for connection with the Light, with Purity and with Life! The desire and longing of the human spirit expand in such cases. In its spiritual seeking it reaches out to Luminous Heights! And if it thereby seeks in true earnestness it will then find, as Christ has already promised. It finds the connection with Life! But only the connection, not Life Itself!

The process is the same when men will be calling for the Son of Man. Through strong, pure yearning they will spiritually find the way to Him. As soon as they stand on the right path they will sense Him; those who are permitted to see spiritually, will even see Him before themselves, alive, often speaking and responding to what aggrieves them.

Thus the petitioners find the connection to Him through their pure yearning. Imprint this upon your memory! He will not go to them! And thus it happens that thousands throughout the universe speak to Him at the same time, and even see Him before them, as He acts according to the Law of the Light, either in a punishing or in a helping way, and He Himself... feels nothing of it, although what these people spiritually see or hear is actually happening! He is not burdened by this.

If all creatures in the entire Creation were seeking a connection to Him at the same time and in the right manner, they will all intuitively sense Him, indeed they will receive what they are striving to ask for, each according to the degree of their earnestness and the purity of their requests; some will also see Him, not only from anywhere on the earth, but also in all parts of the universe simultaneously; yet He cannot tire, will never be weakened from this... because in Him is life that will not wither, but that renews itself and will remain forever. In a word: because “He is!”

Human spirits circle around Him, as they come into being, mature or dissolve. Each one of them can find the connection to Him at any time, if only he desires and honestly seeks it.

During the Judgment, however, by virtue of His being an earthly human, this connection will be imposed upon everyone! Through His becoming human He entered into and at the same time stands in all of the species of Creation simultaneously. And through this all things of this Creation come directly into a closer relationship with Him. There could remain no gap and no obstacle to the penetration of His radiations. He thereby also carried them into the Fine-material and Gross-material planes! So that all may judge themselves by them!

Thus through prayer or earnest seeking you find a path connecting you with God, and it is on account of this that He appears as omnipresent as you have imagined in the past. Even a blasphemer finds the connecting paths quickly; for his intuitive perception is focused on God, albeit in an evil way. There have therefore been many examples of such a man being destroyed at the very moment of his blasphemous act, or soon thereafter. He found a connecting pathway by which the living force quickly affected him. Why its effect on him had to be destructive will be obvious to everyone. This is the reason why such miracles happen in which ignorant fanatics see arbitrary punitive acts of God, while in reality they are and will always be the outcome of unbreakable laws!

That is how omnipresence has been misunderstood. Omnipresence might perhaps be even better interpreted with the words: always present! i.e., always to be found if one seeks.

It is only the outward manifestation of the happening that has misled mankind. They have approached the subject from the false assumption that God personally looks after them, pleads with them, and also surrounds them with His protection, while forgetting that they themselves must do everything in order to strive for the necessary connection, which they have always unconsciously fulfilled in accordance with the Laws of Creation in their genuine prayers! They did not like to believe that it is only the Laws of God resting in Creation that encompass them, and that these act automatically to mete out every reward and every punishment.

To be omnipresent really means nothing else than to be accessible from every part of Creation.

But even this must again only be taken in a restricted sense, for when it is said: “Before God everything dissolves!” this is literally true. There is a tremendous gulf! Not a single creature can step directly before God and thus come into His Presence, unless it is One who issued directly from God! This is possible for only two, the Son of God and the Son of Man. All else would and must be directly dissolved in His Presence. Thus it could never stand consciously before Him.

It is only possible for the human spirit to find the connecting path to God. And, following the fulfillment and the proclamation, the connecting path will for all of eternity be the Son of Man, as the promised eternal mediator. That is why the human spirit, upon earnest seeking, will always find Him! And through Him, that help will return to him to the extent that he is earnestly attuned to it!

Thus the Son of Man appears omnipresent to man, which means that he, man, will meet Him if he petitions in the right way; he will find Him! In effect it is exactly as if the Son of Man was with him; because at such moments he is connected to Him through a pathway of radiation which also shows the image of the Son of Man.

Thus everything that will now happen to you is attributable to your action; for it is only in you alone that the mysterious lever is firmly anchored that brings your fate, brings each individual experience. Where the train of your life will go depends on how you set the switches! Never forget this; because the experiences of each moment are very closely tied to this!

The Son of Man, however, is! He was placed into Creation by God as power from His power! You circle around Him and all that happens to you, be it love or rejection, you cause it for yourselves, through your attitude! He stands before you at all times if you seriously seek Him and call out to Him in pure petitioning; because in so doing you enter the connecting path to Him with your spirit, and you will see Him, or sense Him. It is in this living law that the meaning of omnipresence lies!

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