Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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20. Submissiveness

“Thy will be done!” People who believe in God utter these words submissively! But a certain sadness always vibrates in their voices or lies in their thoughts, in their intuitive perceptions. These words are used almost exclusively where inescapable sorrow has entered. Where man realizes that he could do nothing more about it.

Then, if he is a believer, he will say in passive submission: “Thy Will be done!”

It is not humility, however, that prompts him to speak thus, but the words are meant to calm him in face of something he has been powerless to deal with.

That is the origin of the submission which man expresses in such a case. If, however, he were offered the slightest opportunity to alter things in any way, he would not care about the Will of God, but his submissive attitude would again quickly be changed to the form: My will be done!

Such is man! — — —

“Do with me as Thou wilt, O Lord!” and similar hymns are often to be heard at funerals. But every mourner bears within him the unshakable wish: “If I could alter it I would do so at once!”

Human submission is never genuine. Deeply implanted in a human soul lies the opposite. Rebellion against the fate that befalls it; and it is this very protest that causes the soul’s suffering, which “oppresses” and bows it down.

What is unhealthy in this is due to the wrong application of the meaning of these words: “Thy Will be done!” They do not belong where man and churches use them.

The Will of God lies in the Laws of this Creation! Whenever man says: “Thy Will be done!” it is tantamount to affirming: “I will honor and obey Thy Laws in Creation!” To honor means to observe them, but to observe them demands to live accordingly! Only thus can man honor the Will of God!

But if he wants to observe It, if he wants to live accordingly, he must also first of all know It!

That is just the point, however, against which mankind on earth has transgressed in the worst way! Until now man has never concerned himself with the Laws of God in Creation! Thus not with the Holy Will of God! And yet he utters over and over again: “Thy Will be done!”

You see how unthinkingly earth-man approaches God! How senselessly he seeks to apply the sublime words of Christ. Plaintively, often writhing in anguish, feeling himself defeated, but never with a joyful pledge!

“Thy Will be done” actually means: “I will act according to It” or “I desire Thy Will!” One can just as well also say: “I will obey Thy Will!”

But he who obeys also acts. One who obeys is not inactive; that is implied in the very word. He who obeys also does something.

Yet as the man of today says: “Thy Will be done!” he wishes to “do nothing himself” but puts into his intuitive perception the meaning: “I remain still, You do it!”

He considers himself great in this, believing that he has conquered himself and “become merged” with the Will of God. Man even imagines himself superior to all others thereby, and believes he has made a tremendous advance.

All such people, however, are useless weaklings, idlers, enthusiasts, day-dreamer and fanatics, but not useful links in Creation! They are numbered among those who must be rejected in the Judgment; for they do not want to be laborers in the vineyard of the Lord! The humility of which they boast is nothing but indolence. They are idle servants!

The Lord demands life, which lies in movement!

Submission! This word should not exist at all for believers in God! Simply replace it with “joyful volition!” God does not want dull submission from men, but joyful activity!

Just look closely at those who are described as “resigned to God’s Will.” They are hypocrites who bear a great lie within them!

Of what use is it to cast a glance of submissive resignation upwards, if at the same time man looks around with cunning, lust, arrogance, conceit or malice! This only makes him doubly guilty.

Submissive people bear the lie within, for submission is absolutely incompatible with “spirit!” Therefore also with a human spirit! All that is “spirit” is utterly unable to bring the quality of true submission to life within itself! Wherever it is attempted it must remain artificial, thus self-delusion or even conscious hypocrisy! But it can never be genuinely felt because the human spirit, being spiritual, is incapable of it. The pressure under which the human spirit stands does not allow the quality of submission to become conscious. The pressure is too strong for this. And therefore man cannot practice it either.

Submission is a quality that lies solely in the animistic! Only in the animal does it find genuine expression. The animal is submissive to its master! But the spirit does not know this designation! Therefore it always remains unnatural for the human being.

Submission was drilled into slaves with difficulty and harshness, because they were put on a par with animals in sale and purchase, as personal property. Yet the submission could never become really genuine in these slaves. It was dullness, fidelity or love that lay hidden under the submission and gave it expression, but never true submission. Slavery is unnatural among men.

The submission of the animistic finds its enhancement in the spiritual in conscious and willed loyalty! What denotes submission in the animistic, therefore, is loyalty in the spiritual!

Submission does not befit man; because he is of the spirit! Just pay closer attention to the language itself, which indeed expresses in its words what is right, and bears the true meaning in it. It gives you the right picture.

“Surrender!” is what the victor also says to the vanquished. In this word lies the meaning: “Surrender yourself to me unconditionally so that I may deal with you as I see fit, even over life or death!”

But in this the victor acts wrongly; for even in victory man has to conform strictly to the Laws of God. Otherwise, with every neglect of them, he makes himself guilty before the Lord. The reciprocal action will then strike him without fail! This applies to the individual as well as to entire peoples!

And now the time has come when everything, everything that has hitherto taken place in the world, must be redeemed! Including all the injustices of the last World War. What has been wrong thereby, what is happening on earth today, not one word will remain un-atoned for!

The atonement is not reserved for a distant future, but is already taking place in the present time!

Thus the speedy release of all the reciprocal actions is not opposed to the Law of Creation, but lies quite correctly in the Law itself.

The action of the mechanism is at present accelerated by the power of the radiation of the incarnated law which enforces final effects by first driving everything to fruition and over-ripeness, so that the false will decay therein and in withering away judge itself, while the good will become free from the hitherto existing pressure of the wrong and can gain strength!

In the near future this radiation will be so intensified that in very many cases the reciprocal action will come at once, instantaneously!

This is the power which will soon alarm earthmen, and which they will then have to fear in the future! But only those who have done wrong need fear it, and rightly so. Whether they have thought themselves in the right, or have tried to make others believe they were, it will not save them from the blow of the reciprocal effect that operates in the Laws of God! Even though men have devised different laws on earth, under whose protection many act wrongly and unjustly in the delusion that they are thereby also in the right, it does not absolve them of one particle of their guilt.

The Laws of God, thus the Will of God, do not concern themselves with the opinions of these earthmen, which they have laid down in their mundane laws, even though the whole world has now considered them to be right. Whatever is not in harmony with the Divine Laws, there also the blow of the sword will now strike! Judging in the process of redemption!

All those who in the light of God’s Laws have suffered innocently at the hands of men may now rejoice; for henceforth they shall receive justice, while their adversaries or judges are delivered up to the Justice of God.

Rejoice; for this Divine Justice is near! It is already working in every country on earth! Look at the confusion! This is the effect of the approaching Will of God! It is the setting-in of the purification!

It has been prophesied that the foot of the God-sent Messenger would not step into the dust of that which has-been!

For this reason everything that is wrong among men is already now meeting with its doom, be it in economics, the state, politics, the churches, sects, peoples, families and also in the individual! Everything, everything is now dragged before the Light, so that it may reveal and simultaneously judge itself therein! Also what has hitherto been able to remain hidden must reveal itself as it really is, must become active, and thus finally, despairing of itself and others, disintegrate and turn to dust. There is nothing on this earth now which would be pleasing to God!

Thus even now there is a boiling up under the pressure of the Light in all countries, everywhere. Every kind of tribulation is increasing to the point of despair, until finally nothing remains but hopelessness, with the realization that the would-be saviors had only empty words besides selfish desires, but could offer no help! Warriors of the Grail are sweeping over all humanity, and striking sharply where a head refuses to bow.

Only then will there be the right soil that pleads once more for God’s help! After murder and fire, starvation, pestilence and death; after man has recognized his own incapacity.

However, in the midst of the despair helpers in the service to the Grail will begin their task! The great up-building begins.

No one else can bring help to the broken ones. Then they shall become free, free from the pressure of the Darkness! But they shall also become free within themselves! To become free within, however, can only be achieved by each individual alone. Yet for this he must know what freedom means, what it is.

Only the man who lives in the Laws of God is free! Thus and not otherwise does he stand un-oppressed and unconstrained in this Creation. Everything then serves him instead of obstructing his path. It “serves” him because he uses it in the right way.

God’s Laws in Creation are in truth simply all that every man needs for a healthy, happy life in Creation. They are, as it were, nourishment for his well-being! Only he who knows the Will of God and lives accordingly is really free! All the others must bind themselves in many threads of the Laws of this Creation, because they entangle themselves.

Creation originated only in the Will of God, in His Laws. Working together, the threads of these Laws sink deeper and deeper, everywhere enforcing movement towards development, and inevitably branching out more and more in the course of development, while in the continuous movement new creations are perpetually formed around the threads. Thus these Laws provide at the same time the support, the possibility of continued existence and the further expansion of Creation.

Nothing exists without this Will of God, Which alone gives movement. Everything in Creation conforms to It.

Only the human spirit has not adjusted itself to these threads! It has tangled them and thereby entangled itself, because it wanted to follow new roads according to its will, and disregarded those already prepared and in existence.

The earthly presence of the Will of God is now changing this. The threads of all the Divine Laws in Creation are being charged with increased energy, so that they become powerfully taut. This enormous tension causes them to spring back into their original position. What is tangled and knotted is thereby disentangled, so suddenly and irresistibly that everything that cannot still adapt itself to the right position in Creation is simply torn down in this process!

Whatever it may be, whether plant or animal, whether mountains, streams, countries, states or man himself, all will collapse that cannot prove itself at the last moment to be genuine and willed by God!

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