Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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33. Man, How Do You Stand!

This is the question that thunders towards you in the Judgment! How do you stand now, not how have you stood in the past!

Therefore be on the alert if you wish to win through! Thus have I been calling to the human spirit for a long time now. However, my warnings have died away unheard. Only a few have heard the call, have wanted to hear it! The others imagined that they had something far better in what they had hitherto accepted as satisfactory, whether in the doctrines of the churches, in what many sects have to offer, or in total disbelief in all that is not physically visible or tangible.

But those who want to listen are not nearly severe enough with themselves. They are not honest enough as regards their spirit. “Man, how do you stand!” will suddenly confront him in the working of the Living Laws of this Creation, just when he is not prepared for it. For even if he has been exerting himself for years to be in such a state that he can withstand the storms that will roar with mighty force about his head, it will avail him nothing if in the end he has weakened in his efforts for but a single hour. When his time comes he will nevertheless fall, because at the moment it happens he has not been so alert as he should have been in the Power of the Light, which was given to him for that purpose. And it will come overnight!

Much will be demanded of him to whom much is given! The utmost activity in spirit and in body is an inexorable law for any development towards ascent and service in the Light! Unless you use the Power constantly in that sense in which it was given to you, it will become fatal for you! It will crush you, precisely according to the state of your inner being!

There is no question of a middle course with the Power of the Light! Inactivity, as well as an attitude of passive waiting with good intention, will have the same result as wrong application, namely the fall!

Your volition must have become a deed when the waves already predestined from birth for each individual now reach you!

Every human being on earth has his time for purification or destruction. It comes over him according to the Law, and he alone holds his fate in his hand.

Not everywhere at the same time does it come, but it strikes each one as has been pre-ordained for him! This represents the last sifting before the Judgment!

Only he who is able to victoriously survive this automatic sifting, is thereby selected for action! For the up-building in the Millennium. And all of this he holds in his own hand!

If he did not apply the warnings I have so often given as seriously to himself as they had to be taken by each individual, then in inexorable justice he will bring on himself the adverse consequences; for it will strike him according to how he is. Exactly according to reality. Not according to how he imagines himself to be!

This will reveal whether someone fully applied the power in his striving to fulfill the calling or whether he had only toyed with it in fits of vanity, no matter how slight. It will become evident who was serious in his desire to serve, or who only wanted to be involved so as not to miss out on anything.

Woe, where conceit or false ambition have been able to gain a foothold, so that there was no longer any room for true humility! Much to the horror of him who has allowed himself to be poisoned therewith, it will manifest itself and fling him aside.

I say unto you that the weighing and measuring of everything that is stirring within you will be done minutely, including that which you imagine to be buried, unless it has really dropped away from you! —

I fear for you; for you must now struggle alone through the last phase, so that you may either pass or fall!

However, I wish to explain today that it will with certainty strike your weaknesses, great and small, so that they may be burnt out and henceforth no longer hinder a pure activity in serving joyfulness! Nothing of them will remain. You will now pass through the fire of a purifying process in which you must succeed, unless you wish to perish in it. —

But he who stands true and right in the earnestness of a volition for humble service is only strengthened in these waves, and uplifted through their tremendous buoyancy, which will bring him the last penetrating upward thrust which finally makes him ready for the fulfillment of his task in the service of the Grail! —

Every human being on the entire earth must go through this. Not one will be spared.

So that you may pass through these weeks knowingly, I also wish to explain to you the process that you have to undergo. But remember that this knowledge also increases your responsibility!

The course of every human being living on this earth today has been so adjusted from the day of his birth, that at the time which is now close at hand he will be subjected to certain rays acting as a preparation for the final Judgment, this being the last sifting which determines his fate. This will take months for everybody. It cannot be lived through merely in hours or days. Nor can anyone escape it. It cannot be halted, averted, or delayed for a single second!

In addition, there comes from above a pressure of the Light which is new, and which releases and increases the effects. So powerful that no resistance, however strong and tenacious it may be, can withstand this Light-pressure.

Thus man stands for a certain time as if under a shower-bath coming from all directions, which he is absolutely forced to endure. He cannot escape it, can move neither forward nor back, nor to one side, nor can he protect or hide himself.

All this is an unavoidable experience! The process might be compared to a pressure-test, though such a picture is not a true reflection of what happens. It is not only a matter of a very definite pressure, which every human being must be able to endure if he is not to collapse under it, but the pressure has life and also calls to life all else, rousing it to activity or compelling everything under it to stir, even what is slumbering.

Just as this happening takes place in the entire Creation during its purification, so it now simultaneously occurs within the individual human being, who cannot be exempted from it and must even be struck in the most severe manner. What has been awakened or animated in this way will be further strengthened, whether it be good or evil. It will thrive through this invigoration!

Being of a different nature the evil opposes the Light-pressure, and as the evil grows it also increases its opposition, which however is bound to cause pain solely to the evil, because the powerful Light-pressure will not retreat by so much as a hair’s breadth. Thus the evil is literally compelled to beat its head against a wall and collapse and destroy itself.

Of course I am only giving you an illustration. But it actually happens, for the evil is compelled to destroy itself in every part and through its own activity, which is so greatly intensified by the pressure of the Light. All errors and wrong concepts are likewise abandoned to self-destruction, because they can have no furthering link with the Light.

Now imagine a person who carries within himself many weaknesses and faults, and who is unwilling to cast them off with all his strength. The inevitable consequence will be that his physical body is also unable to endure the tremendous impact, and will likewise perish, that is, it must also collapse, whereas with less obstinate faults the physical body will be affected only to a minor degree.

The body will naturally always be affected where weak places offer points of attack or where there is latent illness. It is quite possible that with many men the brain cells will present points of attack, which will then produce disturbance in the thought processes, something which is erroneously called spiritual confusion. It is really only the intellect which is subjected to the confusion, never the spirit! Only the activity of the earthly brain suffers derangement, because there is no such thing as spiritual confusion.

With the laying aside of the body through physical death, the abnormal disturbance of such a patient is immediately removed.

It is just in the disturbances of the activity of the brain that the sin of many schools, which have over-burdened the frontal brain of the young with things for which they have not the slightest practical use in their earthly lives, will reveal itself. Here, vanity has become disastrous and criminal, for neither strength nor time have been left for what would have been more necessary and indeed is absolutely essential for every human being: To recognize the Will of God in Creation!

The attack on the body lies in the reaction of the rebelling wrong, and in the struggles which are bound to ensue from its powerful and sudden strengthening through the Light-pressure. The Light Itself attacks nothing, but simply is and stands! But the light-wall moves ever closer like an indomitable vanguard, continually restricting the space in which all that is wrong must live itself out to the end until it becomes completely crushed.

So is it with those human beings who do not stand aright towards the Light and therefore do not swing in the Laws either. However, he who stands aright in Creation is bound to be raised on high by these rays to the very boundary where he is not in danger of being drawn along into the coming disintegration. They will burn out everything within him that is not in complete harmony with the Laws of this Creation. But only if man provides the possibility for it by an inflexible and ruthless self-conquest through the recognition of his faults and wrong characteristics. To be able to do this is made much easier for him, as through these radiations all the strengthened wrong within him becomes visible. Such faults, however, will not be revealed in simple illustrations, as man, because of his spiritually indolent ways, may once more erroneously expect, but instead he must exert himself, otherwise reward and help cannot come to him. He himself can perceive it if with an honest volition he opens his eyes to it! Then he will readily see in which way he disturbs his fellow-men and so injures himself. With a little effort he can soon recognize it in the attitude of his fellow-men towards him; for if he really wishes to ascend, then in all things, in small as well as in great conflicts and disagreements, in every disturbance of harmony, he will no longer seek for and imagine he finds faults in others, but only in himself! In this way, only through experiencing, will he still recognize in time everything he lacks. Thus only through experiencing! There is no other way for him to come to recognition.

If he looks around him in that way, he has already taken the most difficult step in the struggle leading him to victory! The main thing for him lies in this first step! If he disregards it he will never win through but must fall, however good his volition. If he neglects this step he also lacks the right volition, having either through self-complacency or love of comfort deluded and deceived himself, and the fruits of such presumption will fall back upon him.

It is quite different with those who really bear within them the honest volition that always brings forth the deed, and does not remain only a volition.

Through the pressure of the Light they receive an undreamed-of and powerful strengthening of their good and pure striving, which raises them on high, above the boundary that is ordained for the Judgment, which will grant them security when the storm begins, which will tear away all the others into the region of disintegration that is equivalent to eternal damnation.

Awake, you human spirits! You have not even a day to waste!

The Son of God has already sent out a warning call to you once: Forgive thy neighbor! Do you know what this implies? You think far too superficially about everything, you do not want to delve for yourself in the Word, which holds such inexpressible treasures.

Forgiveness towards your fellow-man begins and ends with disregarding his faults! Not seeking faults in him! In other words only attending to yourselves in this respect! first seeking and laying aside your faults before attempting to draw your neighbor’s attention to his.

Jesus knew full well that you need the whole of your life on earth, if you wish to examine yourselves sufficiently to enable you to advance and to mature as you should.

Look closely at yourselves first, only then will you understand your neighbor! And in understanding lies forgiveness.

But how many human beings are there on earth who do so! Not one has absorbed the Word of the Son of God in this way. Not this one Word, much less His whole teaching. Your greatest fault lies in disregarding just this demand! It is in this that you sin most of all... and thus neglect the most, indeed you thereby gamble away your entire existence! And yet in spite of this you hope to pass!

“Man, how do you stand!” This is not a question but a demand! It will shatter you unless you speedily come to your senses! I warn you! Many a person already stands on the brink of the abyss, and will fall unless at the last moment he wrenches himself away from it with all his strength! No longer seek the faults in others but only in yourselves!

Do not throw away the last staff that I can hold out to you at the moment of utmost danger!

So often you have not heeded it at all, although the Son of God offered it to you in every sentence He uttered. Thus also when He said to you: “Love they neighbor as thyself!”

Here, too, the meaning is the same. Ever again He gave you the same advice, through which you could advance vigorously if only you really wished to do so! For this, however, you yourselves also had to think and act, but that was asking too much of you! Bitterly, bitterly, will this be brought home to you!

Therefore be alert at last, and stop dreaming of the past and of the future, but experience the actual moment, the present! This alone can benefit you!

“Man, how do you stand!” That is what the Law of Creation demands in the Judgment! —

For this reason I wish to give one more warning before this portentous demand must wake you out of your false delusion!

Do not concern yourself about what you have been on earth in former times! Such knowledge can avail you nothing during the Judgment, for it is of no account! Only later, when you are more mature, can it convey certain things to you! Then, if you think about it in the right way, you will be able to draw lessons from it, which will be of great benefit to you for the present time.

It is only curiosity or even vanity that urges some of you to ask about it so insistently. But you do not draw from this knowledge what even today you could and should draw: namely contentment and gratitude for your present life, for up to now you have been permitted fully to experience everything on earth! There is not one among you who has not been rich in the earthly sense, or in a ruling position of one kind or another. There is not one who has not already savored all the pleasures of this earth. Therefore you have no right and no reason to envy either those who are in authority today, or those who are rich and who perhaps had to endure hunger and want under you in your prosperous times!

You should learn from this that just at this time you are in such a position as you still need in order thoroughly to experience, so as thereby to mature or to atone for your former mistakes. Both can arouse nothing but gratitude for the Grace that grants you this through the working of the irrevocable Laws, which in their inviolable perfection are incapable of injustice or error, and which down to the most minute detail always return to man as a fruit that which he himself, through the decisions of his free volition, has given into this Creation as a seed!

The suffering that befalls him is his own deed, as is likewise the joy which the Law bestows upon him! And when he is allowed to suffer or obliged to go in want, then he knows quite well that this is leading to his freedom from the consequences of a deed which he himself committed, and is thereby helping in his ascent, which alone can bring him to the Luminous Realms of pure joy. If he lives in riches or even as a ruler, then what he has hitherto experienced must be an admonition to him to administer all this aright in the sense of the Divine Laws, so that it may bring blessing to his fellow-men, and not lead him once more downwards, binding him to a future life of suffering on this earth, but must uplift him through the gratitude of those who have been able to find happiness and peace through his activities.

This knowledge is henceforth to serve you for this alone. But today you merely toy in vain self-complacency with the thought of what you once were, perhaps even boasting about it, as if it could possibly benefit you for your present life.

I say to you that unless you are able to gain from this for your present life in the sense I have indicated, it is worthless and can only harm you. What does it matter to the Law in this Creation whether you were once an emperor or a king here on earth, an apostle or a pope: “Man, how do you stand!” that is what everyone will have to answer through his experiencing! And your answer lies in this present life, in your innermost state alone!

And this solemn moment stands before you! Be alert!

It can come at any hour!

Not to all at the same time, but only to each in turn, will it come! For each individual in a new way. The way depends on his weaknesses.

If he then implores for strength in the right sense it will be given to him. The strength will also help him through, provided he acknowledges and earnestly seeks to overcome those faults which he carries within himself!

Therefore let no one trouble about the other, for there is none so pure that he himself does not have to struggle!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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