Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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34. It is fulfilled!

It is fulfilled! These momentous words of the Son of God were taken and interpreted by mankind as the end of the work of redemption, as the crowning act of a propitiatory sacrifice which God offered to earthmen for all their guilt.

Trembling with gratitude, faithful Christians are therefore stirred by the sound of these words and, with a deep sigh of relief, feel themselves comfortably protected through them.

However, this feeling has no genuine foundation, but only originates from an empty imagination. In every human soul there always lies more or less hidden this anxious question: How was such a great sacrifice on the part of God possible! Is humanity so precious to Him!

And this anxious question is justified, for it comes from the intuitive perception and is intended as a warning!

The spirit rebels and wishes to speak through the intuitive perception. Therefore this warning can never be silenced with empty words which hint that God Himself is Love and that Divine Love remains incomprehensible to mankind.

One seeks to use such words to fill the gaps that arise wherever true knowledge is lacking and where it is necessary to suppress knowledge, or even thinking, in order to prevent the faltering and collapse of the arduous yet very faulty structure of former and present interpretations of the Word of God.

But the time is now past for empty phrases. The spirit must now awaken! It must, for it has no other choice if it does not want to be annihilated. The Light commands it, God wills it!

He who is satisfied with shallow excuses in matters concerning men’s salvation proves himself spiritually indolent in the most important questions of this Creation, and thus indifferent and lazy about the Laws of God which rest in this Creation. Therefore he will be cast away like a rotten fruit in the Judgment!

It is fulfilled! That was the last sigh of Jesus as He ended His earth-life and thereby His sufferings through mankind!

Not for mankind, as they in their irresponsible conceit try to deceive themselves, but through mankind! It was the cry of relief that now the suffering was coming to an end, and thus the special confirmation of the hardships He had already suffered.

In uttering it He did not wish to make an accusation for, being the personification of Love, He would never do so, yet the Laws of God work everywhere, and thus also here, unswervingly and inevitably. And just here with double severity, for this great suffering without hatred falls back tenfold upon the originators of the suffering in accordance with the law!

Man must not forget that God is also Justice Himself in Inviolable Perfection! He who doubts this commits an outrage against God, and mocks at Perfection!

God is the Living and Inflexible Law from Eternity to Eternity!

How then can any person dare to doubt this by supposing that God is able to accept an atonement through someone who did not himself also place the guilt in Creation, who is not himself the author of it!

Such a thing is not even possible on earth, and how much less then in the Divine Realm! Who among you, you men, would believe it likely that an earthly judge would be capable quite deliberately of allowing a person utterly innocent of the crime to be executed in place of a murderer, and that instead he would then allow the actual murderer to go free without punishment! Not one of you would consider such an absurdity to be right! However, you allow men to tell you such things about God without even inwardly resisting it!

You even accept it thankfully and always endeavor to suppress as wrong the voice stirring within you which tries to induce you to reflect upon it!

I say unto you, the effect of the Living Law of God pays no heed to the wrong opinions which you seek to cultivate in these matters against your personal conviction, but it now falls upon you severely, simultaneously bringing about the reactions to the culpable neglect of such wrong thinking! Wake up, so that it is not too late for you! Tear yourselves loose from opinions which lull you to sleep, and which can never be brought into harmony with Divine Justice, otherwise it may well happen that such indolent drowsiness turns into a death-like sleep for you, with spiritual death as the inevitable consequence!

Hitherto you believed that the Divine should allow Itself to be scorned and persecuted without exacting punishment, while you earthmen wish to claim true justice for yourselves! To your mind the Greatness of God shall consist in His being allowed to suffer for you, and in offering you good for the evil which you do unto Him! That is what you call Divine, because only a god in accordance with your conceptions can accomplish this.

In so doing you are declaring that man is much more just than God! You only wish to recognize in God all that is improbable, but even then only when it serves you for the best! Never otherwise! For when it threatens to turn against you, you immediately cry out for the just God!

You must yourselves recognize the childishness of such one-sided opinions! You would surely blush if just for once you attempted to think about it in the right way!

According to your way of thinking God in His indulgence would cultivate and strengthen that which is mean and ignoble! You fools, accept the truth:

God manifests towards all creatures in this Creation, thus also towards you, only through His adamantine Laws, which are firmly anchored therein from the beginning! They are inflexible and inviolable, and their activity takes effect at all times with infallible certainty. This activity proceeds irresistibly, crushing all that tries to stand in its way instead of adapting itself in full knowledge to their swinging.

Knowledge, however, is humbleness! For he who has true knowledge can never be other than humble. They are as if inseparable. True knowledge simultaneously brings humility into being as a matter of course. Where there is no humility there is also never true knowledge! Humility, however, is freedom! Genuine freedom for each human spirit lies solely in humility!

Take this also for your guidance for the difficult time! And never again forget that the Love of God is inseparable from the Justice!

As God is Love, so also is He Living Justice! Indeed He is the Law! Absorb this fact at last and use it as a basis for your thinking for all time! You will then never miss the right path to the conviction of the Greatness of God, and you will recognize it in your surroundings as well as through the observation of every-day life. Therefore be spiritually alert!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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