Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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35. Let Easter arise within you, man!

A call surges through the Universe! The great awakening begins, and is followed by the thundering chimes of this cosmic clock, announcing to you the hour of twelve, and therewith the termination of the present era and everything that has happened in it. —

The Day of Reckoning! The concept, which has taken on form, rushes along in the wake of this first clarion call on paths of the now greatly intensified reciprocal actions, confronting every creature with undreamed-of swiftness, coldly impartial, relentless; for behind and within it, is the Living Law, offering those fruits whose seed came into being in the life of every individual.

Thus, each human being is already embraced by tentacles as yet invisible to him, so that he can move neither forward nor backward, and must accept helplessly what his volition and actions have produced for him in the great hothouse of Creation!

Take the reward, oh man, that you deserve!

There are only a few good fruits ripening for you; because you have neglected and violated the sanctuary given to you by the inconceivable Grace of God, as a strong staff on your wanderings, which He once granted in fulfillment of your fervent prayers! This was the knowledge that lies in the perceiving of His Supreme Will, which alone grants continuance to Creation, because Creation, like you, arose from it!

This Will is for your welfare, for your joy, your happiness; for nothing else lies in the Will of Him Who has lovingly granted you the consciousness of existence. It was only necessary for you to keep to the paths which the Law of the Will in Creation had already smoothed as a gift for you; to be led by them to all the blessings that are inherent in the consciousness of being!

But by your frivolous behavior, you have breached the protecting walls that came into existence along with you through the Law; you have destroyed them with your stubbornness and conceit, and have even wantonly placed your petty volition above the Law that lies in the Will of God. Therefore, instead of now protecting and uplifting you, it must destroy everything within you that has forsaken the path willed by God!

There are only a few among mankind who have not abandoned these paths!

Yet, among all those who have gone astray, many are simply the victims of those who have broken through the protective walls. In their human trustfulness, they allowed themselves to be diverted from the way that leads to the Luminous Heights, and now they no longer know how to return, but are lost in the tangled undergrowth of human opinions, going back and forth in their search without ever finding the right path out.

Therefore, you must now go forth, you to whom I have already given the way in the Word! Go forth, explain and interpret my Word to all who are earnestly seeking in the Light of Truth whose rays of will accompany you in this; for the time for this has come!

The dawn begins to glow for the promised Realm of a Thousand Years! It shall now shine for all peoples, through those richly endowed ones who bear the Cross of Truth as the sign of their conviction!

The time is not far off when men will anxiously ask about the Cross, in the hope that through you they may now find that which carries true help within and pulls them out of their crushing despair, raising them from the ruins of the proud hopes that they placed in earthmen and in their abilities!

When all the props among the peoples now suddenly collapse, when belief in the power of money disappears, and likewise faith in the knowledge of the intellect, and above all, when the last shadowy semblance of human dignity fades away, then... then your time will have come, you bearers of the Holy Cross! Then, you will and must proclaim the Truth which you have received; for men will expect It from you, will ask for It, indeed will demand It, if you should hesitate!

Therefore, be now prepared! The time will bring mankind near to you! It will come about for you as though of itself, through high spiritual guidance. If you do not shun the stream, you will fulfill your duty! It will come towards you. Be courageous, proud and free! You are not to court the favor of men with begging, but only to grant where it is asked of you!

Victory will be yours at every step; for with you is the help, the power of which is the highest, and nothing on earth can compare to it!

You are the victors; for God wills it so! —

It shall now become Easter for the human spirits here on earth! Therefore you must be at your post!

Soon people will approach you. They all want to see faultless earthmen in you! They wish it, friends as well as foes! The keenest opponents of the Holy Word will nevertheless expect much from you, more than has ever been expected of men before. This is a living Law!

I wish to give you rules for this, which you must follow if your life is now to become a blessing, as it is ordained in the Will of God. Keep these rules; for they are commandments for you! Strict obedience will bring you joy and victory, and it will be for the salvation of men! Later they will look to you with gratitude. You shall become living examples for the ascent out of this confusion!

For this, I first give you the command to re-awaken within yourselves the sense of beauty, which is inherent in you from the beginning, and which you have wantonly buried! It will be an invaluable aid to you in your spiritual liberation, and for your ascent itself! Do not regard this lightly! There is more value in it than you imagine! Obey it, and you will soon realize, through your experiencing, how it advances each one in the stages of his life! Until then try to be obedient to me so that you will partake in the benefit which you so urgently need!

Otherwise you cannot become victors, nor examples for this earth in your entire way of being. In the first place you must live in an absolutely exemplary manner in the earthly sense, if you wish to fulfill the task which you have received, and which you have undertaken with a free volition, when you asked for the Cross!

To lead an exemplary life on earth however, means to be natural! In the way Creation shows to you, so that you fit into it and do not merely sojourn there as caricatures, the way you are today. To guide you in leading a God-willed life here on earth, you have been endowed with the sense of beauty, which comes from the purest intuition. This intuition holds within it the memory of the Luminous Heights, where beauty is the natural thing! For Light and beauty simply cannot be separated. They are one! If you now wish to carry Light onto this earth, then you must also bring beauty. Beauty in all that you do!

But what you have hitherto considered beautiful, have been for the most part, the products of the intellect, cunningly thought out and formed by men, who relied only upon your weaknesses, and wished to stimulate them in order to gain earthly advantages for themselves. Either money or sympathy, for themselves. Everything was based on calculation. There was no trace of pure beauty! Only stimulation of the senses in some way or other.

Every stimulation is an inducement willed by the intellect, which can never be uplifting! It is an enticement for some purpose. Be it only for the purchase of some material or clothing.

You have already become accustomed to adapting yourselves to foreign ideas in these matters; you accept them and thus become the victims of foreign calculations which confuse and degrade you more and more; for through this, you have voluntarily surrendered a part of your freedom, and, with the freedom, your own right to the sense of beauty. You imagine that you still possess the freedom to decide when selecting a purchase. But in this you are restricted to a certain number of varieties which others have created as “fashion,” again only for a limited time!

Thus you have renounced rights, which should have afforded you great support, and have left behind on your journeying that staff which was to have been a strong mainstay for you and a protection against all that was false, whereby you would immediately have had to recognize the caricatures that are so enticingly set before you, but which have nothing to do with true beauty.

And one step leads to another. The second one soon diverted you from naturalness in your movements! They became awkward and artificial, thereby losing more and more of their beauty and strength.

Indeed you try to adapt yourselves to your clothes, instead of fashioning the clothes to yourselves. Look at your posture! Consider your walk, the movements of your hands! Even here the intellect dominates; for everything is artificial, one-sided. It is quite evident that the attention is always purposely directed to one point! This immediately reveals the activity and domination of the intellect!

It is always able to focus attention only on one part of the body. Therefore, in any activity of the earthly intellect, there is always one point which achieves special prominence, depending on the part on which the intellect concentrates at the time. So also with the movements of the body. But what is one-sided disturbs the harmony of the whole! And thus the beauty!

Just let your intuition come once more to full value, and you will perceive how the body then forms a complete whole in its movements. Everything then helps simultaneously to perform this or that action, which naturally brings about harmony of movement. As in a graceful play, the entire body then carries out everything willed by the intuition. It is much freer, more natural and less constrained. Always remember: the intellect always forces towards one definite part only, which immediately destroys the sense of proportion and harmony. It is a restraint which man places upon himself, but no proud and free action.

Therefore, first of all, let the intuition for the beauty of naturalness re-awaken within you! This is the law for you from now on! for it is a great help in keeping to a straight path in Creation; a help which will never fail you, nor lead you into any doubt. But how greatly have you already sinned in this! Men behaved like fools in the eyes of anyone who has still preserved the healthy sense of beauty for himself, or who has regained it!

A few years hence, you will still shudder at the thought of how it was today and in past centuries.

How pitiful you appear when seen from the Light, with which you should have remained closely linked! You have no idea how much your failure, particularly in this matter has degraded you before all creatures. And among the creatures, man was the only one to trample underfoot the great support, and so make himself ridiculous. Just he who with his talents should and could have become a crown of Subsequent Creation!

It is now time to lay aside these faults!

Stand like a rock in the surging sea! You have nothing to fear if you follow the Law of Beauty! And everyone can easily observe it, if only he takes the trouble to listen to himself.

For this reason, you shall always be dressed accordingly. Do not let yourselves be guided by fashion which seeks to put a quite definite stamp of uniformity upon all human beings, especially on women, who are more sensitive to it! With regard to both to color and to style!

That is certainly false! Where then does the vitality remain which should exist in Creation! Let your personal taste make itself felt at last! Force it through, each one for himself! Soon you will thereby have shattered all that is stereotyped around you, because your re-emerging individuality carries with it the Power and the Law of Creation!

Men should not appear outwardly as mere empty forms either; they should not be so uniformly dressed, but should give expression and life to their own individuality, corresponding entirely to their own nature! Also to their figure and general appearance! It is just therein that imitation must end. It brings standstill, retrogression and finally the paralyzing indolence of your spirit! No wonder then, that much truly artistic talent was bound to be stifled therein. —

Your forms are at one with your inner being; for the outer forms shaped themselves according to your inner being; they must be the expression of your inner being! For this reason let your personal taste alone now be the deciding factor for yourselves at all times, and not fashion! Then your appearance, in color and style of dress, will also adapt itself to the nature of your spirit, whereby you will at last, have the effect of a complete being, and bring animation to your environment, each for himself.

Moreover, it is necessary for everyone to develop further in the mode of expressing the language, and even in speaking as such.

There is no excuse for a human being, who, as the highest creature in this Subsequent Creation, is also its crown, if he lets himself go, is careless in one way or another, and does not use his whole strength to unfold, to the highest beauty, all that was once given to him in trust!

The poorest of the poor has the duty and also the possibility to control himself in his behavior, his manner of expression and his speech! It requires only a serious volition and a little effort, nothing more!

It is contempt for the gifts of God, when a man behaves in an uncouth and ill-bred manner, thereby offending against every sense of beauty. In future, such a man shall also be despised through the reciprocal effect and cast out from human society, because he does not show himself as a human being, as the crown of this Creation.

To develop beauty in all things, even in the smallest detail, is to honor God, and a prayer of thanksgiving through the deed!

Obey this commandment. You will see that everything will change for the best in the lives of individuals, in family and nation!

Much more lies in this than you may think today, and it guarantees peace, harmony and happiness!

You are to ennoble yourselves, not merely to change by imitating others. What lies within you should come to the most beautiful blossom! Otherwise you will not remain yourselves. Within every man lies another great treasure which should now also find expression outwardly in color and in form, as with the flowers.

Whoever submits to fashion plainly indicates his spiritual indolence in accepting an alien volition, merely to avoid having to listen to his inner voice, and to take from it what is appropriate for him.

And behind all that is classed with fashions and similar customs, there lurks nothing other than the greed for wealth of those who exploit the vanity and spiritual indolence of their fellow-men, in order further to increase their acquisition of earthly goods.

Take the trouble to think seriously about this! Everyone shall become an artist in his own taste, which is only for him personally! Not for others. In this way you will begin to re-awaken the true sense of beauty, so that it may rise anew and become a strong support in your wanderings through the realms of this Creation. You will need this help on each plane, in order to adapt yourselves to it and develop thereby. Not one plane is like another. Yet each is beautiful in its own way! —

As with the planes of Creation as a whole, so shall it also be with each individual human being! Not one is quite like another! Why then should you wish to conceal this outwardly, through imitation? Just for once, become what you really are, but completely so! Always seek to ennoble all that already exists. Only the sense of beauty can be the support for you in this! It is of much greater value than you think! It makes you independent and free! Like-minded persons will then automatically be drawn to each other. For this too the sense of beauty indicates and eases the path, if you follow its call! Again, in this respect, the woman should also take the lead! —

In addition, I want to give you a second piece of advice for the future: whenever you are asked about the merits and demerits of different movements or societies, never enter into it, even if you recognize shortcomings! You yourselves have the Living Word! Comparisons between It and any other movements are not to be made, because there simply cannot be any comparison. The Word of the Message is! Whoever is unable to absorb It as It emanates from me, should leave It alone; because It is not for such a person! It is not you who should ask mankind to listen to It, but mankind themselves must in all sincerity ask that they may be allowed to receive It. So it is willed by the Law!

Be stern and severe! To be unnecessarily accommodating is to degrade the Word! Be proud and true in everything you say. There is no need for you to attack other movements and their leaders! Whoever does so, seeks to exalt himself through besmirching others; seeks thereby to draw attention to himself, because he has nothing else to give! He however, who has the Truth, goes calmly on his way! He leaves the others completely unmolested.

Agitators have always gained adherents more easily and quickly. However, these are not genuine; they are not pure enough for Luminous Truth. They are of the same kind as find pleasure in agitation! It is not a stock which is founded on conviction. He who talks much about others has little to say himself! Remember this and act strictly in accordance with it.

Go forth and live as witnesses for the Word! Mankind wants to measure the value of the Word by you! Remember this in everything you say and do! Woe to you, if these earthmen must become confused through you, because you show yourselves to be different from what is contained in the Word of Truth!

Then mankind itself will judge you! By mankind’s conduct you will recognize yourselves!

Mankind wishes to see examples in you! You are keenly watched! Remember these, my words! Even those who are unable to recognize the Message, even its foes will observe you in order to discover faults in you! And woe unto you, if they still find faults! What all mankind would understand and readily forgive in any one else, they will forgive you nothing, if they find even one fault!

In their expectations, men will unconsciously make quite undreamed-of demands upon Cross-bearers! They will castigate you with a relentlessness hitherto unknown, if you cannot fully live up to these expectations!

This will surprise you. However, therein lies the effect of a law which you cannot escape.

Such striking behavior however should make you recognize that even the enemies and the scoffers, without realizing it, have a boundless respect for the Cross and its bearer! Without intending it, they must and will acknowledge it in such a way. That is only natural for everything that is luminous.

You yourselves will yet mature through it in those respects where it is necessary. Men will force you to do so! Quite unconsciously, they expect something special from you! Wherever that is expected, one looks also for a definite value; for without the recognition of some value, nothing is ever expected! What man does not take seriously he will neither attack nor heed.

The whole of mankind, however, senses the high value of the knowledge which you are permitted to bear within yourselves! And that is what will make them observe you keenly, friends as well as foes! Not one will leave you unnoticed, when the time has come. And it is beginning now, in its automatic working, it has already set in. — —

Through your being, you must now acknowledge before men, how you stand towards the Light, whether genuine or false. And men will feel urged to draw near to you, so that you must prove yourselves. Thus it is willed by the Light! You must do so and cannot hide from it.

Now show it with joyful courage, and victory will blossom for you on all paths! That is the battle you must win, which however will only steel and strengthen you, instead of exhausting you. Which will bring you joy, instead of pain.

You need do nothing more, than simply to be. To be examples in working and in living for the Light! Let Easter now arise for mankind, here on earth! Let the glowing dawn at last be recognized, through you!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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