Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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36. At the boundary of gross matter

Millions of earthmen call themselves seekers, but they are not so! There is a great difference between humble seeking and self-complacent and vainglorious investigating! Such earthmen are not seekers, but merely surface-scraping researchers; because, today, no one has sufficient humility for earnest seeking.

But in spite of this they call themselves seekers after the truth, and even imagine that they have already become knowing as a result of their investigations. In the best of cases, when they want to show humility to their fellow-men they claim to have partial knowledge at least; toward their fellow seekers, however, they definitely claim superior knowledge.

Such conceit could easily be classed as ridiculously grotesque but for the fact that it so often contains dangers, was indeed always dangerous. They are dangerous to their environment in an earthly sense; spiritually they are dangerous to these conceited ones themselves. Yet it cannot be otherwise as long as the intellect is held in the highest regard. For investigating and prospecting is the work of the intellect only. But what can this intellect, which comes from the gross material brains and which is therefore also subject to the gross material Primordial Laws of Creation, investigate of the spiritual, to the nature of which it is in no wise related. Everything immediately collapses on account of this one quite natural fact!

For this reason, all earthly humans who call themselves seekers for the Truth or for God show a total lack of capacity for any kind of spiritual seeking even in the very nature of all their activity. Indeed, the use of the term “seeking” is evidence of self-deception. Always, true seeking can only remain a finding; put more correctly, it can only be a matter of receiving. Receiving from the Wisdom of God which He laid into Creation. It remains a matter of “finding” the law which formed Creation and which keeps it in motion, thereby assuring its continued existence, supporting it and moving it toward perpetual development.

However, such a “finding of the law” cannot be achieved by man’s way of searching! He will quickly become stuck; for the beginning of the fine-material plane will stop him in every case. In his desire to investigate man is unable to continue even beyond the furthest point of fine gross matter.

For the human intellect ethereal matter is and will remain an alien species with which it can make no connection. But without such connection there can never be any understanding, not even seeing or hearing, much less any investigating, scrutinizing or classifying into gross material conceptions, which the intellect cannot do without, proving that it is subject to gross material laws to which it remains firmly linked. Thus every “seeker” or “spiritual investigator” has hitherto always remained closely tied to the World of Gross Matter, and he could never get beyond its finest boundaries, not even through really high accomplishments. The Primordial Law of Creation holds him adamantly back. There is no possibility whatever for him to go any further.

That is why many so-called boards of examiners who condescended or felt themselves called to “investigate” the authenticity of mediumistic qualities and their results, in order to pronounce an opinion with which mankind is supposed to conform, were often bound to fail miserably.

The miserable failure was always on the side of these examiners, even if they wish to make it appear the other way round, and probably also believe in their judgment. The inference to be drawn from the immutable Laws of Creation, however, proves it to be otherwise and speaks against them. And every other form of argument opposes the irrevocable nature of the Divine Laws, and is thus the wrong and erroneous work of men, the motive of which is base vanity and self-complacency of the narrowest kind.

For the same reason the earthly law courts are also hostile towards all ethereal happenings, because they are simply incapable of delving into things which are so utterly remote from their understanding.

That, however, is their own fault, a consequence of the limited conditions which they created for themselves through the indolence of their spirit, which they permit to sleep on quietly, while they mistake the earthly intellect originating in the World of Gross Matter for the spirit and value it accordingly. It is by no means always the fault of those who are summonsed to appear before them. But despite this the courts have never shrunk from judging about things which they do not understand in a manner contrary to the Laws of God. What is more, on account of their lack of understanding they very often tried to impute the intention of willful deception and even of fraud to these actual ethereal happenings and to the spiritual ones as well! It is the same procedure as was once applied by the churches and worldly judges in the trials for witchcraft, nothing less! It is just as repugnant and narrow, and as much a violation now as it was then of all the Primordial Laws of Creation.

Such exceptions as where actual impostors wish to benefit personally from something are to be found in all fields of activity of these earthmen, but that provides no justification for always treating the entire field with distrust from the very outset. Such things occur in every trade, in every kind of scientific pursuit, and in every branch of the various professions. But ultimately these deceivers can always be recognized without any difficulty, for an evil volition cannot be permanently hidden.

Therefore this singular enmity on the part of the earthly courts, as well as by all intellectuals, must appear all the more striking to the calm observer!

On closer consideration it can easily be found that the motive behind this complete antagonism and the desire to suppress originates in nothing but the pressure of utter helplessness in these matters.

Today, indeed, no man has any idea of the greatness, the purity, and yet the overwhelming simplicity and really quite easily understandable nature of the basic Laws in Creation, to which churches and mundane laws must adapt themselves if they wish to be right and just, and consequently pleasing to God! They can and may not do otherwise without causing harm both to themselves and to their fellow-men.

There is in fact for all creatures nothing other than these irrevocable Laws of God in Creation, from which they issued and to which they must also adapt themselves if they do not wish to be detrimental to Creation. Being a creature, man must also at last condescend to adjust himself accordingly, if he does not wish to perish through his carelessness, his presumption and, closely connected with these, his intellectual sophistry. For the intellect plays but a small part in the greatness of Creation and serves purely to make movement possible in the coarsest material. What is beyond its boundaries the intellect can never grasp, and it is thus unable to work therein, much less pass judgment upon it.

The entire knowledge which mankind on earth possess today, the knowledge of which they are so proud, moves only within the Realm of the Gross Material and goes no further! This proves how narrow and limited such knowledge is; for gross matter is the lowest of all the rings in Creation, the densest and the heaviest, and consequently also the most narrow and limited in its conceptions in this Subsequent Creation!

Your thoughts, too, are only of gross material nature, being the products of your brain! They belong to fine gross matter, which consequently also embraces all the thought-forms that can so often be seen by mediums. They imagine, however, that these lie in the Ethereal Realm or even in the Spiritual Realm. In one of my earlier lectures I have already mentioned thought-forms, and I also spoke about the centers formed by these, but not about the regions or the kinds to which they belong. Thoughts as well as thought-forms are still of a gross material nature even though they are part of fine gross matter. They are not ethereal. That which is ethereal has nothing to do with fine gross matter.

It is of an entirely different species, and the two cannot blend but must always stand side by side, because a different species is also subject to different law forms. It is true that the Laws of God are uniform in each species of Creation; they penetrate the entire Creation; but despite their individual uniformity the laws manifest in each species of Creation in a different form corresponding to that particular species. Therefore a person will never be able to examine or judge things of ethereal substance by means of his gross material implements, to which the brain with its intellect belongs; and just as little can he do so with things taking place in the Spiritual Realm as long as he lacks the connection thereto, which can only be attained through radiations.

The path of radiation out of gross material substance, however, is still closed to all those who have unconditionally submitted to the domination of the intellect, which is firmly bound to the World of Gross Matter and its conceptions. It is utterly impossible for these downright slaves of the intellect to send out radiations to other regions, because they themselves closed the borders and allowed everything that is necessary for sending out to perish within themselves.

Men are now only creeping along the ground, for their power to swing upward to the Heights fell away from them long ago, when they ceased to apply it or make use of it after giving their intellect the highest place, which bound them to the earth. You thus had to become subject to the Law of Adaptation, which works automatically in the World of Matter. It is the same with you as with the animals whose wings, when never used, first gradually deteriorate and then cease to develop altogether; or with fish which, in the course of time, lose the air-bladder they use to raise and support them in the water, if they continually stay only at the bottom because of currents which are too strong for them.

Naturally this does not take effect quickly from one day to another, but only in the course of centuries and even thousands of years. But it does come about. And it has already taken effect with the human spirit!

Everything you do not use zealously in the right way must gradually become stunted and lost to you! Automatic adjustment is nothing but the consequence of the Law of Movement in Creation. This is only one of its many-sided effects. That which does not move in the right manner, and naturally also that which is not always kept in the necessary movement, must degenerate and be finally discarded altogether, also from every gross material form; for each form is shaped only in accordance with the kind of movement.

Do not protest that this is contradicted by knowledge of the sentence that the spirit forms the body! That only confirms it, and shows the immutability of this law; for every spiritual volition is movement, which in its continuing activity produces further movements.

Go out and seek in Nature. Observe Creation itself. You will find fish which cannot swim, because they had difficulty in holding themselves in turbulent waters and thus preferred to remain on the bottom. Their air-bladder degenerated and in the course of time they lost it entirely. There are also birds which cannot fly. Think of the penguins and ostriches and many others. Only that part and that ability is developed and maintained which is used, thus participating in the Law of necessary Movement.

You, however, have spent thousands of years for the purpose of clinging almost convulsively to the lowest and most narrowly limited Realm of Gross Matter, because it meant everything to you; you dug yourselves into it and now you are no longer able to look upwards! You have lost the ability to do so, you yourselves have broken the habit through the indolence of your spirit, which no longer wishes to move upwards and which with many today is no longer able to move!

Therefore it now becomes hard for you to grasp the Word from the Highest Heights, and it will be utterly impossible for many. He who wants to measure it with his intellect alone will never recognize its true value; for he will then have to drag the Word of God down to the low gross material comprehension. He who can do nothing but think within narrow limits will also belittle the Word in his own understanding, and thus not recognize it and will lightly put it aside, because he does not see what it really contains; he is unable to see it!

However, in his smallness he will be glad to talk about it and criticize it, perhaps even wish to bring it into contempt; for such people do precisely that which proves the narrow limitations of their pseudo-knowledge, which clearly points to their inability to dig deeper. You can daily experience the same everywhere, that it is just the really stupid persons who consider themselves especially clever and try to discuss everything, when the intelligent man keeps silent. Stupidity is always obtrusive.

Just observe all those who like to make themselves conspicuous with their talk about ethereal or even spiritual happenings. You will soon recognize that they really know nothing at all about it. Particularly those who often speak about karma! Just let such people give you an explanation of karma. You will shudder as you listen to their confused and muddled words.

And as for the person who does not talk, but modestly asks about it, you should first observe him more closely before you answer. Most of the inquirers only wish to find in karma an excuse for themselves and their weaknesses. It is this which they long for so eagerly, that through their belief in karma they may quietly continue with their weaknesses, sometimes even ill-breeding or impudence, with the self-excuse when they consequently meet with unpleasantness that it is their karma. With hypocritical mien they love to sigh: “It is my karma which I have to redeem!” They leave it at this sighing and become tyrants in their environment, destroying all harmony even if they could change and avoid many a thing by a little self-education and by showing a little consideration for their fellow-men!

They do not think of this and do not want to think of it, that they only burden themselves thereby with a karma which throws them back for centuries!

Prattle, nothing but empty prattle, is all such, emanating from vanity and the lack of genuine fresh volition! It is a pity for every single minute that a person sacrifices for such spiritually indolent ones. Let them carry on and take this to heart: A person with real knowledge will never indulge in idle talk!

He does not take his knowledge to be the subject for conversation, nor does he offer it for that purpose! He will answer a serious question only, and even then will hesitate until he knows the inquirer is driven by a really honest volition.

Men’s talk in these matters is for the greater part but empty sound: for the comprehension of all earthmen has been unable to step beyond the boundary of gross material substance, due to the mistakes they made in Creation, which hold them down through the indolence of their spirit. They confuse the spirit with their earthly intellect, and thus create for themselves this low boundary.

In future, you earthmen of the present time, refrain from forming opinions about things which you cannot understand! Too heavy is the guilt with which you burden yourselves thereby. It is no less heavy than that which people in their stupid delusion once imposed upon themselves by plunging countless thousands into suffering and misery, even taking the earth-life of many through death by fire after days of torture. By the Law of the Lord it is the same whether you today accuse such persons of fraud or of practicing gross deception only!

Exert yourselves at last to fulfill your duties towards your God and to recognize the Laws of God before wishing to judge! You have no right to expect forgiveness. You yourselves have forfeited the claim to that through your own law, that ignorance can protect no one from punishment! An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, that is how it shall now happen to those who do not wish it otherwise, and who do not obey the Law of the Lord! Consider, men, that you are standing in the Judgment!

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