Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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37. Earth-man before his God

Men, what has been your attitude towards your God up till now! Hypocritically you have sought to deceive Him, even as you have always wished to deceive yourselves with the false piety which was only lip-service, but never shared by your spirit. You have established rules and observances, in your temples, your churches, without asking whether this way was pleasing to God. If only they pleased you, then that settled the service to God for you!

Do you not see how arrogant all this was. You wanted to decide the way everything should be arranged. In doing so you have never cared about God’s Will. What you termed great was to be equally acceptable to God. You wanted to force your opinions in all things upon God as justified, irrespective of what you were dealing with.

What you considered right was to be rewarded by God as righteous; what you chose to call wrong, God was to punish.

You have never seriously wanted to find out what God regards as right, and what before His Eye is wrong. You have paid no attention to the Divine Laws, nor to the inexorable Holy Will of God, Which has existed from all Eternity and has never yet changed, nor ever will change!

It will now shatter you, and with you all the false works of man, which have created laws to serve your earthly desires. But you human beings yourselves stand before God as scheming, neglectful servants who in their selfishness, self-conceit and ridiculous claim to know everything have never respected His Will.

You have been and still are servants who thought themselves masters, and who out of arrogance and spiritual indolence have tried to resist and drag down all that they could not understand, if it did not agree with the attainment of the base earthly ends which they wished to be regarded as of the highest order.

You miserable ones, who could so transgress! Everything was only to serve you, even the Laws! Only what served you, regardless of its form, only what helped you towards the fulfillment of your earthly desires, only that did you acknowledge as right, only such things did you still want to know about.

But should it now be required of you that you yourselves should eagerly and loyally serve your Lord, to Whom you owe your existence, then you are quite astonished, since in your opinion it is only He Himself Who should serve you with His Power, with His Glory and His Great Love!

How could it possibly be otherwise, in view of the high opinion you have of yourselves! For you thought it was service enough to God if you acknowledge Him, and ask in thought for His help to fulfill all the wishes you carry within you. To put it plainly, that He should serve you with the Omnipotence that is His own, and make your life pleasant! Nothing else enters your mind.

At its best your service to God has been begging!

Just think it over very carefully for once; it has never yet been otherwise.

When you examine yourselves in this respect, are you not seized with both shame and anger about yourselves?

The majority of mankind think that the only object of this earth-life is the purpose of acquiring material gain! Also at best the purpose of a family and children! He who does not think so still acts accordingly! But on such a basis what is the use of propagation, as you call it, which in reality does not mean propagation at all, but simply provides opportunities for other human spirits to incarnate so that these may continue to improve themselves and cast off old faults. By your behavior however, you add to the burden of your guilt; for you thereby prevent all those spirits from ascending, whom you bring up as your children for the same empty purposes!

What is the good of building up an earthly kingdom if it is not intended for the honor of God, if it does not work according to the Wishes of God, about Which you are still completely ignorant, and have hitherto not wanted to learn anything either, since your wishes are more important to you than anything else. You only want to satisfy yourselves, and then even expect God to bless your poor efforts! You do not care to serve and to fulfill your duty towards your God.

The strange activities of mankind on earth, who in their folly even dare to drag the Name of God into everything that is false, thereby defiling what is most sacred, will now be shattered!

You will be thrust from the throne of your intellectual artifice so that at least some of you may still become able, in pure humility, to receive true Wisdom from Divine Heights, Which alone can make you human beings; for you would never mature for this of your own accord.

What does not suit you, you slander, and you are quick to pick up stones to do away with anything that is irksome enough to disturb you from the continued belief in yourselves.

You would rather hail Luciferian satellites who, in flattering your vanities and encouraging your self-conceit, then all the more surely cut you off from the Light and keep you in spiritual indolence, which must lead to the sleep of death for your true being!

But I say to you that you are now awakened from the intoxication, the oppressive delirium, that is already holding you in its iron grip. You must awaken against your will, be it only to recognize with the most terrible despair, even at the last moment, all you have freely abandoned with such wanton indifference, before you are thrust into the bottomless pit that seems so desirable to you!

This earth and the whole world is now being purified! No longer shall any of the filth remain; so that the creatures will be able peacefully and joyfully to serve their Lord, the Almighty God, Who in His Love once granted them the conscious enjoyment of all the blessings of Creation.

He who again tries to bring disturbance into it by disregarding or even opposing the Laws of God in Creation will be mercilessly eliminated; for with such conduct he brings to you only envy, hate, suffering, disease and death!

All this tribulation can only still be avoided if you really seek to recognize and honor the Word of the Most High! To do so, however, It must first be understood in Its true nature! But hitherto you have always construed It only as It pleased you! And not as It was given by God for your help, your salvation, out of the greatest need!

However, you have not shrunk from making even the Holy Word the slave of your arrogance, so that through the distortion of Its true meaning It might serve only you; instead of you serving the Word for your own salvation in that sense in which It was given to you!

What have you made of the Word of God in your explanations, and even in the Scriptures! That you can quarrel about It, that you as human beings can come together and deliberate this way and that way over It, even this in itself is evidence of an unsound foundation and of a lack of clarity in what you have dared to set up as the pure, sublime Word of God! The Word of the Lord is inviolable, simple, clear and indestructibly hewn into Creation.

Where It is not obscured and distorted there can be no analyzing, no deliberation! It is clear to every creature.

But for you, with your ridiculous conceit, the greatness of this simplicity was still too small! In the gloom of your mental workshop you have laboriously toiled away at the Word until you could distort and mold It in such a way that It pleased you, so that It conformed to your petty earthly desires, your weaknesses, and also to your great opinion of yourselves and your importance.

In this way you created something that had to serve you, that flattered your vanity.

For also that humility which you display when you speak of your great sins, for which a God brought the sacrifice of atonement, is nothing but the basest vanity. A God for you! How valuable you must imagine yourselves! And you need do nothing further about it than graciously condescend, after much persuasion, merely to ask for remission!

This train of thought must surely make even the most conceited feel somewhat uneasy in his hypocritical humility.

But this is only one thing among many. You have thus distorted everything that is intended to clarify your relation as a self-conscious creature towards the great Creator!

Nothing of it has remained pure and sublime under the conceit of this humanity on earth. Therefore the right attitude towards God has automatically changed and become false.

Presumptuously expecting a good reward or disdainfully begging, only thus have you stood before your Lord, if indeed you have ever taken the trouble and time really to think of Him, forced to do so by many a misfortune that had to strike you in the reciprocal effect of your actions!

But now you must at last awaken and must accept the Truth as It really is, not as you think It is! With this what is false collapses, and the gaps due to your hypocritical claim of knowing everything better become apparent. Nothing can hide in the Darkness any longer; for through the Will of God there will henceforth be Light, so that the Darkness will fall and perish!

Now there will be Light also on earth and in the whole great World of Matter! It blazes forth radiantly in every part, disintegrating and burning all evil as well as all evil volition! Everything false must show itself wherever it seeks to hide, must collapse of itself before the Ray of God’s Light, which now illuminates the entire Creation! All that is not and does not wish to live in accordance with the Sublime Laws of God will sink down to the region of destruction, where it can never arise again! —

The all-holy Will of God alone will rule on this earth!

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