Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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47. Threads of Light above you!

You should now put together the lectures I gave during the past weeks about Substantiality and the closest surroundings of earth-man, in which I spoke of the undulating and weaving constantly going on around you, and try to regard them as being assembled into one picture.

It is really not so difficult. You will be able to recognize their connection with each other and also with yourselves very quickly and easily. Like in a jigsaw puzzle let your imagination put everything in motion, first in the individual effect working in the various directions one after the other, and finally in their combined effects upon each other, and you will see clearly how in the course of time the picture unfoles and comes to life for you.

In doing so try to see how each evil thought or volition runs through the weaving like a shadow, more or less dimming what is clear and destroying the beauty here and there, whereas clear, good thinking or volition penetrates the threads luminously, spreading beauty and luster on the paths it follows.

The mechanism will soon become so familiar to you that it will form a support for you which will only permit you to think or desire, and also finally to carry out, that which is good.

Spare no pains in this matter, for you will obtain such rich reward as nobody can reduce. And when you then have the activated picture before you absorb something else in addition, which will give a termination and a frame worthy of the picture.

Instead of a ceiling imagine many luminous, delicate threads hanging above the “weaving around you” like the thinnest and daintiest of gossamer veils, which sends forth a delightful fragrance that can animate and strengthen in a singular way as soon as one is able to become aware and take notice of it.

Innumerable are these threads, possessing manifold possibilities of application, and ready at any time to lower themselves to those places where a longing for them is revealed.

If somewhere in the depths of the mechanism a small spark glows from which a longing, a prayer or a strong desire arises, then the threads of the same species immediately reach out towards this little spark, connect themselves with it magnetically and strengthen it, so that it can become brighter and more luminous and thus quickly push aside all that is more dark and gloomy around it. And when it blazes up brightly it scorches all the spots which still connect that strand with darkness or evil on which this spark sought to develop itself. Thus this strand is very quickly freed from all that is holding it down.

But only light, pure wishes or prayers can achieve the connections with the luminous threads continually hanging above the mechanism which always surrounds a human soul or an earth-man. Dark wishes never find any support therefrom because they are unable to bring about a connection.

For every earth-man the connection with these threads coming from Substantiality takes place through the cloak or body of medium gross matter, which is usually called the astral body. The soul radiates through the astral body according to the nature of each of its emotions. If the emotions of the soul are of a dark nature then the luminous threads hanging in readiness do not find a channel for the help. Only when the emotions are luminous can the astral body radiate in such a way that it quite automatically opens itself for those threads coming from on high, which are of the same nature as the particular emotions of the soul.

Therefore this astral body of medium gross matter is the true entrance and exit gate of the soul. In reality the threads mentioned are consequently active on the plane of medium gross matter, which is called the astral plane, and work through the latter’s mediation according to the nature of its glowing.

Picture all this to yourselves. It is so simple, and yet so dependable and just, that it is never possible for any thought or volition towards what is good to remain without help. It is always made so easy for the human spirit. Too easy that for him in his strange ways he would still respect it according to the value belonging to and inherent in these processes.

In order to avoid a gap in your ability to depict it I will also show you the origin of these threads, otherwise they will remain hanging in the air for you, which is really impossible because everything has, indeed must have, a very definite starting point in this Creation, nor could it exist without such.

The threads are the radiations of many substantiate mediators, the activities of which have not yet become very familiar to you, but which mediators were already well known to the ancient peoples.

In the same way as you human spirits on earth should have become the collectors and then the mediators for passing on all the radiations of such human spirits as are more matured than you are and who stand on higher planes in Creation; and just as these in turn carry this out in regard to even higher and more luminous matured human spirits, until ultimately this results in the connection with Paradise, where the completed and perfected ones of the human spirits of this Subsequent Creation dwell in joyous activity, who are likewise in touch through a chain of mediators reaching up to the most perfect ones of the Pure spiritual Beings in the Primordial Spiritual; so is it also in like manner and like sequence with all the substantiate beings helping and working with you in the entire Creation, but in each case they are always half a step higher than you are.

Whatever of this unfolds its activity beside you and below you is also partly connected with you, but not in this manner. Let us first keep to those threads which I have mentioned.

The threads are so many-sided that there is nothing in which the earth-man, and also the soul already distant from the earth, could not find and receive help, invigoration, comfort and support at the actual moment when his longing or prayer for it has a very definite intensity of genuine volition. Not before, because formed words alone never suffice to bring about the connection. Neither does a casual thought.

It must be ardent, genuine and true yearning or desiring without any intellectual scheming, without expecting a reward, without something memorized, which can never really come from the heart or the soul; for the formed earthly word binds too strongly for that. The earthly word can only give the direction for the volition of a soul, it can construct a street for the way which the intuitive perception wants to take, yet it must never be meant to represent everything.

If man cannot combine both, i.e., the word and his volition, if he must think too much about the right forming of his words, then it is better only to pray and to thank, or to petition intuitively without words! Then it will surely be undimmed! The firmly formed word blurs much too easily and cramps every intuitive perception.

Much more beautiful is it, and also stronger, if you can drop your words and replace them with only a picture arising spiritually before you, into which you can pour intuitive sensing, great and pure! You must try which is easier for you and which does not restrict you.

As soon as you can dispense with earthly words then it is your soul which speaks. The soul as it will speak when it has departed from this earth and also from all the planes of gross matter, for then the formed word remains behind.

Probably you will again already question within yourselves how it is that souls from the Ethereal World are still able to speak through people with mediumistic abilities, or that mediums hear such souls speak, taking this in and passing it on in writing or verbally. I know that many such questions immediately arise within you.

If, however, you search thoroughly in my Message you will already find the answer to all such questions, which are nothing but intellectual doubts. Just absorb aright what I tell you, and then you will be able to build up everything for yourselves in such a logical way that doubts will no longer arise.

Already long ago I explained to you the activity of the earthly brain, which we divided into the back brain and the frontal brain. The back brain is impressed by intuitive perceptions. It only absorbs pictures of the volition of the intuitive perception, and after preparing them accordingly it passes them on to the frontal brain. The frontal brain then takes this up and makes it more earthly by re-modeling everything again, condensing it according to the frontal brain’s respective radiating capacity and transforming it into coarser earthly substance. In this way it is compressed into a still narrower form, more firmly put together, and coined anew for the expression of the earthly word.

Such is the activity of the brains of this earthly cloak of every earth-man. The brains form a widely ramified workshop, and are a marvelous mechanism full of the most stirring activity. And since the frontal brain performs the so-called hard labor, i.e., it transforms all the impressions conveyed to it by the back brain into heavier, denser forms, which due to their increased density have much narrower limits in order to become intelligible to earthly understanding; therefore the frontal brain grows weary and needs sleep, whereas the back brain does not need to share this sleep and continues to work on calmly. Even the body itself would not require this sleep, but merely rest, repose.

Sleep is solely a necessity of the frontal brain!

However, this too you can easily grasp and understand.

You need only reflect calmly and logically upon everything. Therefore think of it like this: while the body rests you can be awake and do not need to sleep. You have frequently experienced this with yourselves already. But when a rest is taken by the frontal brain which provides you with the thinking, i.e., which brings about the re-modeling of the impressions of the intuitive perception into coarser and narrower forms and heavier density; once this brain must rest then of course the thinking also ceases. Naturally you are unable to think anything while the frontal brain is resting.

And here on earth you only designate the ability to think as being awake, and the inability to think as sleep or unconsciousness. Here it is a matter only of the so-called day-consciousness, which is exclusively the activity of the frontal brain. The back brain is always awake. —

After this digression let us return again to the language of the souls; with the latter the limited word-forms fall away and only pictures exist which have to form the conception. When the departed souls communicate something to an earth-man these pictures of their volition or experiences are impressed upon his back brain, in the same way as his own volition; and according to its nature the back brain absorbs these pictures, properly prepares them and immediately transmits them to the frontal brain which in turn, following its own nature, condenses the pictures received and expresses them in thoughts, words or writing.

For many a mediumistic person this is, of course, as if he actually heard these words, this again being due to the activity of the frontal brain, which is also connected with the hearing and takes up its impressions in order to work them over accordingly.

In these cases mentioned here, however, where it concerns the so-called “clairaudience” from the Ethereal World, the frontal brain, during the transformation into greater density, radiates the pictures of the intuitive perception which it received from the back brain also to the ear in the reverse way, which during the formation of word forms is then induced to vibrate along since the connection is provided and also always ready to receive.

Due to this reversed order of transmission to the gross material ear, it then naturally sounds somewhat different to the mediumistic person, because the nature of the vibrations is different from those producing the gross material sound-waves and striking the ear of the heavy physical body which passes them on to the frontal brain.

For this process of clairaudience, however, the heaviest outer gross material substance of the ear is not taken into consideration, but the finer gross material substance. This you can imagine, because the outer and heaviest material substance is much too coarse and rigid to respond to the more delicate vibrations coming from the brain. Only the finer gross material substance vibrates with it, being of the same nature as the vibrations of the frontal brain.

The admission or reception points of the outer ear are effectively hit and moved only by the coarser sound-waves coming from outside.

As I think you could easily follow me in these observations I have gone into greater detail in order to make everything fully understandable to you. Such is therefore the process of the mediations through pictures rather than through words as used by the souls in the Ethereal World, in order to form the conception of their volition within earthmen.

Likewise the “hearing” of the souls which have become more luminous and lighter takes place there from within outwards! The process is in the reverse order to that in the World of Gross Matter, where owing to its density the cloak has a protecting but also hindering effect, which protection is no longer necessary in the Ethereal World.

Thus you can more easily account for the circumstance that souls which do not open themselves inwardly are deaf there as well as blind, for I have already explained in an earlier lecture that the actual seeing is a seeing of the spirit.

Many a subtle, specially clever intellectualist, who however may better be described as being bound only to his earthly brain, will perhaps come across the fact that the manner of expression of various departed souls through one and the same medium is also very often entirely different, although the same brain is being used as the tool.

This circumstance should really point more to the fact that they are still nevertheless using a language with word expression in order to make themselves understood, especially since such manifestations also sometimes come in languages of which the medium is totally ignorant, like English or French, Latin, as well as Japanese, Turkish, and many another.

However, this does not stand the test because such manifestations come only from planes that still belong to the World of Gross Matter, which indeed comprises many planes. There the process is still similar to that of heavy gross matter on earth.

Only in the World of Ethereal Matter, which is of an entirely different nature from that of gross material substance, does the form of expression of the same Laws of Creation change with this species, as I have already pointed out in the Message several times.

You must not make the mistake of wanting to press my Message, which comprises the entire Work of Creation and even goes far beyond this, just as it is into your small world of thoughts! You would not get far with it; for I have often crowded immense spaces into one single small sentence in order to make at least a well-rounded basic picture available to your comprehension, a picture which you can use as a support so that you no longer need go astray in aimless confusion in a field which does not even form the smallest part of your closer surroundings. To understand my Message aright you must assimilate it!

First of all I want to give you the connections only, and not the details! Not until you have firmly grasped the great connection can you also deliberately go into the details without needing to lose the connection.

The higher you come the less it can be framed in words; finally everything is solely radiation for you, and all else ceases.

I especially emphasize for you, i.e., for the spirit of earth-man, the spirit of Subsequent Creation which has become form! All else, that which is not beneath or beside you, you can never grasp anyway.

That which becomes radiation for you is still visible, tangible and formed to that which is higher than you are. Thus it goes on ever higher, until ultimately only the Divine in the Divine Realm can recognize everything as having form, with the exception of God Himself, Who in His Unsubstantiality cannot be recognized by the Divine Ones either, except by His Sons who are of Himself and not only of His Radiation.

Make this ever again clear to yourselves, and use what I give you by always assimilating it yourselves, having regard to the present time and to your immediate surroundings! With your desire for knowledge do not in fantasy climb to those heights where after all you could neither work nor recognize anything. However, it is necessary for you to know the connections therewith if you want to go aright wherever, according to the Law, you have to abide! And it is for this purpose that I want to mediate the connections to you!

But now let us return to our threads hanging above the weaving which is in perpetual movement around you. These are the radiations of the substantiate mediators which stand in the great chain coming down from above. Running down from above, that you must not forget, for otherwise you lose the connection. I only explained it previously by going upwards because I was then near the ends of the threads hanging down, and in order to complete the picture which we allowed to arise before us.

Thus there are different kinds of such threads. They originate in the radiation of the beings concerned, which have absorbed the power passed on by the particular mediator higher than themselves, and pass it on again, whereby a change takes place in this streaming through, and in this way the radiation is adjusted to that species which it then next contacts in its leading downwards.

From these threads earthmen can receive increased strength for every virtue and for every good volition! At any time; for these threads are always suspended above you, ready and waiting for you to express a desire for them.

Just for once I will tell you about one kind so that you know how these happenings take place in exact obedience to the Primordial Laws of Creation through the operation of the Laws themselves.

Elizabeth, the Primordial Queen of Womanhood, embraces in Her perfection all the virtues and all the qualities.

The radiations corresponding with Her nature proceed from Her further downwards within the Region of the Divine, and also emerge into the Pure spiritual Realm, where there are the many gradations of all the Primordial Beings.

At each stage downwards the radiations are split into various individual species, which are forthwith embodied in the substantiate as reproductions of their origin, i.e., as reproductions of Elizabeth, the point of origin of these radiations. This takes place in the Substantial and in the Spiritual, because both kinds of radiation emanate from the Primordial Queen and are united in her.

Their forms mold themselves exactly according to the very definite and individual kind of the radiations which they embody and are themselves. Therewith naturally various deviations occur in the appearance or in the manifestation of the reproductions, which always clearly and distinctly express that which the nature of the particular radiation contains and produces.

Thus finally ever more individual species come into existence, which are visibly personified. The older races called them goddesses and gods because at that time they could see no further, and already imagined the female mediators of these radiations to be the actual points of origin, consequently regarding them as the highest in existence.

Proceeding from the human spirits upwards, which is for once in the reverse direction, we therefore find many such female intermediaries in the Realms of Substantiality, as well as male ones. Each earth-man can receive everything through them if he only longs for something of it in purity. Chastity, which is however entirely different from man’s conception of it, loyalty, productivity, truthfulness, grace, modesty, diligence (swinging in the Law of Movement), and much else. A female mediator for all that is womanly embodies each single womanly virtue, in the same way as there are also mediators for all that is masculine, such as strength, courage, daring, adroitness, genuine and pure gentlemanliness, and all else which need not be mentioned here, since I merely want to develop a rough picture of it to enable you to understand better what I am giving you today.

From each of these mediators, which became necessary due to the splittings of the single parts, come these threads which I am describing to you. And in turn each of these mediators has very many helpers, which surround him and are active in the radiations. It is a happy surging which is contained in all this activity!

But if you look at the threads today, in the present time, then a picture of despair opens up before your eyes; for many of these threads, indeed the greater part of them, hang down without finding any connection with earthmen. They flutter about loose, entirely unused, not taken up by the places for which they were intended through the helping love.

Hanging in this way the threads point out your guilt, you earthmen, just as so much else already cries out your guilt into Creation and up to the Creator Who has hitherto so showered you with His Love, and Who made it so easy for you in His Holy Laws exactly to recognize the paths which you were meant to take!

How great must be your shame when recognition comes at last! You human beings are just those and the only ones who do not pass on what they receive in the right way, and who in this case also failed completely as mediators, because already for a long time you have been unable to receive as such.

There is not much more to be said about this. All the mediators in the Realms of Substantiality which are in connection with you, you men, stand there sadly. Accusingly they hold up the threads which through their use by earthmen were also meant to bring to them return currents that cause the one-sidedness of the purely outgoing radiations to become invigorated more colorfully and thereby grow and glow even more powerfully and strongly beneficial. They are dried up at the ends and withered.

Only those mediators connected with the animals, plants and stones still stand firm and joyful; for their threads of radiation are taut through the alternating rotation of giving and taking, which must be part of this as well, in cheerful obedience to the Law of Creation, and in gratitude that the possibility was given for this through the Infinite Love of God manifesting in it.

Thus due to the wrong thinking you fostered you made a harmful, ugly-looking crack in the picture showing that part of the weaving in Creation which is very closely connected with you. Wherever you go and stand, you men, you spread around you that which is ugly. Wherever your thoughts could reach there you destroyed the harmony and thus the beauty, as well as the lawful possibility to mature. You have much to account for and also to redeem!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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