Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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48. Sounds of Christmas swing admonishingly through the universe

This time, the Christmas bells ring in the beginning of the end of a world epoch! Mankind opens itself to these sounds, comforted in the thought that they are proclaiming the existence of their Savior, who had once come upon the earth and fought for it, and even suffered and died for it.

Men hear consolation in these sounds, an inner satisfaction to which they seek to abandon themselves, mistakenly imagining that this contains faith.

However, all of this is no more than a semi-conscious state of human spiritual indolence which will allow them to continue slumbering even into spiritual death, extinguishing them as useless from this Creation.

And many of the earthmen are dozing already! Others are haunted by despair. They are unable to derive joy from the sounds which put those that are materially saturated into a state of blissful satisfaction. For them, these sounds only mean new worries, new grief and new resentments against their fate, which seems to have unjustly neglected and tormented them. Thus resentment slowly rises against their fellowmen who, in their opinion, are better off than they are.

There are also many who, languishing in sickness, quarrel with the inevitability of the providence which robbed them in particular of any pure joy at the festival.

While others, buried in work, think of nothing at all; or at most they think of the profits they strive to receive from their work.

Not one among all the people hears in this ringing the foreboding sound which elementals, trembling with fear, are trying to send out as a last warning before the ominous storm! They announce the abrupt end of a world epoch!

However, men hear none of this, for they are too concerned with themselves. They have no time for anything else, least of all for turning inward and for the self-recognition which is so urgently needed during these hours. Thus they remain closed off to the danger and pay no attention to the onrushing waves, the crushing force of which is already being intuitively sensed by the elementals.

Once the great woe races across the earth there will be no stopping and no going back. The end will have to be suffered to the finish, no matter how bitter its taste.

Listen carefully to the sound of the bells and understand what it is telling you this time! There is something in the sound which has never been there before. However, you no longer know how to hear what it tells you. For a long time already you have closed yourselves off from all of the weaving in Creation, and that is why you can no longer perceive any warnings; instead you stagger heedlessly along the deadly abyss where any unsteady step can bring your destruction.

You even keep your eyes shut tightly because you can no longer bear the Light as it blinds you, pains you, instead of refreshing and strengthening you.

You wretched ones, who can therefore no longer receive the Light and can only perceive the darkness as pleasant; go ahead, gather all your strength and listen inside you and around you, until you discover the threatening danger; otherwise it will burst upon you quite unexpectedly. However, you will need to make haste, for you have only little time left.

Nor will it be made easy for you any longer, for you did not wish to listen to God's warnings. Instead you have kept yourselves shut off from every exhortation from the Light, as soon as you were expected or required finally to wake up from your spiritually indolent existence in order to swing spiritually in the Law of Movement!

And this demand always comes from the Light, while any lure from the darkness remains aimed at spiritual ease. Discerning the difference in this is not so difficult for you as soon as you have the will for it. And this is exactly what you lack.

Ease is always against the Law of Creation, which bears the Will of God and demands movement; because human spiritual ease turns into lethargy, which leads to the sleep of death and therewith to failure in Creation and to extinction. There is not one path that would be capable of evading these consequences. Shrewd business acumen is not the same as spiritual movement.

It is the intent of the darkness for you to be absolutely subjected to these most dire consequences. The call from the Light will always demand liveliness; for otherwise every human spirit in Creation will be like the swimmer in a stream. If he does not hold the place which he attained by moving constantly, the current will carry him away from it as soon as he tries to rest, and then he has to multiply his efforts just to eventually regain, exhausted, the very position which he could easily have maintained with minimal expenditure of effort. And by regaining the old position he has not even made any additional gains, in spite of the strong effort he made.

For once make yourselves spiritually free with one single motion! In recognition you will then find the great, unspeakable Love of God everywhere you look. It is lavished upon you, but you do not notice it; you are like spoiled children sitting sullenly at the richly set table, who no longer have a desire for the choice morsels which they can eat every day for as long as they want.

You too are seated at the bountiful table of this Creation and have become accustomed to always only take from it unscrupulously! However, there is a big difference between taking in a demanding way and being able to receive in pure volition.

You have had it much too good in Creation. Your freedom to choose has made you earthmen arrogant. You have toyed with it wantonly and — now, in the end, you have lost this game! Now you will soon realize what value you held in your hands through the freedom to choose, to which you paid no attention; above all you did not think that something of such value also imposes duties which lie in the recognition of the responsibility for this great endowment.

You have dealt with the freedom to choose carelessly; therefore it must now be taken away from you until you can prove yourselves worthy of receiving it anew. Sadly, in his peculiar way, man can appreciate only that which he had to acquire laboriously, or only after things he had long been accustomed to are suddenly taken away from him. Only that which has been taken away awakens in him a sense of value!

All of this is embedded in the distortions of his character which gave rise to his arrogance and made him completely forget how to truly receive!

This ability to receive is of such inestimable greatness as you are not yet able to comprehend, otherwise you would not continually and disdainfully trample upon it with your feet or ignore it. It is the essence of what it means to be human! To consciously and truly receive the blessings of God, that is what makes man human!

But arrogance has to be completely eliminated from this; otherwise there can be no genuine receiving. With conceit in the background it will not be possible. And once someone has learned to truly receive he will also wish to give in the right manner. He therewith fulfills the prevailing basic law of pure love which, light and radiant, courses through Creation triumphantly: that only in giving can there be true receiving!

This process is solidly anchored in every spiritual happening, but its effect reaches down into gross-materiality. Behold the Christmas holiday!

How few are the people who know how to give in the right manner, or how to give at all! A sign of the pervasiveness of boundless superficiality; because thoughtless giving is done superficially, which is but the consequence of the spiritual indolence which many people have acquired. Thus it comes as no surprise when this kind of giving often brings only little joy.

On the other hand, if you give thoughtfully, with profound understanding, then giving is mixed with genuine joy and with love, which in turn will richly reward the givers in their giving through the joy they thus awaken, be it only through a right word at the right time!

The one who gives in the right way, however, is strict in his choice. For example it would never occur to him to give money to a frivolous person, who would only use it according to his frivolous nature and to the detriment of himself and possibly others; even if it is detrimental only to the health of their physical bodies through smoking, drinking or giving in to other excesses, to which you would then have contributed through the wrongfully used gift.

It is unbelievable how much sin is often committed through this superficiality in giving which is completely lacking in love. It clearly shows that the giver’s only concern is to dispose of an annoying custom through fulfillment.

Therefore, give everything you wish to give thoughtfully and with love; because this love lets you intuitively sense what is right.

People can recognize their own twisted state most easily through the recognition of how they stand in Creation. It is only purest of love which flourishes towards them from there, even if they consider only the earth itself. With the exception of that which issues from people.

People themselves, however, are no longer capable of receiving, but approach all gifts in overbearingly demanding ways with what they have made for themselves: with money!

They value it much more than all the things they can buy with it for their own pleasure and that of others. They torment themselves for the sake of this money, persecute each other, fight and cheat each other, slander, steal, rob and murder, not for the beauty and the gifts of this Creation, which are offered them freely and easily; but only for the sake of the money, the possessions they can purchase with it, and also for the sake of the pleasures it can provide for them, pleasures which their intellect invented!

In all of this you will find no desire for a calmly- industrious earth life of a man, who in quiet gratitude to God still enjoys the beauty of this Creation! Such a man is sneeringly called an eccentric, someone who has no desire for “higher things.” By these higher things, however, men mean everything base which consists of the senseless accumulation of earthly possessions, simply for the sake of possessing them, or in order to provide themselves and perhaps some people close to them with an even more opulent lifestyle. Such a lifestyle definitely brings great spiritual harm in many respects, for affluence entails obligations, not only towards earthmen, but also towards the Creator!

Many an earth-man would better advance spiritually if he could not enjoy his earth life in comfort! As it is with everything, so shall it also be with wealth: in the future it will remain only with him who knows how to make use of it in a God-willed manner, a manner that will bring blessings. In such hands it will grow continually.

In the Final Judgment this idol will now bring perdition to earthmen, so that through experiencing they will recognize this insane chase for what it is: unworthy of humans who have obligations towards their Creator!

If two thousand years ago the Holy Word of the Son of God Jesus had been rightly accepted by mankind, everything would have to look different today from what, sadly, it is!

Then as now, humanity lacks in this, as in everything, the will for genuine receiving! It is no longer able to receive, because its arrogance has utterly poisoned the soil which is necessary for this. This is also the reason why man perceived the Word in a distorted manner from the very beginning. In the meantime none of this has been improved upon or made whole again; to the contrary, more was changed through man’s volition which knows of only one goal: to interpret everything for themselves so as to afford the highest benefit with the least effort, and, most of all, without any worry.

In this man does not consider that it was the Word of God, not a human word, and that therefore it may not be interpreted according to man’s ideas. It came to the earth from above and did not originate from this earth.

It is difficult for me to say much about this because it is repulsive to shine light on the confining rigidity with which the great Words of Jesus continue to be taught and interpreted according to human wishes, while these Words are all-encompassing.

The people of this earth, who, at their low level of true God-recognition today often surpass many things which they themselves look upon with horror, when in the broader records of the peoples of the earth they find similar things recorded, only in a different form; they have formed distorted pictures out of the great meaning of Christ’s Words which conform exactly to their spiritual indolence and their addiction to earthly possessions and earthly influence, actually supporting and greatly facilitating their gratification. Much of the wonderful meaning of Christ’s Words has been changed in this direction.

Divine Judgment will soon be speaking in this regard, better and more distinctly than earthly words could, and only that which was and still is really genuine of everything in existence will remain. —

Therefore, the great sacrifice of love which Jesus made when the Star of Bethlehem announced His earthly birth was totally in vain. Already at that time, men were no longer capable of receiving God’s inconceivable gift of love truly and in pure humility; for they had already grown too arrogant!

People are spoiled, indeed! That is why they no longer recognize the great love of God in the overabundance of all the gifts of which they are permitted to partake; instead, in their conceit, they become either despotic or obstinate. In either case, they themselves spoil the joy they could have received by poisoning within themselves any of the pure pleasure that can only result from the genuine ability to receive.

The consequence of this, in turn, is despondency as soon as they are no longer able to draw from abundance. They become anxious, because they do not possess real trust in God as is necessary for anyone who will face the storms courageously! No one is a full-fledged captain who has not been able to guide his ship through heavy storms.

If you consider it correctly, trust in God contains obedience to God! Obedience to God is something man has forgotten completely. He is incapable of it in his delusion of being ruler of this earth. He does not even realize that he has become but a very vile distortion of a true ruler, just as under pressure of his intellect he always created narrowly limited distortions in place of what he was meant to accomplish.

Thus he did not become a wise ruler in Creation, but an ignorant, self-willed despot; and everything that swings and has the volition to swing aright in God’s Will, now rises in rebellion against him.

Despotic and obstinate! This characterizes people who rose above the spiritually sluggish masses trudging along. Of course, among these spiritually sluggish people there are also those who are intellectually very clever, since intellect and spirit are not to be seen as one and the same. There are very active, intellectually clever ones who nonetheless are in a spiritual slumber, or whose spirit is solidly walled in, constricted in the most severe manner.

On the other hand, there are spiritually strong people who are extremely valuable for and in Creation without their fellowmen taking gross-material notice. This is because people do not recognize all of the direct, rich fruits from such wonderful radiations as being the consequences of the spiritual nature of these people, whom they do not hold in especially high earthly regard because they have not distinguished themselves through intellectual activity.

Today men do not know how to appreciate what is really of a higher order, because they no longer know what it is. Yet, the spirit would get along very well indeed with the intellect; collaboration on earth is meant to be if man is to achieve gross-materially great things as the directly visible outcome. The spirit, however, has to stand above the intellect and lead it.

Then the quality of the spirit will give energy and warmth to all activities of the earthly intellect, whereby even the most severe forms of punishment will contain love. Love, which in every punishment sees solely the path to help as the only right way according to the all-wise laws of God! Punishment may not be seen only as like-for-like retaliation for any kind of guilt. You will find nothing in all of Creation of such one-sided design and intent except for the thoughts and actions which the human spirit has made for itself!

You will thus recognize immediately that you do not think and act according to God’s Will, but that here too, you are forced to transform yourselves completely if a Kingdom of God on earth may even be spoken of at all!

There is much work ahead for you, first of all, however, is the great work on yourselves, before there can be any up-building according to the Will of God which contains within itself blessing and the strength for continued existence for which you are to provide the foundation as firm earthly support.

I know that you are ready to perform the utmost for this! You would labor joyfully day and night without tiring, you would gladly make any sacrifice you could with the eagerness of the really good people that you are, however, to work on yourselves, to work in yourselves first is extremely hard for you! It is hard for you because all of your thinking has never been attuned to this.

You are willing to do everything, and make the attempt, however, again and again, you slide back into the old habits of human behavior which, coming over thousands of years, burden and inhibit you still today.

You, however, who have absorbed my Message, you stand directly before and already in the process of awakening, and all it takes is a little inner jolt to make yourselves free for the great transformation.

However, you are incapable of giving yourselves this decisive jolt which is so easy! In this you are like a very small child in front of a chalk line which it does not wish to cross because it thinks that it cannot do so! And the obstacle in front of you is nothing more than such a chalk line. A chalk line which only confuses you, but which could never constitute the slightest hindrance if it were not for this hesitation on your part, because you are too timid to take this necessary step.

However, you must make it happen, and you already have the strength for it within you! The key for this is solely the extraordinary and yet so simple mystery of the ability to truly receive, which blossoms only out of genuine humility.

You do not have to learn the least additional thing for this, but only to remove what is old and worn out and still clings to you, obstructing the path in front of you.

Become new in yourselves, you who want to follow me, then your environment will transform itself through the force emanating and radiating from you! Because only in this state of being new will you form a pure passage for the Divine energy which has suffused you for a long time already.

It is only a small, a very small step that you still have to take, but it is unavoidable and so important as to change your whole way of thinking and to strengthen it with the most wonderful results!

God awaits you! And He awaited you in Mercy, so that you did not have to collapse in the hour of your need!

This time, a solid and unshakable foundation must be prepared for a new era! a foundation that radiates in crystal clear purity over all of mankind. It must not be allowed to become shallow and distorted again, as happened when Jesus Christ came to the earth and His great sacrifice of Love did not find the soil in mankind capable of receiving this gift from God in purity!

Use today’s remembrance of the birth of the Son of God Jesus on earth as an occasion for taking this last necessary step, for which you already lifted your foot a long time ago. Give yourselves this jolt and step forward courageously. It is not hard to do and you will always remember it gratefully.

Pray to God that this festival may now become the day of your renewal for your great transformation!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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