Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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50. The cycle of radiation

There is much I have yet to explain about the greater and great substantiate beings, not to mention at present the small helpers of these great ones; for there are so many of the smaller and very small ones as you can hardly imagine.

I could often despair when trying to ponder how I shall still explain all this to you in the available words of the language without you thereby losing the comprehensive survey, and above all in such a manner that you nevertheless fully grasp the connections.

The difficulty arises just from the great simplicity which lies in what is to you a boundless diversity; it is difficult because earth-man is only capable of clearly overlooking a very definite number of things, and consequently he can never come into a position simultaneously to grasp everything as one whole, from which simplicity alone results.

Each separation into different parts must render the necessary comprehensive view more difficult for you, since each part is again so great in itself and so closely connected with the others through reciprocal effects, that it is utterly impossible to give a really self-contained part, because in this Creation, which in itself is a whole, there is no self-contained part!

And man cannot overlook the whole, he will never be able to do so, because he lacks the ability, for he himself is only a part of Creation, and a very small one, who cannot go beyond his own boundaries and naturally not in his understanding either.

I am thus compelled to remain within your boundaries, and in addition I can only give you glimpses into or upon everything which will and must remain inaccessible to you. No amount of effort will be of use here.

However, when at last through the knowledge you resign yourselves to the fact that you are not capable of everything in Creation, then you will also call humbleness your own, and you will be happy about the enlargement to your existing knowledge given to you through my Message.

You will then occupy yourselves with the present and with your immediate surroundings much more thoroughly even than now, because you will learn to know and to use it all much more accurately through all the glimpses which I could give into what is inaccessible to you, but which permit you exactly to recognize the close link with yourselves and with everything existing around you.

And that is what you needed in order to understand and make beneficial use of the present. Beneficial for your ascent!

These glimpses can bring you upwards to the highest border which you will ever be able to reach. It is just because I allow you to glimpse into what is inaccessible to you that you are able to make use of all that which is given to you here, much of which was still unknown to you.

Valuable is this knowledge concerning the links between your existence and everything still lying beyond that boundary which, owing to the origin of your spirit, will always remain strictly drawn in regard to your ability to understand.

That is also what I want to give you with the Message: The knowledge of the connections! The serious seeker and the person with a really honest volition will gain much thereby. You will yet learn to recognize the value of everything; for what men have so far called knowledge is hardly the hundredth part of what they really could know. It is true that the limit of the knowledge of mankind in relation to the entire Creation is small, yet in comparison to the existing knowledge it is of a greatness which you can hardly conceive and which verges on the wonderful.

And the glimpses alone into that which is always inaccessible to you will aid you in reaching these highest borders, when I give you a description of your connections therewith, as well as of the connections of your surroundings. This knowledge will in time give you the possibility to know with absolute accuracy the laws within the part formed by your boundaries, which would remain impossible without the help given in describing the connections with what is inaccessible to you.

Try now to understand me in this, and recognize what I want to give you! Do not seek to reach beyond the reality in this; for I only want to give you that which can further and benefit you within your boundaries, nothing more. More would be of no avail to mankind!

Therefore do not torment yourselves therewith, wishing to make your knowledge all that which lies in what is inaccessible for you! You will never be able to do this, and I do not speak of it so that you should now turn your knowledge in that direction or worry yourselves with vain attempts really and fully to grasp everything! You cannot possibly do so, nor do I give it to you for that reason, but you receive it from me for the very purpose of becoming acquainted with all the connections leading to you therefrom.

If later on you will always unswervingly base your future investigations and your desires to find upon this knowledge of the connections as giving you the direction, you will rise higher in all your capacities and achieve results in every field which must put all that has been obtained so far into the shade.

Thus, men, your masterpieces are yet to come, the achievements which you can actually bring about within the boundaries which are set up firmly for you and which you can never cross! In reality, however, these boundaries are set so wide for you that you may rejoice about this, and should only thank God for all the grace He bestows upon you.

Thus you must remain on the basis and soil of all humanity in your thoughts and actions, and in all your duties towards your Creator. Nothing more is demanded of you; for therein lies the highest which you can offer to Him as gratitude, and everything you do in this way is also done in His honor!

Indeed, it is in the performance of the greatest achievements, of which you as men can and must become masters, that you offer and present your gratitude for the fact that the Creator has granted you to achieve such great things through His Will in Creation, which holds His Laws.

And with these splendid achievements you also simultaneously honor Him because the greatness of your works at the same time manifests the greatness of His Grace! The more you can achieve in Creation from out of Creation the more clearly do you prove how great are the Laws of God therein, and what wealth and blessing they hold for you.

You honor God in the truest and purest sense when in joyful activity you make use of everything Creation offers you; for this you can only do when you know and also understand its Laws and, above all, when you really act accordingly! Only then does this Creation offer you everything of beauty that it contains. Gladly does it give, and give to help you.

And when you act in this way according to the Laws in Creation you are already changed and entirely different from what you were before. You are then men who are pleasing to God, you are men as they always should have been, you are men according to the Will of God because you live His Laws!

No fault can then be found with you any longer. Wherever you maybe you stand in Creation radiatingly and jubilantly, everywhere, whether on earth or in some other plane, and you would no longer do anything other than praise God through the deed; for such works resemble a hymn of praise which is living and swings in all the Laws of this Creation.

This is a goal so beautiful, so glorious and yet so easily attainable for you that I exert myself for that reason to pave a way there for you through my Message.

You will be human beings! creative human beings to whom everything in Creation flows because you swing with it in the joyfulness of the greatest happiness.

That then is human existence to the honor of God! To be happy in the truest sense is indeed the greatest thanks which you can give to God. This, however, does not mean the sham happiness of the lazy ease which lies in slothful rest. That is an intoxicating drug for the spirit, much worse in its effect than opium for your body.

You will attain to this true happiness, however, if you carry the strong volition for it within yourselves! And you shall be the rock for all those who want to save themselves from the tidal wave of base passions and desires which now flow over mankind on earth as the fruit of their past wrong volition when, it is true, they very often had the name of God in their mouths, but they never seriously thought of obeying His Will unless at the same time it coincided with their own.

Try to absorb my volition aright in that sense in which I give it to you, and use it for yourselves accordingly; then you will have grasped the core which lies at the very root of the purpose of my Message. And only then can you derive true benefit from it.

Now let us try to go a step further in the knowledge of the weaving in Creation.

You are now perhaps faced with a new riddle; for it is unlikely that there is one among you who considers some error or contradiction possible in my explanations. Nevertheless you still consider many a thing as unsettled which you could not clearly arrange with a logical structure of thinking, which latter you need to be able to understand.

I spoke of the great Pure-Spiritual guides as embodying the virtues, but I also spoke of the many substantiate intermediaries embodying the same virtues. I characterized both species as having an effect upon men according to their particular types.

In this matter you still lack the right connection which can complete a clear picture for you, without disarranging what you have heard up till now.

Actually all this can be described in a few words, but it is better when I try to demonstrate it pictorially as it really is in its forms.

You know that radiations out of the Light divide and separate into very definite sub-species. On each further plane downwards a new sub-species is always severed, i.e., detached in the cooling off, which could not sever itself under the still existing stronger pressure reaching to this particular boundary, and only through this further cooling off and concommitantly reduced pressure or degree of heat was it able to loosen itself and make itself independent.

Every such severance or detachment simultaneously results in a new formation of the severed species into a corresponding substantiate form. This process takes place automatically according to the Law of Creation. Thus there arises a whole chain, with its various additional links of helping and building substantiate beings, of which I have already spoken to you.

And all of them are connected with each other so that one can say: they extend their hands to each other.

This whole chain of the substantiate beings stands solely in the Will of God. They are embodiments, transitory points of the radiations themselves, which pass on; in their very definite species they are always the dispensers in Creation, which by working in this way and radiating downwards penetrate the entire Creation.

Thus mark well that the substantiate beings are the dispensers of the radiating powers of the Divine Radiation, which in obeying the pressure or in standing from above downwards in the pressure always radiate downwards!

The counter-current is provided by the embodied spiritual ones, who receive of these radiations and who, in making use of them, radiate them upwards!

Therein lies the cycle of the radiations throughout Creation! At first you are somewhat confused and imagine this contains a contradiction, because we also talked about the fact that the Primordial Beings in the Pure-Spiritual Sphere radiate downwards onto all the human spirits, and now you think that two kinds of radiations flow downwards side by side in Creation, the substantiate one and the spiritual one.

This is not in itself wrong, for these two kinds of radiations do stand next to each other, but there is a difference in their activity which brings about the cycle.

You know I spoke about the radiations of the primordially created Pure-Spiritual Beings. However, the effect of these radiations is different from those of the primordially created substantiate beings. The radiation of the substantiate beings is dispensing, passing on, mediating, as I have emphasized. However, already from the very beginning in my Message I have pointed to the fact that the Primordial Beings in the Pure-Spiritual Sphere, i.e., the Pure-Spiritual Beings in their various kinds, affect mankind like gigantic magnets, thus attracting or sucking.

Only today can I supplement the picture for you because the other lectures had to precede and prepare the soil for this by way of explanation. In reality we are today merely extending what has been said up till now, of which you probably did not have an absolutely clear idea when the radiations were discussed, in that you imagined them as always working only in a downwards direction.

However, of these there are two kinds differing in their effects. It is true that the radiations quite naturally also go downwards with the primordially created Pure-Spiritual Beings, but their effect is of an upward striving nature through the power of attraction, which the substantiate beings do not possess; the latter are always and only dispensing, i.e., giving out!

The spiritual is demanding through the capacity of attracting. And the so-called free will to decide actually lies anchored solely in this activity of attracting, if you think it over properly for once. What is even more, it also contains the absolutely just distribution of reward or punishment for the one concerned consequent upon his decision!

Think about this quietly for once and picture these happenings to yourselves in all the details. You will suddenly see before you the astounding simplicity of the lawfulness in Creation, the absolute clearness in it, and although the volition of free decision is granted to the spiritual, you also see the latter’s subjection to the consequences, which is linked up with it and takes effect in the same law.

One single ability of the spiritual thus produces something many-sided, in so just and so logical a way that you must stand amazed before it as soon as you recognize it aright.

It is indeed quite comprehensible that this magnetic ability of the spiritual to attract through the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species always attracts only that which is willed through the ability to decide, and nothing else. And this is done with absolute accuracy, with all the finest shades and tones of good as well as of evil! Just go deeply into this. It is not difficult. Every person must be able to develop that-much imaginative power.

In order to counterbalance this ability to attract, the ability to decide is given to the spiritual, but the substantiate does not need this because it always and only dispenses according to its particular inherent species! Naturally the spiritual always attracts only that which corresponds with its particular volition, because each volition immediately seizes the entire spirit, illuminates it or glows through it, only thereby releasing the ability to attract, which develops accordingly.

The spirit is unable to shake off the ability to attract because it possesses this ability or, to express it more clearly, this ability is the property or a part of the spirit’s nature. The spirit cannot free itself from this. And as another part belonging to the spiritual nature, the ability to decide is also bestowed upon it as a defining factor, comprising desire or volition, which cannot be shaken off either, because it is meant to have a helping effect; for otherwise the spiritual would simply attract everything that exists in a wild confusion and could thus become heavily burdened.

However, such mistakes are impossible in Creation through the just Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species, which in its effect is like a great incorruptible guardian of order. Now combine all this, let it come to life in pictures before your eyes, and you will thereby have gained much in your knowledge. You must take pains, however, and if necessary go deeply into it for hours and days, for such a length of time as enables you to grasp it aright. Therewith you are again handed a key which will open many, almost all, gates in Creation for your understanding!

Therefore do not neglect to do so! It is important to do it, for your inmost core and your real being, as well as your origin, are also spiritual, and you are thus subject to these abilities of your spirit. Until now we have characterized this process as a law.

In reality, however, this is a simple ability, a component part of the spirit, which works automatically and therefore appears to be a law!

On the whole and strictly speaking there are no real laws in Creation but solely abilities which, corresponding to each particular species, operate automatically and thereby, but only thereby, appear to be immutable laws!

Therefore learn to know your own abilities, as well as those of the other parts of Creation, and thus you will know the laws which in reality unite in one single law that is many-sided only in its effects. As soon as you have advanced deeply enough with your recognitions it will suddenly fall from your eyes like scales and you will stand shaken before the simplicity of it all!

Through this, as soon as the true knowledge has set in, there finally no longer remain any laws for you at all, for with this knowledge everything becomes only a wise use of all the abilities, and therewith you become free; for it is just as though all the laws are fulfilled.

Thus you should now think deeply about it once more and seek to grasp the great pulsating in Creation. Therefore I will repeat:

The substantiate radiates and gives in a downwards direction; the Pure-Spiritual also radiates downwards, but instead of giving it has the effect of magnetic attraction!

And since according to their nature the primordially created Pure-Spiritual Beings are to be found at the uppermost border of Creation, and since they also possess the strongest power of attraction in the Spiritual, they operate like enormous magnets upon everything of a spiritual nature, they hold it, and allow to stream upwards that which corresponds with their nature, i.e., in this and in all cases always and only the good fashioned from all the planes; while everything which in turn is fashioned by them is absorbed or drawn off by the Divine, the power of attraction of which is naturally even stronger.

And mark well, always and only the good which is fashioned is attracted upwards, i.e., only the radiations themselves, which may also be called the result of spiritual activity.

Now you lack the conception of the necessary fashioning. This takes place solely in the volition of the spiritual, which is inherent in it, and which therefore cannot help always and absolutely willing something, even if it is only through some inner urge.

And in becoming aglow this process or activity, which we can also call movement of the volition, attracts from the radiations dispensed by the substantiate that which is homogeneous to the particular kind of volition.

Through the union of the radiation of the spiritual volition with the dispensing homogeneous to this volition from the substantiate, each in turn becomes more intensely aglow, and the still closer connection formed through this glowing results in a new radiation of a different and also stronger content.

Therein lies the so-called fashioning. And the radiations thus transformed through the new connection are attracted from the next higher plane and thus uplifted, thereby ascending.

This process is continually repeated from one plane to the next going upwards, unless... the upward striving is held back and cut off through evil volition or spiritual lukewarmness, because only the good volition leads upward.

Lukewarmness is a hindrance because it does not sustain the necessary movement. Stagnation will then occur throughout the entire Creation. And it is in this that mankind on earth have so badly sinned, sinned against the entire Creation, and therewith against the Will of God, against the Holy Ghost!

It caused a standstill in the cycle, which only now is again being brought into the correct and even more intensified movement, thus tearing down everything which has opposed and hampered it in the past. —

You must first try to become clear in your minds that it is not the radiations of the spiritual alone which lead upwards of their own accord. These simple personal radiations are already adapted to the particular plane in which the spiritual in its human embodiments is to be found in each case; and they are therefore also cooled off correspondingly, and would have to remain constantly on the same plane were it not that the urging volition of the spiritual attracts the dispensing or radiations of the substantiate and then simultaneously transforms them.

This likewise all takes place automatically. A corresponding union of the radiations sets in, which through the spiritual movement of the volition receives a greater degree of heat, thereby offering the possibility to link up with the attraction from the higher plane, which takes effect immediately.

You can imagine the rotary movement of the radiations as somewhat like the blood circulation in the human body, which does give an approximate copy of the process in Creation.

The movement of the radiations in Creation is therefore quite simple and yet strictly conditioned: That which is substantiate radiates downwards only and is always and only dispensing, giving out. That which is spiritual also radiates downwards of its own accord, but nevertheless has an upward striving effect according to the description which I just gave you.

Of course this again concerns only the radiations themselves and not perhaps the spirits which have become personal, the human spirits. These find their way upwards or downwards through or in the Law of Gravitation, which in reality is closely linked with the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species; these two laws having the same effect as if they were one.

If the striving, thus the volition and desiring of a human spirit, goes upwards then the radiations fashioned by him, which are always attracted from above, form the way, the road upward for him personally, on which he strides upward in an absolutely lawful manner. He thereby also attracts the radiations from the substantiate, situated higher and ever higher, which help him to ascend like ropes or threads; for in fashioning these his spiritual form itself receives ever more heat which permits him to ascend, to become constantly lighter and more luminous, more glowed through.

Despite the close connection of all these processes there are always numerous special secondary happenings in addition which, however, remain conditioned by and interwoven with each other, in that one results from the other.

If I do not want to make it more difficult for you to comprehend this, however, I must not touch upon the secondary happenings yet. But what I have said today is already sufficient to offer you a firm support to advance further and for later personal investigation.

That which is substantiate stands always and only in the Will of God dispensing, whereas everything that is spiritual, by its ability to attract through the volition, always remained actually demanding and taking only.

As I have already said, being spiritual man always and only takes as a guest what has already been laid upon the table of this Creation by the substantiate beings. Unfortunately he takes it in a willful and demanding manner, instead of showing joyful gratitude and looking reverently up to Him Who proffers all this. And in this he must now change, otherwise he will be dismissed from the Table of the Lord, which indeed constitutes Creation, by someone stronger who has now positioned himself at this Table, i.e., the Will of God Itself whom all substantiate beings serve jubilantly.

Here I want to touch upon one more point from the lecture “Woman and Man” which could probably bring thoughts to many among you which are not correct. In the stories of Creation in various nations mention is frequently made that man and woman came into existence at the same time. In some, however, that man came into existence first.

The representations of this, given in simple pictures, cannot at all be taken into consideration here, because they were given according to the stages of development of the various nations and of the times, whereas we here are dealing with the strictly lawful and real knowledge of Creation; yet despite this you do not find any contradiction therein because through the lawful happenings described to you so far you know that naturally the coarser, purely masculine, the positive part, had to be ejected or had to sever itself first from that which is substantiate before the purely feminine part was able to remain!

From this it would be possible to describe man as having come into existence first, while it can be stated with equal justification that both came into existence at the same time. Both of these former pictorial descriptions may be considered as correctly described in the actual, great and objective happening; for the finer spiritual-feminine or the spiritual woman can in turn come into existence only when the coarse spiritual-masculine has severed itself from that which is substantiate, not otherwise.

Therefore, from every aspect, despite the difference of images in those earlier representations, it is expressed correctly; for the descriptions of creation do not relate to the becoming in the grossest materiality, but to the very beginning of Creation as such, which started in the realm the Pure Spiritual, at the uppermost point of Creation, which from there continually then developed downwards.

It is the same with these descriptions as with everything earthmen do, nor was it any different with the description of the happening about Parsifal and the Grail Castle: People who become deeply absorbed spiritually are given inspirations which they are unable to understand clearly and which already distorted transmission they then force into their particular environment, and into the familiar earthly happenings, habits and customs, and in this process the intellect in particular does not neglect to contribute its part, which is not so small either. I probably do not need especially to emphasize the fact that this is not particularly helpful, nor can it have an enlightening effect, but is bound to cause distortion in matters which the earthly intellect is absolutely unable to grasp.

And thus all such descriptions always and only came into existence in slightly or seriously distorted renderings, to which you as now-knowing ones must never cling too firmly, however. Otherwise you will soon be left with what is distorted and finally must perish together with it, because for the Millennium everything must be made straight if it is to endure.

Nor do the ancient descriptions, which are now already in great need of a more exact delineation for the new time, offer any contradiction to the fact that the womanly always forms and remains the bridge to the next higher step in Creation, and being the passive part is the dispensing and stronger one; this is conditioned and brought about through its special nature, which still retains and carries within itself part of the next higher step of substantiality.

But since that which is substantiate is always and only dispensing and not attracting, it could not prevent the downfall of the earthly woman’s will in spite of its higher nature. Indeed it is only prepared to give where the demand for it arises.

Now strive to grasp my Message aright and to act accordingly.

I do not intend to place everything before you in a comfortable way after I have severed it into tiny pieces; for you, too, must bestir yourselves and add whatever lies in your strength.

I know precisely the limits of everything which the human spirits on earth are able to think, to perceive intuitively and to do, better even than you yourselves, and from the readers and listeners of my Message and of my explanations I expect the highest which the man of Subsequent Creation is able to achieve if they really want to follow me; for this is the right way which will benefit you according to the Will of God, Who demands movement and swinging along in the cycle of all the radiations penetrating Creation.

Therefore swing yourselves upward for this! What is possible to receive within the limits of your understanding that you must do. I leave it entirely to you and only give you the direction for it, laying foundations upon which you can and must now continue to build.

If you indolently want to refrain from personal work in these matters, and if you are only satisfied with absorbing within yourselves the sense of the Message without also applying it aright for further building, then you will derive no benefit from the Word; for its real value must thereby remain closed to you like a book with seven seals.

Only through your own movement will the Message open itself up for you, and pour rich blessings upon you. Therefore become active in spirit! With my Word I give you the impulse to do so!

I do not stand among you, men, as a servant, wishing to do your work for you so that you can rest, but I show you the path that you have to walk, if you want to be happy and I lead you!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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