Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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53. Ask, and it shall be given unto you!

Man is still in doubt about how to form his prayers. He desires to do what is right and not to omit anything. Although he gives the matter the most sincere and willing thought, he is still not really sure that he is not doing something wrong.

But such pondering is utterly useless; it only proves that man is ever again trying to approach God with his intellect, and this he will never achieve, for he always remains far away from the Almighty with such efforts.

Whoever has absorbed my Message aright is clear about the fact that words are much too limited in their nature to be able to ascend to the Luminous Heights. It is only the intuitive perceptions embraced by the words which, depending upon their strength and their purity, ascend above the boundaries of formed words.

Words are meant in part only as signposts to indicate the direction which the rays of the intuitive perception should take. In part they also release the nature of the rays within man himself, who uses the formed word as a support and as a cloak. The word which is thought during prayer reverberates within man, if he experiences it within himself or if he exerts himself to call it to life within himself.

With this explanation you already see two kinds of prayer arising before you. The one arises within you out of your intuitive perception, without reflection, through the experiencing itself, which is therefore the strong intuitive perception of some moment, and which while springing forth yet veils itself in words; and then the other kind, which in the process of reflection forms words beforehand, and in working backwards through the words it only seeks to set free the corresponding intuitive perception, i.e., it wishes to fill the already formed words with intuitive perception.

There is no need to state which of these kinds of prayer counts as the more powerful one, for you yourselves know that that which is more natural is always more correct. Thus in these cases it is that prayer which arises through the bursting forth of a sudden intuitive perception, and which only afterwards seeks to compress itself into words.

Just assume that you are unexpectedly hit by a very heavy blow of fate, which shakes you to the depths. Fear for someone or something you love grips your heart. In your need a cry for help arises within you with a strength which shakes your body.

It is in this that you see the strength of the intuitive perception which is capable of ascending to Luminous Heights, if... this intuitive perception bears within itself humble purity; for without this every ascent is already halted on its way at a very definite point, no matter how strong and powerful the intuitive perception is. It is utterly impossible without humility; it could never advance to that purity which in an immense circle surrounds all that is Divine.

Such a strong intuitive perception will also bring in its train only a stammering of words because its strength does not permit it to be squeezed into narrow words. The power streams far beyond the confines of all words, foaming over and tearing down the boundaries which words want to erect through the narrow limits of the earthly brain’s activity.

Every one of you will already have had such an experience in his life. Therefore you can grasp what I am trying to convey to you. That is the intuitive perception which you should have if you expect your prayer to be able to ascend to the Heights of Pure Light, from which all granting comes to you.

However, not only on account of fear shall you turn to the Heights, but also pure joy as well as happiness and gratitude can well up within you with the same strength! And this joyful kind swings upwards even faster, because it remains more undimmed. Fear very easily dims your purity of intuitive perception and forms a wrong kind. Too often it is connected with a silent reproach or even grudge that whatever hit your soul so severely just had to happen to you, and naturally this is not right. It must then hold back your cries.

It is not necessary to form words in order to pray. The words are for you, in order to grant you the support of your intuitive perception, so that it remains more concentrated and does not become dissipated in many varieties.

You are not accustomed to think clearly without words and to become absorbed without losing the straight direction, because through too much talk you actually became far too superficial and distracted. You still need the words as signposts and also as cloaks to keep certain types of your intuitive perceptions together, and to envisage more clearly through words whatever you wish to express in prayer.

Such is the way to pray if the urge to do so arises from the intuitive perception, i.e., if it is a volition of your spirit! But this rarely happens with the mankind of today. Only when they are hit in some way or other by a very strong impulse, through suffering, joy or also through some physical pain. Nobody takes the trouble any more to think now and then about God the Dispenser of all mercies, voluntarily and without some impulse.

Now let us turn to the second kind of prayer. It comprises those which are intended to be said at very definite times and without the kind of cause we have just discussed. Man takes it upon himself to pray. It is a deliberate, especially willed prayer.

This brings about a change in the process. Man thinks or speaks certain words of the prayer, which he himself has composed or which he has learned. Usually these prayers have little of intuitive perception. Man thinks far too much about getting the words right, and this alone already diverts him from really perceiving intuitively that which he speaks or merely thinks.

Without any difficulty you will recognize that this explanation is right, if only you think back and examine yourselves carefully in this respect. It is not easy to fill such prayers with the capacity of pure intuitive perception. Even the slightest constraint weakens it, claiming part of the concentration for itself.

Here the formed words must first be called to life within yourselves, i.e., the words must arouse that kind of intuitive perception within you which in their form they express. The procedure does not then follow the course of bursting forth from within, and passing through the back brain into your frontal brain, which quickly forms words according to the impressions received; but the frontal brain begins by first forming words which only thereafter must be absorbed retroactively and assimilated by the back brain, in order to exercise from there a corresponding pressure on the nerve system of the solar plexus, which only after further proceedings can arouse an intuitive perception in accordance with the word.

It is true that everything in the sequence takes place at such an enormous speed that it appears to the observer as if it happens simultaneously, but nevertheless such forms are not so powerful or so original as those arising in the reverse manner. Therefore they cannot attain the effect, and in most cases remain devoid of intuitive perception. Even with a repetition of the same words ever again daily, they lose their power for you, they become habitual and thus meaningless.

Therefore become natural in your praying, men, become free and unaffected! What you have learned by heart so easily becomes a recitation. You only make it difficult for yourselves by this.

If you begin your day with truly heartfelt gratitude to God, and if you also finish it with equally heartfelt gratitude, be it only gratitude for the lesson you have learned on this day through experiencing, you live a good life! Through diligence and care let everything you do arise as a prayer of gratitude, let each word you speak reflect the love which God grants you, then life on this earth will soon become a joy for everyone who is allowed to live upon it.

It is not nearly so difficult, nor does it take up any of your time. A short moment of honest heartfelt gratitude is much better than praying for hours what you have learned by heart, and which you could not in any case follow with your intuitive perception. Moreover, such outward praying only takes up the time you should use for genuine thanksgiving through joyous activity.

A child which really loves its parents will demonstrate this love by its ways, by its actions, and not with flattering words, which in many cases remain nothing but an expression of nestling self-complacency, unless it is even a selfish desire. The so-called wheedlers are seldom of any value and only think of themselves, and of satisfying their own wishes.

You stand no differently before your God! Prove through the deed what you wish to say to Him! —

You now know how you have to pray and already again you are anxiously facing the question as to what you shall pray.

If you wish to recognize the right way for this you must first separate your prayer from your petitions. Differentiate between prayer and petition! Do not always try to stamp your petitioning as prayer.

Prayer and petition must signify two different things to you; for prayer belongs to worship, whereas a petition cannot count as worship if you really want to adjust yourselves to the conception.

And it is necessary that henceforth you should adjust yourselves to it, and not intermingle everything.

When you pray give yourselves! This only I wish to call out to you, and in the word itself you have the explanation. Give yourselves to the Lord in your prayer, give yourselves entirely to Him and without reserve! Prayer must be the unfolding of your spirit at the feet of God in veneration, praise and gratitude for everything He grants you out of His great Love.

It is so inexhaustibly much. Up till now you just have not understood it; you have lost the way which would enable you to enjoy it in the full consciousness of all the capacities of your spirit!

Once you have found this way through recognizing all the treasures of my Message you will no longer have any petition left. You will have nothing but praise and thanksgiving as soon as you turn your hands and eyes upward to the Highest, Who reveals Himself to you in His Love. Then you will stand in a perpetual state of prayer, such as the Lord cannot expect otherwise from you; for in Creation you may indeed take for yourselves whatever you need. The table is prepared therein at all times.

And you may choose from it through the abilities of your spirit. The table always offers you everything you need, and petitions are unnecessary if you only make the right kind of effort to move within the Laws of God!

All this has already been said in words well known to you: “Seek, and ye shall find! Ask, and it shall be given unto you! Knock, and it shall be opened unto you!”

These words teach you the necessary activity of the human spirit in Creation, and above all the right application of his abilities. They point out exactly the way in which he must comprehend Creation, and also the path which will help him on-wards.

The words must not be regarded merely in a commonplace sense, for their meaning goes deeper, encompassing the existence of the human spirit in Creation in accordance with the Law of necessary Movement.

The words “Ask, and it shall be given unto you!” point very clearly to the ability of the spirit as mentioned in my lecture: “The cycle of radiations,” causing it through a certain urge, which cannot be shaken off, always to will or to wish something; which through its radiation then immediately attracts the homogeneous species, as a result of which it is automatically given what it desired.

The urge impelling the desire, however, must always remain a petition and must not become a one-sided demand, as unfortunately every human being of the present time has accustomed himself to making. For if it remains a petition it also holds humbleness, and consequently it will always contain what is good and will also bring in its train what is good.

With His words Jesus clearly showed how man has to adjust himself in order to direct all the self-acting abilities of his spirit onto the right course!

It is the same with all His words. Unfortunately, however, they were pressed into the narrow mold of the human earthly intellect, and thus became badly distorted, with the result that they were never understood any more, nor interpreted in the right way.

For it will probably be easily understandable to everybody that this does not refer to the ordinary relations between men, because men’s attitude was neither then, nor is it today, of such a nature that one could expect from them the fulfillment of such hints.

Go among men and ask, and you will be given nothing. Knock, and the door will not be opened unto you! Seek among men and their works, and you will not find what you are seeking! —

Nor did Jesus refer to the attitude of man towards God personally, omitting all the huge worlds lying in between, which cannot be pushed aside as if non-existent. Neither did He mean the Living Word alone therewith, but Jesus always spoke out of the primordial wisdom, and this He never compressed into small earthly thinking or conditions. When He spoke He depicted man standing in Creation, and He chose His words in an all-embracing manner!

All reproductions, translations and interpretations, however, suffer from the neglect to think of this. They were always intermingled with and carried out by earthly, petty human thinking and thus distorted and misrepresented. And where understanding was lacking their own ideas were added, which could never answer the purpose, however good the intention.

That which is human always remained petty human; the Divine, however, is always all-embracing! In this way wine was badly mixed with water, and finally there emerged something different from the original. This you must never forget.

Similarly with “The Lord’s Prayer” through the petitions stated therein Jesus merely sought to direct the human spirit’s volition in the most simple form, towards that which would permit the human spirit to desire only what is useful for its ascent, so that it could receive such from Creation.

This does not hold a contradiction, but it was the best signpost, the infallible staff for every human spirit of that time.

The man of today, however, needs the entire stock of words he has meantime created for himself, and the application of every conception arising therefrom, if he is to find a path out of the confusion of his intellectual sham wisdom.

Therefore, men of the present time, I must now grant you more extensive explanations, which in reality convey exactly the same again, only in your way!

It is now your duty to learn this, for your knowledge of Creation has become greater! So long as with this knowledge you do not now fulfill the duties laid upon you by your spirit’s abilities, which have to be developed, so long have you no right to ask either!

With the faithful fulfillment of your duty in Creation, however, you receive everything through the reciprocal effect, and there is no longer a reason for any petition; from within your soul there then streams forth only gratitude to Him Who in His Omniscience and Love ever again loads you with gifts every day!

Poor men, could you but pray aright at last! Really pray! How rich would your existence then be, for in prayer lies the greatest happiness you can receive. It uplifts you to immeasurable heights so that supreme happiness streams through you blissfully. Could you but pray, men! That shall now be my wish for you.

In your small thinking you will then no longer ask to Whom you shall and may pray. There is but One to Whom you are allowed to dedicate your prayers, only One: GOD!

Approach Him in solemn moments with a sacred intuitive perception, and pour out before Him what your spirit can bring up in the way of gratitude! Turn only to Him when you pray; for it is to Him alone that gratitude is due and to Him alone you yourself belong, Oh Man, because only through His great Love were you able to come into existence!

But if you have petitions, you can turn to His Sons, to Christ Jesus or to Imanuel. However, you should never raise a petition to the level of a prayer; for a prayer belongs to the Lord alone!

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