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by Abdrushin

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54. Gratitude

“Thanks! A thousand thanks!” Everybody has probably heard these words quite often. They are uttered with such a variety of expression that they cannot so easily be classified into one single and definite kind, as is actually required by the sense of the words.

In fact the meaning of the words is here only of secondary or even third consideration. It is more the inflection, the tone of voice used, which gives value to the words or indicates their worthlessness.

In many cases, probably in the majority, it is merely a superficial habit expressing the customary form of social politeness. In such instances the words might just as well have never been uttered at all, for they remain a hollow phrase which is more of an insult than an acknowledgement to all those for whom it is intended. Only occasionally, indeed very seldom, can there be sensed a vibration indicating an intuitive stirring of the soul.

One’s hearing does not need to be so keen in order to recognize just what the person uttering these words means. They do not always contain something good, for the vibrations of the souls vary greatly with the same words.

They may reflect discontent or disappointment, yes, even envy and hatred, deceit and many an evil volition. These beautiful words of genuine gratitude are often misused in all sorts of ways so as carefully to gloss over something else, unless they are completely empty and only spoken in order to conform to manner and custom, or to habit.

These words are generally expressed by those who are habitual takers, who use them constantly and have them at the ready for every occasion thoughtlessly, similar to the frequently encountered babbling of endless chains of all kinds of formulated prayers, but which through being rattled off without any inner intuitive response are nothing but an offense against the Holiness and Greatness of God!

But where the words are really used in accordance with that sense which they seek to express, i.e., where the soul vibrates in the wording, where the words formed remain indeed the expression of the pure vibrations of the soul, as it always should be when man forms words; then such cases shine forth brilliantly in Creation like beautiful blossoms springing forth from stony ground!

If you consider it aright, in fact, everything uttered without intuitive prompting is bound to remain nothing but empty prattle, wherewith man fritters away the time which he should value differently; or it can only contain a false volition, with the words representing something to his fellow-men not in accord with the speaker’s intuition. Nothing healthy and constructive can ever come from it. The Laws of Creation prevent it.

Thus it is, and not otherwise, although it remains very sad, clearly showing all the mire men are piling up through their varied prattling in the field of fine gross matter, which has a retroactive effect upon life on earth, and through which every human soul must first journey before it can enter the lighter spheres.

Never forget that each of your words allows a form to arise which clearly shows the contradiction between your intuitive perception and the words, no matter whether you wish it or not. You cannot alter this fact. Consider this with everything you say. Although fortunately they are but lighter forms which quickly vanish again, yet there is always the danger for you that such products may suddenly obtain reinforcement from a completely strange source, strengthening and condensing them in the same species and thus permitting them to extend their activity, which is bound to become a curse to you.

For this reason, try to reach the point where you only utter that in which your soul vibrates.

You imagine this would be quite impossible on earth, because otherwise, in comparison to your present custom, you could say so little to each other that life would thereby threaten to become monotonous and boring, especially at social gatherings. There must be many who think in this way and who are afraid of it.

However, if man only advances to this point in his thinking, he will also see how much of his time on earth so far was bound to remain utterly empty, without value and thus without a purpose. Then he will no longer be sorry at the loss of so many empty hours, but quite on the contrary he will be afraid to indulge in them in the future.

The person who must seek to fill his time with empty words, just for the purpose of keeping on social terms with his fellow-men, is empty himself, as are his surroundings. However, he will not admit this to himself. He will console himself by saying that he cannot always talk about serious matters, that he will become boring to the others, in short that it is only the fault of the others if he does not speak of that which perhaps still stirs him personally.

With this, however, he deludes himself. For if his fellow-men are really as he supposes them to be, then this proves that he himself has nothing else to offer either, because it is only through the attraction of homogeneous species that the surroundings with which he associates come into existence. Or his surroundings have attracted him because of the homogeneity. It is the same in both cases. The popular saying about this is quite right when it asserts: “You can judge a man by the company he keeps!”

Empty people who do not strive to fill their life with genuine contents will flee from such people bearing spiritual values within them.

Nobody can conceal spiritual values; for as soon as it is not buried within man but still really alive, the spirit has quite a natural urge towards activity through Creation’s Law of Movement. It irresistibly presses towards the outside, and such a person will again find men to whom he can give something as recompense through his spiritual activity, so that he in turn may receive from them, if only through new stimulation or through questions of serious purport.

It is absolutely impossible for boredom to find any room in such cases! On the contrary, the days are then far too short, time passes by ever faster, and there is not enough of it to hold everything a spirit can give when it is really astir!

Go among your fellow-men and listen to how much of the many things they talk about contains anything worth mentioning, and speedily and without any trouble you will recognize how spiritually dead humanity is at present, the humanity who should work spiritually, which means that every word they utter should be of great and up-building value, because they are of the spirit! You yourselves have deprived your words of all the high power which they should contain in the Law of Creation due to your wrong application of the ultimate expression of your thoughts. The language is intended to serve man with power and as a sword in order to promote and protect harmony, not to spread suffering and conflict.

He who speaks from out of his spirit cannot make many words; with him every word becomes a deed, because he swings in his word and this swinging brings fulfillment in the Law of Reciprocal Action, which itself is fulfilled in the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species.

For this reason man shall never utter words of gratitude in a superficial way; for they do not offer gratitude unless penetrated by the soul!

Does it not sound like a jubilant song as soon as human lips form these plain words with a blissful heartfelt emotion: Thanks! A thousand thanks!

And it is more, in reality much more, for such gratitude from a soul which is stirred is at the same time a prayer! Gratitude to God!

In all such cases the intuitive perceptions contained in the words rise unconditionally towards the heights, and the blessing descends reciprocally upon that person or those persons who called forth these intuitive perceptions, i.e., upon that place which the words of genuine thanks are meant for, the place to which they were directed.

Therein lies the just equilibrium which is fulfilled with the blessing, which also takes on form and is bound to become visible on earth.

But... the blessing cannot flourish visibly everywhere, for the process requires this one condition: No matter what has been done by the one for whom the words of such genuine gratitude are meant, he must have done it with love and with the intention of giving joy to the other! Whether it has been a gift, or some action, or only some really well-meant and good word of advice.

If this requirement is not met by the giver, then the blessing sinking down in reciprocal action for the gratitude which ascended does not find the soil in which it could become anchored, and thus in all these cases the just blessing must nevertheless fail to materialize, because the one who should have received it is incapable of accepting or receiving it!

Therein lies a justice which man on earth does not know, and which is only contained in the Laws of Creation working so vitally and automatically, the Laws of Creation which can neither be distorted nor influenced in this matter.

For example, a person who does something in a calculating way, either to attain fame or some other pleasant reputation, will never be able to receive the true blessing arising out of his kind actions, because he does not carry within himself the soil which is required according to the Law to receive this blessing. At the most he can receive transitory, dead and thus nothing but temporary earthly advantage, but never a true reward of God, which can only be received by a person who himself stands and lives in the sense of the Divine Will in Creation.

Even if a person would give away millions for the poor or, as so often happens, sacrifices them for the sciences, if his impulse is not genuine love, if his urge to help does not come from his soul, then he will not get any reward of God either, because it cannot possibly come about, since such a person is incapable of absorbing, of receiving it!

As a consequence of many a genuine expression of thanks from those who received from him, the blessing in accordance with the Law already hovers above him, it has descended upon him, but such a person cannot partake of it due to his own fault, because he does not offer the soil within himself for its reception.

When genuine gratitude is uttered the reaction will come in any case. However, the extent of the effect depends in turn, and according to the Law, upon the attitude adopted by the soul of him for whom the blessing came through the reciprocal action.

The one who should receive is therefore himself at fault when such a blessing cannot take shape for him, because he does not possess the inner capacity to receive it in accordance with the requirements of the Primordial Law of Creation, since he lacks the right warmth of soul.

The misuse of beautiful words of thanks, however, is not only carried on by the one party, not only by the receiving ones, but also by the giving ones, who entirely displace and distort the conception of gratitude.

There are more than a few among mankind who to all appearances do a lot of good, and yet extend their help just to reap gratitude for themselves.

In their giving they are coldly calculating. Only the cleverness of their intellect is at work. Among these there are also a few whose momentary feeling prompts them to offer help, but who later on constantly try to throw this at the one-time recipient, expecting gratitude from him for the rest of their life!

Persons of this kind are even worse than the most evil usurers. They do not shrink from expecting life enslavement from those who at one time or other received help from them.

With this they not only destroy their self-respect and the value they should receive for the help once given, but they fetter and burden themselves with tremendous guilt. They are despicable creatures, not worthy to breathe another hour in Creation or to enjoy its blessings, which the Creator grants them ever anew with each moment. They are the most unfaithful of servants who, due to themselves, must be cast out.

But just these insist upon morals on earth and are also supported by earthly moralists, who always seek with high-sounding words to further the same wrong opinions about obligatory thankfulness, thereby cultivating something which, according to the Primordial Laws of Creation, is akin to the grossest immorality and which in the future will have to be eliminated on earth as well.

Then true helpfulness will have entered into the souls for real needs of the soul as well as earthly needs. In the same way the words of gratitude will contain a true sense of gratefulness and thereby offer the balance in the God-willed harmony in Creation, where any one-sidedness must be excluded as disturbing, confusing and as harmful obstacles.

Many now praise gratefulness as a virtue, others as a duty of honor! Through one-sidedness and lack of understanding opinions are uttered and frivolously spread, which have already caused severe suffering to many a person.

Therefore man must now become clear as to what gratitude really is, what it calls forth and how it works.

Then much will become different, and all the chains binding slaves, which were forged through wrong opinions about gratitude, will fall away. Mankind will at last be freed from them. You have no idea what travail has spread over mankind on earth like a shroud draping all human dignity and the noble, joyful desire to help, due to this mutilation and the false conceptions of pure gratitude forced upon men! Countless families in particular are infected with this, and have been producing accusing victims for thousands of years.

Away with this false delusion which seeks, with deliberate intent, to drag every noble action which is natural to human dignity deep into the mud!

Gratitude is not a virtue! It must not, nor does it want to be counted among the virtues. For each virtue emanates from God and is therefore unlimited.

Nor may genuine gratitude be stamped as a duty! For then it would be unable inwardly to unfold that life and warmth which it needs in order to receive the blessing of God from Creation through the reciprocal action!

Gratitude is closely linked with joy! Gratitude itself is an expression of purest joy. Thus wherever there is no joy included, where no joyful elation is the cause for gratitude, there the expression gratitude is used wrongly, there it is misused!

In such cases it will never be able to set free those forces which are automatically released by true gratitude in accordance with the Laws of this Creation, according the Will of God. The blessing is then lacking. Confusion must come in its place.

Such misuse, however, is found almost everywhere when men speak of gratitude, of thanks today.

The gratitude really felt intuitively is a compensatory value willed by God, which mediates the counter-value to whomsoever gratitude is due in the Law of necessary Equilibrium in this Creation, which can only be upheld and furthered by harmony, which lies in the fulfillment of all the Primordial Laws of Creation.

You men, however, bring entanglement into all the running threads of the Laws. Through your false practices, your erroneous conceptions. Therefore you make it difficult for yourselves to attain to true happiness, to peace. In most cases you are hypocrites with your words. How then can you expect that truth and happiness can blossom forth for you? You must indeed always reap what you sow.

Thus you must also reap everything you sow with your words, and through the manner in which you utter your words! Through your own attitude towards these words.

Nothing other can develop out of this for you, this you must always remember in regard to everything you say!

Just think over everything once again each evening, and seek to recognize the worth of the words you have exchanged with your fellow-men in the course of the day; you will be horrified at their emptiness! Even at the emptiness of many hours of but a single day! Attempt this without any extenuation of yourselves. With a shudder you will realize what must also arise out of this for you in the workshop of Creation, well known to you through my Message, in which everything automatically manifests which issues from you through your intuitive perception, your thinking, your speaking and your actions!

Examine yourselves seriously and with an honest confession. From that hour on-wards you will change yourselves in many things.

You must not on that account become sparing with words in your life on earth in order to proceed on the right path. But in talking you must avoid superficiality as well as lack of sincerity, which lie behind the major part of all the speaking of these earthmen.

For you act with all your talking in the same way that you deal with expressions of gratitude, and yet inwardly you highly praise such moments as earnest, solemn and significant when with your words you simultaneously express your intuitive perception!

This happens only seldom, however, but it should always be thus! So many men consider themselves very clever and wise, even highly developed spiritually, when they know how to conceal their intuitive perceptions and their actual volition behind their words, never permitting their fellow-men to see their true face in spite of lively conversation.

This method is called diplomatic, as a soothing expression for the strange mixture of crafty cheating, of hypocrisy and falsehood, and of the greed which is always lying in wait triumphantly to create advantages for oneself at the expense of weaknesses discovered in others.

In the Law of Creation, however, it makes no difference whatever whether all this is done by someone acting for himself personally or only for the benefit of a state. In this matter acting is acting, and is bound to release all the effects of these Laws.

He who knows the Laws and their effects need not first be a prophet in order to recognize quite clearly the end of all that is bound up in the fate of individual nations and of mankind on earth; for the whole of mankind is incapable of displacing or distorting anything in this matter!

Only through recognition and genuine observance of the Laws, and thus acting differently in time, could mankind have sought to diminish a great deal in order to ease many afflictions for themselves. However, it is now too late for this! For all the effects of their past actions are already rolling.

But all that is burdensome therein in truth serves only as a blessing. It is a mercy! It brings purification wherever there is something wrong which now must collapse as the necessary final consequence, whether in the state or in the family, in a people itself, or in relationships with others; we stand in the great final reckoning, which rules above the might of human instruments of power. Nothing can be excluded or hidden from this.

Only the Laws of God still speak, which with superhuman accuracy and in an unswerving manner take automatic effect in everything that has happened so far; for new energy has penetrated them from the Will of God, which energy now permits them to enclose men as with immovable walls, protecting them or also destroying them, depending upon the nature of men’s attitude towards them.

For a long time in the future they will also remain like walls, surrounding everything with the same power, in order to prevent such confusion as has occurred in the past from coming about once more. Soon men will be thereby compelled to move only in the forms willed by God, for their own salvation and for their deliverance, so far as this is still possible, until they themselves go consciously forward again on the right paths in accordance with the Will of God.

Therefore look around you, men, and learn to swing in your words, so that you will not neglect anything!

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