Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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55. Disappointments

When will the earth-man learn to look within himself for every fault, every reason for failure and non-fulfillment! He seems never to be able to do this. Too great is his consideration for himself; too small and limited, however, his stubborn, rigid thinking.

Judging from past experiences he will never learn, because he does not wish to! Even with the best and the greatest volition, deep within him there still remains a reservation, and in the final analysis this reservation is always his beloved “ego” together with some peculiarity or other to which it still tries to cling with a tenacity that even surpasses the power of the best volition.

This “ego” keeps itself so deeply hidden that many think it no longer exists at all. However it is still there, sending out its threads harmfully from its hiding-place at those moments when man least expects it. It obtrudes itself into many things, and with special decisions that have to be made very rapidly, the beloved “ego” sometimes even sets itself quite openly before the duty of Sacred Fulfillment!

Although this is only possible temporarily, when the volition towards fulfillment is strong, yet it nevertheless weakens the effect of the will to fulfill, and retards many a victory, hindering it or making it quite impossible.

Thus was man found to be at the last examination. Man, with his peculiarities or desires, will never of his own free will completely surrender himself, not even under the influence of the greatest pain. The “ego” still has something to say in the matter and thrusts itself into the foreground, especially in the love that it cherishes for some fellow human being, and which it sets above all else, without man’s fully realizing this weakness.

Thus man must be inwardly broken, in order thereby to attain to the possibility of raising a new edifice to the honor of God within himself, which alone leads him to true happiness. The false gods of the past must likewise submit, or be exterminated through the thrust of the sword, which is forcibly brought about by men themselves.

Men, how easy everything could be for you, and how difficult you make it for yourselves!

Can you not just for once raise your thoughts at least a little above this rigid form which you have created for yourselves over thousands of years, and for whose development you have voluntarily sacrificed whole ages as though you had an abundance of them, while the Eternal Laws weaving in Creation cannot grant you a single minute to waste.

What do you imagine is going to happen now! Do you ever give it any thought without again putting yourselves carefully on one side, so that you may remain untouched by your searching glance, as you have always done hitherto because your habit did not allow you to act or to think otherwise.

Move with more spiritual vigor for once, and become free from all the rigid forms that hold you down and degrade you.

The cycle of your thinking lacks life! I will give you just one example of how you thereby force yourselves to harm yourselves and others and even to violate what you truly hold sacred, all the while believing to be small and having the best volition for what is good:

Suppose a man goes to a knowing one to ask for confirmation that he is on the right path, and where it leads. Such a man is always full of wishes and questions. And it may always be taken for granted that among all the questions only a few are really objective. Most of them are of a purely personal and earthly nature.

Although a knowing one will only answer such questions reluctantly, because the Message already contains all that any man needs for himself, it nevertheless happens that, on being asked, he will lift the veil a little from the path that may yet open up for the questioner in the weaving of the Laws. The latter then greedily gathers up what he has been told, and tries as well as he is able to adjust himself accordingly, yet always only as he himself imagines it.

The picture of the words he asked for on his visit remains with him, and he holds on to it unperturbed until he thinks the time has come for their fulfillment. However, his thinking is based mainly upon his desires, and formed according to his purely personal conceptions, whose validity he never questions.

Now it happens that a moment, thus expected, often passes without fulfillment! If he is a man of good disposition he will shake his head and ask himself in bewilderment, perhaps in despair, how this can be, since he trusts implicitly in what he has been told, and everything a knowing one says must come true, if he really is so knowing.

He will be in conflict with himself, perhaps consoling himself with the thought that he must first wait and see what happens. In any case, in the first place his faith will probably cool off and be shaken, if he cannot find a reason that enables him to overcome this disappointment.

Yet a man of evil nature will scoff and rail against everything associated with this knowing one who has disappointed him, and of course also against the knowing one himself. He will even draw my Message into it, although this merely proves that he himself has never as yet understood it, or that he is unable to summon up confidence in his own conviction, in short, that he himself is nothing spiritually, and remains subject to all fluctuations of earthly circumstances. Such a man stamps himself as belonging to the chaff.

Then he no longer remembers that he was formerly convinced of the Truth of my Message and able personally to perceive its values on and within himself. Thereupon he also lays aside the Message, even though it has given him very much.

He will try to raise doubts in other people. What he himself has recognized as good and perhaps has experienced inwardly, he will not mention; rather he will try to make it appear as just the opposite. It does not occur to anyone to examine and scrutinize himself properly first, and to enquire whether the reasons for the impossibility of fulfillment of what has been said might not lie with himself and his actions.

Just that, however, would be the right thing! For every non-fulfillment is always solely owing to the fault of the one who is so disappointed by it.

After all, he may change even within an hour of the conversation, thus making the fulfillment impossible. Unless he reaches, by himself, what is awaiting him on his path, that is, what Providence has in store for him, there cannot be complete fulfillment. Instead some other experience awaits him; for the experience as such, comes without fail, only its forms change through his own attitude. Thus joy may turn to sorrow or sorrow to joy, but either will bring him the pre-ordained experiences of his spirit.

The specific milestones along the earthly journey will be fulfilled for every spirit. Thus the outward manifestations, that is, the causes that give rise to them, adjust and change according to the inner life of the one concerned.

The earthly wanderer, however, always observes only the outward appearances, the form that remains subject to change! Therefore he incurs disappointments and doubts for himself.

Try to imagine the following picture: A man is traveling on a road, which if he continues upon in the same direction, will bring him to Vienna.

If he asked someone who knows the country well:

“Where will this journey take me?”

that person would naturally have to say:

“To Vienna!”

He might also mention a few towns through which the traveler would pass on the way.

If, however, for some reason or other the traveler changes his direction even before reaching any of the destinations mentioned, he will not then arrive at Vienna, although he has been told the truth, but at some other place. Perhaps Paris, Zurich or Rome.

As soon as he changes his direction, however slightly he turns off the road, his destination will also change, and with it the fulfillments in their original nature, as they would have been had he followed his first course. Thus he has then no reason to regard the one who has given him the information as an ignorant person, or even as one who only, but deliberately, pretends to know. —

Just as simply as it happens in this instance, so it is also with each of man’s journeys through his earth-life.

If a man asks where a path leads him, it is quite possible for a knowing one to say what points he will, and indeed must touch on the path upon which he stands at the time of his question!

Nothing more can ever be given to a man. Only information in accordance with his present condition and his present course, because, as everyone knows from the Message, man always retains his free will to make his own decisions. Thus even a few minutes after putting his question, he may inwardly take a turn which must at once automatically change his path and likewise his goals.

If someone begins his journey towards Vienna and suddenly alters it towards Rome, he will of course reach Rome and not Vienna.

It is exactly the same with the spiritual paths. These operate also in the World of Gross Matter! for they are decisive for it.

I have often said that even a Son of God cannot compel a man to attain salvation, because the free will of every human spirit to make its decisions will not be annulled.

Many a man imagines himself to have especially great faith, when he thinks that I can see his precise earthly path, and that what I tell him in response to his questions will have to happen to him absolutely. While many a man shows himself to be inexpressibly small in his assumption that if some of this does not occur, I could, in his opinion, not be an Envoy of God.

In both cases is shown only ignorance of the working of Creation in accordance with the Holy Laws of God which are in constant motion and which instantly pick up on every volition of a human being in order and tie him to its reciprocal effects.

Even in the Judgment it cannot be exactly foreseen how this sacred happening will affect each individual. Therein also lies movement, right up to the last moment. Many a person who thinks of himself as standing safely may yet fall.

The hour is exactly ordained for each person; but the nature or the effects depends on his inner state at the moment of the Judgment. The nature of the human being identifies itself to reciprocal action through the volition of its spirit with all that still adheres to it.

However, he who sins against the spirit of the Lord anew has already received his sentence which is urging towards its fulfillment even now, so that salvation is no longer possible for him.

Even as I utter these words I already know that men will again only absorb them in a very limited way, and that they will also immediately force what they have absorbed into a rigid form. Thus what has been said is again promptly robbed of all mobility, and the newly-given Truth quickly distorted by rigid thinking, even before it can come to life within you.

Thus I have to endure this with all my words. People do not absorb them as I wish! And knowing this makes one weary. Even if I decided to explain over and over again what I have already said, in the end this would not be enough; the need to explain would be never-ending, because with their narrow thinking, men will always produce some new point that needs clarifying. —

Although man is bound to all the consequences of the decisions of his free volition, he still has enough opportunities to move about on the paths of his life-journeys in Creation, thus also on earth. The how and where and when, with all their effects, are contained in my Message, which in Its form cannot be misinterpreted, provided man makes the effort to fathom my words aright, by receiving them in the way in which they are given by me.

When you have the Message before you, you must seek to delve into my words exactly according to the arrangement of the sentences and words, for it is that which leads your spirit! I use your language in its true sense, as it must be used in order to mold it alive, but not as the distorted intellect pronounces to be right and beautiful!

You know that the name of a man comprises that person himself. Man actually is what his name says, he is not merely called thus. The name, however, is also a word. And just as the name actually lives and works within itself, so also does each word of your language live and work independently!

But all mankind have distorted this, just as they have distorted their intellect. In the first place therefore, it is essential when reading my Word that you abstain completely from such harmful intellectual trifling! In so doing you must try not to think in those forms which you have established for yourselves, or which others continually seek to establish for you, but you must force yourselves to let the nature of my words, and also the way in which they are grouped together work on you unimpaired, and to perceive them accordingly!

If you carry this out earnestly you will experience wonders, for the character of my sentences will convey to you conceptions and pictures entirely different from the same words assembled in your fashion.

So far you have not taken the trouble to do this! You have not yet accepted what has become new in my way of speaking; instead you still base your thinking on the usual intellectual foundations, which in recent years and frequently have been subject change, and often before that, indeed, you even make use of them in the reading of my words.

The language, in reality, as well as each individual word, holds so much life within itself that it may not be lightly altered without at the same time weakening its effect! I shall have to teach you first how to understand and use your own language correctly, because through the false reasoning of the brains you have been diverted even from this.

Intuitively you have once more found the absolutely correct expression for what the efforts of your intellect have hitherto desired to bring about, when you say that the purpose is to make your language more fluent and facile, so that it can be read faster and more easily.

Hand in hand with fluency, however, goes dilution! Giving fluency to the language through the efforts of your intellect is nothing more than dilution of the language, by which also its power, the vigor in it, is weakened or completely lost.

Quickness and facility of reading concern only the intellect, making its work easier.

In everything there lies only the urge towards superficiality, which, as the crown of the efforts of your intellect over thousands of years, is such an evil characteristic of the present time!

The intuition, your spirit, speaks differently; you can observe this in every sentence that is given to you from the Light. You have received so much of this, and yet have learned nothing from it.

Look to me and attune yourselves to me! This has been my call from the beginning. I bring you the new; because everything is to become new according to the Holy Will of God; this includes the use of the language which must not be molded for shallow conversation!

However, because the correct manner of speaking now seems strange, many a person objects to it. The one considers it too simple, the other perhaps too affected, or even through clumsiness wrongly applied, and much else; whereas in actual fact it restores the correctness of your language as it really is to be used, so that it can live and speak vitally to you, so that it will become capable of touching and opening your souls, and will not merely flatter the weaknesses of your superficial intellect! So that it swings in the Sacred Rhythm of the Eternal Laws!

Therefore delve deeply into the character of the language, but with your spirit, which demands much more. Above all, take pains to understand me in the Word!

Once you have grasped the words of my Message in their full value, you will also know all the Laws working automatically in Creation. Then there will be no more disappointments for you; because you yourselves will have become knowing ones!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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