Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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56. And if humanity asks...

There is something strange about mankind on earth. They lie in Creation like a ponderous, slothful and rotten mass. Mankind, who should be weaving therein in the most lively, most mobile, most beautiful and most luminous way, if they would use the abilities with which they have been graciously endowed, aright.

But like lead, they burden everything; dark, gloomy, ready at any time to work with poisonous and destructive envy on anything that seeks to rise above their average kind. Hostile to the Light, they lie in wait to defile all that is not willing to travel along their self-made path, which leads to the abyss, to eternal perdition.

Men stand aloof from the Lord, because they wish to become lords on earth themselves! And yet they now have the name of God on their lips more than ever before, in order to make use of it for their own ends; to bear it before them as a shield, to indicate thereby a pure volition.

But their inner self bears no relation to the shield thus displayed; for their souls are filled with distrust, out of fear lest someone should challenge what they themselves are striving for: Earthly power and earthly influence.

And this distrust dims every pure volition; drags people down; makes them unjust, fanatical, and increases the misuse of the Holy Name “God!”

Men do not ask about it! Actually they never ask concerning what can really benefit them and what they should ask, but only about what is in line with their way of thinking. And since today all mankind is inwardly filled only with distrust, every question is also bound to contain distrust, as the result of a psychic state that is fundamentally distorted and depraved.

What a person thinks of his fellow-men, he draws out from himself and assumes in connection with himself. A really good person will always only wish first, to find the good in others; whereas it is quite self-evident that a malevolent person is able to assume only malevolent intentions in his fellowmen, especially in those matters which he himself cannot yet understand.

A malevolent human being will interpret everything he does not yet understand, as coming from the malevolent volition of another, because in accordance with his nature, he simply does not expect anything else.

But with a good human being, the opposite holds true. He will look at everything first according to his nature, which is good.

A malicious man can never believe in a good volition; he cannot believe that certain actions could spring from it, because he himself is incapable of it. He will dismiss selfless action as a fairy tale, or even as a lie, because it is alien and incomprehensible to him.

Only the good man can believe in it, because he himself is capable of acting likewise.

Thus a person’s opinion of his fellow-men is always simply the reflection of his own inner state, which he clearly expresses in this way.

Those who speak evil of their fellow-men, and spread it abroad, must be evil themselves, or they would not do such things! This is a Law of Creation, which swings in homogeneity. Through it, your Creator in His Omniscience has also forced every human being to carry openly before him, a mirror in which his own inner life is quite clearly recognizable to the dispassionate observer. This Law, in the great simplicity of its effects, as a help from the Light, has simply not yet been closely observed, because man has never taken the trouble to probe into the logical consequences of God’s Laws in Creation.

On his earthly path, he only strives to advance quickly in the material sense, through the amassing of worldly possessions for the so-called pleasant things of life on earth, which however actually produce only superficiality and with it spiritual decline, because they lead to lazy comfort but never bring about ascent.

Man rushes through the life-span graciously allotted to him, looking neither left nor right, solely in order to reach earthly goals. Thereby he learns nothing from that part of Creation around him in which he is permitted to live, and in which he should also work accordingly.

Otherwise he would also long ago have recognized this law, which always clearly shows him his fellow-man as he really is. And such helpful recognitions would advance him further on his earthly path than all his haste; they would spare him much suffering and many disappointments, and as a result, things on earth would also have to be different from what they are today!

Learn at last, you men, to know the Laws of God in Creation, and you will be helped!

Yet to do this, you would have to exert yourselves, and give up the demanding attitude to which you have become accustomed as a result of your conceit, which is hostile to God! Then, distrust would not today rule among all mankind and brandish the whip over you! Distrust is solely the fruit of spiritual indolence. If your spirit were only astir in the way demanded of you by the Will of God, and if you had not set up in place of your spirit the earth-bound intellect, which must remain only a tool of your spirit, then distrust could not have gained the prominence on earth that it holds today.

Distrust is now the worst fruit of mankind’s false volition and wrong ways. As the final result of your association with Lucifer’s henchmen, distrust now wields the whip! Wherever you look, distrust nests today; not only within nations and churches, in trade or commerce, but even in the very core of family life; the sacred hearth of marriage.

Even where only two are together: distrust brandishes the whip over you! It has grown out of you; it hovers around you and over you with loathsome avidity, burying its talons deep into your souls, and it will even yet drive you to tear one another to pieces!

And it is this distrust, as the worst of the plagues which you have brought on yourselves, that will drag many among this mankind, indeed the greater part of them, along with it in its downfall; into the horror of disintegration, the eternal death!

A flash of lightning will strike it mortally, but in its death-throes it will not let you go, but will hold you fast in its million-fold claws. They will grip even harder in the rigidity of death, and souls clasped in their embrace will no longer be able to escape, unless they themselves, in their despair, once more make a great effort, amid a thousand pains, to tear themselves away even at the last moment and set themselves free. This tearing away, however, demands a tremendous development of will power, and inflicts deep wounds upon your souls!

Not many of this mankind will still be able to muster so much strength, and others will dread the grievous wounds and the pain which this tearing away will cause them.

And so through sluggish inactivity they sink; sink into the bottomless pit; into eternal night, where however, torments await them a thousand fold worse than the pains of a voluntary tearing away would be. — But then, it is definitely too late! They have indulged in this distrust at the crossroads where the Grace of God has once more placed them.

The indolence of their spirit now brings mankind to the final downfall, through its last repulsive fruit, which is unworthy of humanity and hostile to the Light: distrust!

Therein lies the Judgment: They themselves are no longer able to receive God’s last Grace! Thus all the spiritually indolent human beings, who are found useless in the Judgment, will ask:

“How can Abdrushin – Imanuel prove that He is the Son of Man?”

But only the indolent in spirit, those who refuse to make any personal effort towards their own salvation, will ask this or similar questions. Indeed they are ruled by their distrust! They are irretrievably enslaved to it. They are no longer able to search in the Word themselves, with earnest alertness of the spirit, not merely of the intellect. They are already too weak in spirit for this. In accordance with the immutable Law of God, the Word of Life, the Living Word, which likewise demands life to be able to receive it, can and will give nothing to the spiritually indolent! For he who does not seek earnestly for values in it, will find nothing. But he who seeks will find!

The Message contains and gives everything. For the human spirit it is inexhaustible. The most simple human being, as well as the most eminent scholar can find in it what he seeks. There is nothing in Creation which he would not find and recognize in this Message, as soon as he is inwardly capable of receiving these values.

Even the greatest human knowledge hitherto existing, can be further extended from it, without ever reaching a limit. The human spirit must first really seek in it in humility, and be prepared to receive with gratitude. Conceit, however, bars the way to any possibility of receiving, for the spirit that wishes to force itself to seek.

But the time is no longer far off, when undreamed-of treasures from the Word of the Message will be joyfully transmitted through human spirits of all classes, to a listening humanity. And it will give you ever-new material for every field of real knowledge, for the soul and for the body, as well as for your thoughts and deeds, here on this earth.

Until then, however, the indolent in spirit must be separated from the alert; they will be separated through themselves, so that henceforth they can no longer hinder or confuse what is in accordance with the Will of God.

Whoever seriously and without conceit reads the Word of my Message, that is, whoever genuinely seeks in It, will also find therein every recognition for himself personally and no longer asks: “How will Imanuel prove that he is the Son of Man!” —

It is the Will of God that the human spirit should awaken from the slumber and the self-imposed indolence which has led it away from the Light and which caused it to fall into the Darkness.

It is solely the fault of mankind! Had they not frivolously distanced themselves from the connection with the Light; had they not cut themselves off through their stubborn persistence and the conceit of their ridiculous would-be knowledge, then nobody would have any difficulty in recognizing the one who is sent by the Light.

However, in the sad history of the evolution of the entire mankind on earth, there have so far always been only a few who have actually recognized and therewith also acknowledged Envoys from the Light.

The fault of mankind! Certainly not of the Light. Thus this same mankind would now demand that the Light should alter Its Primordial Laws because of their faults, so that while they still remain entangled in them, they may easily recognize who is the Envoy of the Light, without any effort on their part!

Through their spiritual indolence they no longer even realize what arrogance toward God this question contains.

Just let them continue on the path that leads them to perdition. They do not want it otherwise. Turn away from those who ask such questions, and remember this:

Once they also approached Jesus in this way, when they had already nailed Him to the Cross, and demanded of Him: “If Thou be the Son of God, save Thyself and come down from the Cross!”

By this, He was to prove once again that He was the Son of God. However, other people would have demanded ever-new proofs in order to believe in His Mission or to be convinced of it. Their wishes would then increase a thousand fold, in spite of which, in the end, nobody would have exerted himself really to believe in it.

Surely you know people well enough, to realize this also for yourselves.

The words Jesus had spoken and taught were only of secondary importance to them, and would only pay attention to them, after they had received other proofs. To exert himself is always the last decision a human being wants to make. He continually postpones it and never does it, because in the end it simply does not come to him voluntarily.

Therein lies his weakness which now brings death for him! For at this point, the Judgment now sets in.

I say unto you: The living Word, the Message that I have brought, is the proof, as it simply cannot be given in a better or more convincing way, for all human spirits!

And he, who through earnest seeking recognizes the Word, is also completely convinced without any other help! This alone is able to save him, and help him to strive upwards towards the Luminous Gardens of God, where he may forever live in joyful activity in accordance with the Will of God.

Nothing else! Only he who actually recognizes the Word and makes it truly his own, that is, he who really lives accordingly, will be saved from eternal death. And such a man does not ask for other proofs. Everything has become self-evident to him in the experiencing of my Word, which supplies the proof for him therein!

Thus, man must exert himself for it in all seriousness and in humility, without conceit, without prejudice. Unless he fulfills this, the Word can give him nothing. It remains closed to him, whereas otherwise It far exceeds the highest expectations for everyone, and pours forth an abundance which brings true peace and true knowledge, and gives happiness!

People will experience it, even if they now scoff at it. Their souls shall be loosened by severe shocks and thereby prepared for the fervent desire which wishes to receive. Then indeed, will they recognize the wealth of my Message, of which not one word will be changed, but it is and shall remain as it is given by me now. People, however, will change within a very short time, because now their souls are still too numbed through the stubborn volition of the distorted intellect.

Foolish men, how secure and great you imagine yourselves to be! I say once more: it is not for you to demand of God Almighty, but now He for once demands of you, because His forbearance is now at an end!

He demands proof from you, that in accordance with His All-Holy Will, you have made good use of the abilities He bestowed upon your spirit! And that you are alert in your spirit and able to recognize in His Word Him whom He has sent to you!

If you are unable to do this, you have been unworthy of His Grace; you have not used your abilities, which He bestowed upon you so that you could co-operate in Creation, in a manner worthy of a human being; you have buried and wasted your humanity as useless ones in Creation, and will therefore be erased from His Book of Grace; of being permitted to be conscious of yourselves and of Life!

Reflect within, you men! Wake up spiritually! Very soon you will have to change; every one of you, through your own experiences, because already the Almighty Hand of God rests above all things, and His Holy Wrath now pours forth for the salvation of those who have not yet entirely succumbed to the Darkness, and who may still be able to come to an awakening.

Make use of the hours now, you earthmen! The shameful distrust, which as the last evil fruit of the false volition of these men has already spread over the whole earth like a plague, will also be completely shattered, through the Wrath of God. The earth will again be free from it!

First however, there comes the confrontation:

Just as arrogantly as at the time of Jesus, mankind demands again: Prove that you are the Son of Man! Mankind will demand it in their typical, earthly, self-created narrow concepts.

However, in His Holy Wrath God now demands: Mankind, I gave you the ability always to recognize all that comes from my Light! Now recognize my Son, or you will be judged and condemned as unworthy of being human and as hostile to the Light! —

You will soon experience the consequence of this yourselves! And if mankind in its typical way will ask, then this time God will provide the answer according to His All-powerful way!

And all the ludicrous conceit of these earthmen will implode into a little pile of dust. —

Thank the Lord when He helps you with His blows that must strike you too in the reciprocal action. Pray and be ready at the hour of humanity’s highest distress, to herald the Word which I have given to you!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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