Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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59. Easter 1934

Just as so often in the spring, raging storms herald anew the resurrection of Nature, so now shall Easter proclaim the resurrection of you and all mankind from the spiritual sleep that has endured for many thousands of years. It shall proclaim the resurrection of your spirit, which has hitherto been enslaved in the earthbound intellect.

The new era will be born in tribulation and pain, and the purification will be ushered in by a great cosmic fever, which will also toss and convulse the diseased body of this earth, so that it seems about to perish, whereas actually this happening leads to recovery.

The old will be extracted, crushed and cast off, because it was false and disturbing in the rhythm of this Creation, it must perish, be consumed by scorching fires, and then, from out of the ashes there will arise, through the Grace of God, the new, which, growing in obedience to the Laws, will blossom to full beauty, yielding a rich harvest of the highest values of which the human spirit is capable.

But first the violent storms must come, the purifying fever spasms must first pervade everything in order to destroy the old before the new can arise; and you who are to become strong enough to emerge from it, need the Grace of God to enable you to stand upright again, when, after all the storms, the new sun calls you to new life!

You will experience wondrous things within your souls. Weary almost unto death. Yet invigorated afresh with indescribable power, you will at one and the same time feel both fainthearted and courageous; sorrowful yet filled with gladness. As after severe thunderstorms, the last raindrops sparkle and glitter like the finest crystals on flowers and grasses, so will the scalding tears of bitterly lamenting souls suddenly radiate like diamonds, as an expression of purest joy and deepest gratitude!

You will rejoice amid your tears, and trembling you will straighten yourselves in the glowing radiance of the Love of your God! This is how you will feel after the Judgment. —

Unswerving loyalty is your way thereto, holy faith the key to the gate into the new life, and in selfless love lies the strength you need!

Then, one day, you will hear those Easter bells which ring out peace to all who, like convalescents after a long illness, have found their way spiritually home to the Lord, Whose Holy Wrath they had to experience before they recognized Him, so that at last, filled with gratitude for their salvation, they were able to perceive in It His Supreme Love.

The day will also come, when Easter bells ring out joy to a people who, on their presumptuous wrong paths, brought the most severe suffering upon themselves, and only through this, learned to look upwards and find at last that maturity which will enable them radiantly to lead all humanity on earth in the service of the Lord.

Thus, it will be Easter bells that finally sound fulfillment to all countries; the complete withdrawal of Darkness from the earth, which may then bask in the new Light bestowed upon it, until it is able to free itself for dissolution into the primeval state from which it once developed.

But these bells are now calling to Judgment! Every human being must pass before the Sword of Justice and be struck by its ray. Not simultaneously, but within a very definite time, which is short in proportion to the number of people.

Just once does each individual have the opportunity to perceive intuitively for himself, the last Grace of God in the Word! In one way or another It passes before him, so that he can recognize It, if only he so wills. If he does not then cling to It with all his strength, and make use of this moment, It never returns to him.

Only a small number of these human beings will still recognize the Grace and make use of it for themselves. The others miss their time; the opportunity that approaches only once. They think that, if all else fails, they will still be able, as hitherto, to turn back to It at any hour. However, it will be a fearful realization when they must come to understand that in losing this, they have irretrievably lost all, and that their names have already been erased from the Book of Life, from being permitted to exist in Creation.

For many this realization no longer comes here on earth, but only after they have had to leave their physical bodies. However, they were already foredoomed to eternal death, from which, after disintegration in unspeakable torments of the personal self-consciousness that they were permitted, there is no awakening! —

Only once, men, does this grace pass quietly before you, without calling you; for it is you who must be on the lookout for It; ardently longing, ever watchful and awaiting It, open to the ray that comes from the Luminous Heights. Only once will each of you human beings still be touched by It! Not pleading or enticing, but impersonal, indifferent as to who grasps It or lets it pass by. It is the Will of God that you exert yourselves for It!

Fear and boundless terror would seize mankind had they the faintest idea of the Sublimity of God, radiantly enthroned in His Unsubstantiate Omnipotence at unapproachable distances. Unapproachable even to the purest Archangels in the Divine Sphere!

And many human spirits believe themselves to be partly of Divine origin, or at least expect in the final supreme consummation, to become Divine, perhaps even more so; to become a part of God!

They, who are merely creatures of a radiation, able to become conscious only in its very last ramifications since otherwise they are too weak to bear the pressure of the Light when it has already been cooled down many times, they, who have not the least conception of God’s Creation, much less of God, would bear Divine Sparks within them!

They only wallow in fantastic images which originate in the sultry swamp of their own desires, and they worship and revere their beloved “ego.” Their humility is foul blasphemy of the pure Holiness of the Lord! In their arrogant vanity and lurking hypocrisy, they are the most repulsive creatures of this earth.

It is just these human creatures who dare to disregard the Will of God in Creation, replacing it with their will, as the only authority and criterion for their thoughts and actions.

This poison has pervaded everything on earth. Nothing that happens here is in accordance with the true Will of God, but only with the volition of men, who have even molded the Will of God merely to suit their wishes, and then boldly assert that the Will of God must be thus and not otherwise, because they think it is so! Their thinking, however, is always influenced by their wishes!

Sinful, wanton blasphemy everywhere. Man has spread this poison wherever he has gone. Wherever he works with his thinking, which can see only himself as the center and core of all existence and activity, there he has set up his will against God’s Will, and distorted everything with his harmful obstinacy.

In a most offensive way, he takes it for granted that he can usurp the right to make decisions in many a matter, to which he is not entitled according to the Holy Laws of God, which are firmly anchored in Creation, and to which he should have submitted, if he wants peace.

However, that he does not want to do! God, according to this very word, is to serve him as a support for his conceit before others for daily and often hourly he impudently asserts that his own thoughts and words, as well as his deeds, are willed by God, even calling upon God to bear witness to his right!

Each shall now receive his right, Sacred Right, but not as he imagines it! And you, who submit faithfully, you shall witness this in the coming time!

Whatever earth-man does is false, because he has turned away from God through his own efforts. Everything must first become new, from the ground up, before he can again find grace in the sight of God.

The very concept of God which man has formed is wrong! For even here much can easily be recognized as a product of human conceit, so deeply has it eaten into the human brain. It is upon this foundation that the faulty structure of all his thoughts and actions rests. Man no longer knows his God, but has made a convenient idol of Him! No solid structure can be built upon such a false foundation. All that stands upon it is bound to fall.

Even with a good volition man is no longer worth helping. Only the inconceivable Love of God is capable, in spite of this, of sending forth an offer of help once more!

This time, however, man will only be given the opportunity, nothing more. Like throwing a lifebelt to a drowning person, where no other help is possible.

Thus it is with you, you men! You must fight desperately for yourselves, and must see to it that, at the right time, you grasp this lifebelt, otherwise you are doomed to eternal death to which you yourselves have pledged yourselves!

This lifebelt is thrown to you, in the Word of God. Only he who clings to it in prayer will be saved, and everything else will have to perish!

Therefore men, fight for your existence with the very best of your volition, or you will soon be overwhelmed by the waves! —

I know that a large part of these people will be and must be lost now, for otherwise health cannot be restored to this world.

God will tolerate only creatures who submit to His Will through which they came into existence in the first place. Nothing else shall enjoy the blessings of Creation any longer. Clarity must be everywhere. What is disruptive will be cut off, and without a supply of power it will have to decay; for there is only one maintaining power which is given out of God. And this will no longer be available to those who are disruptive or stubborn!

The Holy Sword of God swings purifyingly in the ray of the highest Light also over this earth now, so that nothing will remain on it which does not recognize the Truth and will joyfully attune itself to It!

Everything which mankind formed as caricatures of justice, conceived by a corrupt intellect which serves only the basest lust for power, will be crushed by the Justice of God! — —

“It is enough! This far and no further!” speaks the Lord, and His Holy Wrath destroys everything which is unworthy of His Blessings!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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