Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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60. Unsubstantiate

The word “substantiate” is an expression of Creation. It is so comprehensive that the human spirit as a particle of Creation will never be able to get a right conception of it.

As the counterpart of substantiate the expression “Unsubstantiate” is named. Less than ever can man imagine what is the meaning of Unsubstantiate. He will always have a confused idea of it, because it is something which must perpetually remain an enigma to him. He cannot even form a conception of it, because there exists no form for Unsubstantiate that comes within the understanding of the human spirit.

However, in order to bring you at least a little closer to an understanding I will for once substitute earthly expressions for the expressions of Creation, although these can only be considered the vaguest shadow in comparison to the reality.

For substantiate imagine dependent, and for Unsubstantiate that which alone is independent!

According to human thought this gives you the best possibility to approach the matter objectively, although it can neither render nor designate that which it really is, or how it is; for you would always be unable to comprehend the “what” whereas in this way you can at least approximately envisage the “how” to yourselves.

The Unsubstantiate is therefore that which alone is independent, while all else is dependent upon it in every respect and is thus called substantiate, of which everything that is spiritual is also a part and likewise everything that is Divine, whereas the Unsubstantiate is only God!

From this you can realize that there is still a great difference between the Divine and God. The Divine is not yet God; for the Divine is substantiate, but God is Unsubstantiate. The Divine and all else that exists is dependent upon God, it cannot exist without God. God, however, is absolutely independent, if we are to use the earthly conceptions which, however, can naturally not convey what it really is, because earthly or human conceptions cannot span such greatness.

Thus heed this well, God is not Divine, but God is God, because He is Unsubstantiate, and the Unsubstantiate is not Divine, but is God!

Christ Jesus once said in simple words:

“I and the Father are one!

Thus He was not Divine, for that would mean Substantiate, rather He was God-Son, coming from the Unsubstantiate.

Pertaining to Him the expression “The Divine One” is therefore wrong if you humans want to look at it correctly. Divine are the Archangels and the Elders in the Divine Realm. Jesus, however, was and is God-Son!

This is a simple, unshakable fact, since He originated from the Unsubstantiate, thus from God Himself, not from the immediate radiation of God, which is Substantiate and which may be referred to as Divine.

The core of the Son of God is Himself a part of the Unsubstantiate. You see that the sacrifice which God the Father offered to all of mankind is much greater and that the crime of this mankind and of Lucifer is much more egregious for waging a most base battle against God, from whom all, without exception, must remain totally dependent.

The consequence of the most Holy Wrath affects the evil doers with the fullest force which is not to be mitigated!

You however, who were permitted to become acquainted with my Word which comes from the Unsubstantiate, will now be able to recognize the full greatness of your task, as well as the magnitude of all the Grace thus granted you.

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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