Resonances to the Grail Message 1

by Abdrushin

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61. How the Message should be absorbed

Man on earth makes one great mistake when seeking for spiritual knowledge: He wants to strive forward with leaps and bounds instead of proceeding step by step in calmness and sure certainty. No sooner is he aware of some impulse that wants to direct him to seek for spiritual values than he already asks about the last things, things far beyond the capacity of a human spirit to comprehend.

He thereby renders himself incapable from the very outset of absorbing anything. Perplexed and discouraged, he soon gives up the search. Quite often even resentment arises in his soul and he derides, mocks and scorns other seekers, facing them with enmity. But such hostility is actually based on the feeling of a depressing recognition that he was himself incapable of finding values in the spiritual. The knowledge of his impotence lets him, who is joined by envy and jealousy, become an enemy.

A person who scoffs is not superior but merely embittered. Scorn and ridicule hold an open confession of personal inadequacy, personal weakness, of inability to grasp a matter which a scoffer lacks the capacity to understand. Or it is envy that speaks from him. Envy because another person can comprehend something which remains incomprehensible to him.

It is also characteristic of the human spirit that when he fancies he possesses a greater knowledge he does not indulge in mockery and scorn. If he is really convinced of his knowledge he has no incentive to malice and enmity. —

But fear can also cause a human spirit to be filled with hatred. Especially fear of being treated with disdain in public opinion, fear of it becoming known that the personal knowledge he so proudly displayed in the past will receive a jolt through some matter which he himself is incapable of following, or which he cannot follow without designating his hitherto imagined knowledge as deficient, if not wrong.

For a human spirit on earth this is then the most potent incentive for attacking, for scorn and mockery, indeed for the most repulsive kinds of hostility that do not shrink from lying and slandering, and which finally even degenerate into acts of violence if there is no other way of achieving success.

It is the same in the smallest things as in the greatest. The more influence a person exerted with his supposed knowledge upon his fellow-men, the more they are informed as to his pseudo-knowledge, the more energetically will he always close himself to new recognitions when they come from an alien source, the more desperately will he also work against them.

Many a person on earth would gladly open himself to new knowledge, even if it is opposed to his hitherto imagined and false pseudo-knowledge, so long as nobody knows of his old views.

But when his fellow-men know about it then his vanity does not permit him to throw in his lot with a new knowledge which changes his own, for in doing so he would show that he has so far been wrong. He then rejects it, sometimes even against his innermost conviction, which often gives him anxious hours!

Out of cowardice he then seeks for high-sounding words to cover up his vanity, and the subtle intellect helps him to do so. It then allows him to declare in a dignified manner that he considers himself responsible for those who have so far followed him along his path. Out of “love” for the others he rejects the new knowledge so that no disquiet will arise in that peace which the souls of his believers found in their past thinking.

Damnable hypocrites who speak thus; for their much-praised peace is nothing but slumber, which holds the human spirit fettered and prevents it from bestirring itself according to God’s Law of Movement, from unfolding the spirit so that its wings will grow for the flight to the Luminous Heights, from which those slumbering peacefully must remain far removed!

But many people gladly run after such mischievous detractors of God’s Laws, because the comfort they teach is so alluring to the indolent human spirits! It is the broad and all-too-comfortable road to damnation, to the regions of disintegration. Not without purpose did the Son of God Jesus point so often to the hard, stony and narrow path to the Height and warn against the broad road of comfort! He knew the slothful indolence of these human spirits only too well, and the temptations by Lucifer’s henchmen who make use of this weakness!

Man must bestir himself if he wishes to reach the Luminous Heights. Paradise awaits him, but it does not come down of itself unless he strives for it. To strive does not mean just to think, to plead and to beg as you are doing today, but to strive means to act, to exert oneself to get there!

But men only beg and then imagine that they will even be carried aloft by the very hands through which, in their hatred, they once thrust nails! Only the path is shown and will be shown to all of you, you indolent ones, but you yourselves must walk upon it! You must exert yourselves to do so.

How often did Christ say this, and yet you believe that you can be forgiven your sins without difficulty, immediately, if only you pray for it. You live according to your wishes and desires, and even beg for Divine Help to do so. And again you expect this help to be only in that form which you wish for, thus even making conditions about it.

Indolence and presumption wherever you look. Nothing else. This also is spiritual laziness, when in the very beginning of your spiritual awakening you already ask, leaping forward, for the last things. In doing so you only want to see at the outset whether it will pay to walk along the path which will cost so much toil. Indeed you have no idea how ludicrous a person appears when putting such questions to Him Who can give you the answer. For such questions can only be explained by One Who comes consciously from Above, One Who was in the things that for you are the Highest, which, however, in fact are the first things and must not be called the last things.

And He Who comes from Above also knows that not a single one of the human spirits can even divine these things, much less absorb them knowingly.

I brought you the Message which earthmen need if they want to ascend spiritually! Just examine it aright! At best, however, you find it beautiful... and immediately ask about things which in any case you will never be able to understand. And which are therefore of no use to you either.

But when once you have inwardly absorbed the entire Message aright, and have experienced every word of it within yourselves, once you have lived it through in order to transform it into deeds as a matter of course in your existence on earth, then it will become your own like the flesh and blood you need for the fulfillment of your wandering on earth.

If you act in this way it follows that you will no longer ask these questions; for then you will have become knowing, as knowing as a human spirit is capable of becoming. And with this the nonsensical wishing also simultaneously ceases; for through the knowledge you have become truly humble, have cast off the weaknesses of your human vanity, of haughtiness, of the conceit of your own pseudo-knowledge, and all the many faults which a human spirit has acquired.

Thus whoever asks these and similar questions still sleeps on in the indolence of his spirit, only imagining he is thereby emphasizing alertness of spirit and the strong urge to seek. He is no different from a child who wants to run a race before it has even learned to walk!

Neither can you pick out individual passages from the Message just as they suit you or interest you; for interest is not sufficient for spiritual learning, it extends only to the intellect, not to the spirit, which requires more.

You must take all or nothing.

It is true that genuine seeking can arise out of interest, but not easily, only very seldom. Zeal is also harmful, for it induces one to make jumps that paralyze the powers. Stride forward calmly, word by word and sentence by sentence, not reading and not learning, but trying to absorb everything I gave you in pictures just as in life. Dig yourselves into all of the depths of my words, and then, indeed only then, will you be able to get a faint idea that you hold the Word of Life in your hands, the Word which lives Itself, which was not composed by a human spirit of anything that was learned or thought out.

Only when you thus force yourselves to life in God’s Law of harmonious Movement can the Word come to life within you, enabling you to ascend into the Luminous Heights which are your real home. But before that can happen you must shatter all the walls around you which, during thousands of years, your spiritual indolence permitted to become so very rigid, which constrict the wings of your spirit and keep them down in such a manner that the rigid dead dogma satisfies you, indeed even seems great to you; with which dogma you today seek to serve that God Who Himself is the Life with an empty form only! —

Nevertheless I have also finally explained to you in descriptions that which you call the last things, but which in reality are the first, so that in the whole existence there no longer remains any question for you to ask. I gave it to you as a reward; for in order to recognize the descriptions you must have taken the trouble beforehand to absorb the entire Message word by word, making it live within you! Whoever neglects to do this work will never be able to understand me, even if he thinks he does.

Therefore avoid anything erratic, but fathom each of my words from the beginning, and sentence by sentence. No person is able to exhaust the value of the Message here on earth, for it is intended for all parts of the World. Do not pick out certain passages of the Message at random. It is one whole, indivisible, like God’s Laws of this Creation. No human spirit can alter or distort anything without being harmed in the process. Nor can you introduce anything into it from outside either; you cannot insert anything alien which is more pleasant to you into individual passages, no matter whether it originates from a known teaching or comes from yourselves.

You must leave my Message unchanged from the first to the last word if it is to benefit you. You must first experience it within yourselves so as to form your outward life in accordance with it! If you do this you will proceed in the right way, and Luminous Heights will open themselves before your spirit in order to permit you to pass through to the highest realm of joyful activity of the blessed human spirits, which you call Paradise. There you will obtain a faint idea of the Pure Spiritual, and will perceive the Power of the Divine as reward which I have described to you. But then you will no longer desire to ask any questions, for in your happiness you are without a wish! Then the intellect will no longer torment you, because you experience everything.

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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