Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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God's Love
lies solely in the Laws
that work unalterably
from the beginning of the world
till today
and to the end of all days!

1. The Gate is Opened!

What I proclaim to you today is tantamount to pushing open the gates for the World Judgment! The Lord spoke these words of momentous significance to humanity:

“Now is the time for the Word to be proclaimed openly and freely to all the world, in all parts of the Earth, for the cosmic clock is about to strike the 12th hour!”

These words are so momentous, so filled with the Holiest Power of God, that they now remove all of the constraints which were to have held back the great Final Judgment until such time as the commandment was given by God the Lord, which I send into the world today!

It is meant for you, too, bearers of the Holy Cross! Your time has come! You shall stand before the Word, strong, intrepid and joyful, as it is willed by God, the Lord! You shall profess your affiliation freely and openly! You will thus bring good things to humanity; you will bring salvation, Light and Life. And God’s Omnipotence is with you! You are not to hide, you who have been lifted out of the old in order to build up the new here on Earth, in accordance with the Will of God.

You are the people who God wants to have on His Earth! To you the Lord gives the right to enjoy the blessings in His Creation! Because you have recognized His Holy Word and strive to live in harmony with It with the total honesty of your volition.

The great Purification begins! Keep your eyes open and you will soon clearly recognize the strict and just hand of your Lord and God in the unfolding of all of the reciprocal actions!

Do not hide! The Lord wants you on His Earth, and all who, together with you, follow the Word of God. You are designated to build up the Kingdom of God here on Earth which is pleasing to Him! His blessing is upon you. His Laws keep watch! They support and protect your activity while they crush and destroy the deeds of all of the enemies of His Word in the furious acceleration of increased power, so as to free the earth and the entire world from all those creatures who are counted among Lucifer’s followers, and who in their self-conceit pay no heed to the Holiness of God's Laws in Creation.

You will be invited to the table of the Lord for the meal which is provided by Creation.

Those, however, who wish to be and to remain enemies of His Word, or who still persist in their indolent delusion of human self-aggrandizement, will now be expelled from Creation as harmful guests, for Creation must vibrate in the laws of the Light, and can only safeguard its survival through this means!

Do not shy away any longer from speaking about the Word of my Message. God wants you to proclaim loudly what your spirit fulfilled! God wants you to speak now; His power, His protection will be with you!

Those who would attack or slander you on this account will now judge themselves; for they show themselves to be enemies of God who cannot bear the Word of Truth! They will be painfully impacted by Its Light if you speak of It with conviction. This arouses their anger, their hatred, thus triggering and directing the beam of severe reciprocal action directly against themselves.

Do not be worried. As soon as you stand firmly and have the courage to act confidently, if you are decisive and unambiguous in your speech, with all the politeness of a mature spirit, then you can be assured of every victory at any time, at any place! For nothing can be against you if God Himself, with His Omnipotence, is for you, because you act in accordance with His Will!

Think of the first Christians who at the time not only left friends and relatives behind for the Word, but paid heed neither to their position among their fellowmen nor to earthly goods. Joyfully they professed the Word of the Son of God even though He was no longer among them on earth. They were not afraid of suffering harsh persecution by all the heathens, of suffering the greatest physical pain and of giving their lives when it meant standing up for their conviction in the Word!

It occurred later on again, when Christians persecuted their fellow Christians, tortured them under the cruelties of the Inquisition! Many a man has much to learn from such power of unconditional conviction!

Yet how much easier has it been made for you this time! People in those days were under the pressure of a Darkness which, still under the leadership of Lucifer, was able to wield its greatest power. Nevertheless, out of gratitude for being able to receive the Word, they did not heed the hatred of the dehumanized masses! They even went to their death for It while praising God!

Today Lucifer is already fettered! He can no longer harm you. His power is totally destroyed, his armies already annihilated. You are only confronting the last troops of his earthly followers. Their power, however, is already paralyzed because the Light is in Judgment above them. They will all collapse within themselves; they will have to destroy one another! Thus it is willed by God and thus it will happen!

It is therefore much easier for you to fight for the Word this time, than it was before. It is as nothing in comparison to the olden days.

Nonetheless, there are still many among you who seek to hide themselves fearfully with the knowledge of the Word, so as to avoid any inconvenience. They are even afraid of questions by others about their Cross or about the Message.

Now, however, is the hour where the Word shall be spoken of, freely and avowedly to all the world! For in the days of the Judgment all men shall recognize you. You will be beacons in humanity’s darkest hours which are approaching, torches to all who in chaos and despair want to open their souls to the Holy Light!

Do not hide: for the fate of countless human beings thus lies in your hands! You are held responsible if, during the Judgment, you do not offer to genuine seekers the possibility of finding their way to the Light. You are not to solicit or go after people, but you must be at your post, recognizable to all from afar! For this I call you today!

If you make concessions to the enemies of the Holy Word, thus to the enemies of God, if you try to hide your conviction, are fearful or embarrassed, if perhaps you even deny It, you will lose, in accordance with immutable Law, will suffer harm; for you are then no longer worthy of being followers of the Holy Will of God! You have thereby joined the lukewarm ones who must be expelled along with all the damned ones, according to prophecy.

Now get ready, you who wish to belong to the Word! Give testimony about It wherever it is requested or appears to be appropriate!

Out of God’s Love there issues a stream of Light and a wave of unspeakable power pours out of His Omnipotence over all bearers of the Cross of the Grail! Courage will rise in you which will surprise even you, and which, like a great flame, will flare radiantly up to Heaven!

What you offer to humanity with the Holy Word exceeds all the treasures of this world! Keep this in mind. According to God, you are the givers, the bestowers among your fellowmen, not the ones to be tolerated.

You are thus in the service of God, to whom belongs the entire world, to whom belongs everything that exists and who will tolerate among His property only men who listen to His Word and who live in a way that is pleasing to Him. For men too are His property!

It is only by His Grace that they can exist! Whoever will not submit in humility to the Will of the giver of this Grace will be rejected by the Lord and cut off from all of the blessings and joys of this earth.

The time is up and inexorably the last stroke of the cosmic clock will soon reverberate through the worlds to announce that the twelfth hour is now fulfilled. That will be the end of all wrong human volition, a new time is dawning, in which the Will of the Almighty alone rules!

A Will is not as humans have hitherto thought It to be, when in their arrogance they did not even shrink from the egregious presumption of wishing to force the nature of their own thinking onto their God, and indeed even to form this Will according to their own distorted concepts!

They only speak of themselves when they assert that it is God's Will! Only in order to thereby embellish their words and deeds! In retribution God’s ray will now strike them at a moment when they fancy themselves to be at their pinnacle!

They will be cut off from the grace of being permitted consciousness within Creation by that Will which they so often, without justification, dared to invoke, without knowing It. They branded their own volition as the Will of God Who will now judge them for this in the eternal Divine Justice!

Scoffers and persecutors of the Holy Word will be struck as by lightening in the fiery heat of which they must consume themselves in order to recognize, under agonies, that they have sinned against the Spirit and can therefore find no mercy.

Scoffing and scorn will cease before long in the wails of the condemned.

Simply ask anyone who means to scornfully ridicule you because of the conviction you hold sacred, or because of the Cross which you bear, which you are fully entitled to bear with pride:

“Are you really so inimical to the Light and the Good that you cannot bear the sight of the Cross of Light?”

This question will reveal to you many a wonder, for it bears unimagined power. Prove yourselves worthy of the gift of your Creator when His power will penetrate your spirit at a time when you least expected it! Do not let this power pass you by unused, but drink it with all the longing of your soul so that you may remain chosen to be righteous guests of your God in the great house of His Creation and do not have to be cast away together with those who have befouled the pure house by the works of their arrogance and conceit, their greed for power and their hatred!

You stand in the power of the Word! All bearers of the Holy Cross who do not regard it as an external sign and a badge, but regard it in purest faithfulness!

The time has come to proclaim the Word, to speak of the Word! Be God’s swordsmen for the Truth and the Light! The Lord’s power will be with you triumphantly!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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