Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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2. The Wound

It is time to speak about the wound that continually weakens the bearers of the Cross of Truth! You have thought about it, and mulled it over for a long time already, without recognizing it.

This applies not only to the Mountain, but also to the lowlands! I do not want people such as churchgoers who, listening smugly, savor the Word in order to then feel gently uplifted by It, to relish It; instead I want people who are capable of building It up within themselves in joyful activity, into a solid fortress, a pure temple of God!

Diligence is what I demand of everyone who is permitted to receive my Word if It is to benefit him!

If you were thus, you would no longer bear the wound that continuously weakens you. You would long ago have been cured of it. As it is, however, it still holds you down and has a paralyzing effect on all stirrings of the spirit!

I will tell you what it is: In spite of all of your knowledge, in spite of your best intentions, you still lack that completely infectious conviction of the final recognition of the great Light happening which you wish to serve!

This is the seemingly still incurable wound that Lucifer inflicted on mankind, the shackle that keeps you and humanity still tightly bound to the darkness with iron force; the open sore that will not close to form a firm defense against all evil, but continually offers a weak spot for the darkness to deliver strikes, capable of having an obstructive or even destructive effect on your Light volition.

Do you understand what the problem is? You lack the conviction of God’s Omnipotence which is with you when you are active in the service of the Grail! Through lack of this conviction you constrain the effects which should manifest triumphantly through you in all your deeds, even in your thoughts!

Wherever you are beaten back, where your activity and volition are not ablaze with unconditional victory, you alone are to blame because there you lacked the power of conviction with which you must be victorious!

You serve God with your volition, your activity, and God is with you if you stand solidly in His Will and do not let your own will stand in between!

If all the powers of this world unite against you, they cannot accomplish a thing as long as you follow the Will of God and do as He commands you! If earthly regulations appear to oppose what you are commanded to do, do not hesitate; go straight to your work with confidence, without fear and without doubt; all obstacles will dissolve into nothingness and the success you strive for will be yours, in every case! Absorb what lies in these words for they will be fulfilled.

Furthermore do not forget that Omniscience, which remains highly exalted above all human knowledge, guides and directs you toward the right goals and recognizes each final ramification of all current happenings!

So many of you have often had incredible earthly experiences. As we have seen in small things, which were however greater than you imagine, so it is with the most difficult and seemingly insurmountable things! Wherever an earthly power tries to forestall and oppose, you remember this: Omnipotence is with you which is far greater than any power and which nothing in all of Creation can oppose!

Man against God! How can there be any question remaining about the outcome and the end!

The consciousness of your firm conviction, however, is what you still lack. What prevents you from attaining it is your distorted intellect with which Lucifer fettered you. The intellect alone prevents you from fighting in the right sense, from being warriors for the Holy Will of God here on Earth!

As soon as human regulations and opinions are in opposition to you, right away you cower timidly in the false conviction that you would not be capable of overcoming them, and you become weak therein and do not brace yourself for battle!

However, every state which truly wishes to build up will support my Message and its movement; never suppress it; because it uplifts people and promotes the culture.

Just proceed with steady strides, undaunted in the holy conviction of an unshakable faith in the Omnipotence of God, which is with you, and everything that lies before you and tries to hinder you will dissolve of itself and will even supportively help you to succeed!

Once you have inwardly advanced this far then can you become real helpers for humanity in order to guide it upward to the Light through the Word.

However, all of you must be warriors for the Light, from the first to the last bearer of the Holy Cross! Yet, there is not one among you, not one in the full sense and with that strength that he could be and should be by now! Such has been the devastating and corrosive effect of your enslavement by the intellect since Jesus’ time on Earth!

You are not to become fighters who throw bombs and grenades and kill people; you are never to bring destruction to your fellow creatures, but you are to strike with the sword of conviction which is backed by God’s Omnipotence and cannot be opposed or resisted! What I gave you and continue to give you, over and over, is unconditional victory!

You can conquer everything here on earth if you want to and if you act in this conviction. You are invincible and every word of yours will also become deed, as long as it is spoken in the right way, that is, in the consciousness of that high power working with you.

For that I gave you everything, but you do not make use of it because you are still bleeding from the wound that weakens you and prevents you from becoming warriors!

You fainthearted ones who have been given so much of ineffable greatness, I know you and realize that once again you do not know how to make use of it, even after you have finally come to understand it, because once again you will immediately attempt to press it into smallness.

How great were the simple people who at the time of Christ thirsted to listen to His Word and decided to follow It, without cutting It up with the time and energy wasting cogitations of the distorted intellect! Even today you can take an example from those who could not be given the same high power directly that was given to you, who could not be arduously brought up toward a new becoming as was the case with you.

I have made it easy for you, which is why you take it so lightly and do not realize clearly the enormous gravity of each word.

Now, however, time presses as it moves forward, inexorably evolving. If you do not finally grasp the essence of the Word, then the sword which was handed to each one of you therewith will wound you, yourself if you do not wish to learn how to guide it. It will stir without your volition! Guide it well, or it will strike you. You cannot remain inactive, the power which I now sent into creation will not permit it.

It is Holy Law in the Grail that he will be stricken, will lose, will be harmed, who for even one moment hesitates in his conviction and his action, who does not force himself to set his sight on God and proceed with unshakable composure. I have often called your attention to this Law, because it always remains the basic foundation from which success and victory arise.

Do not make it easy for yourselves by thinking that surely Omnipotence will work through you wherever it must!

Omnipotence streams! In that you are quite right. It also works without you and guides everything to the end as determined by God at the exact time, without a single second of delay. Yet, unnecessary rubble would have to cover this path! That is why each path should first be smoothed by you. You are called to co-operate in the up-building of the earth, and to help rescue humans who without your help would be doomed because they would not awaken on their own.

You are to assist in preparing all earthly paths so that help can be given in time and in a manner that is necessary for humanity. It is not always a matter of the Word and Its dissemination, but also of the purely earthly necessity of an up-building.

Whatever a called one contributes, everything has to be approached with the unshakable conviction of absolute victory, of complete success!

The power of the Light pushes obstacles aside as long as you unswervingly follow the path that is mapped out for you. As long as you yourselves do not shy away from apparent obstacles, they can never come into effect!

Due to the inner certainty of your conviction the Omnipotence of God can flow and force victory for you everywhere, in everything you undertake in the service of the Grail!

That is how it works. Through your actions you have to provide the channels that guide the thrust of this Omnipotence to specific points. And this can only be realized through the clear certainty of purest conviction. Then you will experience one miracle after another, one always greater than the other!

However, do not become careless, superficial or even presumptuous towards people, but always remain awake, in the spiritual as well in the earthly sense! Make a start in earnest and soon you will gain invincible confidence, so that people will acknowledge in astonishment and admiration that God is clearly and visibly with you!

However, you always attempt to use your old way of thinking which for you called ones must remain past and done with; because you have been lifted out of the old and have been equipped with super-earthly Power. Let this power work at last!

Act with the genuine conviction that God’s Omnipotence is with you and any tribulations will stay away from you. As long as tribulations are able to reach you, it is your own faintheartedness which supported them!

Whoever exhibits faintheartedness has not grasped the greatness of the happening. He is not aware of the blessings he receives at each new hour, and he will never be able to become a true warrior for God here on earth.

Now do you know what makes a warrior for God? You are not to carry on unnecessary debates or commit crude deeds; instead you are to do your work in the purest confidence in the Omnipotence of your God. No matter the type of work, if in the service of the Holy Grail it will always only be constructive, never destructive. It will bring only blessings, never sorrow!

Your guidance is of such extraordinary nature that your human-earthly intellect will never be able to comprehend it. For this reason your spirit has to subordinate itself to the guidance! See to it that more life, greater enthusiasm arises within you and you will accomplish everything easily!

However, no one must become conceited in this; for only the intervention of the Light brings you victory! So long as your confidence in the Light is limitless! Whoever seeks to promote himself as the one bringing about success will immediately cause everything to stagnate; he will promote difficulties and will be denied victory.

At last transmit to seekers that which I have always given to you in such abundance! So that it may now fluently begin the necessary cycle, which will course like an avalanche through the souls and through the worlds! Have the same patience with them as you found in me. You make the same effort to understand your fellowmen as I had to make in paving a way for you to the Light Gardens of God which you, like all others, had lost completely, while going down wrongful paths instead.

Now you are to be the giving ones, the upward leading ones out of all suffering! But you cannot do so as long as you keep the bridges drawn up. Give of yourself to mankind as I gave of myself! Then you will be true warriors of God here on earth! Only then do you fulfill you task!

A cheerful greeting has awakened many a spirit, a smile relieved many a pain, and a sympathetic look has breathed self-confidence into many a weak soul!

How impoverished have you been in your spiritual abundance which you did not wish to use for others to delight in and feast on! The joy of others alone has an invigorating and refreshing effect on the spirit! You are the receivers whenever you cheerfully bring happiness to those whose spirits are yearning; when you encourage those who waver and strengthen those who are weak! For this purpose I gave you everything and urged you to make the most of your talents!

I know that for many of you all that was needed now was the Word to lift the last veils from your tentative volition so that everything that lay within you waiting to be awakened can rise to purposeful action!

Be warriors now and givers! The time is now!

From this hour on let Life arise in you! Banish all faintheartedness from your souls and work in the Power of the Lord!

Close the wound which you have borne even up to this hour, so that finally you can resist all doubting of the intellect. If you are not able to do this in the very near future, it will be too late for you!

Therefore, may the wound that you still bear burn painfully! Through pain, may it finally prepare you for the Holy battle on earth so that the spirit within you may arise and become ablaze at last!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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