Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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3. Omniscience

With my Word I lead you back to God, from Whom you allowed yourselves gradually to become estranged through all those who placed their human pseudo-knowledge above the Wisdom of God.

And those who are still profoundly convinced of the Omniscience of God, who wish to bow humbly before the great, loving guidance contained therein through the effects of the irrevocable Laws of this Creation, have a different concept of this Omniscience of God from what it is!

They picture the Wisdom of God as much too human and consequently much too small, compressed into boundaries that are much too narrow! With the best of volition they turn Omniscience into nothing but an earthly should-know-everything.

However, all their good thinking in this matter is too human; forever and again they commit the one big mistake of seeking to picture God and the Divine as the pinnacle of humanness!

They do not go beyond the human way at all, rather they proceed upward only from the concept of their own nature, i.e. starting from the human basis, perfected to the highest, most ideal point of the same species. Even in their conception of God, they nonetheless do not leave their own level.

Even when they seek to raise their expectation to something which is utterly unfathomable to them, everything still remains in this one mental groove, and thus even with the volition to gain a sense of it, they will never find even a shadow of the conception of the true greatness of God.

It is no different with the conception of Divine Omniscience! In your most venturesome thinking you make nothing of it but a petty and earthly all-knowing! You imagine that Divine Omniscience should “know” your human thinking and perceiving. This conception therefore demands or expects from Divine Wisdom an unlimited entrance into and adjustment to the most personal and smallest thinking of every individual here on earth and in all the worlds! A taking care of and understanding and, what is more: a worrying about each little human spirit!

Such should-knowing is not wisdom! Wisdom is much greater, standing far above this.

In wisdom lies Providence!

Providence, however, is not the same as foreseeing by the guidance, which is what people so often understand by the expression “wise providence”, or rather what so many imagine they understand by it. In this matter they also err, because in their human way of thinking they again start from below, and for every kind of greatness they imagine an improvement of everything they bear within themselves as human beings!

Even with the best attitude, they do not deviate from this habit, and never consider the fact that God and the Divine are of a completely different species from theirs, and that all thinking about this must result in nothing but errors if they use the human species as the basis for it!

Herein lies all that has been wrong until now, every conceptual error. One can quite correctly say that not a single one of the past concepts used in thinking, pondering and investigating about this has really been right; in their human narrow-mindedness they have never been able to come near to the actual truth!

Providence is Divine activity; it lies anchored in Divine Wisdom, in Omniscience. And this Omniscience has become deed in the Divine Laws of this Creation! It rests in them, as also does Providence, and takes effect upon the human beings.

Therefore do not think that God’s Omniscience should know your thoughts and how you are faring on earth. The working of God is entirely different, greater and more comprehensive. With His Will God spans everything, maintains everything, and furthers everything from out of the Living Law which brings to each individual that which he deserves, i.e., that which he wove for himself.

Not one can thus escape the consequences of his deeds, be they evil or good! It is in this that God’s Omniscience, which is bound to Justice and Love, manifests Itself! In the working of this Creation everything has been wisely provided for man! Also the fact that he must judge himself!

That which God’s Judge brings in the Divine Judgment is the release of the sentences which men had to pass upon themselves according to the Law of God in wise Providence!

The Judge brings into this world the power of release which rests in Him, He is the Living Law, God's All-Holy Will in person: Imanuel!

For years now, strangely enough, mankind has been talking about the Cosmic Turning-Point which is supposed to come, and in this they are right for once. But the Turning-Point has already come! Mankind stands amid the world-embracing happening which they are still awaiting, and they do not notice it because they do not want to.

As always they imagine it differently and do not wish to recognize how it really is. Through this, however, they miss the right time for the possibility of individual maturing, for themselves and they fail. They fall short as they always do, for never as yet have mankind fulfilled that which God can and must expect of them if He is to permit them to stay in this Creation any longer.

Now, however, God’s forbearance has come to an end; for in men’s actions there is such self-willed narrow-mindedness , which is repeated in the same way at every Light Happening, such childish willfulness and ridiculous conceit that their incorrigible spiritual indolence manifests all too clearly in this and leaves no hope for possible salvation.

For this reason it is God’s Will that Creation now be purified from all such evil. And this All-Holy Will brings the purification in the closing of the cycle of all happenings, all actions!

The closing of the cycle is brought about through the Power of the Light which is now anchored on earth and in which everything must judge itself, must purify itself, or must perish and sink into the terrible disintegration.

It is natural, and conditioned by the Laws of Creation, that now, towards the end, all of the evil characteristics must bring forth their strongest blossoms and bear their most repulsive fruits, in order through this to live themselves to extinction through and in each other! Everything must come to the boiling point in the Power of the Light! However, this time only a matured mankind can emerge from the seething, those who are able and also willing to accept the new revelations from God gratefully and jubilantly, and to live accordingly so that they wander through Creation acting in the right way.

At each Turning-Point the Creator offered the maturing human spirits new revelations unknown to them until then, which were meant to serve as an extension of their knowledge so that through expanded recognition their spirits would become capable of rising upwards to the Luminous Heights, which once they left unconsciously as spirit germs.

However, there have always been just a few who proved themselves willing gratefully to accept accounts coming down from the Divine Sphere, and who were thereby able to gain in value and spiritual strength as much as was necessary for humanity.

The majority of all mankind rejected these high gifts from God due to the constantly increasing limitation of their spiritual comprehension.

The periods for such Cosmic Turning-Points were always connected with the condition of Creation’s state of maturity at the time. In its development according to the Holy Law of God the maturity of Creation was always exactly fulfilled, but due to their spiritual indolence the human beings in Creation often placed themselves in the way of these developments as obstacles!

During the dissemination among human beings of the increasing recognition of all God’s Activity in Creation, which was arranged in world epochs, they closed themselves to it almost every time.

Since human beings elevated themselves to be the starting-point of all existence, they did not wish to believe that something existed which they could not grasp with their earthly senses. They limited their knowledge to this alone, and therefore did not want to accept anything else, they, who are at the farthest fringes of Creation, most remote from genuine existence and real life, who wantonly fritter away the time of grace allowed them in order to mature through advancing recognition.

Now comes a new, great Turning-Point which also brings new knowledge! Although they themselves speak about this Turning-Point, again they only envisage it as the fulfillment of vain human wishes of their own. Not that they would have duties thereby, no, again they only wait for the Light to throw into their laps the improvement of earthly comforts! That is how the Turning-Point is supposed to be, for their thinking does not reach any further.

The new knowledge needed which is closely connected with this Turning-Point, and which enables man to ascend spiritually and thus at last also to transform the environment in the material spheres, does not interest them. Anything that did not yet exist they simply reject out of spiritual indolence.

The human spirit gives proof of how far removed from the volition to ascend he is when he thinks that it is of no consequence to him whether or not he knows of Imanuel since there had never been any mention of Him before. There is no other reason to close themselves off with their typical obstinacy from revelations of and about Him at the current Cosmic Turning Point, instead of accepting everything with joy and gratitude!

However, I say to you: God now forces the human beings to accept, for otherwise they can no longer ascend spiritually; for they must know about it!

It lies within the working of Omniscience that at very specific states of maturity in Creation ever new revelations about the working of God are given to the human spirits.

For this reason Created Ones were sent down to this earth already primeval ages ago, after the spirit-germs in their slow development had already developed the animal bodies chosen for this purpose into human body forms, a development which went hand in hand with the rising spiritual self-consciousness in the physical body. This was untold ages before the known ice age of this earth!

Since I have already given the knowledge about Primordial Created Beings there must also exist Subsequent Created Beings or Created Beings, because I have also talked of Developed Beings, and it is only this group to which the human beings on earth belong.

These Created Ones, of whom I have not spoken so far, inhabit spheres in Creation which lie between those of the Primordially Created Ones of Primordial Creation and the Developed Beings of Subsequent Creation.

In the beginning stages a Created One would occasionally incarnate in the maturing tribes of the evolving spirit germs here and there in order to guide and provide the connection to the next step in the necessary upward striving of the Spiritual. These were the great Turning-Points there in the times of the beginning.

Later on came the Prophets as Divinely gifted ones. In this way the Infinite Love worked from out of the Light to help and assist the human spirits with ever new revelations whenever Creation was in the appropriate state of maturity, until finally parts out of God Himself came down so that mankind might also receive the Sacred Tidings about the Divine and Its Working, so that mankind would not fall victim to disintegration in the stagnation of over-ripedness associated with a particular point which had been reached, which would have to happen according to the self-acting laws in Creation, since continual upward striving is a basic condition for continued existence in Creation.

Thus the great Cosmic Turning-Point now in effect also entails the absolute necessity for an expansion of knowledge up to the existence of Imanuel, in Whom the Turning Point is now being fulfilled!

Either the human spirit must raise himself upwards to the knowledge of this or it remains stagnant, which is equivalent to the setting in of disintegration for him, as a result of his being useless because of the inactive over-ripeness of a stagnant human spirit that no longer knows how to apply the power of the Light accumulating within it in the right way. Thus that which can and would help the human spirit becomes its ruin, as is the case with all energy that is wrongly applied.

Therefore you must now know of Imanuel; because for you, this time has arrived!

He who still insists on disregarding these new Divine revelations may no longer remain in Creation, but he will be erased from the book of life. Thus is it willed by God! And His Holy Will is now being fulfilled on mankind from this hour on with a force becoming visible to all through the power of the Light, which no one can resist.

Through severe suffering people's souls will now be loosened and prepared to receive the Word I bring to them from out of God! And only the willing ones will emerge from all tribulations to a new existence.

God is Lord, only He alone, and whoever does not want to acknowledge Him humbly, just as He really is, and not as you imagine Him to be, has been judged!

Imanuel is as inseparably connected with God the Father as is Jesus, and this has to become knowledge for you in this time of the Cosmic Turning Point!

Thousands of tongues will now be loosened here on earth to proclaim Imanuel to all the peoples as He has already been proclaimed by hosts of angels throughout the whole of creation; because it is the Will of God the Father.

I was allowed to unfold before you the picture of the weaving in Creation to which you belong, so that you will become seeing and may consciously enjoy and use for your benefit the blessings contained in Creation for you! So that in future they may only help you to advance upwards, and will not have to punish you painfully or even reject you. Thank the Lord for remembering you with such Love as to allow me to tell you with my Message what will help you, and also what is dangerous for you.

Men you have now become seeing through this, you have become knowing, but you are twice as guilty if you want to follow wrongful paths!

I showed you those paths which lead to the Luminous Heights. Now follow them!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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