Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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4. The human word

As a great grace for your maturing in the World of gross Matter, the ability to form words has been bestowed upon you human beings by the Creator!

You have never recognized the true value of this sublime gift, because you did not make the effort to do so, and treated it carelessly. Now you must suffer bitterly under all the consequences of your wrongdoing.

You stand in this affliction and do not yet know the causes which bring such suffering in their wake.

No one may trifle with gifts of the Almighty without harming himself; such is the Law which rests and works in Creation, and which can never be deceived.

And when you consider that this being able to speak, i.e. your ability to form words which anchor your volition into the World of Gross Matter through speaking, is quite a special, high gift from your Creator, then you will also know that obligations and an immense responsibility arise therefrom; for you are to work in Creation with and through the language!

The words you form, the sentences, shape your outward fate on this earth. They are like seed in a garden which you build around you; for each human word belongs to that which is most lively among those things in this Creation which you can form for yourselves.

Today I tell you as a warning, to bear in mind: there is an activating quality in every word, because all words are firmly anchored in the Primordial Laws of Creation!

Every word formed by man has come into being under the pressure of higher Laws and, according to its application, must manifest formatively in a very definite way!

How it is applied is up to man according to his free volition; however he is unable to control the effect, which is strictly and justly governed in conformity with the Holy Law by a power hitherto unknown to him.

Therefore in the final reckoning woe will now fall upon every human being who has abused the mysterious working of the word!

But where is the man who has not yet sinned in this respect! The whole earthly race has been deeply entangled in this guilt for thousands of years.

What harm has already been spread throughout this earth by the wrong application of this gift of being permitted to speak!

Poison was sown by all men through destructive, careless, and idle talk. The seed has duly sprung up, the plant has blossomed forth, and now bears the fruits which you must harvest, whether you like it or not; for all of them, everyone of them are the consequences of your actions that are now thrown into your lap!

That this poison must bring forth the most repulsive fruits will not surprise anyone who knows the Laws in Creation, which do not conform to the ideas of men, but serenely pursue their great course inexorably, without deviation, from the primordial beginning, and also unchanged unto all eternity.

Look around you, men, clearly and free from prejudice: You must easily recognize the self-acting Divine Laws of the Most Holy Will, because you do have before you the fruits of your sowing! Wherever you look today you will find high-sounding talk at the top and leading everything. In the ripening process, this seed had to blossom swiftly, to reveal its true core, and then collapse as useless thereby.

It had to ripen under the increased pressure from the Light, and must shoot up as if in a hothouse, so that, in its hollowness, losing any support, it will fall and bury all who with careless confidence or selfish hope imagined themselves safe under its protection.

The time of harvest has already begun! Therewith all the consequences of untruthful speech now fall back upon the individual, as well as upon all the masses who encouraged such talk.

It is quite natural, and shows the strict consistency of the effects of the Divine Laws, that now at the end time the biggest talkers must gain the strongest influence and greatest power, as a culmination and fruit of this continual wrong use of the word, whose mysterious working foolish humanity could no longer know since they have long ago closed themselves off from the knowledge of it.

They did not listen to the warning voice of Jesus, the Son of God, Who already at that time said:

“Let your communication be yea or nay; for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil!”

These words contain more than you imagined; for they hold up-building or decline for mankind!

Through your proclivity for much useless talk you have chosen decline, which has already come to you. And in the end, before the general collapse in the Judgment, it shows you quite clearly as a help towards the saving recognition, all the fruits which you have forced upon yourselves through the wrong application of the word.

The reciprocal power now raises the masters at your own sins to the top, in such a way that you are in danger of being crushed by them, so that through recognition you will at last free yourselves from or be destroyed by them.

That is at the same time justice and help, as only the Will of God in His Perfection can offer you!

Just look around you! You must recognize it, if only you wanted to. And for those who still hesitate to do so, the veil which they themselves hold before their eyes will yet be forcibly torn away from the fruits of their volition through suffering greater still than in the past, so that this earth may be cleansed from the pressure of your great guilt!

The entire mankind has actively participated in this, not individuals alone. It is the flourishing of all the wrongdoing over past centuries, which then had to ripen in these last fruits for the Judgment, so as to perish in this ripeness.

The frivolous, senseless and thoughtless chatter which is always wrong and out of harmony with the Primordial Laws of Creation, had to culminate in the universal disease which is evident today, and must now in fever spasms, as in a storm, shake off the fruits... they drop into mankind’s lap.

Hence no people should be pitied who must now groan and suffer under this; for these are the fruits of their own volition, which must be consumed even if they taste rotten and bitter and bring destruction to many, for only poison can be harvested from poisonous seed.

In my Message I have already said: where you sow thistles, no wheat can grow!

Thus, no up-building can ever arise out of hate speech, mockery and injury to your fellow-men; for every way and manner can only bring forth something similar, can only attract what is homogeneous! You must never forget this Law of Creation! It works automatically, and no human volition can ever act against it! Never, do you hear? Impress it upon yourselves, so that you may always heed it in your thinking, speaking and acting; for everything sprouts from this and your fate grows out of it! Therefore never hope for anything but for the fruit to be the same kind as the seed!

This after all is not so difficult, and yet it is just in this that you continually fail! Slander can produce only slander, hate only hate, and murder only murder. But nobility, peace, light and joy can in turn only arise from a noble way of thinking, never otherwise.

Liberation and redemption do not lie in the clamor of individuals and of the masses. A people that permits itself to be led by windbags must inevitably and rightfully fall into bad repute, into sorrow and death, into distress and misery; it is forcibly pushed into the mire.

And if hitherto the fruit and the harvest have so often not appeared in one earth-life, but only in later ones, this is now different; for the fulfillment of the Holy Will of God forces immediate release of every happening on earth, and therewith also the resolution of all the fates of men and of the peoples! Final reckoning!

Therefore guard your word! Pay careful attention to your speech; for the human word is also deed which, however, can produce forms only in the Plane of Fine Gross Matter, which forms sink into and affect everything earthly.

But do not imagine that promises are fulfilled according to their wording and thus grow into deeds, unless at the same time the speaker bears the purest intentions in his soul; but the words form that which from out of the innermost being of the speaker simultaneously vibrates with them. Thus the same word can produce two kinds of results, and woe unto him when it did not truthfully vibrate in complete purity!

I lift the veil covering your ignorance which has prevailed up to now, so that you may henceforth consciously experience the evil consequences, and benefit from this experience for the future.

As a further help I therefore give you:

Heed your word! Let your speech be simple and true! In accordance with the Holy Will of God, it contains an ability to form in an up-building or in a devastating way, depending on the nature of the words and of the speaker.

Do not squander these sublime gifts which God so mercifully granted you, but seek to recognize them aright in their full value. Up till now the power of speech has been a curse to you through such people, who, as Lucifer’s henchmen, have misused it under the evil influence of the distorted and one-sidedly cultivated intellect!

Therefore beware of people who talk much; for hand in hand with these goes disintegration. You, however, are to become up-building ones in this Creation, not blabbermouths!

Heed your word! Do not talk merely for the sake of talking. And speak only when, where and as it is necessary! The human word shall bear a reflection of the Word of God, which is Life and will eternally remain Life.

You know that all Creation swings in the Word of the Lord! Does this not make you think! Creation vibrates in Him, as you yourselves do, you who are indeed part of Creation; for it arose out of Him and is maintained through this Word.

It has been clearly proclaimed to mankind:

“In the beginning was the Word! And the Word was with God! God was the Word!”

Herein lies all knowledge for you, if only you would draw on it. But you skim over it and do not heed It. It tells you plainly: The Word came out of God! It was and is a part out of Him. And this Word of God, this living Creative Word of God the Father, it is Imanuel!

It is not named that, rather It is! In Him swings everything that is permitted to live, out of Him was formed the entire Creation; for He is at the same time:

Let there be light!

A faint reflection of the power of the Living Word of God, which contains all and embraces all that is outside of God, a faint reflection of this also lies in the human word!

It is true that the human word is only able to send out its effect into the Planes of Fine Gross Matter, but that is enough reciprocally to shape the destinies of men and of nations here on earth!

Remember this! He who talks much stands only on the ground of the distorted, one-sidedly cultivated intellect! The two always go hand in hand. This is how you can recognize it! They are words from the low earthly depth which are never able to build up. But in accordance with the Divine Law the word is to build up. Wherever it does not obey this command it can only bring about the opposite.

Therefore always heed your word! And stand by your word! You shall yet be taught the right way to do this in the building up of the Kingdom of God here on earth.

You must first learn to recognize the power of the words which you have hitherto so thoughtlessly and frivolously debased.

Just think of the most Holy Word that has been given to you, of the Word: GOD!

You speak of God very often, too often for that awe still to resound in It which would indicate the right intuitive perception: the awe which will allow you only to whisper the Sublime Word in reverential devotion, so as to shield It carefully from any kind of desecration.

But what have you men made of the most Sacred of all concepts in the Word! Instead of humbly and joyfully preparing your spirit for this most Sublime Expression, so that it may gratefully open itself to an unspeakable Radiation-Power of the Unsubstantiate Light-Sublimity of real Being, Who first permits you, as well as all creatures, even to breathe, you have dared to drag It down to the low planes of your most trivial thinking, using It carelessly as an every-day word, which thereby had now to turn into mere empty sound, and thus cannot find entrance into your spirit.

It is therefore self-evident that the effect of this most Sublime of all words will be different from the effect it has on those who whisper It with the proper awe and recognition.

Therefore pay attention to all words; for they hold joy or sorrow for you, they build up or disintegrate, they bring clarity but they can also confuse, depending on the manner in which they are spoken and applied.

I will later also give you the recognition for this, so that you can give thanks with every word which the Creator still permits you to speak now! Then you shall also have earthly happiness, and peace will reign here on this hitherto troubled earth.

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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