Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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5. New Year 1935

A new year! At the turn of each year, people ask themselves, what will the new year bring me? One person, when he hears the New Year’s Eve bells ring, will ask quietly and earnestly by himself, others do so apprehensively with woes in their hearts, while many joke frivolously and laugh exuberantly in merry company, or, in a state of intoxication, wantonly challenging fate in order to recklessly remove the veil, ready to meet defiantly what is in store for them.

A great many, however, harbor in their hearts grudges, envy and hate toward their fellow man, whom they begrudge anything good. Secretly they ponder evil and destruction, vengefully, they forge plans to be realized in the New Year.

Only few, very few people quietly fold their hands in humble prayer in order to approach God in spirit with a sense of gratitude for the merciful guidance throughout the old year! Gratitude for still having been able to experience suffering and joy which awakened their spirit or permitted it to mature further in recognition.

Such are the muddled waves of thought-forms at the start of the New Year. A mixture of poison and frivolity, superficiality, all sorts of desires, and greed for power using lies and deception... but one thing is missing: the pure yearning for true peace that is rooted in humility and reverence for God! Yearning for peace for the sake of peace. This yearning man no longer bears within himself; for he can no longer be without self-serving thoughts.

God’s last call to mankind has gone unheeded again, they go on living under the delusion that everything on earth should conform to their will, even the Lord, their God, to the extent that they even acknowledge Him.

Now the New Year has arrived, the year that will bring them the surprise as well as the experience that their will means nothing before the all-powerful Will of God which will force them to their knees, breaking any and all resistance. People will cease to willfully carry suffering out into the world; because they will have to defend themselves in desperation against the pressure of the returning streams of the fruits of their own wrongdoings.

The year that is starting today brings gross-material releases, which are visible to mankind, tangible and physical, and no one can pass them by heedlessly any longer as they have done in the past in all spiritual happenings!

There will be great lamenting everywhere in all the lands, and the words which I have spoken warningly in recent years will be fulfilled!

They will be fulfilled! Each and every Word!

How often has mankind mocked and ridiculed me because I warningly spoke many a word that did not appear to be fulfilled immediately. Adherents turned lukewarm and started to doubt because of this, and some who were well-meaning advised me that it would be better not to speak of such things, as doing so would only diminish or even completely destroy the value of the teachings.

These clever people had no idea that I had to speak in this way, that it was fulfillment on my part and that I could not heed human opinion, no matter whether their thinking in this regard was hostile or friendly.

I could heed neither their mockery nor their hostilities, and had to endure everything and even calmly watch as many an adherent, who held great prospects for service to the Grail, turned away from me on this account; For I had to continue to speak in this way because it was fulfillment on my part, and it was for the purpose of this fulfillment that I came to earth!

People did not know nor did they believe that I am the living Law myself as well as the Living Word, the Word of God, which does not prophecy but is creative, primordially creative: deed!

And if the whole world had continually showered me with scorn and derision, and if all had turned away from me in doubt, I would still have spoken, without leaving out a single word, just as I did; because these words contained holy fulfillments!

What is humanity’s derision to me, when I work in the Will of God, which I am! What do I care about doubting earthly pettiness, about indulgent sneers or even the hatred of earthly humans!

I only know the mandate from my Father, and nothing else! And this mandate will be fulfilled by me with or without acceptance by the people.

I have often said: My Word is deed! Yet no one ever developed the right concept of this. That was the fault of the people themselves. Whenever I spoke of the Judgment, they assumed that it was only a prophecy and waited for an speedy fulfillment as they trustingly listened to my words. Others, however, were only waiting to attack me when nothing was fulfilled in the timeframe that they had imagined.

Not one of these people knew that with my Word the happening was initiated immediately, that thereby it was born and had arisen in the mechanism of the cosmos! For it was not merely a human word but the Word of God which works creatively the moment it is spoken, and which, in its working, never ends until it is completely fulfilled!

While many people took my Words only as prophecy, these Words were already the first blows of God’s Sword of Judgment against all humanity, which deems itself smarter and wiser than God Himself, and which wishes to live only according to its own will, and which had the audacity in every instance to ridicule and murder all of the helpers previously sent out by God’s Holiest Love!

And while in their ignorance they derided me and my Word, that same Word was already running its courses, actively working through the whole of Creation, only in order finally, in the closing of the cycle, to return again to the earth where it originated, either crushing and destroying or reviving and uplifting!

And this time of return has now come! The Word has already judged in all world parts and now strikes the gross materiality of this earth as well as all those souls who travel in gross material bodies. Forcefully it tears down all the walls which the souls have erected to protect themselves and to hide behind.

The New Year brings the return of my Word and thereby the Judgment! Consider carefully: not one of my Words has been lost! Everything is alive and is now closing in on mankind, fulfilling that which is contained in these Words.

It took the lawfully required time to run through all the worlds before returning now to its origin, the earth, in the closing of the cycle, bearing and bringing final fulfillment.

The final effects will now strike mankind until even the last of my Words has been completely fulfilled!

The reciprocal effects arrive faster and faster and will finally, without interruption, mass together into one great, final blow, because God’s power has now been released on earth, in order to attract and resolve everything which is still vibratingly drawing its circles.

In God’s greatness everything is simple, if man only wished to understand it! In summary I will illustrate once more for you:

Over the course of the years I had to speak at specific times about all the happening which was to come so that it might be fulfilled. It was not meant as a warning to men, as they imagined it to be, but it was Deed, Fulfillment, which I brought therewith!

With every word, there simultaneously arose spiritually the specific deed. The power of the Words was carried out into the world in order to run the course of all of the primordial laws of Creation and finally to return to the earth at a very specific time. Whatever I have spoken must be fulfilled, exactly according to the Word, without any change in the meaning! There can be neither deferments nor changes; because the Word from God is Life and Law! Self-acting in the Power of the Lord.

For this reason I already had to speak years ago, progressing along with the development, again and again firmly anchoring new things in this gross materiality through the Word. In all my lectures you only have to separate what I spoke creatively from what I spoke instructively; for you will easily discover that I have used two types of speech which you can recognize exactly if you make the necessary effort.

Thus my Word became deed and brought the Judgment in all the worlds, as it will now bring the Judgment to you on this earth!

You men know nothing of these things.

Only many years hence will you be able to better understand and sense the greatness which lies in all that has already happened and in what will now happen in the New Year!

Gratefully, indeed jubilantly, will you be praising God’s Love; for all this is done for you, mankind, for your deliverance from the self-chosen quagmire!

Therefore greet the New Year in joyful earnestness and give thanks to God, in His unfathomable Mercy, for your liberation and redemption!

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