Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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11. The Great Purification

There is nothing on earth, you men, which you could offer as a balance in gratitude for the fact that God liberates you from the vermin of the Darkness, which you yourselves have reared through your wrong volition!

If only you would at least take the trouble to comprehend that the battle of the Light against all Darkness is not a joyful one for the Light, but a wrestling down and annihilation of all manner of loathsome filth, during which the majority of mankind, for whom this liberation is intended, and who gain from it in every way, even side with the poisonous Darkness so as to make the path of the Light Bringers more difficult through their base way of thinking!

But the Wrath of Almighty God now strikes into the ranks of these evildoers, who as the most disgusting vermin are doomed to suffocate in their nauseous slavering! So that the world will be cleansed from such evil!

This expression is not nice, but there is no other word for something that is really absolutely unspeakable in its hideous depravity; for even this earthly language is inadequate to fittingly describe this kind of utterly base thinking.

The expressions “scum, vermin” alone characterize the two fundamental types of these depraved people, who have excluded themselves from any possibility of salvation because, being incapable of producing even one thought of a purer nature, they spread abroad poisonous, all-corroding venom which now, in returning to them, is bound to corrode and disintegrate them!

Torn to pieces by an indescribable, hateful envy, they will now pass on in fear and dread, anxiety and horror, and no hand shall be lifted to relieve their well-deserved suffering. They will be spurned by anything that strives towards the Light and freedom of the spirit. And as they are stricken in distress and suffering, and tossed about in indescribable agony, the spirit-spark within them, which they had kept imprisoned through their Light-opposing efforts and would have left to perish, will awaken accusingly through the loosening effect of the disintegration. It flares up in every individual, in unquenched longing painfully burning and searing what has hitherto held it down.

Thus disintegration goes on hand in hand simultaneously from without and within in unbelievable agony, for hundreds or thousands of years, removed from all help, far from any relief, in ever-increasing anxiety and the most terrible despair, until finally the ego-consciousness is completely eroded; for nothing of it must remain.

Such are the paths of the accursed ones from the moment when God has withdrawn His Hand, and in Holy Wrath has cut them off from receiving redeeming mercies!

Then the doomed one had to sink and be torn down into the abyss of horror and devastation; for he was no longer granted support from above!

And this day of the most Holy Judgment has now arrived! You who strive upward, you will become free from all vermin and all tools of the Darkness, as you have already been delivered by the Holy Light from the Prince of Darkness himself for a long time to come! So that you may again become so strong that you need fear him no more.

The whole earth that bears you will now swing upwards with you into purer and more luminous realms.

And when you can once more breathe purity, when everything around you that barred your clear view to the Light has fallen away, only then as you look back will you recognize how revolting was the swamp in which you have lived until now. Only as you look back will you be overcome by nausea and horror... and... perhaps... then there will also unfold within you a part of that gratitude which you should already be giving to God today, for the great Work of Love that He is fulfilling upon you with this purification!

You could and should long since have recognized how superhuman are the patience and the forbearance He has shown even to those who are now finally condemned. You were able to observe it within your own ranks! Just as a minor example, think once more of all those who voluntarily found their way to the Word and then fell away!

I do not speak here of former happening in more luminous realms, nor of vows formerly given in granting the fulfillment of voluntary petitions, no, I speak only of a short span of this earth-life, which however already contains enough to make you turn away in horror from those human beings whose entire thinking consists only of the basest products of wounded vanity, of disappointment over a few earthly wishes of one kind or another that were denied, and also of an egotism which was not able to manifest itself.

Look around you, you will find these people everywhere! You have known them well enough, so that I do not need to mention names. All their names will still be burning in your sense of justice, until you realize that the Justice of God will not be mocked, and that at the proper time it will take effect in such a way as man could never achieve.

The Judgment in its wisdom and justice will force you to your knees in awe, and you will beg for forgiveness for often allowing your wishes, in your anger and indignation, to get ahead of real Justice, without considering that the Omnipotence of God strikes much harder and more surely, and also more relentlessly, than a human being can ever dream of.

The Lord will not be mocked! And mocking also includes disobeying His Holy Laws. If man imagines he can act as he likes without taking God’s Justice into consideration, or if he assumes that he may always indulge his whims and wishes without retribution reaching him, he therewith mocks the All-Justice of the Lord!

But the Lord will not be mocked! This is a warning that will bring fulfillment for everyone! And the day of these fulfillments is here!

Look back and scrutinize these people and their actions once more, before they now sink into the harsh mills of retribution, thereby forever disappearing! Indeed many of you have experienced all of this. You will not find it difficult to gain a recognition from it, which may benefit you for the future.

The people to whom I refer had found in the Message that which they had been seeking for a long time already, and according to their own assertion at the time had recognized It as the Truth!

Thereafter they got in touch with us, we certainly did not contact them. They all approached us themselves. I did not call them! Very often they made ample use of our time, with the intention, of course, of benefiting themselves in some way or other. Let us be kind and assume that they were looking for spiritual advantage and gain.

This they can and shall find in the Message and in my lectures, as well as in individual discussions, if they seek enlightenment about things that will elevate and ennoble the human being. Indeed, the Message itself testifies to all this in its own way, with which the discussions are in accord.

All of this they were granted, although at times reluctantly, because these people, although they asked, yet they partly extorted it, as was inevitable from the egotism and vanity clinging to them, which indeed later separated them from the Cause.

When they thought they had filled the gaps in their knowledge, or found no further advantages, the Message was again relegated to the background, and there gradually arose in them the well-known pseudo-knowledge that accompanies any form of vanity, and above all injured vanity.

And finally the worst shock to such vanity is often the fact that we neither solicit nor fight for anyone who turns away; for it is absolutely immaterial to me, since each human being must have his free will to decide if it is to bring him benefit or destruction, because he alone bears full responsibility for himself.

For this reason I also object to influence of any kind. This is the opposite of what such people, after they have fallen away, would like to maintain in order thereby to excuse their nasty actions and their evil volition, and to justify them, at least to some extent, in the most ridiculous way.

They would rather furnish wretched evidence of their inner instability, solely to indulge the evil habit of causing harm or trouble, where they feel or imagine they must be despised!

They are too cowardly and far too conceited to admit to themselves that they might have made a mistake in the first place, even if later on they once more hold a different opinion; and that it was they themselves who came and have now gone again, and that they have absolutely no right to hold someone else, who has neither solicited nor called them, in any way responsible for their apparent mistake.

But such nonsensical hostility is refuted by every single word I have written and spoken hitherto, and I live this Word! I cannot be separated from my Word. And this Word is now firmly etched into the entire Creation, and cannot be distorted!

It is in this way that those creatures, who hope for more than they themselves are capable of taking, seek to revenge themselves, because their attitude is lacking in the necessary purity of their wishes and in spiritual humility, because in everything they over and over again regard the earthly alone as the main goal of their path.

Even from a purely human point of view such behavior cannot be understood, unless it is simply explained by the fact that people of this type have no inhibitions about cunningly and craftily indulging their mania for causing only annoyance and, if possible, harm to others, which affords them pleasure. They find an inner satisfaction in such actions, through a disposition which is sometimes even pathological.

If in addition there is a chance to reap some earthly gains without effort, they take it unscrupulously, as a welcome side benefit of their actions.

But the real reason for all this lies much deeper. It can only be explained in the sense of the Message:

As these people became lukewarm, the Darkness gradually lured them through their weaknesses and seized them imperceptibly, yet with a firm and inescapable grip; because they offered no resistance, but even felt satisfaction when their weaknesses were mentally touched through the Darkness.

Then, in their frivolous mental games the inevitable contact was made; the Darkness flared up... only too gladly they became willing tools, and even added their own share.

Their original lukewarmness then grew into hostility and barely-controlled hatred, and finally enveloped all thoughts and actions correspondingly.

Of course, similar currents always seek to unite, they find each other, and together they then concoct the poisonous brew intended for their victim; this time, however, they will have to drink it to the last drop themselves, in accordance with the Holy Will of God, which will strike them reciprocally in Omnipotence!

Whatever they forge together through their slanderous thoughts and homogeneous deeds, whatever they form by a supposedly clever distortion of the actual concepts and events, will turn into a sharp sword against them; and even the smallest and most insignificant wrong thinking will roll back upon them strengthened a hundredfold, for their hate was directed against the Holy Light!

Even an outsider can easily detect the incredible behavior in its evil nature. Properly considered, such behavior cannot be called “good” by anyone, but can immediately be recognized as an evil volition! And evil can come only from the Darkness, never from the Light.

It thereby becomes evident where the Darkness lurks. And what the Darkness hates and pursues with its hatred is only the Light, and all that is light. This in itself indicates to any calm observer where the Darkness is anchored, and where the Light.

Following my Message, this can be explained explicitly according to the Laws of Creation. For the Darkness hates the Light, and tries to attack and defile It wherever it can!

Wherever Darkness attacks, there Light values are present! In the near future men will understand this, and will judge and act accordingly in order to eliminate the evil entirely, which must always characterize itself through this!

What Darkness is, or what belongs to it, can be readily discerned by the nature of the volition, which manifests in the deed.

With this example I give you a lesson which you are to use henceforth in your life, and at the same time I show you how loathsome and disgusting is the fighting with the Darkness, because Darkness always works only in cunning, untruthful, treacherous and malicious ways, wallowing in a morass of its own covetousness, from which it hurls poison towards those places that it persecutes with its envy.

If such behavior is already an abomination to men on earth, how much more so to the Light and before God!

Now, however, the ray of God’s Wrath will strike and ignite this wretched slough, and annihilate all those who cling to it through their thoughts and actions!

In reality this cannot be called a fight; for disgust and nausea arise with every blow which the Pure Sword of God has to strike against this filth, forced to do so by the attacks of the Darkness, which already recognizes its end.

A man who can still keep his self-respect will simply withdraw if he believes he does not find what he hoped for, and he will tell himself that he himself must have been mistaken if he expected anything different. He can never be treacherous and mean, unless he bears within himself the evil elements which then, incited by the Darkness, often become aggravated beyond belief.

In addition to all this, there is the increasing pressure of the Light, which forces evil as well as good qualities to the final reckoning, by compelling them to live themselves out in the increased mobility induced by this pressure.

Through this unexpected outburst the evil is simultaneously and finally overthrown; the good however will be raised on high. The enforced activity of all that slumbers in the human soul begins to release the final effects of the Judgment, for the individual as well as for the masses!

A very simple happening, which you will now be able to observe more and more clearly from day to day. Learn from it, and benefit spiritually!

It is the World Judgment in its automatic activity, with the simple naturalness which is inherent in the Holy Will of God! You can see for yourselves that the term fight is too good for the necessary destruction of such highwaymen on all of the roads which were mercifully given by God, and which lead to spiritual peace.

It is not a fight, but the great purification through the work of redemption by the Light. To the Light, however, it is only repulsive work; for until the very end the Darkness neither can nor will ever be different from what it is: Loathsome, abominable in all its actions. It is neither a worthy nor an honest adversary! Indeed, the Light simply cannot have adversaries worthy of respect, because all that is truly respectable wishes to serve the Light alone, and not the Darkness.

That is the mission which the Light accomplishes for you, you human beings! You, who are allowed to experience all this as already knowing, will find in it the Greatness of God, His Omnipotence and justice, and His... Love!

For it is Love, when He cleanses the earth of this stench and frees you from it, so that you may stand joyfully in Creation, which He graciously gives to you as a home!

Render to Him that gratitude which is due this Work of Love by keeping your thoughts pure, and by considering only the welfare and the peace of your neighbor, but not how you can harm him!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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