Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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15. The Spiritual Planes V

I have explained the first ring of the Primordial Beings around Parsifal, that is, not yet explained, but only spoken of them.

Before continuing I must yet explain many things in greater detail, otherwise you lack something of the ring of the great vibration, and you cannot let it come to life within yourselves. Everything must be without a gap although it can only be given to you in pictures. For this reason we can only advance very slowly.

Therefore we must once again dwell upon the first Primordial Beings whom I named in the last lecture. They are the strongest pillars for and in the Creations.

And for this purpose I must again ascend to the nearest proximity of God, in so far as it is even possible to speak of proximity; for there is nothing which could be said to be in the proximity of God, if proximity is measured according to earthly conceptions.

Even the greatest distance which exists in human conception is still not sufficient to give an approximate picture of that distance meant to designate the nearest proximity to God.

It is still infinitely greater; for that which can be called the actual proximity of God is an undulating sea of flames, still without the possibility of acquiring form.

Thus, I merely use the expression for the designation “proximity”, not the conception. In this proximity, upon the Steps of the Throne, which are entire planes, there are to be found the four Animals in their very special kind of vibration.

The Primordial Queen Elizabeth cannot be placed into any kind of gradation for She exists entirely unto Herself, and through Her the Pure Lily.

The Archangels are again of a different species of the direct Radiations of God than are the four Animals. The species separate themselves in the process of their forming. One can also say: The forming is the separation; for it is an automatic, living happening.

Today, however, let us only speak of the four Animals. These Animals carry within themselves the essential conditions for Creation! This means that they hold within themselves the concentration of all the radiations needed for the Creations to take on form, and to develop.

For this reason the foundation of Creation already rests in these Animals. Four Animals which form a Square on the Steps of the Throne of God and drink, absorb within themselves, all the Creative Radiations of God. This means that they not only form a Square, but they are the Square of Creation, or the Square of the subsequent Circle of Creation.

I will not dwell upon this too long, but merely touch quickly upon that which is essential for us today in order to explain the connection of the Square of the Animals with Creation.

Thus the Square of the Animals, or better said “Beings”, contains everything needed for the Creations, and for this purpose it is the first central gathering point out of the Radiations of the Divine Trigon above it, the Divine Trinity.

Entirely different radiations go through the Primordial Queen, and different ones again go through all the Archangels.

Thus it is only this Square of the four Beings that from above is directly involved with the subsequent Circle of Creation; it is connected with it. Everything else, having its home in the Divine Plane of Radiation and which was and is thereby eternal, inclines towards all that is created only in a helping, uplifting and furthering way in the vibration of the Divine Love, which is completely natural to them. However, they are not firmly connected with Creation. Only the Square of the Four Animals is connected with it.

Very much lies in this fine distinction! Therefore pay special attention to impressing it upon your mind. Some things, much that has so far remained incomprehensible to you will thus become clearer to you.

Of the four winged, knowing Beings at the Throne of God: the Ram, the Bull, the Lion and the Eagle, the Ram is that Being which bears a human countenance; for the Ram holds within himself that spiritual quality in Creation out of which the human beings in Creation form themselves and develop!

This is also connected with the expression: The Lamb of God and the wound it bears; for in conformity with its nature it bears the signs of the wound of the failure and decline of the human spirits in Creation, since they issued from it, if not directly, then indirectly. The out-streaming human-spiritual does not pulsate harmoniously back from out of Creation, but is held fast in the Worlds of Matter because too much guilt clings to it.

With this I again expand the field of knowledge for you by another span. But it does not change any of that which you have been able to learn up until now, all of which remains just as it is, and vibrates in full harmony with the new, even though some things may not appear to do so at first.

Now I want to move on to the details. Parsifal stepped across the boundary of the direct radiation of the Divine Trinity, i.e., across the boundary of the Divine Plane.

With this He carried the radiation of His Unsubstantiate God-Core out, and now radiated outside of the Divine Sphere as a small Part out of Imanuel into the Light-Void and, being the Source of Life, illuminating, warming, setting everything into motion, and keeping it in motion.

Immediately and at a certain distance the first four Pillars of the Creations were formed in a kind of combination, which contains everything necessary for Creation. They are not formed as are the Beings at the Throne of God, but have human form, although for human conception of an absolutely unimaginable stature.

Standing before Parsifal as Knights of the Grail, i.e., as powerful protectors and faithful guardians of the treasure and Holy Vessel of His Unsubstantiate Part entrusted by God in Parsifal, they, at the same time, fulfill the effects of the four Beings on the Steps of the Throne!

In their effect for the Creations they are of the following kinds:

1. Od-shi-mat-no-ke: The ideal figure of the human-spiritual unattainable by others due to its perfection! Therefore he appears as a kingly ruler. He bears only the nature of the Ram within him, thus he is the nature of his activity in Primordial Creation; one could say that the Ram is anchored within him.

2. Leilak: The ideal figure of masculine courage, of masculine strength. Within himself he bears a combination of the species of the Ram, therefore the spiritual human form, and of the Bull.

3. The Lion: The ideal figure of heroism and unshakable masculine loyalty. He bears within himself the combination out of the Ram with the Lion.

4. Mercury: The ruler of all the forces of the elements. He bears within himself the connection out of the Ram with the Eagle.

All four of the Primordial Beings, apart from the other species that are expressed, must also be fundamentally connected with the Ram, because they are spiritual and conscious, something which is anchored in the Ram.

Just as the four Beings on the Steps of the Throne are the pillars and powerful Guardians in the Divine, naturally outside of the Unsubstantiate Godhead Himself, so the four Primordial Beings of the first ring around Parsifal in the Primordial Spiritual Sphere, in Primordial Creation, are the pillars and powerful Guardians whose co-operation brings about a perfect union and radiates all the requirements of Creation.

The animation of these rays comes from the Light-Core of Parsifal, from Whose Radiation they were able to form as the first necessary mainstays, which at the same time are the most powerful Guardians of the Sanctum.

It is not easy to explain to you something which is so great and mobile, to form it into stationary pictures for you, whereas the reality is not stationary, but remains in a continuous flowing movement, a movement of receiving, of radiating further, of withdrawing and again leading back to Parsifal. All this simultaneously without interruption. Even this you will never be able to picture to yourselves.

Thus in these first four Primordially Created Beings are gathered all of the creative powers streaming out of Parsifal, united with and amplified through the same species of radiations of the four Animals, are held in a thrusting or pressing away movement through the Living Light in Parsifal and are directed by the volition of the Primordially Created Beings.

In this way you may be able to imagine a process which comes closest to the Truth expressed in earthly words!

To start with keep this in mind thoroughly and hammer it into yourselves, in the way in which I formed it into earthly words.

Do not perchance let your thoughts jump about again and do not ask yourselves where then is the feminine, which according to my earlier lectures is always supposed to stand half a step higher! Also do not brood about where Maria and Irmingard are, Who certainly cannot stand lower than the Primordial Beings! Here, too, there is no gap, but everything is completely consistent.

To begin with the four named Primordial Beings are the main pillars of the structure of Creation, and starting with these the progression is downward into greater distances according to the explanations of Creation which I have already given; for these four bear all the creation powers combined within themselves, while all the others are only helpers.

Here, again , I first indicate only the straight line downwards which leads to you the developed human spirits leaving untouched and unnamed all of the branches , as for example Loherangrin, because he is not the starting-point of a radiation which works incisively in the forming in Creation. I shall address this later on. First I give the supportive pillars in the structure of Creation!

Maria does not enter into any of this at all, nor does Irmingard. Although, coming from above, they are anchored into the Creations, but not firmly connected with them. Therein lies a great difference again.

Despite the anchorages, They are not tied to the Creations, but completely free from them and their currents. The currents of Creation can approach Them through these anchorages, so that they become clearly recognizable, but they can never penetrate into Them, because the necessary connection for this is lacking.

Maria and Irmingard act, without the possibility of anything reacting upon Them! They work in a helping and uplifting way, strengthening, purifying, healing or also repelling, but in Their Radiations They do not connect Themselves with the Creation. Heed this well!

Maria did come from out of the Unsubstantiate into holy union as a Part of the Love of God, which is Jesus, and as a Part of Imanuel. She has nothing to do with womanhood as such, but as the Love of God She faces the whole of mankind!

Womanhood of Creation as such has only to do with Irmingard. And She descended to the Grail Castle into Primordial Creation, out of the Divine Plane, and there merely stepped into a Primordial Spiritual vessel which had already been prepared for Her.

Quite aside from the fact that through an Act of God’s Will a spark of Unsubstantiality was placed into Her, so that Imanuel can now work in the whole of Creation as a Triad. The Triad of the Unsubstantiality of Imanuel in Creation is: Parsifal – Maria – Irmingard, i.e., Justice, Love and Purity. Thus Imanuel, as Son of God, in the final most Holy Fulfillment works in His Unsubstantiality from now to all eternity in Creation at the same time in Parsifal, Maria and Irmingard, while nevertheless remaining in the Divine Trinity as the Holy Will of God.

This is a new Act of Love which God fulfilled for the aid and stronger protection of that humanity which will survive the Judgment, so that then Creation cannot again suffer harm through the weakness of the human spirits.

Thus do not confuse yourselves with unnecessary thoughts. I now speak only of the Primordial Creation out of Parsifal! Neither Maria nor Irmingard belong to this, although they are active there, like Parsifal, according to their natures.

After the four Primordial Pillars there is a second ring, which is somewhat further distant, let us say half a step further away in earthly terms. This second arc or plane is filled with the activity of the three female Primordial Beings: Johanna, Cella, Josepha.

Now you must not picture these Primordial Beings as simply standing there in an arc; but rather they work according to their specific nature, in big gardens or planes which arise around them and from out of them, with many helping entities and inhabitants of Primordial Creation, who vibrate and work around each of these leading female and male Primordially Created Beings in the same nature of these latter.

Thus in the retinue of each of the four first Primordial Beings there is a great number of knights, while a great number of female beings co-operate with the female Primordial Beings.

But we must not dwell on this for the moment, otherwise the picture I want to give you will expand into distances which you can no longer grasp or survey.

Today, I merely wish briefly to mention the manner in which the activity through the radiation of the three female Primordial Beings vibrates as it penetrates the whole of Creation.

Each one has a specific kind of activity, and yet the entire activity of these three is so interlinked one with the other that it can appear almost as one. One can hardly recognize any boundary in this. Their activity is purely feminine, of which they are the ideal embodiments.

First Johanna: Her activity cannot be put into definite words, since to do so would immediately diminish the concept. For this reason I will only say briefly that it concerns the home! To make it homelike, attractive, harmonious. However, home taken in the broad sense, not merely as a small residence of earthmen!

True, men’s earthly home is also included, for this activity takes effect in great things as well as in small, indeed down to the most minute, yet in this instance it concerns the matter itself, not merely a small form thereof.

For instance, it also embraces the sense of a blissful connectedness with one’s native soil, which can set whole nations ablaze with the most genuine enthusiasm if an enemy seeks to harm it in a covetous way.

I could quote a thousand different things, but you would nevertheless not recognize therein the true greatness which lies in the activity of Johanna, which she also seeks to impress upon each human spirit as a holy legacy which can uplift it to great heights and provides firm support. And this legacy is given above all to womanhood, wherefore it often holds the fate of an entire nation.

Cella’s activity is of a no less delicate nature. With care she plants into the spiritual the serene respect for developing motherhood! With all the inviolability and sublimity inherent therein. In the noblest way and with the respectful reserve which comes to the fore in such proximity with all who are still pure in spirit!

Josepha lays the foundation for the purpose of caring for the cloaks, i.e., the bodies, as property entrusted by the Grace of God, and to treat them accordingly. Naturally not only the earthly bodies, but all the cloaks in Creation, which in the first place are always and only given as a support for the development of the spiritual or animistic core, and which as such must always be regarded in purity!

Diseased cloaks also contribute to the development of that core which in a healthy cloak might perhaps not come to awakening so quickly.

Josepha’s activity is of the same value as that of the others, and also of the same importance on the paths of all the wanderings through Creation. All these are fundamental conditions for a normal, God-Willed maturing of all the creatures in the Creations. They penetrate everything as if with the finest threads and in their effects manifest in quite different forms, because they remain mobile, reposing unexpressed and unformed in the spirit. All of this urges and drives, but only in the intuitive perception can it be understood aright and brought to beneficial realization.

When the capacity to perceive intuitively is buried through the domination of the intellect, then a gulf is torn between you and all those who weave in service to the Will of God in Primordial Creation, and with this the disturbance in the necessary vibrating of Creation is also forcibly brought about.

The radiating activities of the three Primordial Beings Johanna, Cella and Josepha comprise one great, joint, fundamental activity, intertwining with each other and yet remaining separate.

Now let us proceed another half a step further which, of course, in reality signifies distances that appear hardly conceivable to you. There again we find a female Primordial Being: Vasitha.

She is the vigilant gatekeeper at the exit of the uppermost and purest part in Primordial Creation, on the summit of which there radiantly arises the glorious Castle of the Holy Grail in sublimity and peace.

With Vasitha and her surroundings the uppermost part of the Primordial Creation is complete. She stands at the gate and points out the way to all that is spiritual, and must, as a necessity for its own development, move on-wards, over the bridge, which like an immense rainbow, spans deep chasms toward those regions where spirits who needed more cooling-off and distance from the Light of God, in order to become conscious of their own existence, to form themselves therein and to unfold to full blossom therein.

Vasitha stands there upright, pointing with her spear, while her keen gaze scrutinizes and penetrates everything which is unable to remain in the first part of Primordial Creation and must then pass by her. Her prompting word gives strength to all and true guidance!

So they move out, those who are able to form themselves as Created Ones, together with those who still remain lying in the last precipitation, and who must first wander along the path of slow development in order to become conscious of their existence. They move out into great vast distances with the longing for the Divine Light!

In conclusion, form for yourselves once again a brief overview of what has been said:

The path of the Radiations of the Divine Triad for Creation, and thus of course for all mankind, goes through the Square of the four Animals on the Steps of the Throne, hitherto known to you only by name. The four first Primordial Beings of Creation carry within themselves these radiations of the Animals, thus they form the Square in the Primordial Spiritual for the circulatory movement of Creation. The circulation of Creation is then driven and kept in constant movement by the Power of the Light, which works in a living manner out of the Unsubstantiate Core of Parsifal.

Let this basic picture be firmly anchored within you, so that I can expand upon it, adding picture after picture in order to extend your knowledge without your gaze becoming confused. You will succeed if you so desire!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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