Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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16. The Spiritual Planes VI

Today I once again call up before the eye of your spirit the picture of Primordial Creation as I have given it to you so far. After Parsifal you see the first four of the Primordially Created Beings who occupy the uppermost of the seven steps in the Primordial Spiritual: Od-shi-mat-no-ke, Leilak, the Lion and Mercury.

On the next step I named three female Primordial Beings: Johanna, Cella, Josepha, and again a little further distant, upon the third step or plane, Vasitha as the vigilant gatekeeper.

With this I revealed three steps or planes of the highest Primordial Creation in their basic nature. But before I further extend the picture and go into details I want, as a foundation, to name the four other steps; for there are seven steps or main sections in the Primordial Spiritual, which I designate as Primordial Creation, just as later on there are also seven steps or world parts in the Material Spheres.

You find as a matter of course the seven-division wherever the Will of God is working, Whose name itself holds the number seven: Imanuel.

Let us now enter the fourth step in the Primordial Spiritual Realms.

Wondrous, infinitely refreshing light streams through this glorious plane, which like an immense crystal-clear sea extends into shimmering distances.

Out of this flowing weaving there arises, like an island, a luminous place of most exquisite roses. Grateful jubilation pervades the terraces which rise in indescribable beauty up to a radiant hill, offering a matchless wealth of color and compelling the most discriminating gaze to admiring adoration. Radiating blessings, the colors vibrate in their most enchanting splendor, forming the delightful gardens into the source of all hope and all life. Here and there countless rosy children romp about playfully, while blissful adult women stride joyfully along.

It is as if all of earthly womanhood had its origin here: for from the smallest child to the fully matured woman, indeed all of the skin colors which Creation holds can be found here.

However, these are not perchance the spirits which later incarnate in the Creations. Rather they are starting-points of radiations which, in the special nature of the Isle of Roses influences human womanhood of Creation as a help for their development on all their wanderings through the Material Worlds, children influencing children, according to size and nature, even color, and adults influencing those adults whose forms are similar with respect to the maturing spirit.

Body sizes on the Isle of Roses are therefore counterparts of the different levels of maturity of those human spirits who, during their wanderings through the Material Worlds, are permitted to develop gradually from germs to complete consciousness.

Therefore everything exists in the Primordial Spiritual on the Isle of Roses which is later repeated in the Spiritual and Material Worlds as replicas or as reproduction.

In reality this is the lawful repetition in all world parts of everything that has already occurred in the Primordial Spiritual, for it can never be otherwise, given the simplicity and clarity of the Divine Laws which are incomprehensible to human beings. Thus everything which has already taken place in the Primordial Spiritual is then repeated precisely in the Spiritual.

Indeed, in the Pure Spiritual as well, everything that under the enormous pressure of the Unsubstantiate Core was not able, in this close proximity, to immediately form into or maintain itself in a state of self-consciousness, moved out from the uppermost part of Primordial Creation, passed by Vasitha to further distance, into a next plane, in order to maintain itself in a more cooled off state, being thereby able to attain self-consciousness. This also includes germs of the Primordial Spiritual, which already develop to consciousness in the fourth step of cooling-off, as here on the Isle of Roses.

When I speak about steps or planes of Creation then these are stages of cooling-off; for nothing else lets steps come into existence, which may also be called steps of distance instead of cooling-off stages, thus in reality they are also steps or gradations according to earthly conceptions.

Therefore as we descend from above we find on the Isle of Roses children and development for the first time in the Primordial Spiritual! This is important for you to know as it signifies a great stage of Creation.

Thus in the upper steps of the Primordial Spiritual there are first of all those who are able to be self-conscious immediately, i.e., the strongest and thus the most powerful ones, the pillars; then on more distant steps follow those who are still able to develop in the Primordial Spiritual. For this reason we find there, for the first time, Primordial Spiritual children there.

In the next great section of Creation, the Spiritual, which is somewhat weaker than the Primordial Spiritual, since it can only become self-conscious at an even greater distance from the Unsubstantiate Core of Parsifal, the process is repeated in exactly the same manner as it was in Primordial Creation.

First the strongest parts of the Spiritual become self-conscious immediately, while the others must still be pushed a further distance away in order slowly to develop and mature to self-consciousness there.

Thus there too, starting with the applicable step of spirit germs, there exist spirit children which can grow either to greater spiritual maturity or remain children; because developing spirit germs that do not grow to full maturity, i.e., to spiritual adulthood, are not destroyed, not cast out, as long as they remain pure!

This is a point which I have not mentioned so far. Spiritually they remain children and as such they radiate upon children, until finally they gradually do mature and become adults. What is pure can never fall victim to disintegration.

One more thing I wish to mention here. The Primordial Spiritual in this Creation is by no means the stronger part and the Spiritual the weaker part of the exact same species, but the Spiritual is a completely different species from the Primordial Spiritual!

Both species in themselves have a stronger and a weaker part. True, the Spiritual is a precipitation from the Primordial Spiritual, but only because it is of a different species, which can therefore separate and form itself only at a greater distance from the Unsubstantiate Light-Core of Parsifal. If it were of the same species, then the Primordial Spiritual would not have passed this same species on, but on the contrary, it would have held it fast through the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species, even though as a result it would not have been able to form itself while becoming conscious.

The further I go with my explanations the more I must spread out the structure of Creation. Thereby many a picture which you have formed for yourselves in the past will change, but this is merely a separation into ever more pictures without having to somehow shift the actual basic picture.

It is the same as with the description of a long journey. If in so doing one first of all relates only a sequence of the main experiences, then this appears quite different from a picture where all of the separate in-between experiences, are gradually added, although the journey as such remains unchanged.

But for now, let us return once more to the Isle of Roses.

On the summit of the Isle there is a magnificent Temple ablaze in rosy luminosity. Peace will enter the heart of him whose gaze beholds it, his chest will all but burst with bliss!

Into this peace, into this harmonious ringing of colors merges the jubilant song of trusting birds who flash brightly with every movement as if studded with diamonds, even enhancing the splendor surrounding them.

The human expression bliss is far too weak to press the Light- rapture of this isle into an approximate form which may be understood by the human spirit. And spread over all this there lies a sacred sublimity.

Red roses like chalices of ruby are in full bloom around the Temple.

Isle of Roses! The anchorage of the Love of God for Creation. On this Isle there works and weaves the fundamental up-building of the healing, unifying, balancing Love, which radiates from here out into the Universe! The Isle stands under the protection of the Primordial Queen Elizabeth, as does all that is feminine in the whole of Creation.

Under the protection of the Primordial Queen Elizabeth, Maria often inclines to this Isle, visiting the Temple in order to give ever-new strength directly to all those serving on the Isle, who then in a mediating way transform this strength into their kind and send it out as a help for all creatures.

And some day this high, glorious Isle will also be the abode of female human spirits who are called to Maria’s service here on earth and who were selected for such. If they faithfully fulfill their service here on earth, they will, after departing from the earth, awaken radiant with joy on the Isle of the Roses, in order to continue serving the Rose for all eternity.

At times their gaze opens even further and they behold Parsifal in the Holy Castle, Maria and Irmingard at His side. Receiving from His Power directly as a sacred fulfillment of blessed promises.

At the same height in this plane a second island rises upwards out of the weaving of the Light. The Isle of Lilies!

Just as roses radiate their glowing splendor on the Isle of Roses, here it is predominantly lilies that radiate in indescribable purity across vast spaces. Here, too, terraces rise toward the summit, on which stands a Temple.

In this Temple there is a magical radiance resembling the delicate luster of pearls, but gleaming at the same time with a rosy hue and settling upon this Isle with a severe austerity like the soothing coolness of the sea. Anyone permitted to ever behold this temple will always be compelled to reverential humility; for it radiates down in sternly demanding severity; the proud calm of Purity descends and penetrates the spirits, refreshing and invigorating them while pulling them upward to the liberating worship of Divine sublimity.

Here, too, everything arose with a beauty that is beyond human conception; here, too, a wondrous melody resounds, ascending to the Creator as a living prayer of gratitude which sounds eternally in His Honor!

Here, too, the Primordial Queen Elizabeth reigns supreme, and under Her protection at specific times Irmingard, the Pure Lily, inclines onto this Isle in order to renew the power of Purity for those who serve upon it, which they transform and send out to refresh and uplift all creatures.

The inhabitants of the Isle of Lilies, like those of the Isle of Roses, belong exclusively to womanhood. Among them all statures are represented, also all the colors which of course contain the radiant glow of purity, not the dull colors of earthmen.

Here, too, only that which is up-building in the Will of God dominates, just as on the Isle of Roses, but the up-building is of a different kind on the Isle of Lilies - in purity and justice it is demanding, sternly commanding, unrelenting.

Womanhood which faithfully serves Irmingard the Pure Lily on earth will awaken after their earthly departure on the Isle of Lilies in order to continue to be allowed to serve there in eternity and often to be united with Irmingard.

It is the same on the Isle of Lilies as it is on the Isle of Roses, where those who serve see Parsifal at times and receive of His Power.

And there is a third island which rises out of the Light Plane of the fourth step in the Primordial Spiritual. It is the Isle of Swans!

This isle bears delicious fruit which is enjoyed by the Swan Maidens living there. Here the radiations from the Isle of Roses and from the Isle of Lilies concentrate and, in exemplary serving, are passed on unchanged for the Creations.

Therefore the Isle of Swans could also be called the island or hub of exemplary serving, of selfless serving. From here serving in purest love is spread and uplifted!

The inhabitants of the Isle of Swans are not spirits but executive beings, which have a connecting effect between the radiations of the Isle of Roses and those of the Isle of Lilies.

In accordance with their graceful nature these entities vibrate blissfully in the direct radiations of the Isle of Roses and the Isle of Lilies, and with their inherent nature of exemplary serving in purest love they profoundly connect the radiations of Love and Purity, passing them on connected and yet unchanged.

Swanhild is the responsible Guardian of the Isle of Swans! Swanhild is responsible to the Primordial Queen Elizabeth, Who is the Protector and Ruler of the Isle of Swans as well. This responsibility gives increased strength to Swanhild and exalts her being.

Like the Swan Maidens she wears a flowing gown which, similar to the plumage of swans, clings brightly to the body, which in its harmony surpasses the imagination of all earthly artists.

A characteristic feature of the Swan Maidens is that they have only blue eyes, and that they wear a star of lustrous blue as a head ornament. They distinguish themselves especially by their wonderful, deeply moving singing, and they sway in the harmony of the sounds, which streams downwards from here to all parts of Creation.

The worship of the Swan Maidens is manifested in the Temple of the Swans through their enchanting song, which is imbued with soft, magnificent sounds of harps. Therefore the harmony of sounds is part of the element of life for each Maiden on the Isle of Swans. In it she comes alive, swings joyously in the waves of pure sounds and drinks them in like an elixir of life, which gives her joyful activity.

Tidings of this quite special, moving song of the Swan Maidens has already reached down to the Material Spheres. For this reason we still speak here and there of a swan’s song, which in its special nature is supposed to have a heart-rending effect. As always, only a part of the old revelations has been preserved, and has been distorted and made all too earthly through the intellect.

Now many of you will probably understand why, at the time of the most sacred fulfillments on earth, when the Rose and the Lily dwell on earth, a Swan Maiden from the Isle of Swans is also needed as a connection, in a physical body prepared for this purpose, in order not to leave a gap in the vibrations.

God’s Mercy is so great that He allows wonder upon wonder to arise, so that the help for mankind in the Kingdom of the Millennium may be absolutely complete!

Bow down in humility before His great Goodness.

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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