Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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17. The Spiritual Planes VII

Last time I spoke of the Isle of Roses, the Isle of Lilies and the Isle of Swans.

We will call these three great cornerstones in the fourth level of Primordial Creation islands, islands in a sea of radiant Light; however, they are not islands as humans picture islands to be. A more comprehensible picture might arise if I say that these three islands of support are as three radiant jewels in a gold band, if we compare the entire plane of the fourth level to a golden band in which the three jewels are set magnificently.

Of course, there is other life as well on this plane as on all other planes; but for now, I name only those points of support which radiate outward for the creations, namely for the human spirits, and whose effect upon human spirits is incisive, indeed decisive.

The same applies to the next level, the fifth level of Primordial Creation. While the previous levels were the planes of origin for all of the radiation energies that are fundamental for all that follows, the fifth plane is the land or the plane of readying, of the preparation of aids for everything that is below Primordial Creation. It is on this fifth level that the guiding, powerful preparers of all the supports for the human race have their field of activity!

You will understand me best if I tell you a name from this plane: Ismaeil!

Here is where he lives and from where his activity originates. Is-ma-el who once raised Abd-ru-shin on this earth, who incarnated on this earth for His sake, and who then, as John the Baptist, also proclaimed Jesus, and had to prepare all seven parts of the worlds for the coming of the Holy Will of God, for Parsifal – Imanuel!

He is the highest one in this level, numerous helpers are around him, and he received the revelations from the Light for his great comprehensive work, which he fulfilled faithfully at all times and which he will fulfill again this time, faithfully, with immeasurable power since his love for the Sons of God is without limits. It was he who gave humanity the great revelation of happenings for this time which has become generally known as the Revelation of John.

This fifth level is filled with this great preparatory activity for all incisive Light happenings for the Creations and it is full of flaming life.

The next level, the sixth one, shows, again for humanity as well, a radiant point projecting far and strong: The White Castle!

The White Castle does not conform to earthly concepts. It has this designation as being the haven of the two pure vessels. In it, faithfully guarded, are the two pure-spiritual female vessels of the most holy Light Fulfillments on earth.

They are the two pure-spiritual vessels for the earthly mothers of Jesus and Abd-ru-shin.

Only two; for the pure-spiritual vessel for Abd-ru-shin, which was chosen to prepare the path into the gross-material world for the Will of God, had already been on earth twice. The first time in the earthly woman Dijanitra, the second time in the earthly woman who brought God’s Will into the world for the Judgment.

The pure-spiritual vessel which had to bring God’s Love into this world had also been in the body of an earthly woman twice.

The first time it was in Cassandra’s earthly mother who gave to the earth a part of God’s Love, the second time it was in Mary of Nazareth.

Both pure-spiritual vessels, however, also needed a spiritual cloak without which they would not have been able to fulfill their task on earth. This spiritual part of subsequent Creation was the respective earthly woman, and it was she who, each time upon the earthly birth of God’s Love, became darker, and acquired human weaknesses, which prevented the pure-spiritual vessel on earth from radiating in the way that was expected.

This is why, strangely, God’s Love could not find the support on earth from the earthly mothers that It should have had, but on the contrary It very often experienced suffering through them.

This is sad and clear proof of the fact that earthly humans, in their corruption, are no longer able to sense or understand, much less bear the pure Love of God; for, consciously and unconsciously, they always rebel against It.

Now, when for the third and last time, the pure-spiritual vessel again had to accompany a part of God’s Love into these gross-materialities for the time of the Holy Judgment and the subsequent up-building, the vessel was withdrawn immediately after the earthly birth of the Light-Love, so that possible failure of the chosen spiritual cloak could not cause new obstructive connections to develop; for, even for a third time, the earthly birth of God’s Love required a new spiritual cloak to be chosen since the first two were still bound by encumbrances with which they had burdened themselves and which caused them to stand far removed.

Each spiritual cloak is an individual human being, thus a self-conscious earth woman, with whom the chosen pure-spiritual woman must first be connected for an earthly birth of the Divine Light!

Such a Light-birth on earth requires the greatest, most comprehensive preparations from above; and often, even after centuries of painstaking efforts, such a small human spirit through its weaknesses may necessitate changes, even at the last moment.

When I speak of a pure-spiritual and a spiritual vessel or cloak, it is in each case an individual woman. The two pure-spiritual vessels are two women in Primordial Creation, chosen for this purpose, who were able purposefully to develop from the Pure-Spiritual toward this goal under specific high guidance, always remaining in the White Castle under the most faithful care.

The spiritual vessels or cloaks are the souls of those earth women who could be chosen and prepared to form a close connection with those cloaks or women from Primordial Creation for the purpose of holiest fulfillment.

By an Act of Grace of the Light that earthly mother who had been chosen for the last earth incarnation of God-Love was allowed to depart the earth after the birth of her child, and the child, Maria, was received into hands which had been tested and chosen for this, and as they were spiritually unconnected, could not obstruct and harm the pure-spiritual vessel.

Having had to experience often enough the greatly inadequate reliability of human spirits in Light Fulfillments, especially in the case of God-Love, this time Wise Providence prevented the possibility of a reoccurrence of harmful earthly impediments for the pure-spiritual female vessel, which as such always fulfilled its task in purest faithfulness, by quick severance of the spiritual-earthly connection immediately after birth. Maria, as a child, therefore grew up in strange but loving hands.

According to the Primordial Laws of Creation, it is absolutely imperative for that Spiritual, which is held down by the darkening with which it surrounded itself during life on earth, to return to this earth until the impediments are resolved, so that the spirit, freed from them, can ascend, in order to dwell in the Luminous Heights.

Since, in case of the pure-spiritual vessel serving God-Love the first spiritual cloak had not been purified at the time of the second earth fulfillment, it received a new spiritual cloak which again failed for the most part.

As a consequence, both spiritual cloaks, i.e. both spiritual vessels, have to be re-incarnated now at the time of the Final Judgment, in order to redeem the errors or to perish.

This concerns the human spiritual cloaks of Subsequent Creation, the human-spiritual part, not the pure-spiritual vessel of Primordial Creation which in its purity could remain complete in itself.

This pure-spiritual vessel was held back under the most devoted care until it was decided whether complete separation by an Act of Grace by the Most High was necessary in order to spare this pure-spiritual female vessel from having to also suffer through the failure of the spiritual cloak, or whether this spiritual cloak was able to lift itself up again, purified, and would no longer form an impediment in heaviness.

Now, however, by the Grace of God, the luminous core of this pure-spiritual vessel is completely freed from that spiritual part which belonged to Mary of Nazareth and which because of its failure must move toward disintegration in the Judgment. It can no longer be touched by this pain.

After a long waiting period it returned to the White Castle of the sixth level of Primordial Creation to dwell and work there in joy and happiness.

The situation was different for that pure-spiritual vessel which served the Will of God. In this case the necessary human spiritual cloak adapted to the pure-spiritual vessel both times and a return for the purpose of any kind of redemption was not necessary. Dijanitra, however, as reward, was once granted permission to return to earth at the time of the second incarnation of Abd-ru-shin who had been her son, and, in recognizing Him as Imanuel, to serve the Light.

This, too, only concerns the human-spiritual part, not the pure-spiritual part. Thus only the spiritual cloak is incarnated, not in order to redeem, but in fulfillment of an Act of Grace from the Light.

The task of the earthly-female vessels was different. It was possible for the vessels for Jesus and Cassandra to know the missions of their children so that they knew their origin.

If the earthly mothers then no longer held fast to that knowledge, but became increasingly dark in doubting and quite often also gave in to human weaknesses such as egotism or lack of effort toward understanding, a propensity for craving worldly recognition and diversions, then this was a failure only of the spiritual part and its desires, from which the pure-spiritual is now separate.

The earthly vessel for Parsifal – Imanuel (Abd-ru-shin), however, was not to know of the origin of her child and its mission on earth, nor were any other humans on earth to know, since Parsifal first had to walk the painful path of recognizing and realizing the ways of humanity here on earth which He could do only through personally experiencing and suffering through all human faults which made it absolutely essential that neither He nor anyone in His environment knew His origin.

Thus, this earthly mother passed through her earth life without knowing any of this. Only upon leaving her gross material body did she become aware of the great task she had fulfilled on earth in service to the Light. Grey shrouds had always surrounded her which, however, immediately dissolved through the love for the Son in recognition.

The spiritual cloak, which again was Dijanitra, was now able to re-incarnate on earth in order to receive the Grace she had once been promised.

Long since, however, the pure-spiritual vessel has been living in the white castle again, knowing, and blissful in pure service to the Light. This castle on the sixth level of the pure-spiritual realm is home to the two female vessels which were chosen for the Holy Light Fulfillments on earth.

I will again briefly summarize this matter which is difficult for you, so that you have a completely clear picture:

In the white castle, which forms the summit of the sixth level of the pure-spiritual realm, there are two chosen women who carry down all those who are born of the Light and descend into the material worlds for the purpose of fulfilling Divine promises, in order to connect themselves to an earthly woman, because this transition is necessary for earth incarnations of those born of the Light since there is no possibility of a gap in the working of the Divine primordial Creation Laws.

The two women bear names standing in the Law: Maria, vibrating in the Love, and Therese, vibrating in the Will. Thus, Maria, in the law of numbers as well as in her nature, is always chosen for God-Love, and Therese always for God’s Will! For earth incarnations they were, each time, closely connected with an earthly woman, i.e. with her spirit, as the next step.

This earthly woman naturally had to have a similar vibration. The birth of Love required a human spirit vibrating in Love, the birth of the Will, on the other hand, required a human spirit on earth vibrating predominantly in the Will.

Now, the vibration of a human spirit in a gross-material physical body manifests itself in a very earthly way, and Love, therefore, manifests as softer, more indulgent than it is in the pure-spiritual realm.

For this reason alone was it possible that in the darkening of all that is earthly, which was already quite advanced at that time, and in the midst of all the corrupted concepts, the earthly woman vibrating in Love did not offer that strong resistance to various weaknesses to the same extent as did the earthly woman vibrating in the Will. Despite her knowledge, she frequently succumbed to doubts, fell victim to vanities and a domineering nature.

This need not and should not have happened, for the power to resist had been given to her in the greatest degree through strong help which was always at her side to assist her, more than any other human being, yet there is no other explanation for the failure, at times, of that earthly woman who was privileged to bear God’s Love.

Only the earthly human spirit, however, encumbered itself thus, not Maria from the White Castle in the pure-spiritual realm. Nevertheless, that part had to suffer from this since it was still connected to the other part by threads, and the weight of the other part held it down, as long as there was no forced separation.

Therese was not encumbered by the earthly human spirit vibrating with her which, being anchored in the Will, was uncompromising enough to vigorously fend off and have no indulgence for anything that was wrong and distorted.

Those earthly women who had to deliver Light-born Ones into gross matter are connected by threads with the pure spiritual vessels only, not, however, to the Light Envoys themselves.

You must pay close attention to this, in order to properly understand the complete process!

The spirit of the earthly mothers is thus connected only indirectly with the Light Envoys via the pure-spiritual vessels to whom they are connected directly by carefully woven threads for a period of time.

The pure-spiritual vessels carry the Light Envoys down to the earthly mothers with whom they connect only at the time of incarnation, after which they remain connected until 40 days after the earthly birth.

During that time, there is a gap-free Light connection via the pure-spiritual vessel which includes the spirit of the earthly mothers; after that time, however, this gap-free connection is terminated as the pure-spiritual vessel detaches and returns while remaining attached to the earthly woman only from a further distance via a few threads.

The female earthly human spirit is thus left more on its own again, since a direct connection with the Light core of her child does not exist. Hence the possibility of the earthly mothers wavering and failing after giving birth.

Everything is so simple and natural, yet difficult to put into limiting earthly terms, in order to make it comprehensible in the gross-material world.

The seventh and last level of Primordial Creation bears the Isle of the Chosen Ones!

Here is where, from Subsequent Creations, all those who were permitted to serve the Sons of God on Earth, and who did serve faithfully, are elevated. Here they continue to serve blissfully after their departure from Earth into all eternity. At certain times their view expands, they see Parsifal, Maria and Irmingard in the Castle, without feeling the distance; instead they have the impression of being there in the presence of the Primordially Created Ones.

I do not have much to say about this in the present lecture, for the name alone will suffice for you: Patmos!

Much has been said, and much more will be said about this Isle of the Blessed Ones, for it is, at the same time, the Isle of Prophecies, or the Mountain of Sacred Revelations.

Like the Grail Castle which rises at the outermost boundary of the Divine Sphere and at the same time has a replica forming the summit of Primordial Creation, so is Patmos at the outermost border of the Pure-Spiritual Sphere and has a replica at the highest height of the adjoining Spiritual Sphere. All that happens on Patmos in the Pure-Spiritual Sphere can be seen in the Spiritual Sphere as in a mirror image, thus always providing the connection through common experiencing in both realms despite the separation.

Perhaps we will address this in more detail at a later time; for today it would far exceed the purpose of this lecture. I will, therefore, merely present the last part of the great realm of Primordial Creation in a straight line downward.

Adjacent to the seventh and last level in Primordial Creation there follows a protective cloak, a layer which has the effect of separating the pure-spiritual and the adjoining spiritual part of Creation which the human mind is no more able to grasp in its vastness than it is able to grasp the Pure-Spiritual Sphere.

This protective cloak, too, is a distinct plane of great expanse. It is by no means uninhabited, but is animated by many beings, though it is not a permanent dwelling place for self-conscious spirits.

This plane forms the insurmountable, impassable boundary of the Pure-Spiritual Realm of the Primordial Creation, yet at the same time it serves as a transition.

However, for the Spiritual to pass downward from above, or, again upward from below, it requires the escort of beings dwelling on this plane who themselves, in their activity, act like a protective cloak toward the one passing through, as is their plane of the entire Primordial Creation.

These entities are able to grant such escort through the protective plane only under certain specific conditions which immutably vibrate in the Creation Laws. This means that passage through the protective plane is possible only when these very specific conditions are fulfilled. Fulfillment of these conditions, resting partly in the species, as well as partly, in the condition of this species, i.e. in the respective degree of maturity, results as a necessary consequence, in a natural, automatic passage.

There is movement everywhere, precisely interlocking, as in an incredibly finely tuned and artfully constructed mechanism, kept in motion by actively working, living Laws.

Whatever stays on the right course within this mechanism is whetted and cleansed, pushed and up-lifted, always toward the height of a pure ability, but whatever leaves the right course and carelessly or even with evil intention, steps outside the mechanism, will be shoved and injured until it is back on its right course, where it can vibrate in harmony and without friction, or until it is crushed and ground up between the ceaselessly moving wheels.

Therefore, men, adapt yourselves to the unbendable mechanism of this masterwork which is Creation, the greatness of which is incomprehensible to you; in its steady vibration you will be happy for all eternity!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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