Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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18. On the occasion of May 30, 1935 (The Sacrifice)

The Grace of God permits the opening of the gate to the Source of Life! Only for those, however, who, in humility, opened themselves to the Word. A drop will also be given to all those who have kept the spark alive within their innermost being, which now, in the days of the Judgment, is re-ignited by the yearning for the truth and becomes ablaze, burning and breaking through every obstacle in order joyfully, in gratitude and in humility to climb the path to the Luminous Heights.

Wherever the spirit then seeks victoriously to overcome these obstacles which hitherto had kept it shut out from the true Light, there this will also manifest in an earthly sense; for such a human being searches restlessly for the way to the Luminous Height on earth, the Holy Mountain!

And with patience and painstaking effort he will overcome everything obstructing his path, be it family or other circumstances: he will detach himself wherever there is something trying to hold him back, from everyone who does not wish to go with him.

This is God’s Will and Law, and thus it will happen! Much is different now from what it was during Jesus’ time on Earth. At that time, all who wanted to learn from Him had to come to Him personally; for the Word could come to them only through His mouth.

Today, the Word is accessible to everyone in the book, so that it is not even necessary for them to first come to me. Everyone can obtain the Book of Truth for themselves as long as they search for it, they can have it in many languages, if only they truly desire it! If they carry the yearning for it within their soul they will definitely be led by their spiritual guidance in such a way as to obtain an opportunity to come into contact with the Word in one way or another. They will achieve this with certainty; for no one is in reality so poor that he would not be able to find a possibility for that.

Even if he had to go hungry on earth in order to gain the Word of Truth for himself it would only benefit him!

I say to you: much more is demanded of you! Humanity has fallen lower than could have been anticipated by the Light; and through its rigid, evil selfish volition it fell so rapidly that help from the Light had to penetrate deep into the Darkness Itself, in order to at least partly stop the rapid fall precipitated by human wickedness and to prevent the entire humanity from having to be condemned.

Therefore the Light descended deeper into the Darkness than had been prophesied at one time, having to fight for an anchoring ground in the loathsome swamp of those who through their nature were already condemned, to provide help to those who are swept along in the rapid fall of the masses, ensnared by thousands of threads, which they could not perceive in the darkness, whereas their souls are yearning for the Light.

For this reason you must use all of your strength and by way of the Word fight your way upward from out of the incomprehensible depth in which you still find yourselves, keeping your sight directed upward!

You do not know at all the horror of the unspeakably tenacious deadly swamp into which you have already sunk, because your eyes will only be opened again when you are permitted to look down from above.

That is why for your salvation the spirit has to be kept awake for you through constant, intensified effort, so that you will not fall back into the danger of the engulfing sleep of death!

The redeeming Word has anchored Itself for you on soil hitherto indisputably leaning toward the Darkness. Now you must endeavor to grasp It if you still want to save yourselves from falling further! The opportunity for this is given to you through Light anchorage.

Do not think it to be easy, for that would mean your final ruin now. Also in that hitherto false conception of a state of comfortable well-being under the loving protection of God everything must first become completely new in you, before you may continue to be permitted to receive God’s blessings in Creation.

It is the Will of God that man must now endeavor with all his strength to receive the Holy Word once more, unadulterated, pure and undistorted! The Word he so often disdained and disparaged and of which, in the insane self-conceit of his humanness, he believed that it had to be carried after him, that he had to be begged and that he already showed greatness by simply listening and taking notice of It, or when he did not oppose it with hostility.

Fools! God demands of you now your willingness to sacrifice everything merely in order to be permitted once more to absorb the Word!

The term “sacrifice” does not mean piling up gathering up all your possessions and offering them as a gift, forsaking earthly goods and earthly pleasures, no, the admonition to sacrifice means to put a lesser value on everything else, and to regard the Word of the Lord, His Holy Will, as what is most essential to man!

Placing everything in a subordinate position behind the Word of God already constitutes the sacrifice!

There is no need to forsake other things, but you must not consider them as the most important or the only things within the framework of your aspirations, as you have unfortunately done hitherto.

However, do not imagine all this to be easy, for there must be life in your volition! It must grow naturally and become a matter of course as a part of your everyday being. No matter what you think and do, God’s Holy Will must always be above everything, in which you always must keep your sight anchored confidently, without deviating from it even for one single second!

This is the only way for you to achieve what you must achieve now, and this is not so easy for you because you remained unfamiliar with what was meant to be and to remain everything to you forever!

You have moved much too far away from all this and are no longer able even to form a concept in your mind much less an actual deed! Go ahead and try; you will soon grow tired, and your weariness will mean your death! Therefore, just as with a seriously ill person for whom sleep would become the sleep of death, you must be kept awake continuously, albeit through shock and horror! At any cost! Until you will have re-formed yourselves into being able to remain alert voluntarily.

You must thirst for the Word, as one dying of thirst longs for a drop of water!

You will experience what this means, what it is for you, over and over until you are ready to ask your God for this grace in truest humility!

He who wants to be saved and accepted again by God, must get himself to this point. If he cannot do this he will be lost for all eternity! For everything else you have always had time and energy, again and again, except for the Word which brings you life!

People had time and inclination for all manner of earthly habits, for they were willing to make many a sacrifice, raising millions for sports and plans conceived by their own minds, yet for God’s help they have no time at all!

But now you shall learn, men, to truly appreciate God’s Word above all; for now you must make every effort to attain It, must use your whole strength, the greatest volition you are capable of, in the spiritual as well as in the earthly sense! You will be spared nothing.

All that you have hitherto put ahead of the Word of your God you will now have to lose, to leave behind! You have to struggle for the Holy Word of the Message to the limits of despair, so that you will finally appreciate It for what It brings you! It has been made too easy for you up until now. That you have not appreciated.

Now it is the commandment of the Lord that you must first demonstrate that It is everything to you before you receive It, in order to thereby have new life!

Things are now different from what they were at Jesus’ time on Earth! For you, things have changed into the opposite because of your smallness, your loathsome conceit, which must be crushed until even the tiniest speck of it is squashed in immeasurable suffering; for there is no other way of helping you.

You have fallen too low, lower even than Divine Wisdom had once considered possible, since you have always acted only in wicked ways toward the Light.

All of the prophecies will find fulfillment in you, but through your own fault you have forced the disintegration of many more human beings than could have been considered possible at the time of these prophecies, even assuming the most unbelievable downfall. Filled with fury, men will smash their heads against the Light wall which, without regard to them, now spreads across the entire earth.

Through your actions, things have turned out differently from what had been planned; things are stricter, harsher, but you well deserve the harshness! It is hard for me to permit even a spark of love to be woven into humanity’s self-induced destiny, for they are not worthy of it!

Now they will have to suffer and struggle, fight for every Word that they are allowed to receive from the treasure which was offered them so often, and which again in recent years they refused to heed. They did not want to heed, therein lies their greatest guilt! It shall be atoned for down to the last and faintest hesitation!

You must recognize the treasures you have always ignored and rejected, again and again! In this nothing shall be mitigated for you! Even if all of you would have to perish thereby! For if help is given too soon your poison would rise up again with you and permeate the world, as has happened so often.

Demonstrate through years of labor that you are serious about changing, and that it is not just the fruit of your suffering! You who have sinned against the Light for thousands of years cannot expect trust now.

You must now give proof to your God, not words! This I call out to you, I as Immanuel, in the name of my Almighty Father Whom you derided in your actions!

Now you shall learn to fear God so that you get used to respecting Him in humility and to praising Him thankfully for every one of the gifts He has hitherto granted you in such abundance.

Whoever among this humanity will not learn through suffering, as befits creatures, shall be damned for all eternity and shall be erased from the Book of Life, which may no longer bear his name!

Light alone is Life and Power! And whoever does not want to strive toward the Light, shall no longer receive any of its power! The wrath of God Almighty will force the great purification! Then you will realize that it is the Word of the Grail Message alone which can save, can help you in your distress!

But you must endeavor to grasp It, it does not come to you. Struggle, make haste, strive, so that It may not be lost to you at the last moment. Then you will stand alone, without light and warmth, without life, and you will have to perish in a thousand agonies!

I am commanded not to make anything too easy for you, so that you remain alert in your spirit! It is exactly in this that God shows His Love which will always remain incomprehensible to you because it very seldom corresponds to your wishes. God’s Love helps you, humans, which is why it will never flatter you. You must be forced into the Law of Spiritual Movement now, so that you may stay alive and will not sink into disintegration.

Today I call out to you:

Henceforth, no one can come to me but through the Word!

The Holy Word alone opens the door to me, you men. On Earth and in the spirit. Whosoever wishes to come to me must already carry the Word of the Message within himself, incorruptibly, faithfully and irrevocably! Take this with you today, for your guidance!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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