Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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19. The Guardian of the Flame

Ungrateful and devoid of understanding, even reproachful, that is how men often face the greatest help from the Light.

It is distressing to observe how even those of good volition behave wretchedly in these things, or turn away from the Light full of doubt because of unfulfilled hopes regarding wrong earthly wishes whilst through non-fulfillment, the Light very often grants salvation and gain. But, defiant like very stubborn children, men close themselves off from the recognition of the All-Wise Love, thereby harming themselves to such an extent that frequently they can never again ascend, and become lost as an unusable seed grain in this Creation.

The least of all the evils which they thereby inflict upon themselves during their wanderings are various successive incarnations on earth as a result of reciprocal action, which take up centuries, perhaps thousands of years, ever again delaying the possibility of the spirit’s ascent, causing new suffering to arise, and resulting in continual new chains of unnecessary entanglements, which must all be redeemed without fail down to the last and finest speck of dust, before the spirit can rise from the confusion brought about through stubbornness.

If the Light were like human nature, It would drop Creation out of weariness, for truly unbelievable patience is needed to allow such disgusting, stupid stubbornness to live itself out so that those of good volition who are still striving to rise above it will not lose the opportunities for their salvation, and will not need to perish in the whirlpool of self-created destruction of those who no longer wish to change.

But even among those of good volition only a small part will attain to real salvation, for there are still many who weaken before then and lose heart, and sometimes think that they may have taken wrong courses, because there is so much that is against them causing vexation, worry and suffering from the moment the good volition sets in, whereas formerly they did not experience as much of this.

With the resolution for ascent contained in the firm volition for what is good, for many persons there first comes a time of refining which lets them experience their past wrong ways of thinking or acting, and transforms them for what is right! The more obviously this is manifested the more such a person is blessed and the stronger the help from the Light.

It is already the beginning of salvation, the severance from Darkness, which in the process seems to keep him clasped even more firmly. But this firmer and harder embrace only appears as such because the spirit, awakening and growing strong, is striving away from the Darkness that holds it.

It is only the upward striving of the spirit which makes the grip of the Darkness appear more painful, because until then the grip could not become as noticeable so long as the spirit voluntarily adapted itself to or nestled itself into this embrace. Previously the spirit offered no counter-pressure, but always yielded without struggling against it.

Only when it wishes to uplift itself is the hindrance through the Darkness bound to become perceptible and incisive to the upward striving spirit, until finally it tears itself forcibly away in order to become free of the ties that hold it back. The very word indicates that this tearing away cannot always take place without pain; for a tearing away cannot be accomplished with gentleness. No time is left for leisurely severance. For this earth has already sunk far too deeply and the final fulfillment of the World Judgment is in full swing in its final fulfillment.

Man does not reflect about all this. Many a person thinks his resolution cannot be right because he never perceived such hindrances before, and perhaps even felt quite comfortable. Thus through such false thinking he again lets himself sink into the hands of the Darkness. Thus he no longer resists it, and consequently fails to perceive its embrace as hostile. He is pulled down without sensing any pain until aroused by the call of Judgment, to which he cannot close himself, but then... it will be too late for him.

He is only shaken up so as to come to the dreadful recognition of his fall into the bottomless pit of final disintegration, of being cast away. And with this begin the torments which will never ease off, but which are bound to intensify until the horrible end of his being permitted to be self-conscious, i.e., of being able to be a human being, which would have meant blissfulness for him for all eternity.

Consider, you men, that all of you are deeply embedded in the Darkness, that you have embedded yourselves therein! If you wish to save yourselves you must wrest yourselves free from it, and my Word shows you the way, gives you the possibility in the knowledge and the strength to carry out your liberation and redemption!

As soon as you have resolved to escape from the collapse of the Darkness which embraces you firmly and pulls you down into the depths, there already comes with this resolution, like a flash of lightening, a ray from the Light and the Power to help you.

You have tied innumerable knots into the threads of your fate through your past wrong thinking, and through the actions that so pulled you down. But, held in the fist of the Darkness, you no longer thought of them at all, nor could you see or perceive them intuitively because they lie still higher than you. Blocking your path and your connection with the Luminous Heights.

With your upward striving, however, you will naturally find them all again upon your path, and you must untie the knots one after the other so that your path will become free for ascent.

When it concerns the knots of your vanities and so much else, then this seems to you like misfortune and sorrow, like anguish of the soul. In reality, however, it is the only possible way to liberation and salvation and simply cannot be otherwise, since you yourselves had prepared your path beforehand in this manner, and must now return along it if you wish to attain to the height again.

Such is the way towards your liberation and redemption, such is the path towards ascent into the Luminous Heights! It simply cannot be otherwise. And since you now find yourselves in Darkness it is natural that everything hampers and opposes you in the very moment when through your resolution you want to ascend into the Light!

You need only reflect a little in order to understand the correctness of the process and also to discover it on your own!

But very many think that at the moment of their volition to ascend everything must lie before them in sunshine and joy that they must succeed in everything without a struggle that their path must be immediately smoothed for them and that as a reward, immediately and without effort, sweet fruits will drop into their laps.

And if it turns out quite differently they will quickly tire in their volition, give up and sink lazily back into their old way, or even show hostility towards the person who pointed out to them the path leading to freedom, and who in their opinion caused them nothing but anxiety thereby.

Such is the majority of these earthmen! Stupid and lazy, presumptuous, demanding, and even expecting reward and gratitude when they permit that the way be offered to them which leads them out of the swamp in which they wallow sluggishly, finally to become engulfed therein.

But you who wish to fight for yourselves honestly, never forget that you are actually in the Darkness, where any good volition is immediately attacked.

Your surroundings will also quickly seek to claim rights on you if you dare to sever yourselves from them in order not to fall.

Although previously nobody ever bothered about what your soul desired, no one paid any attention as to whether it was already close to dying of hunger or thirst, and although nobody proved willing to offer you refreshment, at the very moment you dare to place your foot on the only true path towards your redemption, then suddenly and quickly they make themselves heard so that you will not leave them.

Then they pretend to be worried about the welfare of your soul, although they gave proof more than once that your soul and your life on earth were really of utter indifference to them!

It is so conspicuous that it even borders on the ridiculous, as can be frequently observed, and it clearly shows that all these dear earthly relatives or other acquaintances are nothing but blind tools of the Darkness, whose urging they obey without being conscious of it. If you do not then listen to them they will show through their actions that it was not really worry about you which caused them to do such things, for real concern would contain love for one’s neighbor. But love is not shown if they annoy you with deprecating remarks or spiteful talking about you, or even by seeking to harm you in some way or other.

Plainly and quickly hatred flares up also, which all that is dark harbors against anything striving for the Light! Observe this now and learn to recognize the Darkness thereby. It is just by this that you can also see that you have chosen the right path; for the Darkness must reveal itself in this way which is its way, and its alone!

You will easily learn to differentiate! And finally, the real hatred of the Darkness and also of its slaves is directed beyond you, towards Him Who is the Word and offers It to human beings for their redemption!

Pay attention to this! For in this way you will now immediately recognize all the henchmen of Lucifer who have already been cast out in the Judgment.

Turn away from them, and no longer try to help them with the Word; for it shall no longer be offered to them! Henceforth you must eliminate them from It unless you yourselves want to suffer harm through ill-considered accommodation.

Your love must be directed to the Light and for all those striving towards the Light through their pure and humble volition, but not for those who must be cast out of this Creation because they are harmful.

Above all the call is directed to womanhood once more! Through their more delicate intuitive perception womanhood has the ability to distinguish with infallible certainty what belongs to the Light and where there is still hope for it, and what has irretrievably surrendered to the Darkness and must perish with it according to the Holy Will of God!

For this, however, womanhood itself must first be purified and rise from the swamp into which it has frivolously led the whole of mankind! And only when vanity has fallen away from her will woman again be able to perceive intuitively in the right way.

Once again I accuse those women of all the developed ones, who were too eager to allow themselves to be tempted to descend from that step which the Creator graciously assigned to them, to spread ruination instead of God’s blessing, and to distort all that is noble, which they were meant to support and maintain clear and free of blemishes.

She tore womanly dignity down into the dust! Her every thought, her every wish was subjugated to the most base calculation, and all the innate grace bestowed upon her as a gift by the Creator, in order thereby to keep awake the longing for the beauty of the Luminous Heights in human souls, and to arouse the urge to protect all that is pure, this inherently noble attractiveness, was scornfully dragged down into the deep mire by womanhood on earth in order sinfully to exploit it for earthly aims only!

I accuse! Never before has any creature of Creation sunk as deeply as has woman on earth!

The Holy Power of reciprocal action will now strike with unfettered force every woman who does not wish to awaken for pure and high activity, which the Creator’s Grace once placed in her hands and for which He equipped her!

It is womanhood, the woman, whom the Creator once chose to be the Guardian of the Flame of Holy Longing for the Light in all His Creations, for which purpose He endowed her with the most delicate intuitive sense! She came into existence in order to receive the radiations of the Light without hindrance, and to pass them on in the purest way to the man as well as to her particular surroundings.

For this reason she exerts her influence no matter where she may be. Through her nature she has been gifted for this. And she has used this Gift of Grace for the opposite end.

The influence given to her by God she exercises to attain selfish and often condemnable ends, instead of uplifting her surroundings and keeping the longing for the Light alive within the souls during their wandering through the dense planes which are to serve their development and maturing towards the Spiritual Height!

Thus she was meant to offer support and stability to the wanderers, through her being, and to keep open the connection to the Light, the Prime Source of all Life!

They could have already turned this earth into a gross-material Paradise in the World of Gross Matter, vibrating joyously in the purest Will of the Almighty, the Eternal One!

The Guardian of the Flame of Holy Longing for the Light, however, has failed as no creature has ever failed before, because she was equipped with gifts the possession of which should never have allowed her to fall! And she has dragged down an entire part of the World with her into the swamp of Darkness!

However, she will experience full retribution for the unspeakably wicked conduct of staining even the most pure of which she was to remain the guardian!

The way is far and great the exertion which still lies before that woman who longs to co-operate in the future. And yet again the Grace of the increased strength will be given to her if only her volition is genuine! But she must not think it will be easy.

The high distinction of once again being permitted to become the Guardian of the Longing for the Light, to keep it alive in the material world through the purity of her womanly dignity, must be won by severe exertion through perpetual alertness and unswerving faithfulness!

Wake up, woman of this earth! Become pure again and faithful in your thinking and your actions, and keep your entire volition firmly anchored in the Holiness of the Will of God! Wake up or cease to exist in the immutable Justice of the Lord! You shall not have the opportunity once again to harm the future human race on earth. The woman who will live in the Kingdom of the Millennium here on earth must become an absolutely pure guardian of the souls’ holiest longing for the Light! In God’s All-Holy Power!


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