Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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20. The Power of the Language

I have already made known how important and meaningful the human word in the weaving of this Creation, in the realm of the Gross Material Planes.

But men have not grasped how far the formative influence extends, and how devastating negligence can be. Not only does the individual word itself have a strong influence and a forming effect on your environment, but so does the way in which you arrange and connect the words, and your effort you make in pronouncing them.

Thus your manner of speaking has a powerful effect on your environment. You know that everything issues from the Word! In the beginning was the Word! I have already pointed this out. Although the statement refers to the Word of God, which bears within it most holy Primordial Creative Powers, still, a certain formative albeit not a creative power also vibrates in the human word, which along with man himself only came into being through the Word of God, and which reaches into Fine Gross Matter, and from there back into the World of Gross Matter.

Therefore, pay closer attention to the way you speak! Place your words so that they vibrate correctly in the Law of Creation and thus remain in harmony. The consistent, even rhythm of all of the cyclic movements in Creation must ring in your sentences if you wish to develop your speech into that power which was given to you by God!

I will help you to recognize the danger of negligence, so that together with me you may faithfully fulfill the Lord’s command, which is meant for the days of the Judgment and which you have known for a long time already in the words: “Everything must become new!”

Everything, not only some things! And since only that which is wrong needs to become new, these words state clearly and distinctly that now everything, without exception, is wrong; otherwise it need not become new. Everything! Here this word is not to be regarded as an everyday word, but it is a command from God, to be taken in its fullest sense, unabbreviated, without qualification; for otherwise it would not have been used for this.

And it is just this which you have hitherto not been willing to grasp properly in its entire seriousness, and about which you still think much too superficially. Without exception, your great volition suffers from this, and this alone holds you back from taking that step which is absolutely necessary, without which you would not be able to fulfill even a portion of the earthly tasks that are approaching, and without which your development cannot be completed.

This step, so decisive for everything, is: To leave behind you all the old, indeed everything, and not to try to carry any of it over into the new, or to mingle it with what is new! Any attempt to accept and bring to life within yourselves that which is new is hopeless and in vain from the beginning if you would leave even a speck of the old clinging to you. Whether that be what is old in your concepts or your abilities, in what you have learned or in your opinions. The new will come to you only when all that is old has been pushed away.

Your next necessary duty is to attune yourselves to the New! You will ask what this New is, with the comment that you are gladly willing to attune yourselves to it if only you can first recognize it aright!

To this I respond: you do know much of the New, but still you stubbornly hold fast to the Old, and in many cases only grudgingly offer a hand to the New! Or we could put it more mildly: you approach the New with an inner reluctance. I could name many, many things. Whether it be only the sense of family in its old form, or a propensity for fashion that you do not under any circumstances want to abandon completely, or... actually, it is pretty much everything wherein you still connect the Old with the New, even with the best of intentions to accept the New.

As it is in this instance so is it also in a thousand things that are considered trivial, yet which will turn out to be decisive in a totally unforeseen severity. Therefore never regard anything as being too inconsequential, for as it could unexpectedly cause you the worst disappointments!

I mention these outward things only incidentally; because they can still be easily changed, even though, in many case, they do now hamper the joyful upwardly swinging development. What is damaging though are the old concepts which still rest in people in thousands of forms, even in you who are to be the first among all people who must become new.

And over and over again you take the wrong path in this, the path that can never lead to the goal!

Yes, you know much of the New, which may seem small to you, but which nonetheless is of decisive significance; however, time and again, however, you seek to smuggle some of the old into the new in pathetic self-delusion and with wretched excuses! This however closes you off from the most necessary of all the steps that can lead you to success, the first step of courageously throwing the old overboard, of shattering all the old forms to begin with, without mercy toward yourselves, so as then to be able to receive the new!

You will never succeed in adding anything of the new to even the most minute part of one of the old forms, in the delusion of thus becoming new!

You will not even be able to recognize the New aright, much less comprehend it, until you first have completely crushed and left behind you all of the Old. This is the basic requirement for becoming new for each individual and the basic requirement for all of mankind.

Only after the complete destruction of old concepts, which have all been wrong, can genuine recognition and comprehension of the New and the Right offered by God arise!

Especially in this there are no transitions, no leading out of, but something new must arise in the Creative Omnipotence of God, a complete rebirth, which however cannot be a transformation of what is false, for this would enable much of what is false to grow up again with renewed vigor like a weed.

First grasp this as of the greatest importance for you, and seek to fulfill it completely; then, but not before, can the new arise within you! Only then will you be able to understand it without running the risk of slipping back once more into the old.

I will try to help you, for I see that although you are not lacking in great volition, and zeal to absorb the new, yet you cannot bring yourselves really to abandon the old completely, because of the risk of at first being called strange in your concepts among your fellow-men.

And this fear, which you will not admit to yourselves, it does exist in very many cases. This fear alone often makes you hesitate to fulfill my Word in these matters! You think that you might attract too much attention in this or that, and you find all sorts of objections for yourselves as comforting excuses for not fulfilling my Word and my command as completely as would be necessary for the Holy Victory of the Light here on earth!

Out of consideration for people, and to avoid other inconveniences, you narrow the scope of your fulfillment, forgetting that if only a small part of the whole is missing, it is no fulfillment at all!

You will never become the laughing stock of men if you fulfill completely what is demanded of you from the Light! But you shall perish along with mankind and your errors if you wish to take men into consideration.

Indeed, you are to go before all mankind as examples! You must not wait until the old collapses of itself, in order to then willingly join all that is new, but you must begin with it even now on yourselves!

And it is for this purpose that you are meant to attract attention, it is intended that all men shall speak of you!

If this were not the case, then there would be no difference. But the absence of such a striking difference, be it in your attire, in your work, or in your being, could only indicate to you that like the others you still stand in the old, in the false, and that so far you have not succeeded in rising above it!

Yet if you act like this, what do you expect from others who have to stand further away from the Light on earth and who did not receive the power that was given to you!

With my help, you shall now begin! For this purpose I will lift veil after veil from the mysteries of the working of the Divine Laws in Creation, which in spite of repeated hints still do not seem sufficiently clear to you, for you place too little value on them. Today take my reference to the human word, by means of which you have gradually developed your languages!

The Word was formed within the Law, and therefore bears much greater significance within itself than you dare to assume. For this reason, I have already shown you the dangers of idle chatter or malicious talk, and mentioned the fruits that must grow from out of such things through the effects of the Primordial Laws of Creation, for the individual as well as for nations and races.

But this influence of every single word extends much further, even into apparently minute details. Therefore only that nation will reach a permanent height whose language swings in the rhythm of the Divine Laws of Creation! Permanent however, only if their language always continues to vibrate in this rhythm, and does not permit itself to be forced out by affectation and sophistries.

You may already have an inkling of the wickedness that has been committed, what stagnation has been caused through this alone in the developmental cycle of so many people.

At first the gradual development of expressive sounds into a language proceeded more or less uniformly, and in harmony with the Laws of Nature.

Then everything was right, and remained so until here also the intellect interfered, completely distorting and disrupting the pure vibration.

But you must not think too superficially about this! The most primitive peoples with only a few expressive sounds may vibrate much more harmoniously in the Laws than the most intellectual peoples with their affected manner of conversing among themselves, or of voicing their opinion.

What matters is not the plenitude of forms of expression as such, but it is the way in which they are used and the combination and sequencing of the individual words which produce the right or wrong vibration and bring about its consequences. This, however, is now just as distorted and therefore wrong as is everything the human spirit has formed for itself in recent times.

However, you cannot learn to distinguish in this, you can only perceive the distinction intuitively! This you can accomplish only when you have reawakened your intuitive perception and given it free rein within yourselves!

However, I will give you a hint which you can use as a touchstone. Already for centuries the Light has been making preparations for the coming of a Light Messenger here on earth, in everything needed to help Him in His task.

So also the language which He needed for the Message from the Light, in order to make it accessible in earthly clarity to this mankind on earth.

For this purpose a language had to be prepared on earth to swing as purely as possible in the Primordial Laws of Creation, whose expression cannot again be distorted later on, so that the Message will remain pure for all time!

For this purpose the German language has already for centuries been carefully developed to a perfection that united with the harmonious vibration of this Creation, thereby being able to absorb the strongest Power of the Light, and also to transmit it undimmed.

This is why the Message from the Light is now laid down in the German language, for no other language could have rendered it with such clarity and severity without constricting it, in so far as it is at all possible to compress the Living Word into a gross material form!

Through preparations, carried out over centuries by many people; quite specially chosen and blessed for this, the German language provided at least the possibility that now the Bringer of the Living Word of God can make use of this language, in order to fulfill His task here on earth using this language.

For this reason, the German language of my Message, in the structure of sentences and the placement of words, is the only exemplary mode of expression for all time to come, because of its pure vibration in the Laws of Creation!

In its form and mode of expression it can and must one day serve as the teaching model for the German language as it develops towards its peak, which language must be used by the people who will later on be leading people on this earth, for only in this and in no other form does it contain the highest up-building and sustaining capability, which receives all of the powerful helps from out of the weaving of Creation!

Now make clear to yourselves what this means. The language in this form creates the greatest powers, thereby molding and forming your environment, and most of all forming it correctly in accordance with your Creator’s Will, which is always and only for your greatest benefit, for peace and for happiness.

If you again distort this specific form of the language it will then no longer create that strength of all the powers, and will in turn make nothing but distorted forms.

Therefore, strive to grasp the language aright, and use it intuitively in its natural rhythm, in everything you think or form into speech. You will thereby be a furthering influence in the World of Matter, for pure forms can be fashioned only with pure language!

This pure form in the vibration of Creation is given to you through the Message as a model! Preserve it for humanity and guard it faithfully, never allow it to become distorted, and try to make its nature your own, and you will then work successfully on earth through your exemplary being, for the benefit of all peoples!

Thus it will readily become clear to you that dialects of a language are wrong, and are bound to bring nothing but harm, because such a language lacks the purity which as always can only manifest in perfection.

The reason for any dialect is either negligence, which has debased the original purity of the language through letting oneself go, or it is due to a standstill on one of the necessary and natural steps of development of the particular language, a lack of moving forward, a resistance to the Law of Perpetual Development, toward the highest blossom of purity in all things, including that of the language.

Either possibility is reprehensible and contrary to the Primordial Law of Creation, as is also the tenacious clinging to and cultivation of dialects either from affectionate respect or... from lazy habit. Everything is wrong in this respect, no matter what the motives! And since what is wrong can never be constructive, but only harmful, or at least obstructive, which in itself is harmful, it must gradually be avoided, so that in the future man will work only for the good of Creation, and no longer remain harmful.

Thus also the cultivating of a dialect constitutes a clinging to the imperfect, which in turn can form only what is imperfect. And it forms and molds in any case; no matter whether you thoughtlessly cultivate a dialect or decide to do so deliberately, it forms with or without your volition. And since, in accordance with their own nature they can form only something imperfect, dialects are harmful, never beneficial!

Consider what you are doing thereby and act accordingly. The effects may become devastating.

It is often said that there is a close relationship between the languages and the nature of men, and this is correct. However, this is evident not only among different nations, but even among the German people itself, with all the dialects and various ways of speaking a uniform language!

Yet, it is not the nature of the people that molds this manner of speaking, but rather the manner of speaking that molds the people! The power to form and to mold rests only in the word, in the language, or more precisely in the way the language is spoken by the people! The very marked and striking characteristics of different groups of human beings who speak different dialects have only emerged from these dialects, in the course of time the people have developed their special characteristics through these dialects, not vice versa.

A clumsy dialect will form a clumsy people, a graceful dialect, which, however, does not exist since only a perfected language can really be graceful, can never bring forth clumsy, ungainly people, while a superficial way of speaking will produce superficial human beings.

Thus any person who is willing to learn from these things can easily enough make observations in detail. You will soon recognize the unimagined power in the influence which your human words have on the entire world of matter especially in its reciprocal effect upon your immediate environment.

However, not only can you see these consequences in the World of Gross Matter, but soon you will be able to recognize currents invisible to the physical eye. If your speech is in perfect harmony with the rhythm of Creation, harmony will in time manifest around you, and beauty and gracefulness will arise and blossom therein.

But the greatest beauty and the utmost gracefulness are immediately and always marred by a dialect or poor diction, it lacks purity, and this makes itself felt!

Were I to speak in greater detail of these things, the explanations would be endless, but these brief remarks will probably suffice to enable you to advance further in your observations, investigations and recognitions on your own. You will find confirmation everywhere in your experiences.

Yet there is almost nothing where you do not try with cheerful volition once more to interweave old things into the new that I have already given you! Namely advice that I have often given to you in the form of small requests.

Again and again you overlook what I have so often mentioned: True greatness lies in small and simple things!

And since in many small and simple things you try tenaciously to cling to the old, perhaps thoughtlessly so, with your gaze directed only towards great and distant things, in this way you will never actually be able to begin on the great things, or on that which seems so great to you, and which in reality is only the result of all that is small.

Therefore exert yourselves first to find the basic faults in all that is distorted, and to remove these first of all, to break away from them, and to destroy all the old in them, so that you may then fully grasp the new without tarnishing it with remnants from the old, which must no longer exist, in accordance with God's holy command!

You will often find the key to the greatest things in what appears to be small and insignificant, which is the result of the great simplicity of the Laws of God. Therefore become simple in your intuitive perception and you will very quickly obtain clarity about everything and cannot possibly go astray as you have done in the past. But it is time, high time, for this if you wish to fulfill in the All-Holy Power of God; for without simplicity you cannot receive It, much less make use of It!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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