Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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21. The Living Word (Pentecost 1935)

Pentecost! Only a few days ago we celebrated the Festival, which is the actual Pentecost, the Festival of the Holy Dove, of the Outpouring of God’s Holy Power into this Creation! It is renewal, preservation, and restoration to health!

The fact that in the future this Festival can continue to exist for you on earth, the fact that this earth does not have to perish in the Judgment along with so many other celestial bodies, is owing only to the great Love of God, who helped you at the very last moment, after your false volition had already forced everything towards that end.

The time will yet come when you human beings will grasp what a sacrifice was needed, for this to save you from certain destruction. Today you cannot yet grasp it. You still cannot comprehend what was done for you by the Light. It stands far above all human understanding.

But you can thank God the Lord for His inconceivable goodness, which can be recognized daily and hourly throughout your entire existence, if only you honestly wish to! Therefore your whole life shall become gratitude!

Your whole life gratitude! If you take these words in their usual sense, in the way men think of them, it would become wearisome to give thanks continually; for man pictures a stringing together of many prayers of thanks.

But that is not what is meant. The most beautiful gratitude is pure joy! If men would live according to the Will of God they could find nothing but joy on their wanderings through the Worlds of Matter! That there is also sorrow is the fault of men alone, for sorrow is alien to the Light.

Men have created the darkness and thus the misery for themselves, and in their rigid obstinacy have become so entangled in it that in the end it is no longer even possible for them to find the paths that could lead them out of it.

Under the influence of men’s wrong volition the World of Matter has not become a Paradise but only a maze, out of which no human soul could find its way. Moreover, the faults have multiplied, and their consequences have brought about a great increase in evil volition, and the start of every good volition was held fast in the jungle of distorted conceptions, and its growth was stunted so that it soon had to wither away.

Such was the picture when the Will of God descended into the Worlds of Matter to give final aid to those who have a deep inner longing for it.

However, you have pictured it all much too superficially, for men are very strange in this respect. Either they are quick to repudiate everything sent by the Light with their arrogant know-it all attitude, or they go to the other extreme, and, like those of blind faith, expect fantastic impossibilities that lie outside the range of the Divine Laws of Creation.

Therefore they are very disappointed and even lapse easily into disbelief again, when so many things do not happen as they thought they would. They can become as unreasonable in their self- inflicted disappointments as they previously were in their blind faith, and turn into the greatest enemies of everything which, in their opinion, has disappointed them. In this they are capable of doing incredible things, although such actions are completely groundless and childish, utterly unworthy of a human being.

They have no desire to understand that there is a precisely ordered and firmly structured activity in Creation in accordance with the Will of God, Which is immutable, but imagine that God can arbitrarily overthrow and change His own Laws therein at any moment. They do not pause to think that with such an attitude they plainly admit either their doubt in the Eternal Perfection of God, or their own incredible narrow-mindedness, which can only be called wicked indolence of spirit, or stupidity arising from laziness.

With high-sounding words they try to base their arguments on the fact that in Creation, everything is subject to continuous change. This is quite true, but these changes manifest in the logical development and flourishing of what already exists, on the basis of the Laws of Creation, which have an impelling effect, while nonetheless remaining immutable and forever unchanging. Thus the big words are nothing but empty chatter and in careless superficiality are used without being thought through.

With words men scatter immense treasures like children at play, without themselves grasping these values. Therefore, they use the words wrongly and give them false interpretations.

They do not see the Truth contained in them, because they read and hear in them only that which they wish. In their indolent self-complacency, they are not in the least willing to dig deeply and make every effort to understand that which the words are meant to express and which they do express clearly enough.

Even among you, many still lack the right understanding of this, because after all, you still have not penetrated deeply enough into my Message to envisage the Perfection of the Almighty Creator in its fundamental inviolability and immutability, wherein lies the unfathomable greatness in such clear simplicity as the human spirit does not want to realize.

However, you must always base your entire thinking, your investigation and your interpretation of every happening, strictly upon the immutability that lies in the perfection of the Divine and self-acting Laws of this Creation. Otherwise you can never advance, and must go astray!

It is therefore appropriate, especially today, for me to lift a little of the veil that still shrouds the magnitude of the sacrifice which Parsifal made for your redemption and liberation. You probably think that perhaps His hardest task was His struggle with Lucifer, which ended in the chaining of Lucifer. However, that is not so, rather His most difficult task was to clear the paths for you out of the maze that you had cultivated through your errors!

Even though this is only a small part of His work of redemption, nevertheless if you try to grasp just a little of that as it actually was, then you cannot do otherwise than to thank God unceasingly in the life that has been granted to you.

Simply imagine this: Issuing from the Light, and again taking upon Himself all of the hardships of a journey into the dense Worlds of Matter, which he had taken for mankind once before, Parsifal came to this earthly globe, which had sunk so deeply through the guilt of man.

Coming from the Light, He did not know what faults and sorrow were, although He had already once become acquainted with the hatred of men; for the Light knows neither sorrow nor faults. Ignorant of such things, He stood at first in the midst of these human beings and their utterly distorted and false concepts. Under the domination of Lucifer everything around him was false, alienated from the Light, and everything was therefore strange and cold to Him, even hostile and ugly.

Now you probably think that He need only have shown the way to the Luminous Heights in order to give men what they needed for their redemption. You imagine that He had only to proclaim the Word of God as It is!

But men could not have done anything with It, for they were completely entangled in their faults, and were no longer able to lift their gaze upwards unless the path thereto was first cleared for them, revealing the way out, through which they could once more behold the promising Light.

Therefore, the way in which Parsifal brought the Word to mankind was crucial! He had to give the Holy Word a form suitable for men in their distress; for the Word as such they had, at least in part, already received through Jesus, but they were no longer able to bring it to life within themselves, for they found no way of doing so, and the interpretations of the churches, formed only for the purpose of their own earthly power, were much too weak to be of real help.

The Word! You too do not yet know how to think aright therein, for like all the others you forget what the Word of which I always speak really is. You know, of course, that It is the Living Word, but you still do not have the right conception of It.

As Jesus once said of the Word: I am the Word! So I say to you again today: I give myself to you in my Word! For in truth I, too, am the Word Itself! You were already told a long time ago: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and God was the Word!

It should be clear enough to you if Jesus then spoke to His Disciples: I am the Word and in the Word I give myself to you! And today I repeat: I am the Word Itself which I give to you!

Just think about it calmly and thoroughly, you have to find what this contains.

If I were to give the Word to mankind without forming It for them, they would not understand me! Impress this on yourselves in flaming letters, for the Word lives, It is Life Itself, and in Its primordial state It is, without a form that is visible and perceptible to you. It is!

If, however, I wish to make It accessible to men, which means to form It so they can understand it, I must transform It from Its original state into one that man can comprehend. The form must be given in such a way as to be of use to them. And no one could form the Holy Word, which is God, other than the Word Itself!

And no one else can make It accessible to you in Its full power! This is to say, you would not be able to bear Its full power. Therefore you receive the Word in a form which has been prepared solely for you, you men, and which contains exactly as much power as you need for yourselves and can bear if you are open for it; for without opening yourselves to it you can receive none of the power, because your volition, which is equal to a petition for it, is needed for its reception.

How often do you still toy with the Holy Word in your thoughts, without really knowing what you are doing thereby.

How often has it already been called out to this mankind that, in crucifying Jesus, they nailed the Word to the Cross, yet they still continue to crucify the Word, every day anew, by daring to distort It or to interpret It only according to their own will in order to make It useful in serving some of their desires, useful in Its effect upon men!

But who considers that bitter vengeance will be exacted on the wicked who have dared to perpetrate such trespasses and that there can be no forgiveness for it! And if it was written: “Vengeance is mine! I will repay!” Then this applies here to its fullest extent; for the Word which earthmen have abused in thousands of ways has been the Living Word, is God Itself!

Never forget what the Word is, the Word, which I give you in that form which is necessary for you, and accept it as nourishment for your spirit, for it is the food it needs, the drink it thirsts for, without which it cannot exist! Do not seek yet again to devalue the Word through your earthly intellect! It would then never be given to you again. Preserve It so that It cannot be lost to you!

The Living Word of my Message is not the human expressions and sentences I use, but It is something by Itself, intangible to you, which I put into it, and which is able to enter into you through these forms if you open yourselves to It.

I only use your expressions and sentences as a kind of channel through which I guide the Living Word to your spirit, which alone is capable of receiving It, so that thus strengthened it can then burst all the fetters of the lurking evil.

And this impalpable life which your spirit is to drink with these word-forms and sentences is a part of myself, which I give you therewith, so that you may continue to live in the Grace of God!

Now you are bound to become more familiar with the fundamental necessity for Parsifal to dwell on earth for a long time among men without being recognized by them, if humanity was to receive help once more through the Word. And only the Word could give the help, because salvation lies solely in the awakening of a human spirit, which must be followed by recognition. The Law of God has provided no other way than this one way of inviolable justice!

For this reason Jesus once spoke: no one comes to the Father but through me! That is through the Word, since He came out of God and therefore also had to be the Word. And thus, once again, the Word came to the earth for the purpose of salvation in the Will of God, which, like the Love of God, is the Word!

Now if Parsifal wished to find a proper form for the Word, which could help men on earth, He Himself had first to understand the nature of men, with all their faults and distorted conceptions, He first had to seek the root of all the evil in men in order to discover and clear the paths, through the form into which he put the Word, the ways which would really be helpful to men, provided they were willing to follow them.

This, however, He could not do until He had become knowing in all their faults and all their weaknesses!

An Envoy from the Light can never attain to this knowledge by observation or questioning, but only through personal experience because faults, weaknesses, evil and distortions are absolutely alien to the Light and will ever remain so. It can never be understood by an Envoy of the Light.

Thus the path of this part of His mission that was the hardest for Parsifal to walk. If He wanted to help, the only way for Him was: He had to live for a time as a man among men, unaware of His origin or His Mission; for otherwise there would never have been experiencing! Not only that, but He also had to come into direct contact with all the faults of this humanity, had to suffer them personally, so that through this personal experience of suffering He could at least attain to a knowledge of them, a true understanding He could never reach for the distortion of human opinions and human laws would always remain alien and false to His nature and origin. For this reason He was also unable to think or to act in accordance with the erroneous human laws; but inspite of living on this earth, He could only carry out the Laws of God, to which many of the legal concepts of an extremely depraved and narrow-minded mankind were frequently opposed and hostile.

This naturally meant continual strife, worry, and suffering in earthly matters for the Stranger from the Light, Who was unaware of His Mission during the necessary difficult time of learning in the stomping ground of all that is dark.

He was therefore ruthlessly drawn into the maelstrom, which led Him through everything that was wrong among men, and not just close to everything, for that would not have sufficed; but He had to become personally involved in everything, so that amid this horrible entanglement He would recognize all the evils one by one, and through His own suffering find a way which would offer human beings a possibility of escaping from those fatal clutches. He was obliged first to walk the road of salvation personally, thereby blazing the way for mankind, every single one, in order then to show them in the Word how they can struggle to free themselves from all these evils.

For this reason He could be spared nothing, because He had to become familiar with everything that oppresses and torments human beings, and pulls them away from the Light!

Thus, every earthly evil was put in His way so that by suffering it Himself He would overcome it first; in overcoming it He had at the same time to tear out each particular root and trample it, and prepare the path which would lead men on toward the Light.

Thus, as He suffered among and through mankind, He had to struggle to free this same mankind from all the things they were using against Him, by recognizing the evil and being the First to walk the road of deliverance from it. With the recognition of each evil by Parsifal its power was broken, and the foundation was laid for help for the humanity standing and sinking therein.

That was the greatest and the hardest sacrifice He made for men on earth, and yet, ironically enough, it is just because of that time on earth that men, from out of the Darkness, seek to reproach Him! They seek to use just this hardest part of the Mission which He fulfilled through His own suffering for the sake of men, for the purpose of pulling Him down and defiling Him in the most disgusting way.

It was precisely all of those things which He suffered for them, in order to be able at the appointed hour really to help them from His own personal experience with His counsel, which needed to be born of experience. All those things were used again and again by the willing tools of the Darkness to discredit Him in the most ignoble manner, in order to keep or turn away others from the path to Salvation, by seeking to undermine their trust and faith in the Savior and His Mission.

This however, is the greatest guilt with which men burden themselves and which cannot be forgiven!

Try to imagine what it means, what it is, to have to get to know, all of the human faults and weaknesses on earth through personal experiences within a few decades! Try to imagine the situations that arise when all the consequences of men’s false and distorted conceptions have to be fully experienced, in order to find a possible way of breaking free from them, and then to give it to mankind in a suitable form of the Word, for on their own they would never have been able to achieve this.

Try also to imagine how it feels to be reviled for these very things by the evil-minded. It is no different from how the Son of God, Jesus, once felt when He was accused of blasphemy and rebellion, and was crucified, He Who Himself was in God and God also in Him! He Who had already suffered enough for the sake of mankind, Who had come only for their sake, to bring help in the Word before it was too late!

Had Parsifal not taken this suffering upon Himself in order to bring help to the fallen and erring mankind, by finding the saving form for the Holy Word which men need in their distress, so that they can once again tread the path to the Luminous Height, they would never again have been able gratefully to celebrate the true Pentecost after the Holy Judgment, which will soon descend upon the earth in order to balance all the old in the Justice of the Lord!

Therefore, give thanks to the Creator, your God, for once more graciously stretching out His Hand to you so that you need not be lost! Rejoice in His Power, which He has once again bestowed upon you, and live gratefully according to the Word in His Honor! For in the Word I give you the way, the nourishment, and the strength, and therewith you have everything you need for your existence and for your ascent! The Word however, I am myself, and with It you receive a part of me into your spirit!


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