Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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24. The flame of the disciple

Both ancient and modern paintings often portray the Disciples of Jesus the Son of God with tongues of flame on their heads, so that their figures resemble flickering lighted candles.

This representation originates with artists who were either clairvoyant themselves and reproduced Spiritual pictures shown to them in this way, or who adopted descriptions given by clairvoyant persons.

Among them there are also others who have based their work on the accounts of the outpouring of the Power of the Holy Spirit upon the Disciples, because they mention tongues of flame.

Nevertheless, most earthmen suppose that here it is only the artist’s imagination which has chosen this form of representation. In this case, however, the representation depicts the truth quite well, so far as it is possible to portray it in picture form.

Yet of all the artists who have created these pictures, and of all the human beings who have come to know these pictures, or have formed their own similar conception of them, not one knows the actual connection and the cause of this appearance of the tongue of flame on the head. Clairvoyant people do see it, but they too do not know what to make of it; for no explanation of it has ever found its way to mankind, which explanation can only be given from above.

Therefore, I wish to speak of it today, for even the present day Disciples, who are inwardly alive as such, bear on their heads the same flame, which at times may become clearly visible to many clairvoyants. Not to all; for the gift of clairvoyance is distributed differently.

The consecration of the Disciple connects the human beings of Subsequent Creation chosen for this office with Primordial Creation. This is done by bestowing upon the developed human spirits a spark from the Pure-Spiritual, in addition to their Spiritual part.

This spark shows itself as a tongue of flame on the head, however only if the Disciple uses the spark and is not too indolent to do so. Only when used aright does this spark flare up and work in accordance with its nature. It always remains apart, may indeed be joined or attached to the Spiritual, but can never be merged with it.

As the Pure Spiritual in Creation, by its nature swings, according to the Law, above the Spiritual, so does it also stand and remain above the spirit of the Disciple in Subsequent Creation, without entering into him; for the Pure Spiritual is not a more purified Spiritual species but a completely different species standing by itself, thus being of an altogether different nature from that of the Spiritual.

An attachment is possible between these two species, if the respective transitions exist in accordance with the Laws in Creation, whereas a fusion is not possible.

That is the reason why the Pure Spiritual spark appears as a tongue of flame above the human spirit.

However, I will not content myself with merely explaining the process which the artists portray in their pictures, but I will go further and also give you the reason why the Disciples receive a spark from Primordial Spiritual Creation, why they need it; for they would not receive it unless it were really necessary.

The Disciples are to become mediators between the Son of God incarnated on earth and earthmen. They are to spread the Divine Word, to live exemplary lives according to the Will of God which they, as the first ones, are to put into practice on earth.

For this they need a greater power of perception, which will enable them to absorb the high meaning of the Word of God, and thus to understand the Son of God.

For this purpose alone all the Disciples receive, a spark from the Pure-Spiritual Realm that enables them to receive the Message from the Light on a higher level than that of the developed human spirit on earth, because through the spark they are enabled to come a small step closer to the Divine, being spiritually uplifted out of Subsequent Creation for better recognition.

Otherwise, since the gulf that stretches between a Son of God and earthmen is too great, and the fall of mankind on earth, which has already taken place so far, is too deep, it would be totally impossible for mankind to receive the Power of the Word from the Light without the mediation of the Disciples.

The spark of the Pure-Spiritual, which the Disciples receive as a gift through the Grace out of the Light, enables them not only to achieve an easier and deeper recognition but also to receive higher power.

This power, which the Disciples become capable of receiving, would have to stream past earthmen unused since they are unable to open themselves to it, if it were not first made accessible to their spiritual nature.

To do this is the task of the Disciples!

However, a transformation of this power by the Disciples for the purpose of being passed on is out of the question here, for a transformation of the power as such is simply not possible at all. The power always remains exactly the same, only the radiation of the particular species that is set aglow by the power also differs with the different species, and can thereby split into many divisions.

The power only produces the pressure! The effect of the pressure, however, is determined by the difference of the resistance offered by the species in Creation. Only the variations in resistance call forth heat or cold, colors, sounds, attractions or repulsions, i.e. movements, as well as heaviness or lightness. As well as the changes in these. Only resistance, therefore, gives “expression” to all the individual species! This word “expression” actually shows you the process in the right light; for the characteristics of all the species are in fact pressed out by the power, i.e., they come to be expressed by the pressure of the power, are forced to emerge.

According to the greater or lesser strength of the resistance set up by the species, so will the radiations produced and pressed out by the pressure, and their effects, manifest in their definite individual characteristics that develop during the process.

Think of it this way: The Living Power is! It becomes perceptible and noticeable, however, only through the resistance, which also causes and produces the pressure, and causes it to become stronger or weaker.

And everything that manifests comes into being in the pressure and is the basis for every formation in Creation, which must conform itself to or around and swing within the equal-armed Cross, for this Cross is the Living Power which always remains in a balanced positive and negative vibration. The positive vibration running vertically and the negative vibration running horizontally.

However, this is only mentioned in passing today. Let us reflect on the Disciples again, who bear on their heads a tongue of flame from the Pure-Spiritual.

This tongue of flame works in two different ways; on the one hand as a funnel for the human spirit standing beneath it, and on the other hand as an aerial. I thereby describe two kinds of receiving. The funnel gives the image of passive, negative receiving, while the aerial reflects the active or positive reception. Something has to be poured into the funnel, while the aerial itself holds on to that which it comes in contact with in a quite specific way.

The funnel receives The Word as a form, and the aerial absorbs it as the power-radiation.

Thus the effect on the Disciple is as follows:

In spite of becoming connected, the flame retains its nature for itself alone, just as the human spirit on earth retains its very own nature unchanged.

Yet whatever the flame on the head of the Disciple is capable of receiving resonates in a vibrating way in the human spirit, who then passes on to earthmen what he has intuitively perceived through his concurrent vibration! He passes it on according to the nature of earthmen, because in accordance with the Law of Creation there is no other possibility for him, and this is why earthmen are able to understand him through their spiritual homogeneity! Thus it appears as though the power and nature of The Word have been transformed since the Disciple passes it on in a way different from the way he is able to receive it. Yet his spirit has not received anything directly; but in the vibration of receiving by the flame above it, it has only been able to perceive intuitively what the flame has absorbed.

Without this finer intuitive perception of the flame, the human spirit of the Disciple would not be able to perceive anything more than other human beings.

The human spirit of the Disciple however can intuitively perceive only in accordance with his individual nature, and therefore he already receives in accordance with this nature, which he then passes on as he perceived it himself in homogeneity with earth men.

In reality, therefore, it is not a transformation of the power; but through the flame bestowed upon him a Disciple is simply able to perceive much more than earthmen, because the flame is like an aerial that is able to mediate from greater distances, and endows him with the ability, partially to absorb the vibration in the Pure-Spiritual.

I believe that I have expressed myself clearly enough for a picture to arise in your imagination which is as near as possible to the actual process.

You must always keep in mind that a specific species as such can never be transformed. Something may be attached to it through a higher power, but this attachment will always retain its own species solely for itself. There can only be a working together, always keeping strictly to the path that accords with the Laws in Creation, without ever going above and beyond or sideways, nor veering to one side of it.

Thus the Disciples receive this pure spiritual Primordial Spiritual tongue of flame so that they may be better able to receive the words of the Son of God on earth, whose meaning, as well as the holy Power inherent in the Word, they then transmit in accordance with the nature of earthmen.

This therefore serves to facilitate the fulfillment of the mission of the Son of God on earth, or, one might also say, to enable the activity of a Son of God on earth in the first place.

Man must thereby realize the immense importance that attaches to the Disciples in their various natures as bridges to humanity, which must not be broken off, but must be used to the fullest extent.

They are bridges of entirely different kinds, which mankind need on account of their composition, so that the Power of the Word can reach them. For this reason the Disciples are by no means chosen as being equal in their personal characteristics, rather they are totally different one from the other. Different in education and character, in their earthly knowledge and earthly position, and even in their spiritual maturity. These differences are necessary; for they provide the bridges to the various groups into which mankind has divided itself.

Each Disciple receives the Word and the Power of the Son of God according to his own nature, and passes It on accordingly, thereby touching that group of mankind who are homogeneous with him. However, the disciple must perfect his own nature to the greatest maturity, so that he may be an example to those who are homogeneous with him!

From this you now gain a faint idea of God’s Wisdom, which surveys in love all that exists, and knows how to help appropriately. However, this will also explain many things that puzzle you, because you were not able to understand the reason for this or that action.

In each individual Disciple you see personified and represented a specific group of earthmen. In this no one Disciple is just like another, any more than the great groups of homogeneous species among earthmen completely resemble one another.

The entire group of Disciples together, however, will represent the whole of earthly mankind... after the Judgment! For only then can mankind receive the proper help through the Disciples. Only then will the drawbridges, which today must still remain raised, be lowered.

What counts in this matter is the individual creature as such, not as a race, as a member of a nation or even as the Luciferian product of a power hungry intellect, called a “party” which is one of the most destructive channels of Luciferian volition.

Before God, no such thing exists. There is only the creature as such! And as the individual creature is within itself, thus and not otherwise will it be valued in Creation and before God!

Nor does it matter whether a human creature is Catholic or Protestant, or whether he belongs to any particular denomination; he is valued solely as a human being as such. His thoughts, his volition and his actions are decisive before the holy Laws of God!

The many-colored little cloaks in which the intellect has tried to clothe the soul on earth will be torn off before the Judgment of God; for they are but loosely wrapped. Whatever has tried to hide beneath them, however that will be revealed by the Ray of Light!

The selection of the Disciples ensures that, for each human being on earth, there will be a Disciple who can transmit the Word and the Power precisely to him in his particular nature, and no one who seeks and pleads need go away empty-handed, as soon as he really strives to find The Word. He will absolutely obtain a spiritual connection to that Disciple who in his nature stands closest to him; he can even meet him on earth if he honestly wants to in order also to receive from him the ultimate: i.e., the sealing!

Such is the care provided from the Light. At present you see only the beginnings, and therefore you cannot yet receive a complete picture, yet the time will come when you will stand amazed to see that, even today, the whole foundation for it has already been exactly formed, and that only some individual stones still have to be fitted into the remaining empty spaces by those Disciples still to be called, in order to complete the wonderful mosaic on which the great Kingdom of Peace of the Thousand Year Realm is to rest, as has been promised by God, and which can only be created by God alone, never by the human species, even if many a person thinks he is called to do so.

In all such cases the lack of success, at a time when such a person imagines he has already achieved it, will prove that it was only a human being who made an attempt!

You will experience all of this now. Therefore, look about you, men and wake up! Pray to God in pure humility for the help you so ardently long for. Do not rely on the human intellect, even if it promises you a paradise in high-sounding words. Only God Himself can give the help to you, and no one else in the entire Creation! Turn to Him, for His Holy Word will be fulfilled in you!

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