Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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25. The weaker sex

If you want to recognize how much wrong there is in the hitherto prevailing ideas, habits and customs of these earthmen, your search will require no effort, for you need do nothing other than to take an expression and reflect upon it thoroughly. It will be wrong, indeed it has to be wrong, because even the foundation of all the thinking done by these earthmen is already utterly distorted.

The right way of thinking, however, can never develop on a false basis, but, in accordance with the basis, it must be wrong as well.

Today let us take the widespread designation of womanhood on earth as being the “weaker sex”. There will hardly be anyone among my hearers who has not already heard this expression. It is used in an affectionate way as well as sneeringly, kind-heartedly and also ironically, but it is always accepted as it is, and adhered to thoughtlessly or at least without being examined.

In reality, however, womanhood is just as strong as manhood on earth, only in a different way.

In my lectures I have already often explained that the true concept of womanhood and manhood issues from the nature of their activity in Creation, i.e., that the nature of their activity is fundamental for this and determines the form which allows human beings on earth to be recognized as female or male.

The difference immediately shows itself as soon as the human spirit germs leave their plane of origin. Those inclined towards the active, i.e., the coarser activity take on male forms, whereas female forms shape themselves around those who wish to work passively, i.e., in a more delicate way. These are two different kinds of activity, but of equal strength; there can be no question whatever of a weaker species.

These two kinds of activities also give the meaning of the Living Cross, which is perfect in Itself! The vertical beam of the Cross represents the positive, i.e., the active life, and the horizontal beam of equal length and strength represents the negative or passive life. The Living Cross bears both within Itself!

The Cross of Creation, from out of which and around which the whole of Creation develops itself, expresses and shows the same. The vertical beam is the positive, active working, and the horizontal beam the negative, passive working.

The Oldest Ones in the Divine Sphere, who at the same time are the Guardians of the Holy Grail in the Divine part of the Grail Castle, likewise show both beams, i.e. the cross with beams of equal length, in their radiation. In their case, however, it is not the Living Cross Itself which forms their radiation, but it enables one to recognize that these Oldest Ones are perfected spirits within their species, and that they carry both the active and the passive within themselves, un-curtailed and working in harmony.

In Creation, however, the active is separate from the passive as regards their working. Every spirit carries within itself either the active only or the passive only, which is later also repeated with the spirit seed-germs.

These work either passively or actively side by side, and yet they constantly strive towards one another, since the two species can only achieve something which is perfect through their joint activity. However, it only becomes perfect when the two work with equal strength and strive for one goal: towards the Light!

In order to achieve this they do not need to live together in earthly marriage, or be close together gross-materially at all, they need not even be personally acquainted. Only the goal must be the same: towards the Light!

I mention this specifically so that no wrong conclusions may be drawn from my lecture; for marriages and physical gross-material closeness in general are things entirely for themselves, which are not a requirement connected with striving for the Light, although if pure do not hinder it either.

But this lecture is primarily concerned with the erroneous expression: the weaker sex. I must not digress too much, for I want to show how the reason the expression once originated and how it endured.

Basically this is not so difficult. You too can recognize it easily if you are willing to take the trouble of closely examining everything your fellow-men speak.

You know that all womanhood on earth is to keep awake the longing for the Light in her role as guardian for the flame of the preserving-and-upward-leading longing for the Light.

For this purpose a more delicate capacity to perceive intuitively develops within woman, for in her urge towards a more delicate activity, less of the spiritual substantiality detaches itself from her than from the man, who inclines towards coarser activity.

Thus every woman is the receiver and mediator of radiations which men can no longer receive. In this regard womanhood stands half a step higher, turned more towards the Light than any man. Provided, of course, that she stands aright and does not fritter away or obstruct her abilities herself.

Man subconsciously senses that woman thereby possesses refinements which he no longer bears within himself, nor can he bear them within in view of the nature of his activity, since they would restrain him from many a coarse but necessary activity. Without being quite clear about this, or at least very rarely, he perceives a treasure therein which needs to be safeguarded. He feels urged to protect this invisible treasure in the World of Gross Matter, because he feels himself to be the stronger one in the earthly, i.e. gross- material sense.

There are only a few men who do not intuitively perceive this. But these have in any case become brutalized and can no longer be counted as men in the true sense.

The unspoken desire to protect, which is only perceived unconsciously, has gradually led man to erroneously view womanhood as the weaker sex, in need of his protection. Thus this term does not really originate from an evil volition or a disparaging judgment, but only from ignorance of the true reason for his own intuitive perceptions.

Along with the beginning and advancing callousness due to earthmen’s false ways of thinking, and along with the ever-increasing limitation of their ability to understand things lying outside the coarsest World of Matter, the interpretation of this term naturally became ever more base.

In reality man is not the stronger sex but only the coarser sex, i.e., the more gross material one and thus the denser one; womanhood, however, is not the weaker sex, but merely the more delicate one, the less dense one, which has nothing to do with weaknesses.

Due to his greater activity man is gross-materially more strongly solidified, but this is not a flaw since he needs to be this way in order to work effectively in Creation, to stand more firmly on earthly soil, and to have a more direct effect in and upon the dense gross-material world. Thus he is more firmly connected with the earth and more inclined towards it.

Woman, however, tends to be drawn more upward, towards what is finer, more delicate and less dense. In this she complements human spirituality, holding it and uplifting it... naturally only if she stands at her post, which the Creator assigned to her.

Through retaining a very specific species of the higher substantiality in her body the latter is not so strongly densified since her physical body remains permeated by this substantiality which keeps it loose.

This again is neither a deficiency nor a weakness, but a necessity for the reception and mediation of radiations; the help of which man in his activity cannot do without, but due to his coarser nature he does not have the ability to absorb these radiations directly.

All of this naturally also extends to gross-material things in the simplest way. Let us take a birth, for example. For this reason alone a man would simply be unable to offer the possibility for a soul to approach him for the purpose of incarnating on earth, even if the organs for this were present in his body.

He lacks the bridge for the soul that is contained in the delicate substantiality which womanhood still carries within, and which had to sever itself automatically from manhood owing to their active volition.

Therefore even if the organs for this were present, only the beginning of a physical body could develop, nothing more, because then the co-operation of the new soul is missing, the new soul which cannot approach without the presence of the more delicate bridge of the substantiality. In the case of some women, although a soul is sometimes able to approach, such a soul is unable to hold on if this bridge has become damaged because the woman has acquired male characteristics displacing the additional delicate part of substantiality of womanhood. The souls then release themselves again before an earthly birth can take place.

All this reaches much further than you can imagine. Even the earthly health of your children is conditioned, retarded or furthered through the flawlessness and purity of this higher bridge of substantiality provided by the mother.

It is not only the organs alone which are the cause of childlessness or of the fact that many births do not proceed the way they normally should. The main cause for the difficulties, illnesses or weaknesses very often lies only in the defectiveness of the bridges, which the souls need in order to walk along their earthly path with strength and security.

How often has a woman, either through stupid trifling or condemnable vanity, taken on male characteristics which were bound to weaken or push aside completely the higher part of substantiality that was given to her as a privilege. The results of this are so varied in their nature and form that people often rack their brains about why many thing are the way they are.

Still worse however than with these happenings, which still become physically visible immediately in the gross-material, is the harm caused on the planes of fine gross matter by such failure of womanhood, which then also manifests on earth, albeit only after a long time.

You will hear much more about this later on when someday I will move on to these areas, and you will be struck with horror at the frivolous guilt of womanhood, which was promoted and reinforced by men through wanton activity, since it was very welcome to them!

For decades you will still blush about this, because this period of depravity will oppress you like a loathsome burden in your memories for a long time to come.

At present these happenings are still a mystery to mankind, and I will lift the veil at a time when they have matured to the point where they can grasp them; for I also work absolutely according to the Laws in these matters. Mankind can come to know everything from me; however I only open my mouth when their inner maturity enables them to receive. This process acts in the same way as an opening or igniting connection and is established quite automatically. For this reason mankind will get to know only as much from me as they are capable of processing, no more.

However, they need not always be conscious of this; for I perceive the inner awakening and stirring of the spirit, which is very different from the day-consciousness of the intellect. And for me this is the release for my Word.

For this reason it seems as if today I already give much more than you are really able to absorb consciously. But your spirit to which I speak does take it in without your knowing about this in the earthly sense. Thus it appears as if I am now giving much that is meant for later times, whilst your spirit has already received it.

The day-conscious understanding only comes to you later, perhaps only decades from now, so that only then will you become capable of knowing how to apply it also in the earthly sense with perfect understanding.

As soon as you vigorously stride along with me spiritually I can reveal the entire Creation to you. It is always up to you alone, you men! Therefore remain awake and alert in your spirit, so that I need not withhold anything from you!

I give gladly and joyously, but I am bound to the Law since I am the living Divine Law myself as well as the Word which the Almighty sends you! I am allowed to give to you according to your ability to receive and no more! Bear this in mind. Therefore make use of the time as long as I am with you so that you will not miss anything; for no one but I is capable of giving it to you. When I am no longer with you on earth then the revelations for this humanity on earth will also be ended for all time!

Guard my Word and make use of It; It can give you everything!


Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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