Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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26. The destroyed bridge

In the last lecture I spoke of the absence, in the greatest part of today's earthly women of the white race, of that bridge which makes women into women in the first place.

It is pitiable to see how diligently man on earth works at his retrogression and thus at his destruction under the delusion that he is thereby striding upwards.

Earth-man! A bitter taste is attached to the name of this creature for everything in Creation weaving in the Will of God, and it would seem better for man if this name were no longer uttered, because whenever it is mentioned indignation and anxiety penetrate the entire Creation, laying a burden upon mankind on earth; for this indignation, this anxiety, are a living accusation which forms automatically and must confront all mankind on earth adversely.

Due to his wrong activity, which became noticeable in this Creation by hindering, disturbing, and continually doing harm, man on earth of today has finally become ostracized through himself, through his ridiculous know-it-all attitude. He has stubbornly and forcibly brought about his own expulsion since he made himself incapable of simply receiving God’s blessings in humility. He wanted to make himself the creator, the one who fulfills; he wanted to force the activity of the Almighty into complete submission to his earthly will.

There is no word which could properly describe such conceited arrogance in its boundless stupidity. Just reflect deeply on this hardly credible behavior and imagine man on earth, how he pompously wishes to place himself above the mechanism of this marvelous work of a Divine Creation, which has up till now remained unknown to him, in order to direct it, rather than to willingly fit himself into it as a small part thereof... you will not know whether to laugh or to weep!

A toad standing before a high rock wanting to order it to move out of its way does not produce quite so ludicrous an effect as does present-day man in his delusion of grandeur towards his Creator.

This image must arouse disgust within every human spirit who now awakens in the Judgment. He will cringe in shock and horror when, through recognizing the Luminous Truth, he suddenly sees everything before him just as it has really been for a long time, although in the past he was unable to notice it in this way. Filled with shame, he then wants to flee to the end of all the worlds.

And the covering veil will now tear, its gray shreds chasing to and fro will be ground up until the Ray of Light can stream freely into the souls which are deeply tormented with remorse and who in newly awakened humbleness want to bow before their Lord and God, Whom they were no longer able to recognize through the chaos which the earthbound intellect brought about at all times when it was allowed unlimited domination.

But you must thoroughly experience disgust at the deeds and thoughts of the earthmen both upon and also within yourselves first, before you can be delivered from it. You must suffer from this disgust just as every Envoy from the Light always had to experience it through the villainous depravity of mankind on earth, which is hostile to the Light. You cannot obtain redemption in any other way!

It is the only reciprocal action which is redemptive of your guilt with respect to the Envoys of the Light, and you are now compelled to live through it yourselves, since it cannot be forgiven you in any other way.

You will enter upon this experience very soon already; the sooner it touches you the easier it will be for you. May it, at the same time, open up the way for you to the Luminous Heights.

And again womanhood will have to feel the shame first, since her downfall now forces her to expose herself to these things. Frivolously she has put herself into a position where she will now be forced down at the feet of brutalized manhood. It is with anger and contempt that manhood on earth will now flare up and look down upon all women who are no longer capable of giving that for which the Creator had chosen them, that which man so urgently needs for his activity.

It is self-respect, the only thing which makes every true man a man in the first place! Self-respect, not self-conceit. However, man can only have self-respect in looking up to womanly dignity, the protection of which gives him respect for himself and also upholds it!

This is the great secret between woman and man, the secret which has never been expressed before, which is able to spur him on to great and pure deeds here on earth, which glows purifyingly through all thinking, thus spreading a sacred luster of high longing for the Light over all of life on earth.

But all this has been taken away from man by woman, who quickly succumbed to Lucifer’s temptations through the ludicrous vanities of the earthly intellect. With the awakening of the recognition of this great guilt, man will from now on regard womanhood only as that which she was really bound to become because of her willfulness.

However, this painful disgrace is merely a strong help for those female souls who awaken under the just blows of the Judgment, and who through their recognition see the enormity of the theft they committed on man with their false vanity; for they will have to muster all their strength to regain the dignity they thus lost, the dignity which they themselves threw away like some worthless possession which was a hindrance to them on their chosen path downwards.

And this volition finds its strongest support in the power currents of Divine Purity which were sent out on the occasion of the Festival of the Pure Lily for the aid of all those among earthly womanhood who at long last still seriously and with all their remaining strength strive to joyfully fulfill God’s All-Holy Will in Creation.

In spite of my last lecture you have not yet become quite clear about the magnitude of the harmful consequences which were bound to fall upon all of earth’s humanity when earthly womanhood, through wrong actions, zealously sought to destroy for the greater part the bridges that connected her with the streams of Light.

The harmful consequences are a hundredfold and of a variety of forms working in all directions. You need only try and place yourselves into the course of the inevitable ramifications that accord with the Laws of Creation. The recognition will then not be difficult at all.

Once again think of the simple process which takes place in strict lawfulness:

As soon as woman tries to become masculine in her thoughts and actions, this volition already takes corresponding effects. First of all upon everything about her which is closely connected with substantiality, then also with ethereal substance, as well as, after certain period of time, with fine gross matter.

The consequence is that with her attempts at positive activity, which is contrary to her task, all the finer elements of her womanly nature, being passive, are repressed, and finally detach from her, since through lack of use they gradually lose strength and are drawn off the woman by the same basic species.

The bridge which enables earth woman in her passive nature to absorb higher radiations and to mediate them to the coarser World of Matter in which she is anchored through her body with a very specific firmness, is then cut off. But this is also the very bridge a soul needs for earthly incarnation into the physical body. If this bridge is missing it is impossible for any soul to enter the growing body; for the soul cannot of itself step across the gulf that was bound to arise in this way.

If this bridge is only partly broken, however, depending on the nature and strength of woman’s desire to become masculine in her activities, it is nevertheless possible for souls to incarnate which are in the same way neither completely masculine nor completely feminine, and which therefore form ugly, un-harmonious mixtures, which later on harbor all sorts of unquenchable longings, always feeling misunderstood during their life on earth; they are thus a constant source of anxiety and discontent to themselves and to their surroundings.

It would be better for such souls, as well as for their earthly surroundings later on, if they had never found an opportunity to incarnate; for they only burden themselves with guilt and will never redeem anything, because in reality they do not belong on this earth.

The opportunity and possibility for such incarnations which are not willed by Creation, thus by the Will of God, is proffered only by those women who through their capriciousness and ridiculous vanity, as well as through the degrading craving for sham recognition, are inclined toward a certain masculinization. No matter how this manifests.

Delicate, genuinely feminine souls are never incarnated in such unfeminine women, and thus the female sex on earth is gradually completely poisoned, since this perversity has become ever more widespread, attracting more and more new souls of this kind, souls which can neither be wholly female nor wholly male, thus spreading spuriousness and disharmony on earth.

Fortunately the wise Laws of Creation have drawn a sharp line in such matters as well; for through a distortion of this nature, forcibly brought about by a wrong volition, there first of all occur difficult or premature births, vulnerable, nervous children with fragmented intuitive feelings, and in the end, after a certain period of time, sterility sets in, so that a nation which allows its womanhood to strive towards an improper masculinization is condemned to slow extinction.

Naturally this does not happen from one day to the next, so that it would become glaringly obvious to the people living at the time, but a happening of this kind must also proceed along the path of development.

Slowly but surely! And it takes a few generations of perversion before the consequences of such an evil on the part of womanhood can be halted or redeemed in order to restore a people from a state of decline back to health and save it from total extinction.

It is an adamantine Law that wherever the size and strength of the two beams of the Cross of Creation are unable to swing in perfect harmony and purity, i.e., where the positive masculine as well as the negative feminine do not remain equally strong and undistorted, whereby the equal-armed Cross would also become distorted, there decline and finally destruction are bound to follow in order for Creation to become free again of such absurdities.

Therefore no people can ascend or be happy unless they possess genuine, unadulterated womanhood, in whose wake alone genuine manhood can and must develop.

There are thousands of things which corrupt genuine femininity in this way. Therefore all the consequences manifest in quite different ways, more or less severe in their harmful effects. But they will always manifest without fail!

I do not yet wish to speak here of the frivolous imitation of men’s evil habits by women, of which smoking probably counts as the first; for this is a plague entirely by itself, forming a crime against humanity such as man of the present time hardly dares to imagine.

With a closer recognition of the Laws in Creation, the unjustified and thoughtless arrogance of the smoker in indulging his vice even out of doors, thereby poisoning God’s gift of fresh, restorative air, which is meant to be available to every creature, will very soon vanish, especially when he must learn that this bad habit is the seat of many a disease under the scourge of which today’s humanity groans.

Quite apart from the smokers themselves, having to breathe in such tobacco smoke hampers the normal development of many an organ in infants and children, especially the necessary firming and strengthening of the liver, which is particularly important for every person, since when it is healthy and functions properly, it can easily prevent a site for cancer from forming; which is the surest and best means of fighting this epidemic.

In most cases the woman of today has chosen a wrong path for herself. She strives for de-feminization, be it in sports, in excesses or diversions, but mostly through participating in positive spheres of activity which fall to and must remain with manhood if there is to be genuine ascent and peace.

Through this everything on earth has already fundamentally been shifted, has lost its equilibrium. Even the ever-increasing controversies, as well as failures can only be traced to the willful intermixing of the positive and negative activities among all people on earth which creation intended to remain pure, and which will have to entail downfall and demise in the chaos forced about thereby.

How foolish are you human beings that you do not want to learn to recognize the simplicity of God’s Laws, which in their absolute logic are so easy to observe.

It is true that you have wise sayings which you like to quote! This one sentence alone tells you much: Small causes, great effects! But you do not heed it! It never occurs to you first of all to look for the small cause in everything happening around you which threatens, afflicts and oppresses you, so that by avoiding this, the big effects cannot even arise in the first place. This is much too simple for you. Therefore you prefer first to tackle the severe effects only, if at all possible with a lot of noise, so that the action will also be fully valued and bring you earthly prestige.

But in this way you will never attain victory, no matter how well you believe yourselves to be equipped for it, unless you make the effort yourself to look for the causes in all simplicity, so that by avoiding all causes you will banish the severe consequences forever!

And again you cannot find the causes unless you learn to recognize in humility the mercies of God, Who gave you everything in Creation to protect you from every misfortune.

As long as you lack the humility to receive God’s mercies gratefully you will remain entangled in your wrong actions and thoughts until the final fall which must inevitably lead you to eternal damnation. And this last moment lies before you: You are already standing with one foot in the gate. The next step will let you fall into bottomless depths.

Consider this well, pull yourselves back from and leave behind the insipid earthly life without form and warmth, which you have preferred to lead up until now. At long last become such human beings as the Will of God will continue to tolerate in Creation in the future. In doing so you fight for yourselves, since your God, Whose Grace granted you the fulfillment of your urge for a conscious existence in this Creation, does not need you! Remember this, at all times, and thank Him with every breath which you are allowed to take in His boundless Love!


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