Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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28. Spirit-Germs

Spirit-germs! I have often spoken of them already, explaining their genesis and path, and I have also said that earthmen are developed from spirit-germs. Thus it is your development, you human beings that I will describe here.

Today I want to bring the starting point of your development towards consciousness a little closer to you still.

In my last lecture I spoke about a second, lower section in the Spiritual Creation-Part, in which the spiritual beings could not come into existence fully matured immediately, but must develop from children.

The developed ones of Subsequent Creation, to which you human beings also belong, do not yet originate from this part, rather they come from only a precipitation thereof, which does not possess the strength to develop itself without outside stimuli.

This precipitation consists of the spirit seed-grains, the spirit-germs, from which the developed human spirits of the Material Worlds originate.

The precipitation sinks down from the Spiritual Creation-Part and thus enters into a Ring of Substantiality surrounding the Worlds of Matter.

I shall not yet speak about the concurrent process of attractions, of being set aglow which takes place according to the Laws of Creation, and the consequent changes in radiation; instead I will only speak of the helpers active therein, and of individual happenings that can give a picture that is understandable to you.

For as soon as I show you tangible forms in my descriptions you will be able to imagine something quite specific that nearly corresponds with the facts and provides support to your earthly understanding.

Thus, I will not explain how everything is fulfilled as it swings in the Law of Creation, but how it manifests in the process of forming itself.

In this Ring of Substantiality, into which the spirit-germ sinks, there exist beings of very different species, not intermingled with each other but standing on individual planes below one another, according to the nature of the activity in which they swing.

Coming from the Spiritual, we find at the uppermost point of the Ring wonderfully delicate female beings, who, swinging in the rays of Love and Purity, receive the spirit-germs with maternal care and cover them with a cloak of Substantiality; and then forward the thus cloaked spirit-germs, which still slumber in complete unconsciousness, into the hands of other female beings which stand nearer to the World of Ethereal Matter.

These in turn cover the germ with a second cloak, again of a different nature and corresponding with the particular environment in which these entities dwell; and then they accompany the germs, which through this process have become a little heavier again, downwards to the topmost layer of the Ethereal World.

In a helping way all these delicate female beings support the lawful, automatic happenings. They are of perfect beauty and in former times were already known to many men, to whom they would show themselves here and there.

They were called kind fairies, caring for and furthering the developing human souls.

At the border of the Ethereal World there are again different female beings awaiting the descending spirit-germs in order to tend to them lovingly. There are also beings of a male nature here for protection whose activity is not of a care-taking but of a more positive nature.

Thus the spirit-germ is well tended and cared for by helpers of Substantiality while still unconsciously following its urge towards becoming self-conscious, moving ever further on-wards until it meets a density in the Ethereal World which no longer permits it to continue its journey following its unconscious urge, thus causing its downward glide to come to a halt. It must linger in order to awaken to development before continuing on its journey.

This is again a quite natural process, conditioned by the nature of the environment, yet a great turning-point for the spirit-germs. They are now in a plane of the Ethereal World, the density of which holds them back, thus ending their unconscious wandering.

Thus they suddenly lie softly embedded in a layer which halts their progress. Only an awakening volition, already conscious, albeit weak, can muster the strength which will enable them to wander through and recognize their surroundings and travel further.

Just at this point I must proceed slowly and especially carefully with my explanations, so that men can form the right picture thereof without anything getting shifted.

For here, where the spirit-germs in their initial unconscious wandering must literally become stuck, due to a very specific density of the ethereal substance that is permeated with currents of substantiality, much happens affecting the path of the human spirit as it descends into the Worlds of Matter for the purpose of development, and also concerning the path upwards again after reaching maturity through development.

Just this layer is an important boundary plane in the existence of the human spirit. Therefore I want to dwell upon the subject a little, and speak more of it.

To the ascending human spirit this plane already appears immensely high and wondrous in its beauty. Bathed in a mild light it stretches before the eyes in a light which appears mild, yet is much brighter than our sunshine here on earth. The rays have an awakening, furthering and strengthening effect.

This plane appears like a single endless series of gardens. One flower garden follows another over vast distances, each filled with beautiful flowers of all sizes and many colors; flowers which are tended by delicate beings and preserved and guarded by earnest, masculine figures, striding through the rows arranging, watching and sifting.

There are flowering arbors all around, inviting to rest and recreation and... to quiet, grateful inner reflection.

The denser mass forming the ground is the ethereal substance which has held fast the spirit-germs, the mass in which they became stuck on their journey.

And then the miracle happens: the substantiate cloak into which the delicate female beings had shrouded each spirit germ as it exited the spiritual realm, develops under the radiations of this plane, anchored in the fine-material soil and cared for by Substantiate female gardeners, into a magnificent flower and resting in its cup the spirit germs sleeps and becomes stronger and stronger.

Aroused through the effects which, in spite of the delicacy of this plane, are of a coarser nature than in the Spiritual Realm, and through the stronger sounds of all movement in the happenings, the spirit-germ can at a definite stage of maturity, simultaneous with the bursting open of the bud, awaken to become gradually conscious. This coming into consciousness, however, is not yet self-consciousness.

It is still a big step from the consciousness of the awakening spirit to the self-consciousness of the matured spirit. An animal is also conscious, but it is never self-conscious! But let us not dwell upon this subject now!

Thus the bursting open of each bud is caused by the maturity of the spirit-germ and is a natural, automatic effect, and the sound of bursting open simultaneously awakens the spirit-germ to consciousness of its existence.

These processes can be explained accurately later on in all their details in order to find the lawfulness also inherent therein, through which everything becomes simple and natural, as can be recognized ever again in the whole of Creation.

The flower in whose cup the spirit-germ ripened needed only part of the spirit-germ’s substantiate cloak, whereas the other part remained round the spirit-germ and, during the awakening to consciousness, took on the form of a human child. Thus when the bud bursts open a child in human form lies in the cup of the flower.

Here, too, I must insert a few explanations before I can proceed further:

The spirit-germ had already passed through the care of two different female entities before it came into the hands of the female gardeners. Both species may be called fairies. The first one, which received the spirit-germ as it left the Spiritual Realm, veiled it with a delicate cloak of the finest substance of this plane or ring, the second adding a cloak of a different species.

Therefore when the spirit-germ became stuck in ethereal matter it had already received two different cloaks, i.e. two gifts, from the fairies!

These happenings are the origin of stories of fairies giving gifts at children’s cradles.

The outer cloak now developed in the denser Ethereal World under the vitalizing radiations as a protective flower-bud, and the most delicate inner cloak developed, as it awakened, immediately into a small body in human form. I also wish to explain why the finer cloak was bound to form into a human body.

In my Message I have already stated that upon becoming conscious the spirit takes on a human form, since the special nature of the spirit conditions the human form. This statement is made in broad outline. Now I must also enlarge upon this explanation and point out the fact that during this awakening to initial consciousness the spirit-germ as such does not yet take on human form but only the delicate, substantiate cloak which the spirit-germ received through the first fairy does so.

This cloak takes on human form since, in awakening, the spirit-germ already unconsciously sets this cloak aglow. Therefore, since it is set aglow by spirit, albeit unconsciously, the cloak, in accordance with the way it is being set aglow, naturally takes on human form.

However the spirit itself takes on a more or less beautiful human form only gradually during the process of gaining self-consciousness while wandering through the Worlds of Matter depending on the nature and goal of its development. In this process the spirit’s outer substantiate and ethereal cloaks also transform correspondingly.

As long as the spirit-germ remains in its merely conscious state, the substantiate and ethereal cloak is always beautiful, since it can be deformed only when the spirit becomes conscious of itself whereby it also receives its free will.

Just think this one sentence over carefully. You will find the solution to very many things contained therein.

You will then also find the explanation as to why all beings that consciously swing in service to the Will of God are, without exception, of the most delicate beauty and perfect shape; for they all bear spiritual substance within, but they cannot misshape their forms through a self-consciousness that goes astray.

With this explanation you will also find a difference in that which in the past we have described under the great collective term “Substantiate Beings”. Today for the first time I give you a very definite gradation in this matter which, however, for the moment can only be given in very broad outlines so as not to go too far afield.

There are Substantiate Beings who bear the Spiritual within them, and swing and serve consciously in the Will of God; and there are Substantiate Beings who bear only Substantiality within, but lack anything of the Spiritual. Animals, for instance, belong to the latter!

In order to prevent unnecessary questions in this regard I will mention that many divisions have yet to be made among the substantiate helpers in Creation in order to give men a proper understanding. However, I shall always and only deal with each case individually as soon as an opportunity presents itself. In this way it will be easier to grasp. Later on, men can compile this information from the Message on their own.

Now I only wish to add that various classifications can also be made among the substantiate beings who bear the Spiritual within themselves. The largest part by far swings and serves only in the Will of God, and is completely independent of everything else.

A small part, however, which exists far from the Luminous Heights and works in close connection with the coarsest World of Matter, such as gnomes, etc., were, like many other things, subject to the temporary influence of developed human spirits living in the World of Gross Matter. But this possibility of the human spirit to influence has already been suspended, and even these little substantiate helpers at present stand only in the service to the Will of God, during the Judgment and the Kingdom of the Millennium.

However, I must not yet go into these details; for I should divert you too much from the basic features, whereas now I wish above all to form a basic knowledge for you, which will give you the support you need for your ascent and for perfecting your spirit for its maturity for the Luminous Heights.

All else must for now be left aside until the great purification is over. Until then, however, you no longer have time for details leading you into vastness that will make your head swim!

You must first be able to save yourselves from the maze of pseudo-knowledge; This is the most necessary thing for you to do now, as you yourselves will recognize later on.

But you must not take all this in too earthly a way when forming a picture of these happenings for yourselves, for earthly density is absent from them. And yet you will find similar happenings even in this coarse material world on earth.

Just take the butterfly developing under the protection of the cloak of the cocoon, which it bursts as soon as it has come to the necessary state of maturity.

In the case of the spirit-germ the protective cloak receives the form of a flower, which must develop in combination with the qualities of the soil in the Ethereal World. The why and the how can also be precisely explained according to law, so that you will recognize that it can only occur in this manner and form, and not in any other way.

But years of explanations are still necessary to get to the point that you human beings will recognize with amazement the great simplicity running through Creation albeit with thousands of different effects yet ever again precisely the same in all things, developing according to one basic Law.

You will be astounded to realize that the difficulties of recognition have only arisen through you. You yourselves have created them and made everything difficult for yourselves, you followed detours and wrong courses which were bound to tire you, and which prevented you altogether from reaching the goal without help from the Light!

But if your intellectual conceit had not played such a terrible, albeit well-deserved, trick of contrived confusions on you, you would, with childlike trust and faithfully guided by the Light, have attained to full maturity easily and quickly on a path that held nothing but joy for you.

Now, however, you have a very hard time; for now you must first remove all of the stones again with which you walled up the path; nor can you get on the right road with one leap, but you must retrace your steps over all the detours and wrong courses to the place where you made the wrong turn, so that you can then start out once more at the beginning of the right road.

For this reason I first had to follow you on all your diversions and wrong courses so as to catch up with you and call out to you, and carefully lead back those who would follow my call, since you are unable to find a way out of the maze on your own.

If I wanted to bring you help, I had to come to you not from the Light directly, but on your own paths.

Soon you will understand all this through recognition, it will not be very long till then. Then many things will become easier for you.

Although everything in this Creation is important and has purpose, yet there is one straight line which offers you support as you become knowing, a support by means of which you can stride securely upwards.

And this support alone I want to give you first of all, since it is urgently needed.

Today I offered you an entirely new picture of that plane which remains the actual starting-point for you earthmen, and which therefore plays a great role. Now you know how and where you awaken.

And this plane which mediates and enables your coming into the world, thus granting you a foundation stone for your personal existence as a human being, is also important for the mature spirit which has developed aright in accordance with the Will of God and becomes capable of ascent.

Just as here the first cloak blossoms forth in human form, so the mature spirit sheds this same cloak on this plane, the first cloak which in ascending then becomes the last to be shed.

It remains behind on this plane in order to dissolve again, to disintegrate, to merge with the same species from which it first arose through the gift of the fairy.

However the cloak of a mature spirit brings along new energies to refresh and strengthen the homogeneous species, due to the fact that it had been strongly penetrated by the glow of the self-conscious spirit in the proper ascending sense and bears this glow within!

As a result this species of cloak becomes all the more powerful in the substantiate ring round the Worlds of Matter, and is able to help even more strongly with the new development and awakening of many human spirit-germs.

After the last cloak of delicate substantiality has been laid aside, the spirit as such, being conscious of itself, leaves this plane of gardens to return to the Spiritual Realm which it once left as an inert, unconscious spirit-germ, merely yielding to its vague urge for development produced by the longing to become conscious.

Strive to be able to enter the Spiritual Realm as fully matured spirits, you earthmen! You will then be united with those who were able to develop in the Spiritual without having to plunge into the Worlds of Matter first.

You will then be no less strong than these, for you have overcome many obstacles, and through the efforts of overcoming have become a flame! There will then be joy over you, as indicated in the parable of the prodigal son.

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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