Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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30. Forerunners

When you, mankind, will come to recognize your entire burden of guilt toward God then you will hardly have hope for mercy or clemency; for you truly do not deserve it.

The more the view about the past expands, the more does one threatening reproach after another arise accusingly against you from past millennia, joining together to form a dense, gapless ring which, becoming tighter and tighter, closes in on you.

Eventually this ring will fall down upon you and crush you, unless you thankfully grasp the rescue rope which will lift you out from these clutches which hold destruction, and with it the end of your guilt, which at the same time must now also bring about your end.

Therefore awake, you men, and pull yourselves together! As a help to you all the veils are being lifted from the past by the Light, which thereby lets you recognize where you have failed, and how wrongly you have always acted!

You cannot say that in past ages other people burdened themselves with guilt, and that you have no share in all of it. This is a great error, for it was you yourselves, one here, the other there, not always at the same time and not always in the same place; but in some way or other the threads have already connected you with every happening! even if you have not hitherto become conscious of it.

Absorbed as you are in earthly things, you are not even aware of all the help that the Light has given you over and over again, at all times and without fail, so that you had no need to stray from the right path... but your spirit knows of it, because it has so often been part of it!

Only your deep fall through voluntary enslavement to the intellect has brought you to the point where you can no longer perceive any of this, and your spirit is unable to penetrate to your day-consciousness on its own, because you keep it walled up in your present earthly heaviness.

Moreover, you do not even give your spirit an opportunity to bestir itself, because in its place you have sinfully raised its tool, your earthbound intellect, to the leading position.

This has automatically closed all the paths from the Luminous Heights to you. You yourselves desperately keep away everything that might disturb this unhealthy twilight state of your spirit, just so that you need not be aroused from the self-complacent comfort of your know-it-all attitude, cultivated through the conceited false over-estimation of your own worth!

How terrible must the true recognition for such people be now!

This is primarily what holds back many from receiving the Truth from out of the Light! Fear and apprehension, while still trying to stay deeply hidden, already make their slight shudders noticeable without many being aware of it, until suddenly sharp blows from the Light relentlessly force them into an involuntary awakening!

Indeed, apprehension and fear of any ray of the clear cold Light that brings the Truth and which in its incorruptibility clearly exposes the errors and faults of these earthmen; that is the reason for the reckless hesitation of many to step courageously into the luminous ray!

None of them will readily give up the comfort of their own conceit which flatteringly follows their desires. For this reason they still prefer old habits to the disturbance which my Word is bound to cause them at first, until gradually they find in It true peace, and arise spiritually as new human beings, swinging joyously and knowingly in the Laws of God.

Then they will perceive the Holy Will of God as only beneficent, helpful and furthering, but never harsh or oppressive, as their wrong attitude today must still make it appear to them.

It is a clear sign of a wrong attitude and proof of being on the wrong path for those people who are offended by the Word of Truth because It does not please them!

This “does not please” is one of the best ways of expressing the rejection by those people who think that they can choose the Truth, and need take from It only what pleases them, or, as they so aptly put it: what “appeals” to them! You see yourselves what damnable vanity and self-complacency of personal arrogance lie in this very term, in the whole manner of approaching the Word, if indeed they condescend to consider it at all!

There is no real earnestness; much less the humility that is necessary in order to find anything in It at all; for Truth is never obtrusive.

However, I say to you, mankind have no choice, but will now have to bow down and descend from the throne of their self-glorification of a false concept of who they are!

If in the course of thousands of years men had not always acted as they still do today, if they had not time and again distorted everything that was intended to help them, in order to adapt it to their human way of thinking and their earthly desires, there would now be only one uniform teaching here on earth, issuing from the Will of God. There would not be so many different creeds in existence.

All the teachings that have come to earth in the past would, united, form a single flight of steps to the pedestal on which the Truth is to stand according to the Holy Will of God, as it has so often been proclaimed to mankind in various revelations.

There would be no differences in the interpretations, much less in the teachings themselves!

For all teachings were at one time willed by God, precisely adapted to the individual peoples and countries, and formed in complete accord with their actual spiritual maturity and receptivity.

Originally they all led in a completely straight line to the Holy Divine Word of Truth, which you find in the Message. Even at those times everything was leading up to the time of the Final Judgment, which is today! The Bringers of all the individual teachings, with the exception of those coming down from the Light Itself, were Forerunners of the Word of Truth Itself.

And these Forerunners have made great efforts, very often amid intense inner struggles, to fulfill their tasks loyally, despite all the obstructions that men sought to put in their way again and again.

However, even in those days, men as always completely failed in every case, in that soon after the passing of the heralds who prepared the way, they always distorted their words, or else completely left out and withheld from posterity anything they could not quite understand.

But that which they tried to withhold, since at the time they themselves could not understand it, was actually the most important of all!

Since these most important proclamations naturally always spoke of the highest in every teaching, which had always become accessible to only a very small circle, because the masses would not yet have grasped it anyway, it was not difficult to hold them back at first, and it was also explainable, as a result of which however, they were completely forgotten in time.

But a wise Providence did not let them vanish altogether; and the time is coming and already near, when tidings from all countries will come of written records which tell of these olden times and rise as witnesses against the distortions brought about by a conceited mankind.

It will then become evident that later followers of the teachings are no longer in touch with the original teaching as such, which was totally different from what is practiced and taught today! Indeed even the Truth Itself brought by Jesus was distorted in Its expressions, and its meaning.

Alas, much energy and much good volition was wasted by many of the faithful on errors which formed in the course of the millennia such that today one sees the teachings of all those wise men who had already been forerunners for the Word of the Truth Itself, such as Krishna, Lao Tse, Buddha and Zoroaster in a completely strange form and thereby also of a different content than how they were given back then by these prophets. Even the descriptions of their earth-lives were distorted in the course of time. They do not accord with the reality.

With unspeakable forbearance and inconceivable loving Kindness, the Light has already spent thousands of years, even hundreds of thousands of earth-years in painstakingly developing and preparing you for the time when you must judge yourselves, in order either to perish in the process or to be able to ascend gloriously into the Luminous Gardens of Eternal Joy.

And now, at the dawning of this time, which has been pointed to continually, mankind stands further from the Truth than ever! They stubbornly pursue only the products of their own imagined knowledge, thereby falling into the abyss of disintegration at the last sword-thrust of the God-willed, purifying separation! ---

Men, what do you think awaits you now? I shall make no further reference, for you will soon experience it yourselves! ---

Yet even in this time of the most hopeless chaos, the Light helpfully pours forth in abundance ever new blessings from the fountain of Its inexhaustible Omniscience, blessings that must still automatically develop as the cycle of each and every happening draws to a close, and which are available to all those who recognize their value, and gratefully make use of the help given.

Once more the Light removes from all things the veils that have been woven around them by the human mind and were bound to thereby cause the present chaos.

During the Judgment the Light restores the Truth to you, and with It recognition of the continuity in the great guidance, which wished to lead humanity step by step and with great care to the recognition of the Light, which purpose all these teachings were to serve.

Only due to petty human thinking and human vanities did such differences and sometimes even contradictions develop from what was originally always only one and was never meant to lead apart!

Here, too, the Darkness very cleverly recognized and exploited the weaknesses of earthmen in order to achieve its goal, which is hostile to the Light.

And these earthmen, who were ever and again given so many aids from the Light, have followed all of the enticements of the Darkness through their vanity and self-complacency, only too willingly and even joyfully!

And you too were once among these human beings, although today you completely dismiss any such guilt, and, if possible, seek to lay the blame only onto others.

Every single human being incarnated on earth today has once, and in most cases even several times, had the opportunity to follow the call of the Light faithfully! At least once he received the unadulterated teaching of a Forerunner.

Yet in spite of mankind’s continuous transgressions in this respect, the Light, with the Judgment and the associated closing of the cycles of all happenings, once more brings the opportunity to recognize all that It has done for men up until now, to save them from their final downfall!

With the closing of these cycles, the experiences of all the Forerunners, their development and also their work in the ray of the Light, is revealed once more as it really was, in order to straighten out all that has been distorted, and to protect it for all time from the sinful ambitions of self-acclaimed possessors of knowledge.

The earth-lives and the work of the known Forerunners, from Hjalfdar up to Krishna, Lao Tse, Buddha und Zoroaster, and some others as well, will come to life again, because every beginning must now be joined to the end, thus completing the cycle in order thereby to judge itself, to ascend or to fall.

In the stories of all these you will once more clearly see the great, consistent guidance from the Light, but you will also see the loathsome struggle of the Darkness against every help that was intended for mankind.

In the past man has been able to play the decisive role depending on whether he accepted or rejected this help. However, when he distorted the pure teachings through thinking that he knew better, he rendered service only to the Darkness, not to the Light! Thus he brought confusion and enmity as consequences of those teachings which should actually have unified if they had remained pure at that time; as pure and as clear as they were given.

That such evil results could ensue merely shows that the present forms of these teachings must be the work of men; for what comes from God, or what is carried out in purity at His behest, knows neither hate nor enmity!

Take this truth as the touchstone for all things! Wherever you find intolerance and malice, or even hostility and agitation against others who are not of the same faith, wherever men seek to harm those of different belief, either the teaching is not from God or it has been falsified! And such people serve only the Darkness, never the Light!

A teaching that permits this must be distorted, whatever it is called; for a teaching that has not yet been distorted will swing in purity in the Laws of God. It does not produce human beings who wish to harm their fellow-men!

Of course there are also people who, although they avail themselves of a pure teaching, then misuse it for their own ends, as you may often find in world history, and in the history of many individual nations, who are always eventually driven to their downfall through this, although here and there they sometimes appear to rise.

It is striking how those who act thus are always the servants of such teachings themselves, who since olden times have always called themselves priests or servants of God. And they have always presented these teachings in such a way that their interpretations would advance the fulfillment of their selfish desires. Through this, however, the sense of the teachings was already distorted, and without realizing it, the adherents and believers served only the temples and churches, but not truly God!

And these so-called servants of God have always jealously guarded the maintenance of their earthly influence over the faithful, and constantly sought to extend it, because to them it meant, and indeed it was, both authority and... their livelihood, their subsistence!

Thus it became a struggle, which they carried on with every available means, but it was a struggle for earthly survival, in which any means seemed to be justified to them! Indeed even today you can very easily see this fact demonstrated everywhere!

Naturally this eventually also produced hatred and hostility, intolerance and agitation against their fellow-men. However, nobody serves God with this for God forbids such evil things, which moreover, even if considered from a purely earthly perspective of justice, reveal only the unclean mindset of the one capable of such actions; but which cannot harm the one at whom they are aimed, in the eyes of those who are still of an upright mind!

Thus there are two different reasons for what is false: Either the teaching as such has been distorted by human hand and mind, or else its servants seek to use it in a wrong sense for purposes that are primarily of a very earthly, selfish nature. The application of the teaching is then distorted and exploited for selfish purposes.

The one is just as reprehensible as the other. Yet to make use of a pure teaching primarily for selfish purposes is even worse than if the teaching itself is distorted out of ignorance.

All this will now be revealed in the Judgment! But on men themselves who have thus sinned against the Spirit, Who has again and again given to all of them only the one teaching, as a basic concept of a God-Willed existence in this Creation: Love thy neighbor, which means respect him as such! Therein lies the adamantine command: that you must never consciously harm him, either in his body or in his soul, either in his earthly possessions or in his reputation!

He who does not keep this commandment, and acts otherwise, serves not God but the Darkness, to which he gives himself over as a tool!

He knows neither God nor His All-holy Will, which lies in His Word. Consequently he does not know the Word of God in Its true meaning! This everyone clearly proves through the nature of his activities, that is, in his speech and in his deeds! You can immediately see who truly serves God, or only the Darkness!

Take this with you as guidance into the fight that you must win against everything that serves the Darkness and that is itself of the Darkness.

If you stand firmly in the Word it will not be difficult for you to remain victorious at all times; for the Light is forever stronger than the Darkness, and the Omnipotence of God is with you if you serve truly!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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