Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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31. When the need is greatest, God’s help is nearest to you!

When the need is greatest, God’s help is nearest to you! These words have been quoted through all the lands for a long time.

From the lips of many people they come as words of comfort, but alas often thoughtlessly, and just in order to say something when sorrows oppress others.

This beautiful saying, which contains a promise, has become an empty phrase of social politeness.

Those, however, who do not wish to, or who for any one of a thousand reasons are hesitant to name God, and there are many of these, will instead say: Rain is followed by sunshine! or utter some other common phrase that signifies the same thing. Indeed there are plenty of those.

Yet not one of them bears within it the deep earnestness and also the power, as does the word:

When the need is greatest, God’s help is nearest to you!

Anyone thinking of these words in times of deep distress will feel the uplifting power that flows from them. There is something special about them which none of the other numerous comforting phrases possesses. It stands out like a triumphant hero, and you perceive this without clearly understanding the cause of this reassuring effect.

However, he who stands in the Message knows the power of the word when it swings in the Law of Creation. Therein lies the secret of this effect. The phrase quoted here is firmly linked with the vibrations of the Light and therefore transmits a power that must surprise if it falls on fertile soil.

As with everything, however, the basic condition is: The soil must be prepared for it!

In times of great distress the soil is often prepared through experiencing shock. Through those experiences, the words can form a bridge for the help from the Power of the Creator, which is available for every creature, since it vibrates throughout the entire Creation. A creature only needs to look up to the Lord trustingly; for trust always forms the best channel for help from the Power.

When using this phrase the process is as follows: The words “When the need is greatest, God’s help is nearest to you” awaken trust in the human being who believes in God.

In this way the words form a bridge; for the trust they instill rises like a petition, a prayer, because the human spirit feels it intuitively. The spirit then opens itself to receiving new strength, which in turn streams through it to those points which afflict and oppress it.

Thus these points of approaching evil volition come into the ray of the Light, which conquers that evil.

But where a person does not believe in God’s help, these words cannot awaken that trust that is needed to admit the Holy Light-Power, and direct it to those places that cause the distress.

Do not think, however, that you are to transmit the Power of the Light striking you through selfish thoughts of hatred and schemes of destruction. These would be impure channels, through which even the Power of the Light cannot flow without being dimmed.

And any such dimming has a weakening effect. You would thereby lessen the effect of the help intended for you. Only if you are capable of receiving the Power in pure trust in God, which asks for God’s help and leaves it to His Wisdom as to the way in which He will help, only then is it right and possible to use the power undimmed to avert and eliminate evil.

You need not and may not harbor ideas of your own as to the nature and form of the outcome! await in calm confidence.

Your suffering will surely point the way to the Power! And thus even the most severe suffering will eventually have to turn away from you, without your burdening yourselves anew through thoughts of rash anger or hatred.

This is why these words are given to you as a warning: Vengeance is mine, I will repay!

They are intended to indicate to you how to conduct yourselves according to the Will of God, and therewith as is inherent in the Law of Creation, so that then the Power of the Light can really help you! Indeed, it is you who must form the channel for it.

Wherever you look you see help all around you, help envelops you, so that you simply could not fall, if you want to see. And you can only see, that is to say “know”, through the knowledge of the Laws of God in Creation which bear the Will that helps you wherever you fall into distress, provided you yourselves do not close yourselves off from the helping power!

The time will soon come when you will stand deeply shaken before the Greatness of God and before His Love, which lies in and works through His Will! Then you will feel like dying of grief in the recognition of your neglect, your guilt, which not only rejected all this help, but in its conceit tried to raise itself above it; and conceit always springs from smallness; for greatness does not know conceit, since it no longer has the need to be conceited.

Therefore conceit is always a sign of inner smallness, and expresses the awareness that smallness needs conceit in order to appear somewhat greater than in truth it is! Especially the awareness of one’s own smallness is the best nourishment for conceit.

In reality you human beings have been so cushioned by your Creator that nothing could happen to you. You are guided and led so that nothing can throw you off the right course, unless you yourselves wish it!

And yet you have sunk so deeply, have turned away from the Light. What was impossible in all simplicity, you have achieved and forcibly brought about through frivolous vanity: straying from the right path, which was leading upwards in a perfectly straight line!

You wanted to be in the swamp, and the decision of your free will pushed you down, ever deeper, exactly that free will that was meant to lift you upward, in yearning for the Light.

As yet you do not realize the full weight of your guilt! But it now rises against you a thousand fold from all sides and bursts upon you just as was to be expected.

From now on the dense veils will be lifted more and more from one week to the next; for you must come to recognition and then perish, unless you still choose to exert all your strength in order to cling imploringly to the last help, and are ready to begin a completely new life, humbly striving to recognize the Greatness of God in Creation, in order to obey the Holy Will through service and to ascend in It to the Luminous Heights.

Thereby you will also slowly uplift your surroundings, and in the purity of beauty strive towards perfection, which, as the manifestation of the condition of your spirit, comes about in the growth and blossoming of its maturity.

Indeed, you have urgent need of this help! all of you, without exception. Therefore today I make a special call to you once more, that when the need will be greatest, God’s help will also be nearest to you! But you must prepare within yourselves the soil that is able to receive this help, which is a condition necessary for everything that comes to you from the Light!

Do not be flippant in your trust in God or superficial in your faith; for you can receive help only if this trust is anchored within you strongly and firmly.

And to you bearers of the cross, let it be told one more time: Whenever you have to suffer from tribulations the darkness seeks to cause you do not in your distress harbor any thoughts of hate, but remain free of such and lift your eyes confidently only to the Light, to God, Who will never forsake you, and Who can help you in any affliction!

Then you will receive aids which will amaze you, and which are miracles to human beings; for God will then reveal His Holy Will, tangibly and visibly to all men who wish to perceive It in this help! He will speak through His Omnipotence!

Bear in mind, however, that you may not trifle with this! Jesus, the Son of God, did not cast himself down from the parapet just to show mankind how God protects Him! Take this as an example and a warning.

How often do you thwart the plans from the Light through your thoughtlessness and superficiality, through interposing many a wrong and selfish volition, or by continually making new mistakes.

When the consequences of your behavior then strike you, you lament and call on God to help you! Even though you yourselves have acted against His Will, simply because you have not yet immersed yourselves deeply enough, and have not paid sufficient heed to the calls, hints and warnings from the Spiritual Realm. They are presented to you in rich abundance.

Even the literal observance of the spiritual warnings alone should have sufficed to spare you half, and still more of your sorrows and tribulations. It should always have been your task in all earthly matters to act only in such a way as to make it impossible henceforth for the Darkness to launch earthly attacks! Specifically, however, you have taken your speech and your writing much too lightly!

In that respect you have to make a change. How often have I pointed out that even the best volition can bring about great harm, and that just good volition especially has already done grave damage when a human being acts exclusively according to his own ideas.

If you imagine that often things could not have worked in any other way, you are greatly mistaken. You must not assume that the Lord would not have found other ways than the ones you thought out, if you had fervently implored Him to do so. And this is what you still lack, the fervent, child-like praying!

You think that if you have the desire to serve God, He would have to approve all of the ways you choose. That is simply an unjust demand, and has nothing to do with trust in God.

Learn to pray with all your heart! If you need a solution, then it will most certainly be given to you as an answer in one form or another. But first pray that it may be given to you to act aright before you commence, and do not pray for success if you have already begun to act in accordance with your own ideas!

Each one of you has the strong guidance from the Grail which you should ask to help you! However, this will rarely happen, because you think of your guidance as being in service just as you are, and that it would therefore have to help you in the service.

You may also often remember your guidance with gratitude when you have successfully completed work which you hardly thought yourselves capable of.

Turn inward seriously and, without delicately sparing yourselves, ask your spirit how you stand in this matter! Many of you will be ashamed to realize how much they have neglected in this regard.

All the books with their accounts from past eras which you are privileged to read, show you clearly and unmistakably how men should live, how they must act in order to achieve success therein.

The purpose for which all of this may be given to you at the present time is not merely to enrich your knowledge now, but once more to show your spirit the paths which it must tread in order to attain to recognition step by step.

In the experiences of others you are shown what the Message proclaims to you and what it demands of you.

Above all, never forget that the Darkness always harbors hatred against the Light and only waits for opportunities to harm it, that, if there is no other way, it even tries to build up opportunities, either through unscrupulous lies and slander, or through false witness. Any and every method is acceptable to the Darkness, its tools and voluntary helpers, if only it can hinder the Light in Its advance.

For this reason you must be doubly watchful, and try to avoid everything that might make it possible to cunningly form a wrong picture of this.

And where you are hard pressed nonetheless, remember that God’s help is nearest to you when the need proves greatest.

However, not to everyone are these words the promise that they are. For they must not be taken one-sidedly with the desire to receive only, as is mostly the case with man, but the words also impose a condition!

They mention God, which presupposes that they are meant for those human beings who believe in God and in His Help, His Power. A denier of God would shut himself off from this help from out of the Light!

Now consider the lawfulness that takes effect in these events. It is not difficult to clearly recognize it.

He, who truly believes in God and in His All-Holy Will in the right form and manner, will not malevolently and sinfully act contrary to the Laws of God. Hence the way for God’s help will always remain open to him!

When he gets into earthly distress, then the cause of this can only lie in human works or in human ideas, which do not always swing in God’s Will, but issue from human-selfish calculations.

If he offends these, God’s help will not be denied him.

For often there is a great difference between what is considered to be guilt in human opinion and before human laws and that which is truly guilt before the Holy Laws of God!

Reciprocal action in Creation can never be deceived in this and never conforms to the wording of earthly laws; rather it acts in accordance with the Will of God exclusively.

As soon as an earthly law maker, while drawing up earthly laws, does not exactly and meticulously consider whether his laws are actually in accordance with the all-holy Will of God in which they will continue to swing, without leading away from It, then every effect will fall heavily on him and hold him tightly bound, even if he is of the opinion that at his time here on earth it would not be possible to do it differently.

This also applies to all who, acting in these laws, aggrieve and bring harm upon others.

All of this is actually so simple and clear that it should not even have to be discussed; for men see it over and over again in all of world history, if they pay attention to it. They could find therein the swift rise of individuals and entire nations who, from an apparent height, had to vanish in a sudden downfall!

This was then always the effect of the reciprocal action resulting from wrongful actions, and from many a decision which was not in accordance with the Holy Will of God, which remains forever immutable.

However, when working out earthly laws, he who seeks to derive them from the Will of God will build upon solid ground and his works will endure in the blessings and the peace they bring to all who will have to observe these laws!

There is no difference in the effect, regardless of whether these processes concern individuals who on their own sought to establish certain guidelines by their own decisions, or whether they concerned entire nations, by rulers who held the fate of a people in their hands: every decision has to be firmly anchored in the Will of God if blessings are to come from it!

A decision must not be born of a person’s self-will, regardless of the goals he pursues. His thoughts must rest in the Will of God; for God alone is true ruler over everything!

Every human being remains dependent on Him, be he king or beggar. Protection, help and blessing can come to him only if he attunes himself to the Will of God, not to his own! This is how it will be at all times and in the end it always manifests visibly in the effects.

For this reason first weigh within, carefully and minutely, everything you intend to say and do, so that the reciprocal action may bring you only blessing.

It is better for you to consider something ten times, trying to weigh the pros and cons exactly, rather than to say and do anything without reflection even just once, or to consider some things superficially.

Considering something ten times does not require much time. Once you accustom yourselves to it you need only a few seconds; for your intuition weighs with the speed of lightening.

In the beginning it will naturally cost you some effort, until finally it becomes second nature to you in the consciousness of your responsibility!

All men must reach this goal, regardless of what they do on earth, where their present existence has placed them.

Then unified, joyful activity will ensue, which has always been the silent longing of those human beings who have sought to serve God alone with their earthly life!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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