Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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32. Purifying flames

At this time many people who know about Jesus the Son of God, and who believe in Him and His Mission, are once again celebrating Holy Night.

Although the nature of His Mission has not been recognized in the right way by men, since many think that He had merely come in order to suffer and to die for them here on earth, yet there are also some among them, who in purest volition, pray to God and thank Him for sending His Son.

These people shall be helped because of their pure volition, albeit through pain and sorrow if they cannot otherwise be brought to recognition of their error!

In that case pain and sorrow are an act of the greatest Love ready to help them once more, lest their pure volition be lost simply on account of a wrong concept they learned in schools and churches, and which they are now unable to give up of their own accord because they are afraid of losing support and incurring earthly hostility.

These people shall be helped! However, not those who, similarly led astray, lack the great and pure volition, showing nothing but apathy, superficiality and indifference towards anything connected with this Festival. Nor will help be given to those who from habit regard it merely as an earthly, but not a spiritual Festival!

For them the Ray of Love, which today and for the Festival of the Radiant Star penetrates through the flames of the Judgment, does not hold joyful help but rejection so that they must fall in the Judgment!

The Ray of Love which today reaches the earth again for the first time since moons ago, is harbinger of God’s Love Itself, which is slowly moving towards its earthly cloak again, following the path of the Star which in the primordial force of its spiritual nature, demandingly draws ever nearer to earthly humanity.

Soaring, it approaches as a Herald of God, a witness to Him Who was sent to fulfill the All-Holy Will!

Thereby it makes everything new; for through it that which has been marked for collapse in the Judgment implodes and collapses! It triggers the release. In its ray you will now experience the gross material effects!

In accordance with the Laws of Creation, this is the long-promised release in Gross Matter of the Judgment which has already taken place! Every human being has already been judged according to his works that reveal his innermost being.

This does not refer to his works in the Gross Material World, which he allows men to see, but to the effects of his true volition, which he often conceals from others.

The effects of man’s volition manifest as his works, which in the lawful and automatic weaving of this Creation remain at first invisible to men, as I have already described in the Message; but they are connected with their author, and must eventually become tangible and visible in Gross Matter.

And this Divine Judgment has already taken place everywhere! Spiritually it took effect immediately and now it has also taken place ethereally.

The onrushing Radiant Star is the key that unlocks and consummates in gross matter that which has already taken place in the spiritual and ethereal spheres.

The power of the Star shatters the walls that man has built around himself; it lets him feel the Judgment, which under the gross-material protection of his earthly body he has hitherto been able to sneak past.

The Star is the key to the gross material happening, for which full preparations have been made by the substantiate helpers!

At the same time, however, it now becomes the last call to all mankind on earth, the last warning, which in quick succession also brings the end, which can be a new beginning only for those human beings who are henceforth willing to submit to the Laws of God quite unconditionally, in humble worship of God the Father, Who alone is their Lord in all eternity!

Those who in their self-will sought to turn away from Him and set up idols of their own choosing will be crushed in the collapse of what they themselves raised up; for these self-chosen idols will now be hurled from their pedestals by the Omnipotence of God.

Men, you live in times of great severity for which you must thank God; because only severity can save you by shaking you out of the deep sleep into which you have fallen through your own volition!

Shock upon shock will now strike you, both in the earthly and the closely linked spiritual sense. Today many people’s soul can be affected only if they have to experience earthly suffering in the most severe form; because they are already far too insensitive in everything, and their walled up souls lie as though paralyzed, dreaming towards the sleep of death.

The stone structure is the work of the earthly intellect; and this must be breached and shattered first of all before the soul can perceive anything of the radiations of the Light.

The work of the earthly intellect, which oppresses the spirit, extends across this entire earth, hardening everything, and in many individuals it is especially built-up. At the first thrust of the Light, however, it will very quickly begin to waver.

With the appearance of the Radiant Star however, there will be collapse all around amid the hue and cry of those attached to it, under their curses and mutual recriminations.

All of this mad chaos will then be adorned with acts of madness everywhere but also mixed in with rising prayers of desperation!

For the very reason that the evil work appears to be so firmly established and strong on earth, its downfall will inevitably be the more terrible; because, due to the force of its resistance, the thrust of the Light will become even more powerful.

Then you will stand fast in this chaos, with your eyes turned joyfully to God; for if you truly live in the Word, you will be cared for and protected in the Grace of His Omnipotence!

And your steadfastness will provide protection and help for all who pray to the Light in the recognition of God. You can explain to the seekers the way that will lead them out of the snares and pitfalls of the collapsing Darkness; so that they are not dragged down with it when, at the last moment, their souls, in a genuine effort, seek to grasp the Word.

The fact that the Ray out of Divine Love is being sent already now, along with all of the rays of wrath, is again an act of such immeasurable Grace as men will be able to understand only much later. Today the ray of Love provides the possibility even now for many people to save themselves in the midst of the Judgment. For people who would otherwise have to be lost because their strength would have been insufficient to free themselves from the Darkness, which in its downfall seeks to hold them fast in its clutches.

The Ray of Divine Love is the harbinger of Love Itself! That Love which is closely linked with Jesus, and which in part, comes from out of Him.

Therewith the foundation is once more laid anew today, as it was once laid through the birth on earth of Jesus the Son of God, so that our Festival of the Radiant Star may again become a Festival of Thanksgiving for the well-nigh inconceivable Love of God!

As on the seventh of September of every year the Festival of Divine Purity, the Festival of the Lily, is joyfully celebrated, so through this new Act of the Lord’s Grace, the Festival of the Radiant Star has now become the Festival of Divine Love, the Festival of the Rose! -

Wherever the Radiant Star sends its pure, spiritually glowing flames into the Universe, there, at the same time, a great Act of Grace of God’s Love is always fulfilled!

And if now here on earth it releases the Judgment, then this too bears God’s Love; for it brings redemption and deliverance from the Darkness and from all evil volition for those creatures who strive towards the Light!

That the flames of this Star must bring about a Judgment is solely on account of mankind, who, with their evil and God-adverse volition, their conceit and egotism, has brought forth evil works, which do not withstand the purifying ray of the Light but waver and crumble beneath it!

In reality this Ray bears in its fire only the purest power for the uplifting of all earthmen and of the earth itself which is now due to take place in the World Happening! thus the radiation of the purest Divine Love, which can be endured only by him who swings in the Love of God.

And everything that cannot swing in It will be painfully seized, scorched and consumed by the purity of these radiations; for the cleansing flame of this Star is not intended for the spirit only, but for all creatures and for the Gross Material World also. Part of this purification is the destruction of everything that cannot swing in the Love of God! ---

The Star would have come at this time in any event, to pour out the abundance of its incandescence over the earth, thereby, with its strong spiritual power, pulling both mankind and the earth itself high up into a new realm, where, according to the Law of the Divine Will, it now belongs!

Were earthmen as matured as they now should be in their development, had they sought to observe all the Laws in Creation, the advent of the Star would evoke a jubilant welcome from mankind, and joyous grateful adoration of the Lord Who sent it!

However, since this is not so, but mankind on earth, in their failure, have instead sunk even lower than can be considered possible, the appearance of the Star now has a different effect. Its effect must first be one of overthrowing and destroying, before the uplifting and constructive power of its radiation is able to have its purest effect; for it will then fall on that soil which has been prepared through great distress to receive it worthily!

For this reason alone does the Star become the Judgment for humanity and for all that is not in accord with the Will of God. And only that which swings in the Love of God is in harmony with His Will, because God is Love!

Men, do you now understand the great simplicity that lies in all world events? Whatever takes place therein can always only be Love!

You, however, have formed a completely distorted picture of the Holiness of Love, and have dragged the conception of It down into the mire.

This again was solely on account of the earthbound intellect which is incapable of comprehending the intuition of a pure spirit and by its very nature it only understands earthly love which is based on gross material feeling. What is more, it has distorted this gross material feeling into coarse instinct!

As if this were not enough, the intellect, in the course of its over-cultivation, felt urged to degrade this coarse drive even further until it became sin, although, it could well have remained pure, as it has in animals!

To reduce earthmen to the level of an animal was much too petty a goal for the scornfully sneering Darkness. It intended to bring the human race down much lower still, even below that of any animal!

Human beings, who in their slow development under the careful guidance of so many chosen by the Light and designated and prepared for this purpose, had already managed painstakingly to work themselves out of the initially present, but pure animal instincts in their bodies, were not simply to sink to that level again in spite of their already awakened spirits, but were to be forced lower than where they had stood before.

Over-cultivated by men themselves under the stimulation of the Darkness, the intellect became its willing servant; endlessly questioning and speculating, it no longer provides a firm foothold for the dependent on their intellect, gradually turned a pure animal instinct into a most base and subtly calculating lust, thus poisoning in themselves even the animal’s naturalness!

Thus everything was fundamentally corrupted and man on earth was effortlessly reduced to being the lowest creature in all of Creation; for, after the fall of man, this was bound to happen as the result of the one-sided over-cultivation of the intellect, which automatically grew into all kinds of evil, as long as man did not listen to the many aids from the Light!

It was obvious to the Darkness that man would not heed these aids, as it knew his vanity, which inevitably continued to increase through the arrogance of the falsely and rampantly growing earthly intellect.

Thus, through the wrong cultivation of the intellect, not only was a deep and deadly soul-trap set for man, but his simultaneously burgeoning vanity became a powerful bar preventing his soul from escaping this trap; for conceit and a presumptuous know-better attitude would no longer easily allow these small-minded earthmen to listen to help from the Light in the Word!

It is right that you should be seized by shudders as soon as I express how deeply man has fallen!

However, it has to be stated now and dragged out of its murky hiding place into the light, so that it can finally be destroyed by the ray of the Star, unless the awakening individual himself burns it in the fire of his awakened spirit. Especially today, on this day of God’s Holiest Love, I will fulfill it.

I call this out to mankind, so that they may recognize and extricate themselves from the evil to which they have succumbed as to the strongest narcotic, through the wiles of the utterly perverted intellect! For this, and this alone, has brought them to it.

The Tempter knew only too well that it had to come to this, after mankind took the wrong course temptingly offered by him!

Indeed it could not have come about in any other way, for the intellect, which was intended to become merely an executive instrument of the human volition, now impairs all volition, thereby establishing itself as a false leader who can have no connection with the Holy Will of God, and is thus cut off from God’s Love.

Today especially, at the Festival of the Holy Love of God, which henceforth it is again to become, I have had to show you this picture once more, in order that you may realize what, for the most part, is the nature of your present form of love; so that, shuddering, you may reflect and be able yet to receive a spark of pure Divine Love!

I bring out this picture so that it may now be shattered, together with all that is false and can no longer be allowed to exist in Creation after its great purification!

It would never have come to this if mankind had paid attention at least once and with a lasting effect to the many aids from the Light!

At various times people did listen while a prophet dwelt among them, but after his departure they soon began to speculate about his teaching, and in their rising doubts and intellectual arrogance, to dissect, distort and reshape it according to their own taste. And so mankind on earth sank slowly but surely ever deeper into the morass formed and spread by its own thoughts.

But now pull yourselves together with all your strength! For such happenings will no longer be permitted. It is over, but only for you if this time you refuse to listen to God’s words, which should raise you to that point where man must stand as a human being in Creation!

No longer will he be permitted to remain as a monstrosity, neither quite human being nor quite animal, in the perfect work of the Creator, so that he can continue to distort its beauty and hinder and disturb the swinging of pure harmony.

You earthmen, the Holy Judgment approaches! Become human beings, therefore, or perish in the flames of the Radiant Star!

But you who bear the Holy Cross on your foreheads, give thanks to the Lord for this great cleansing; for to you who carry the Word of the Message in your souls with purity and a strong volition for the good, and who strive towards the Luminous Heights, to you the Star will grant great strength to become new within, according to the Will of God!

Under the strong protection of the Light you will pass through these hard times, which will purify you and steadily increase your glowing until you become flames, which in honor of God will shine on earth in the purest worship, and work helpfully among men everywhere, attracting any spirit spark which, in awakening, still seeks to rise towards the Luminous Heights!

Therefore go forth now with confidence in the Word, which will show you the right paths you have to follow, and also give you strength for the hours when it seems you would despair. Remember that everything that happens, whatever it may be, is an Act of Grace of God’s Love, which enforces the purification!

In future every Festival of the Star, with the hitherto known Christmas shall become a Festival of Thanksgiving for the working of God’s Love.

Do your part toward this end through the help you give to men who will soon turn to you in the distress of their souls.

Bring help to them in the Word! For this will remain as the only thing which they need first of all!

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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