Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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33. The gulf of selfish desires

Whenever words from the Light are offered to an earth-man, he alters their meaning in his desire to grasp them, and makes them conform to his earthly-human customs, drawing them therewith into the narrow circle of his expectations and desires. Without altering their wording, he nevertheless debases them, because he forgets that such words do not issue from the human mind, but come from that height which is inconceivable to his understanding.

He does not make the slightest effort in such cases at least to transpose his way of thinking, to try to some extent to follow the path on which these words come down to him, or at least to make this the basis of his desire to grasp them; instead, in his conceit, he simply assumes that God must speak to him from the human standpoint, if He wishes to convey something to him that is for his salvation.

It is in vain to argue against this fact, for it is so, as is demonstrated over and over again every day!

But just this will be man’s ruin; for he has thereby never accepted the hand held out to him for ascent, and now, as a result of the final reciprocal effects he must experience for himself that the hand, which he heedlessly ignored until now, only to proudly pass it by under the delusion of his presumptuous self-knowledge, is withdrawn.

Just when in his hour of need he would like to grasp this hand, then he will no longer find it!

Yet it is so decisive and so important for every human being to cease this indolence and this conceit, that I must speak of it time and again in order to try to teach men so that they will understand me; for without this change from the ground up they are unable to ascend again spiritually, although in various forms they try to pretend to themselves that they can.

The forms that they themselves devised are really all false, and must now fall to pieces. In the process mankind will be plunged into despair, and then perish, sick in body and soul, unless they first still bring themselves, like obedient children, to submit to the Word of Truth, and use all their remaining strength to climb laboriously back one step after another, which they had, without noticing, slipped down through their stubbornness in thinking they knew best!

False thinking, owing to the distortion of the earthly intellect!

It is so unspeakably sad that everywhere just this cardinal fault of men comes so conspicuously to the fore in all their thinking, and thereby dims the clarity of their outlook.

Whatever man thinks, wherever he tries to investigate, his self-conceit prevents him from finding the Truth, because he thereby stands upon a false foundation from which he is unable ever to think rightly, however honestly he tries to do so.

Thus the greater part of all mankind will now sink into the abyss without realizing it, without noticing it at the beginning of the downfall.

But this moment does not lie in the future, it is already here. Most people have already been falling steadily for some time, and will no longer be able to arrest this fall, because their recognition will come far too late; for they did not listen in time to what could still have helped them towards salvation, because in keeping with their vanity, they directed their eyes, in hope and expectation, in the wrong direction.

However, when they eventually want to turn back they will no longer be able to attain salvation; for in the meantime a gulf has opened up which cannot be bridged, while they themselves have already drifted too far towards the vortex of destruction, whose sucking maelstrom will never let them go again.

Thus great masses will succumb to their self-willed errors, because in reality they followed most faithfully only their own selfish desires, and paid less attention to everything else.

And this selfish desiring, which has now dominated for thousands of years, and which man has grown and cultivated with great diligence, is so deeply rooted through this cultivation that it now thrusts itself into everything, so that even as the best volition comes into being it is saturated with the evil, without man’s noticing anything of it.

He does not believe it, even when it is pointed out to him, nor does he consider it possible, and yet it is there, it is always lying in wait and suddenly breaks through, often bringing its influence forcibly to bear just when it is necessary to be unselfish, as the service to God demands.

And since in the Kingdom of the Millennium there shall only be service to God as the foundation for all work, as the fundamental condition of being permitted to exist at all, you can well imagine what the outcome must be, and what is in store for such humanity! It is something which even the most serious among seekers, or among those who think they have already found, are unable to imagine. And yet it will become deed, far-reaching, sifting, and judging!

You are all included in this; for you too have not yet recognized the seriousness of the coming events, and of the demands that God makes upon you.

For this reason I shall once more explain these matters in greater detail; for the time has now come when you must prove yourselves in everything, and also in this.

To me the ever-recurring need to admonish you is dismal indeed; for seldom do I find understanding, and you human beings become used to it. Since it happens so frequently it seems too familiar to you, and therefore you think you have already grasped these things. But the words lie unused in a completely hidden corner of your soul, still waiting to be resurrected.

You do not heed them because you can have them over and over again, or so you think at least, and above all because they do not really suit you. They make you feel uncomfortable, and therefore it seems to you that they weary you or that they could give you nothing new, therefore you pass them by without gain, and quickly turn again to other thoughts. I know this very well. Nevertheless I shall once again deal more closely with this need for change which is so important and indispensable for you, although you think you already know all about it in detail.

You do not know it! Time after time you give fresh and unmistakable proof of this lack of knowledge.

Let us first consider the Word, the Message! I do not single out individual cases from among you, but rather, with greater or lesser variation, it is basically always exactly the same with all of the people, even if in these cases the outer forms sometimes manifest quite differently. They are then merely adapted according to the particular earthly circumstances of the individual, to their educational level and to their experiences.

Let us completely ignore the conceited scoffers and the spiritually indolent in this matter; for in any case these pass judgment upon themselves therewith and can no longer be taken into consideration for the future. Thus we need not speak of them at all.

Let us therefore deal with those who are seriously seeking the Light and those who are still spiritually active.

Imagine that such a man comes in contact with the Word of the Message. It must and will touch him somehow, because nothing else is possible with the spirit as soon as that Word Which comes from out of the Light penetrates to him. Unless it is too heavily walled in or already asleep, every spirit will listen to It.

Man will feel either joy or apprehension; he will become absorbed in the Word, and in so doing perhaps come to recognition. Let us consider those who, for their salvation, do come to recognize.

As the Word penetrates them they are deeply moved, they feel liberated and uplifted. Ready to realize their faults and to better themselves, they ask for advice, for strength, and are eager to draw attention to their problems, either verbally or in writing. Their problems are mainly of a mundane and rarely of a spiritual nature. They are problems for which they are at fault and which are of their own making.

And mark my words, these are the good ones, those who accept the Word and who wish to change! See for yourselves: As soon as they come to recognition they immediately bring wishes which hold the expectation of fulfillment! This they call wanting to serve God!

In their opinion they have the great “good volition”, and the power of the Light shall do the rest. Or... must do? Yes, in their opinion the word “must” is quite right, that is, in their innermost opinion! And according to their expectation the Light must help in such a way as they wish and think! Indeed their thoughts are wishes, and their silent wishes are their unspoken thoughts that have hardly become clear.

Man thinks that the best and greatest tribute he can give to the Creator and Preserver is to kneel before him and exclaim submissively:

“Here is my soul, Lord. Do with it as You please!”

This is the highest that man is able to achieve, at the same time the most humble and the best, also the right thing... according to his earthly opinion!

But this is not so! Such activity contains and expresses only the complacency and indolence of his spirit!

God does not want to have to act for man in these matters, but man alone must always act personally for himself! He must exert himself with all his strength at last to fulfill the Laws of God! to set out on the road which the Word of Truth points out to him once more.

How foolish men are, and yet how clever in deluding themselves about what should be and also must remain the most precious thing to them, if they wish to be permitted to continue enjoying the blessings of their God.

What is false and distorted in all the thoughts and deeds of these earthmen is so terrible that one would have to despair and fear for them, if one did not know of the purifying storm that is now going to rage in the Power of the Light for the salvation of those who still have a small spark of their spirit hidden away and smoldering under the coming ruins of all the human errors.

Such a spark will either be kindled into a flame by the storm or extinguished according to the longing and the volition of that spark.

Yet in spite of the deep seriousness of the present time, man still tries to insert his own small desires and his own knowledge into the machinery of the great working of Creation, in order to mold those fulfillments which issue from the Omnipotence of God according to his own ideas!

But they will absolutely never admit any of this to themselves! On the contrary, they cling to the thought that their wrong actions are already the first step towards transformation. And they call this step humility; they are proud of their confidence in the help from the Light, for which they pray and wait.

In reality, however, they have again mingled their destructive and selfish desires with this first step, and thereby greatly dimmed its will to rise!

Men do not notice any of this. They are disappointed if help is not forthcoming immediately and visibly, although they themselves have only thrown their “volition” into the balance, and nothing else! With them the “volition” was already the deed, which however amounted only to a “petition”, and which they regard as something especially great already.

Certainly, the “good volition” in this is already something great and also rare in the present day distortion, but it does not suffice to fulfill the demand that God now makes on mankind for their salvation! Only the most severe and unrelenting demand can still bring salvation to mankind at all; for otherwise they will not come to an awakening, and will soon sink back into the old wrong ways and spiritual indolence.

And God demands! He now demands from you before He will again give something, because you did not want to resolve to make use of His paths voluntarily, which He caused to be woven in Creation for you! And which alone are in accord with His Will.

Mankind’s good volition is of no avail unless this volition is transformed into deed. Transformed into deed by men themselves, before they step before God with renewed requests!

This is quite clearly stated in the Message as the fundamental condition. Men themselves must now prove for once, through their own energetic efforts, how serious they are about their own salvation!

Only then will the Lord in His Grace once more receive them. However, this is something different, entirely different from what even well-meaning human beings try to imagine! And more than once I have already pointed this out explicitly.

He who refuses to exert himself in order to fulfill and to struggle on his own behalf, is no longer worthy of help!

Only through honest exertion and toil does help come in the Power, otherwise it will fail to come.

Only through struggle, through deed, does every man open himself aright, so that Power, and with it help, can stream into him.

The Power is help if it is turned to good account, that is, if it is made use of! But never otherwise than in his deeds! Men must change themselves and then come, but they must not come in order to let themselves be changed!

How man has to change and what he must do in the process is clearly explained in my Message!

If he wishes to find it therein he will definitely find it. In every situation, whatever it may be, my Word will never fail to enlighten the seeker.

Therefore, he who comes and asks has not understood the Message, he has not gone into it deeply and seriously enough. Thus he is not taking his seeking seriously enough! He does not take that trouble which is a condition if he is to receive help. Consequently, he will have to wait for help in vain.

Impress this upon your minds, all you who call yourselves seekers! You will find this to be a measure of the liveliness of your spirit itself, a measure with which you will never go wrong.

Asking questions is indolence in a person who has the Message in his hands. He does not bestir himself enough, or he would not have one question left.

Seek and you must find what you need for yourselves! But seek, i.e. exert yourselves, you must.

And through exertion you will find that spiritual experience which you need if you wish to profit for yourselves from my Word! For if I were continually to explain all your questions, if I were to teach each human being for a hundred years, he could not profit by it; for in spite of this he would not have experienced anything!

If he constantly strives to learn more, he simply cannot come to the experiencing of what he learns. Each word he has learned must first become deed! Through activity alone, albeit purely spiritual, can it become the possession of the individual!

For this reason it is of no use to always wish to hear new things from me. I have already said enough, so much that your entire earthly existence is not enough to put into practice internally that which I have told you, much less externally!

Act first according to what I have said to you so far! But you hesitate, thinking you would first like to learn much more, possibly to know everything, before you make a real beginning with yourselves.

For you will always be busy committing to your understanding that which is new. No time is left for experiencing that which you have already been told. And thus you neglect everything!

From now on give up the pursuit of what is new; for after all you can only begin with small things if you really wish to fulfill everything completely, as it must be.

In this entire Creation there is no fulfillment whatsoever without a beginning, which is followed by a continuous growth, culminating in flower and fruit which in turn bear new life within.

As you present yourself now you will inevitably be like the physical body which becomes sluggish when it is overly satiated! There us no other way. Just start fresh, small and humble, and only then go forward in the knowledge slowly but surely!

Otherwise you can achieve nothing, because everything in the Message is new for earthly mankind, although some of it may seem familiar to you. But it only seems so because you try to deal with it too superficially.

If you consider it rightly, through the diligent exertions of an active spirit, it is new!

Just exert yourselves, and do not immediately come with questions about the hindrances and burdens you have to suffer at the moment. First of all absorb my Word aright and seek to experience It within yourselves, then everything will surely change!

Therefore observe yourselves closely, and see to it that in your service you can become capable of laying aside your propensity for selfish desires, which naturally you can only achieve if you manage to recognize this fatal fault of yours.

This is not difficult, as soon as you examine yourselves in the Word of the Message with the relentlessness that every serious seeker and everyone striving for the Luminous Realms must use towards himself, if he is sincere in his seeking and his striving.

That is the first difficult step, the fulfillment of which will then make all the others easier. Just gather your strength and also your courage and take this step, then help will blossom forth for you everywhere without you still having to especially ask for it.

You will then reach the point when you will only have to mutter thanks, and ever again thanks to your God, while any petitioning will become unnecessary of itself.

Go forth and act accordingly, so that peace and joy may soon dwell with you! ---

Resonances to the Grail Message by Abdrushin


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