Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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36. The Ring of the Substantiality

I have spoken several times already about the Creation Ring of the Substantiality, which wraps around the Worlds of Matter as the transition from the Spiritual to the Material World.

This substantiality is a very special species by itself and actually forms the terminal ring for the entire Creation, and simultaneously also the bridge for Subsequent Creation.

Once again let us imagine everything outside the Divine Sphere, thus below the Grail Castle, in three great sections:

We will name Primordial Creation as uppermost and first, Creation as second, and Subsequent Creation as the third.

The Grail Castle itself is strictly speaking not part of Primordial Creation, but is something entirely by itself and stands above Primordial Creation. It stands. I deliberately choose this expression, for the Grail Castle does not float, but is firmly anchored!

Also the part which is outside the Divine Sphere, from which Primordial Creation issues, is firmly connected with the Grail Castle in the Divine Sphere like an annex, and is thus anchored immovably in the Divine.

Down to that point the only activity is that of Divine Light Waves streaming downwards and upwards. A change in this occurs only in the Grail Castle, and then outside the Castle, streaming downwards, the rotational movement sets in, which brings forth and moves all the Creations. Here, too, they are held by descending and ascending waves!

Such is the big picture of the form of all movements.

I have already spoken in greater detail about the Primordial Creation and in doing so named the two basic sections. They are Primordial Spiritual. The one part immediately took on form and consciousness, while the other could first develop to this state. It is exactly the same in Creation, which, as being Spiritual, we conceptually separated from the Primordial Spiritual.

It too is divided into two sections. Again, the first could immediately take on form, and the second one had to develop to that state.

This is followed and concluded by the previously-mentioned Ring of the Substantiality of which you have no clear picture yet since in my past explanations I have always merely touched on it.

Today let us designate it as a separate part of Creation: The Ring of the Substantiality!

From now on we must understand this Ring to be something quite different from that which we simply had called the substantiate beings. What I had named Substantiate Beings up until now are the upward and downward streaming Light Waves which have taken on form in their activity and which are connected in a straight line or chain with the Grail Castle. They are not the rotational forces!

Therein lies the difference. The rotational forces are also formed in their working, but they are of a different species which could only come into existence where radiations cross each other. You do not yet know anything about this, although much of it is already familiar to you.

This rotational movement has its origin or beginning in the separation of the positive from the negative, thus of the active from the passive, which occurs in the Grail Castle and which, at the beginning of my explanations of today, I called the transformation of the currents, resulting from the separation in the Castle.

As the Light radiations of the Light begin to cool off, the positive separates from the negative thus forming two kinds of radiation, whereas down to the Grail Castle only one uniform ray stands in its activity and constitutes the Divine Sphere, where all that has become form bears both positive and negative within itself in harmonious union.

Picture all this to yourselves just as I sketch it with very simple strokes, then you will grasp it in the quickest and surest manner. Only then can you try to penetrate ever deeper in your desire to understand.

If you act in this way then the whole will gradually become alive before you, and in your spirit you can let the wafting and weaving of Creation pass before you as knowing onlookers.

However, if you should wish to try to do it the other way around and seek to follow me already at first hearing with the power of your intellect, then you will already become stuck on my first sentences and will never be able to attain to a goal.

You must absorb it simply and only then, by gradually following the individual strokes, you may bring everything to life within you. In this way you will succeed.

Thus, today we will talk of The Ring of the Substantiality which forms the terminal point of all that is mobile.

Just as the precipitation of the Spiritual is known to you as spirit-germs, so is The Ring of the Substantiality also to be called a precipitation, albeit one of a very different kind, which out of the rotation of the self-moving Creations trickles down and drips from the substantiate waves, in order to gather and maintain itself at the end of the Creations through the attraction of the similar basic species.

With this we again arrive at an expansion of the Creation concepts.

Thus, we have self-moving parts, which include Primordial Creation and Creation and then follows Subsequent Creation, which is not capable of moving on its own accord but needs to be propelled.

The self-moving parts are propelled by their own warmth; Subsequent Creation, which must be moved, is propelled by the influence of external warmth. Thus individual parts thereof can also cool down when that which supplies warmth is withdrawn, something which is quite impossible in Primordial Creation and in Creation, since they possess their own innate warmth.

Pay strict attention to all the details I tell you herewith; for they lay the foundation in preparation for many further explanations, which will be of great use for every aspect of man’s earth life.

This Ring of the Substantiate Precipitate is below the spirit-germs, therefore below the Ring of the Spiritual Precipitate, and forms the final border of all that is mobile; for also The Ring of the Spiritual Precipitate as the last of the Spiritual, and The Ring of the substantiate precipitate as the last of the Substantiate, have their own innate movement and thus warmth, although still unconsciously in the beginning! This is important to know.

Then follow the different materialities. They are so named because they can only serve as cloaks and possess neither innate warmth nor movement. They must first be permeated with warmth before they transmit warmth, and they are again cold and immobile when the provider of warmth is withdrawn. This characteristic exists only in the Worlds of Matter.

Now, the expressions Matter and World of Matter have not been named according to the materials with which man on earth covers himself, but the reverse is the case. Earth-man picked up these designations and transferred them according to their proper meaning also to his earthly products with which he covers himself.

The Ring of Substantiality, however, not only forms the final border of that which is mobile and possesses inherent warmth but, since this ring also possesses warmth and movement in itself, it presses even further into the World of Matter, thus warming it and driving it from this state of inactivity into the rotational movement, which in turn warms it more and more and causes it to glow through friction conditioned by the density of its nature.

In the movement thus forcibly brought about it takes on form and allows the radiations of the warming of the driving substantiality itself, which increases with this activity, to pass through very easily in order to spread ever new warmth and thus movement for the forming activity. After this big picture let us now go into details. Thus we return to The Ring of Substantiality, which serves as the bridge for all the layers of materialities that are without warmth and thus without movement.

In this Ring of the Substantiality specific homogeneous species of all Substantiate germs draw closely together in accordance with the Law so as thereby to form groups that can also be called centers or accumulations.

Thus for example, there is a separation between the groups of those germs which, as they penetrate the World of Matter, contribute in their development and their awakening to the forming and preservation of fire, water, air and earth, then of rocks, plants and also animals.

I have already spoken of the process of penetration of the Substantiate germs, and I only want to specifically point out the fact that this entire happening is carefully guided by substantiate helpers, who serve as a chain in the Light Waves streaming straight downward from the Castle and they also help to guide upwards again.

All this you already know; you can easily assemble the basic knowledge of this from my Message, but you must proceed in this matter like children who make the effort of correctly putting the parts of a jigsaw puzzle together until a very definite picture arises from this.

It is in this way that you must make use of the knowledge from the Message, for it contains the foundational stones for all knowledge, and gives explanations for every happening in the whole of Creation.

If you want to achieve clarity about something in Creation as it relates to the effects of Primordial Creation Laws which bear the Will of God, you first only need to take from all of the gemstones that are contained in the Message as a treasure to be lifted by you, any one of the many little individual gems that contains something of the question that moves you.

As with a game of jigsaw puzzles or building sets, you then seek to add something from the Message that fits with this first little individual piece; in this way you will eventually obtain a big picture, standing on its own and complete in itself which gives you a precise answer in the form of a picture of the particular Creation Weaving which you desire to know.

If you follow my advice you will always succeed in obtaining a solution to everything in a form which will most certainly become understandable to you, and which will never let you go astray.

Just place the individual stones in such a way that they will fit in precisely with the first stone which you take from the treasure for your question. It makes no difference at all whether this gem is the center or belongs only to the periphery. The others belonging to it can always be fitted in or placed only in such a way that the final result is the very picture you need in order to answer and clarify your question.

The stones can never be placed in any other way, and you immediately realize when you have put just one part in a wrong place. This part simply does not fit in with the whole, and thus compels you to put it where it belongs, or to leave it out altogether if it does not belong.

When you do this, just think of a jigsaw puzzle, which results in complete pictures or constructions when the individual parts given in a definite form for this purpose are put together logically.

This is the way in which I have given you my Message, which contains everything, but which forces you to co-operate in this yourselves! It cannot be absorbed indolently as pre-fabricated, but in answer to each one of your questions you must exert yourselves in extracting from it and putting together the perfect picture.

This is the nature of the Living Word, which forms and educates you and forces your spirit to move!

Should you put a picture together wrongly, through error or superficiality, you will quickly come to a stop and realize that it lacks harmony, because perhaps you put just one little stone in the wrong place or, according to its form, put it in such a way that it cannot fit that picture or construction you are striving for. Thus you cannot complete it, and must try again and again until it stands before you firmly and correctly put together.

Each stone can be used for many pictures, not only for one, but through its unique character you are forced to place it differently for each picture, always only in such a way that it will fit in precisely with the other stones. If the individual picture results in a complete whole, then you may be sure that your work in seeking was right!

You will never lack a stone in this, not the smallest part; for the Message contains everything you need! Just try it until this work becomes familiar, then you yourselves will stand firmly in the entire Creation!

In my Word of the Message I give you the perfect construction kit consisting of the best-cut precious stones, so that you yourselves can use it for building. From the very beginning they are precisely arranged to meet all your needs. But you must construct the building yourselves, for such is God’s all-holy Will!

Now you know how you have to act, and I can proceed with my explanations about The Ring of the Substantiate and its effect upon the Material Worlds, to which it is actually the final border of all that is mobile while simultaneously forming a bridge through its working.

In this ring, among other species, there is now also a concentration of a species of that substantiate precipitate from which the animal soul with its many branches is formed.

Just this part, however, needs a very special course of instruction, which must be combined with observation, in order to evoke complete clarity in earth-man, but I will give at least a few hints about this.

The soul of every animal forms itself, it constructs itself first, which lies in the expression “to form”.

In contradistinction and for easier understanding I refer once more to the human spirit. The spirit of earth-man already contains everything within itself, inside the spirit-germ, and only needs to develop toward consciousness.

The soul of the gross material animal, however, needs to constructs itself, it forms itself and only then it gradually develops and gains strength. As it becomes strong it is able to form ever more firmly and stably.

The soul of the animal belonging to the World of Gross Matter can only gradually receive a permanent form. In most cases, following severance from the physical body, after a short or sometimes longer period the animal soul again loses its form and is absorbed by the accumulation of homogeneous species which indeed brings increased warmth, but which does not yet remain in a stable form. Hence the expression “group soul”.

Only one thing can maintain the form of the animal soul, the strongest thing there is: i.e. Love!

An animal that loves a human being is thereby uplifted, and through the voluntary connection with the spirit it receives a supply of power which also keeps its soul together more firmly. But more about this later. For there are not only animals from the final bordering Ring of the Substantiality but also those in higher, even up to the highest planes.

Then, in the very highest planes there are knowing animals which are perfectly pure in their serving.

It can also occur that animals from the higher planes are incarnated on earth for very special purposes. We will not deal with this now but remain with the animals that are known on earth, the souls of which form out of The Ring of the Substantiality around the Worlds of Matter.

I only want to give one more hint about this concerning your nearest visible earthly environment, thus your gross material surroundings.

All forms on earth that are tied to a place have no soul of their own, for it would indeed become too dependent upon whatever approaches it and would thus be at the mercy of any arbitrariness in the World of Gross Matter.

Such a lack of balance is utterly impossible in the wise provisions of the Creator in His Work.

For this reason, such forms have no souls of their own, but merely serve as dwellings for beings which are quite independent of the forms, which they merely protect and care for.

These forms include plants and rocks! Thus you will gain further enlightenment which can benefit you and help you clearly recognize wrong opinions.

Only those creatures which are independent of a place, such as animals which can move freely from their location, have within themselves their own mobile core which guides them.

With animals this core is the Substantiate soul, with men it is the Spirit! Plants and rocks, however, merely serve as dwellings for alien autonomous entities, which therefore cannot be called the soul of the forms concerned.

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