Resonances to the Grail Message 2

by Abdrushin

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37. Do not fall in temptation

Watch and pray that you do not fall in temptation! Up till now men have regarded this warning from the Light merely as kindly advice given by the Son of God Jesus, in view of the soft nature falsely imputed to the Son of God as a consequence of mankind’s pronounced conceit.

Today I must repeat this warning!

But it is more than simply advice; for it is God’s demand of you, men, if you want to save yourselves from the poisonous fruits of your wrong opinions and conceptions.

Do not imagine that God will now simply lift you out of the loathsome swamp which keeps clinging to you with great tenacity, the same tenacity that you applied in forming such a swamp through your rigid stubbornness against the Will of God in the first place.

God does not lift you out in gratitude for you perhaps finally wanting to, oh no, you must work yourselves out of it, just as you allowed yourselves to sink into it!

You must exert yourselves, exert yourselves with honesty and great diligence, to be able to come up again on to sound ground. Onlywhen you do this will you then be given the strength you need, but always and only in the same measure of your volition, as is inexorably demanded by the Justice which lies in God. --

And therein lies the help which is promised you, the help you will receive in the very moment when your inner volition has at last become deed, not before.

To help you achieve this, however, the Word has been brought to you as a gift from God, the Word which shows in all clarity the path you must follow if you wish to save yourselves! In the Word lies the Grace which God gives in His incomprehensible Love, as has already happened once through Jesus.

The Word is the gift. God’s great acrifice, however, is the act of bringing the Word as far as to the Gross Material Worlds, to you men here, which is always connected with great suffering because of man’s attitude, which due to his stubborn conceit is one of hostility towards the Light. And nobody else can give the true Word to mankind but a Part of the Word Itself. The Bringer of the Living Word must therefore also be from the Word Itself!

If, however, the Word had not been given to them after the darkness had taken hold among men on earth, they all would have to be lost and sink into disintegration together with the Darkness which closely surrounds them.

And for the sake of the small number still carrying within themselves the yearning for the Light in spite of the Darkness which men formed for themselves, God in His Justice and Love once again sent the Living Word into this Darkness, so that for the sake of Justice the few should not be lost along with the others, but may still save themselves by following the path shown to them in the Word.

However, so that the Word could describe the path leading out of the Darkness, It first had to get to know and experience the Darkness, had to immerse Itself into this Darkness in order to tread the path out of it first, and thus open up the way for those who want to follow It.

It was only by walking the path out of this Darkness that the Word was able to explain the path and thus make it accessible to mankind!

Men would never have been able to do this of their own accord without this help. Understand then, you men, that such a resolution, which became necessary only for the sake of a small number of men, was indeed a great sacrifice of love, such as God alone can accomplish through His unswerving Justice!

This was the sacrifice which had to be fulfilled in complete accord with the Laws for the sake of Justice and Love in the inviolable and adamantine Perfection of the Will of God.

But this is no excuse at all for men, since the need for this sacrifice only arose out of the failure of mankind which turned away from the Light.

Although the sacrifice was a result of the lawfulness of the Holy Will of God, the guilt of mankind is not any less but rather more severe still, since they sinfully forced it to be carried out through the distortion and perversion of all that God had entrusted to them.

Therefore, the great sacrifice stands all by itself as a consequence of the God-Perfection of the All-Holy Will.

Whether you really still wish to save yourselves is solely your concern; for this God-Perfection, which made the great sacrifice of God a necessary consequence, now also demands the destruction of everything in the entire Creation not capable of voluntarily adjusting itself to the Laws of His Will.

There is neither mercy nor escaping in this matter, no exception or deviation, but solely the outworking according to the Laws in Creation through the first closing of the cycle of all past actions.

Hence the demand: Watch and pray so that you do not fall in temptation!

First comprehend these words aright, then you will indeed learn to recognize the strict demand they contain. Watch calls upon the alertness of your intuitive perception and thus demands mobility of your spirit! This alone harbors true vigilance. And here, too, womanhood again must take the lead, because she is given an enhanced and more delicate intuitive perception.

Womanhood must be vigilant in the strength of her purity, which she must serve if she faithfully wishes to fulfill the task of womanhood in this Creation. But this she can only do as a priestess of purity!

Watch and pray are the words which you are once more given on your path by me. Watching concerns your life on earth, during which you must at any moment be ready of your own accord to perceive clearly the impressions assailing you, to weigh and scrutinize them, as well as to first examine carefully anything issuing from you.

Praying, however, ensures the maintenance of the connection with the Luminous Heights, and the opening of oneself to streams of holy power for earthly application.

That is the purpose of prayer, which compels your mind to turn upwards, away from this earth. Hence this demand, the fulfillment of which will bring you nothing but inestimable benefit through strong help, to the supply of which you otherwise close yourselves by not observing the Laws in Creation.

If you fulfill both you can never fall in temptation! Read this advice correctly as well, for when it is said to you: “that you do not fall in temptation” this does not mean that you will no longer be afflicted by temptation, if you watch and pray, i.e., that no temptation will ever befall you, but it means: if you always remain alert and pray, you can never fall when temptations approach you, you are able to face all dangers victoriously!

Lay the emphasis of this sentence such as it is intended. Thus place the emphasis not on the word “temptation”, but on the word “fall”, in which case you will have automatically grasped the right meaning. It says: “Watch and pray so that you do not fall in temptation!” Thus watching and praying is a protection against falling, but here amid the Darkness it does not rule out the approach of temptation. Indeed, temptations can only strengthen you if your attitude is right; under the compulsion of the necessary resistance they will kindle your spirit to become more aglow and aflame, thus bringing you great benefit.

All this, however, will no longer be a danger to mankind but a joy, welcome spiritual activity which only furthers rather than hinders, as soon as womanhood faithfully fulfills the task granted to her by the Creator, for which she was equipped in very special ways.

If only her volition is honest at last, then it will not be difficult for her to really fulfill. Her task lies in the priesthood of purity!

This she can apply anywhere, at any time, she does not need special responsibilities for this, but she can cultivate it readily in every look and every word issuing from her lips, even in every movement; it must become quite natural to her; for to swing in the Light of Purity is her real element, the element from which she has kept herself closed off till now through frivolity and ridiculous vanity.

Wake up, you women and girls! In fulfillment of your human womanhood proceed along the path which the Creator has precisely marked out for you, and for which you are allowed to stand in this Creation in the first place!

Then, very soon, miracle after miracle will be revealed before you; for wherever you direct your gaze everything will begin to blossom, for God’s blessing will stream through you abundantly as soon as the purity of your volition makes smooth the path for it and opens the gates within you!

Happiness, peace and joy such as never existed before will spread across this earth radiantly when womanhood forms the bridge to the more luminous spheres, as is intended in Creation, and when through her exemplary being she keeps alive the longing for the Light in every spirit, and thus becomes the guardian of the Holy Flame!

Oh woman, how much was given unto you, and how have you wantonly abused all the treasures of God’s High Grace!

Bethink yourself and become a priestess of the purity of deepest intuitive sense, so that filled with bliss you may stride through a flourishing land in which human beings with bright and shining eyes give jubilant thanks to their Creator for the grace of their existence on earth, which they use as a step to the gate of the Eternal Gardens!

See your task before you, you women and you girls, as the future priestesses of Divine Purity here on earth, and do not rest until you have acquired what you are lacking towards this end!

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