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24. Watch and pray!

How often are these words of the Son of God quoted as well-meant advice and warning whereby neither the giver of the advice nor the recipient takes the trouble to reflect upon the real meaning of these words.

Every man knows what is meant by praying, or rather he thinks he knows, although in reality he does not know. He also imagines that he knows what it means to watch, but he is far from doing so.

“Watch and pray” is a figurative rendering of the admonition to keep the ability to perceive intuitively on the alert, i.e., to keep the spirit active! Spirit in its true sense, and not per chance the activity of the brain, for the way the living human spirit expresses itself is only and solely through the intuitive perception. In no other way does the spirit of man, i.e., the original kernel which evolved into his true “ego” in the course of its wanderings through Subsequent Creation, become active.

“Watch and pray” is therefore nothing less than the demand to refine and strengthen man's ability to perceive intuitively, which is equivalent to vitalizing the spirit, which is the only eternal value man possesses which alone can return to Paradise, the Primordial Creation, from which it issued. It must return there, either matured to self-consciousness, or in an unconscious state again; either welcome to the Light as a living ego which has become useful in Creation, or as a dismembered and dead ego if it has proved itself useless.

The admonition to “Watch and pray” is therefore one of the most serious which the Son of God bequeathed to mankind. At the same time it is a grave warning to stand as useful beings in Creation, lest damnation inevitably follows through the automatic working of the Divine Laws.

Look at woman! She has, as the most precious gift of womanhood, a delicacy of intuitive perception which no other creature can attain. For this reason one should be able to speak only of noble womanhood in this Creation, because womanhood possesses within itself the strongest gifts towards the realization of all that is good. This, however, places the greatest of responsibilities upon woman. For this reason Lucifer, with all the droves that belong to him, aimed primarily at woman in order thus to subjugate the whole Creation to his power.

Unfortunately Lucifer found only too superficial a basis in the woman of Subsequent Creation. With open eyes she flew towards him and, in her way, poisoned the entire Subsequent Creation by changing pure concepts into distorted images, which inevitably brought confusion to all human spirits. The pure flower of noble womanhood, the crown of this Subsequent Creation debased itself under the influence of the tempter and soon became the poisonous plant which, with its glittering colors and seductive fragrance, attracts all to the spot where it flourishes, to the swamp, into the sultry softness of which the victims thus allured sink.

Woe unto woman! Because she did not make proper use of the highest of all values bestowed upon her, she will inevitably be the first upon whom the Sword of Divine Justice will fall, unless she decides to use the special mobility of her spiritual intuition, so peculiarly her own, to take the lead in the necessary ascent of mankind out of the ruins of such a faulty structure of perverted conceptions, which only arose through Lucifer’s promptings. Instead of setting the example of honestly striving for the white blossom of noble purity and adorning herself with it, she chose to indulge in coquetry and vanity, which found their playground in the craving for admiration of a wrongly cultivated social life. Although she sensed that she was losing thereby the genuine ornament of womanhood, and grasped at the substitute offered to her by the Darkness, by offering her physical charms for sale and becoming a shameless slave of fashion, as a result of which she drifted still further into the abyss, dragging men along with her by stimulating their sexual desires, which inevitably hindered the unfolding of their spirits.

All those who thus failed and became rotten fruit in this Creation had thereby planted within themselves the seed which now, in the necessary Judgment, must cause their destruction through the reciprocal action, because it made them incapable of withstanding the roaring and purifying storms. Let no one soil his hands by helping the worshippers of the idol of vanity and coquetry if they stretch out their arms to be saved in their hour of need. Let them sink and push them away; there is no value in them which could be used in the new building up that has been promised.

They do not see how absurd and hollow their actions are. They laugh at and ridicule the few who try to preserve for themselves the decency and purity of true womanhood, at those who did not permit the delicate feeling of modesty, the most beautiful ornament of girl and woman, to be extinguished, but their mocking shall soon change to cries of dismay and thus be stifled!

It is as if the woman of Subsequent Creation is standing on the sharp edge of a knife, because of the great gifts bestowed upon her. She must now give an account of what she has done with them up to the present. There can be no excuse for her! It is impossible to turn and retrace her steps, for the time is up. They should all have thought of it before, and should have known that their opinion cannot oppose the adamantine Will of God, in which there is nothing but Purity, clear as crystal. —

The woman of the future, however, who has been able to preserve herself and her values during the dissolute period of a modern Sodom and Gomorrah, together with those who will be newly born, will at last bring womanhood to that blossom where all who approach her do so in holy awe and purest veneration. She will be the woman who lives according to God’s Will, that is, who so stands in Creation that she is like the radiant crown, which indeed she can and should be, permeating everything with the vibrations she absorbs from the Luminous Heights and passing them on undimmed by virtue of her ability, which lies in the delicacy of the feminine intuitive perception.

The Words of the Son of God: “Watch and pray” will be embodied in every woman of the future, as they should already be in every woman of today, for in the vibrations of the feminine ability to perceive intuitively lies that perpetual watchfulness and most beautiful praying which are pleasing to God, providing she strives towards purity and the Light!

Such a vibration brings the experience of heartfelt gratitude and joy! And that is prayer as it should be! At the same time the vibrations contain a constant warning to be on guard at all times, that is, to watch! For everything unsightly that tries to approach and every evil volition, is sensed by such delicately sensitive vibrations and is noticed before it can become a thought, and thus it is made easy for the woman always to protect herself in time, unless she herself wants it otherwise.

In spite of the subtlety of these vibrations they hold a power which can transform everything in Creation. There is nothing which could resist this power, for it brings Light and thereby Life!

This was well known to Lucifer! Therefore he mainly directed his attacks and temptations towards womanhood! He knew that everything would succumb to him if only he succeeded in winning over woman. Sadly and unfortunately he succeeded only too well, as everybody who wishes to can clearly see today!

For this reason the Call from the Light is again addressed in the first place to woman! She ought to be able to recognize to what depths she has fallen. She ought to, if... her vanity permitted it. But this snare of Lucifer holds all womanhood bound so fast that she can no longer recognize the Light, and even no longer wishes to! She no longer wishes to because modern woman cannot forgo her life of frivolous trifling, although she is vaguely aware of what she has lost through it. Indeed she knows it only too well! And to dull this warning intuitive perception, which is the equivalent of knowing, she throws herself headlong and as if struck with blindness into the newest folly, emulating man in his profession and in his whole being!

Instead of returning to genuine womanhood, the most precious of possessions in all Creation! And thereby to the task allotted to her by the Light!

It is she who robs man of all that is sublime and thereby prevents the flowering of noble manhood.

No nation and no people can flourish and prosper where the man is unable to look up to the woman in her womanliness!

Only genuine, purest womanhood can awaken and lead a man to great deeds! Nothing else. And that is the vocation of woman in Creation according to God's Will! Through this she uplifts nations and humanity, yes, even the whole of Subsequent Creation; for in it alone lies that sublime power of gentle working! A power which is irresistible and compelling and, if of the purest volition, blessed by Divine Power! There is nothing to equal her, for she carries beauty in its purest form into everything she does and everything that proceeds from her! That is why her weaving should permeate the whole of Creation, refreshing, uplifting, furthering and animating, like a breath from the longed-for Paradise!

This was the pearl among the gifts of your Creator that Lucifer grasped at first of all, with all his cunning and malice, knowing that that was the best method with which to tear away your foothold and your striving towards the Light! For in woman lies the precious secret that is able to set free the purity and sublimity of every thought, the inspiration to the greatest activity and noblest deeds... provided that she is the woman the Creator intended her to be when He lavished these gifts upon her.

You let yourselves be duped too easily! You succumbed to the temptations without a fight. As a willing slave of Lucifer woman now directs her beautiful Divine gifts to serve a contrary purpose, and thereby brings the entire Subsequent Creation under the domination of the Darkness! Of everything that God wanted to come into existence for the joy and happiness of all creatures in this Creation, today only repulsive caricatures are present! Of course everything did come into existence, but changed and distorted, wrong through the influence of Lucifer. The woman of Subsequent Creation made herself the mediator in this matter! A sultry bog spread over the clear soil of purity. Radiant enthusiasm was replaced by sensual orgies. Now you are willing to fight, but against every demand of the Light! Just so you can remain in that state of vain self-satisfaction which intoxicates you!

There are not many who today are capable of meeting a clear gaze steadfastly. The majority turn out to be leprous, whose beauty, i.e. true womanhood, has already been eaten away and can never be restored again. Many who can still be saved, will be disgusted with themselves if they will remember years later all that they regarded as being beautiful and good today. It will seem like an awakening and a recovery from the most terrible fever-dreams!

Just as woman was able to drag the whole of Subsequent Creation down deeply, so also does she have the power to once again uplift and to further it, for man will follow her lead in this. The time will come, soon after the purification, when one can joyously call out: Look at woman as she should be, genuine woman in all her greatness, her noblest purity and power and you will experience through her the words of Christ: “Watch and pray,” in all naturalness and in the most beautiful form!

Grail Message by Abdrushin


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